1999 Abacus

1999 Abacus

This kit contains 16 each of "Number Workbook 1", "Number Workbook 2", "NumberWorkbook 3" and "Shape, Space and Measures Workbook"; 8 copies of "Homework Book" and 4 copies of "Number Textbook".

Author: Gill Willis

Publisher: Ginn

ISBN: 0602293022



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This kit contains 16 each of Number Workbook 1, Number Workbook 2, NumberWorkbook 3 and Shape, Space and Measures Workbook; 8 copies of Homework Book and 4 copies of Number Textbook.



These textbooks allow independent practice of mathematical skills.

Author: Ruth Merttens

Publisher: Ginn & Company

ISBN: 0602290511

Category: Mathematics

Page: 32

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These textbooks allow independent practice of mathematical skills. They present the concepts at an appropriate reading level. Activities with an investigative or process-skill focus encourage creative and mathematical thinking. Problem-solving is included.
Categories: Mathematics

The Spirit of Design

The Spirit of Design

2 Hobsbawm, E. (1962) The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789–1848, Abacus, London, pp297–298, 355. ... Comte-Sponville, A. (2008) The Book of Atheist Spirituality, trans N. Huston, Penguin Books, London, p140. Hill, P. C., Pargament, K. I., ...

Author: Stuart Walker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136529832

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

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Imaginative design will be a crucial factor in enacting sustainability in people's daily lives. Yet current design practice is trapped in consumerist cycles of innovation and production, making it difficult to imagine how we might develop a more meaningful and sustainable rendition of material culture. Through fundamental design research, The Spirit of Design challenges a host of common assumptions about sustainability, progress, growth and globalization. Walker's practice-based explorations of localisation, human meaning and functional objects demonstrate the imaginative potential of research-through-design and yield a compelling, constructive and essentially hopeful direction for the future - one that radically re-imagines our material culture by meshing mass-production with individuality, products with place, and utilitarian benefit with environmental responsibility. In so doing, the author explores: - How understandings of human meaning affect design and how design can better incorporate issues of personal meaning - How mass production needs to become integrated with localised production and service provision - How short-lived electronic goods can be brought into a more sustainable design paradigm - The changing role of the designer in a post-consumerist world Taking a design-centred approach - a combination of creative, propositional design practice, reasoned argument and theoretical discussion - the book will impel readers to investigate the nature of contemporary material culture and its relationship to both the natural environment and to deeper notions of human meaning.
Categories: Architecture

Literature and Sensation

Literature and Sensation

London: Abacus. ... “Writing and Danger: the intercorporeality of affect” Creative Writing: theory beyond practice. ... 1999. Philosophy in the Flesh: The embodied mind and its challenge to Western thought. New York: Basic Books.

Author: Anthony Uhlmann

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443802529

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 340

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“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train” (Oscar Wilde). Literature has always treated the sensational: crime, passion, violence, trauma, catastrophe. It has frequently caused, or been at the centre of scandal, censorship and moral outrage. But literature is also intricately connected with sensation in ways that are less well understood. It mediates between the sensory world, perception and cognition through rich modes of thought allied with perceptions and emotions and makes sense of profound questions that transcend the merely rational. And at its boundaries, literature engages with the uncanny realm in which knowledge, presentiment or feeling is prior to articulation in words. This book reviews the sensational dimension of literature according to themes that have too often been left to one side. Literary theory has often privileged perception over sensation, cognition over raw experience, in focusing on semantics rather than sense. The essays in this volume cover literature and sensation in all its facets, drawing upon a range of approaches from evolutionary theory, theories of mind, perception, philosophy and aesthetics. The works considered are drawn from various literary periods and genres, from the nineteenth century to contemporary prose and poetry, including experiments in new media. Literature and Sensation offers detailed and subtle readings of literature according to the sensations they represent, incite, or evoke in us, and will be of interest to readers of literary theory, ethics and aesthetics, and theorists of new media art.
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Whitaker s Book List

Whitaker s Book List

II . £ 35.00 Elsevier Applied Sci Publrs . ( 1.90 ) Tec 1 85166 461 0 Flames of Freedom ( Chanin ) 23cm . 174. ... 0 670 82226 4 Developing 22cm.135 . pbk Helping Skills with 14-16 Year Olds £ 5.95 St.Anthony Messenger P. , U.S .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105117258033

Category: Great Britain

Page: 1498

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Bowker s Law Books and Serials in Print

Bowker s Law Books and Serials in Print

2 base vols .. plus s - a . updates . ... P3 OIL AND GAS ACCOUNTING . ... Refereed Serial LEGAL ABACUS . see LAW LEGISLATIVE POLICY DISCUSSION PAPER . see LAW - Corporate Law 657 336 US ISSN 1063-3200 KF6436 PAYROLL PRACTITIONER'S ...



ISBN: IND:30000055520443

Category: Law


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