Make up Book

Make up Book

This book will help you enhance your appearance, sky-rocket your self-esteem, and spark your individuality. The beauty of make-up lets you cease imperfections wonderfully and perfect your dazzling, adorable features.

Author: Jessie Rose


ISBN: 9780557140091


Page: 42

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The Animated Animal Alphabet Make Up Your Own Book

The Animated Animal Alphabet   Make Up Your Own Book

The Animated Animal Alphabet & Make Up Your Own Book is a little different and a little special . It's different because on each page there is a beginning - in words and drawings - and there's no end . It's special because this is your ...

Author: Todd Tarbox

Publisher: Todd Tarbox

ISBN: 0892970014


Page: 36

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Make Up

Make Up

Michelle Phan has believed in makeup since the first time she was allowed to try eyeliner.

Author: Michelle Phan

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780804137348

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 242

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Michelle Phan has believed in makeup since the first time she was allowed to try eyeliner. When she looked in the mirror and saw a transformed version of herself looking back, she fell in love with the sense of confidence that makeup could give her. Ever since she posted her first makeup tutorial on YouTube, she has dedicated herself to inspire millions by using makeup as a tool for transformation and self expression. Now, Michelle has compiled all of her best wisdom into Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success—Online and Off. From creating a gorgeous smoky eye to understanding contouring to developing an online persona, Michelle has advice to help you transform every facet of your life. Make Up is packed with Michelle’s trademark beauty and style tutorials, stories and pictures from her own life, and advice on the topics she is asked about most, including etiquette, career, entrepreneurship, and creativity. From the everyday (such as how to get glowing skin) to the big picture (such as how to turn your passion into a profession), Make Up is a practical and empowering resource to help anyone put their best face forward.
Categories: Health & Fitness

American Dictionary of Printing and Bookmaking

American Dictionary of Printing and Bookmaking

When larger than this the making up is that of a book form . When the first form of a book goes to a stone - hand to make up he is given a gauge for the length of each page , or is told to make it of the size of another book , sometimes ...

Author: Wesley Washington Pasko


ISBN: NYPL:33433006362614

Category: Book industries and trade

Page: 614

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Categories: Book industries and trade

Booked Up How to Write Publish and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business

Booked Up  How to Write  Publish and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business

Unfortunately, some publishers lure authors in with low set-up fees, but make up for it in higher per-book costs. Conversely, I have seen 100-page trade paperbacks with a retail price of $25 or higher. Unless the subject matter is ...

Author: Stephanie Chandler

Publisher: Authority Publishing

ISBN: 9781935953043

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 146

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It's no secret that writing a book is one of the quickest and most effective ways to establish yourself as an authority in you field. At the same time, one of the biggest myths in publishing is that authors can easily strike it rich from a $15 paperback. While this can happen to a lucky few who hit the best-seller lists, a better path to riches is one where you build your business around your book, leveraging your author status to gain valuable media exposure, increase your earnings potential, and develop new revenue streams. This comprehensive guide shows you how you can write and produce a book and ultimately expand your business to new heights. If you have been thinking about writing a book, or you have already authored a book and want to gain even more exposure online, you will find a treasure trove of information and resources in BOOKED UP! You will learn how to: Uncover dozens of revenue-generating strategies that you can create around your book.Write a book-even if you hate to write!Choose between self-publishing and traditional publishing, depending on your unique goals.Move forward with self-publishing, if that is the path you choose.Navigate the world of traditional publishing and land a book deal.Implement powerful internet marketing strategies to gain maximum visibility online.Leverage social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build your audience and increase website traffic.An interview with a successful author follows each section in the book-authors who have built empires around one or more books. This is valuable real-world advice that you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss your chance to get BOOKED UP!
Categories: Business & Economics

The Last Word in Make up

The Last Word in Make up

to make it clear that my words in this book are not based on theory but on observation and daily practice. I have played in stock and vaudeville; I have for years drawn with pen, pencil, charcoal, and have painted in oil and water ...

Author: Rudolph G. Liszt


ISBN: PSU:000029871698

Category: Theatrical makeup

Page: 138

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Categories: Theatrical makeup

Kiss And Make Up

Kiss And Make Up

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted by any person or entity, including internet searchengines or retailers, inany form orbyany means, electronicor mechanical, including printing, photocopying (except under the ...

Author: Margaret Clark

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 9781742747576

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 200

View: 293

Lisa Trelaw has a big decision to make. She doesn’t know if she's won Teen Model of the Year or not, so should she go to Sydney and continue her modeling career? Her decision is made easier when her boyfriend Mike is offered modeling work in Sydney. But what will happen when Mike meets all those gorgeous Bondi Beach babes? Lisa finds that life has lots of ups and downs. For a while it looks like she and Mike are all washed up when modeling and love don't mix. Fame has its price and maybe it's too high.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

The Making of a Bestseller

The Making of a Bestseller

But once this book is done I won't care how soon I die , because my major work will be over . ... The reason I told you that the four books which make up the whole could be published separately was in case of my death .

Author: Arthur T. Vanderbilt

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786406631

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 244

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Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald's career itself is a metaphor for the vagaries of book publishing. If Fitzgerald would have had his way, we would today refer to The Great Gatsby as either Gold-Hatted Gatsby, Trimalchio in West Egg, or The High-Bouncing Lover. A few years before Gatsby, Fitzgerald had become a literary sensation at the age of 23; Helen Hooven Santmyer, a contemporary of Fitzgerald's, would not have a successful novel published until she was 88 and living in a nursing home. In this book, the author explores that mysterious place in publishing where art and commerce can either clash, mesh, or both. Along the way, a wide range of authors--from the literary greats to today's commercial superstars--editors, agents and publishers share their thoughts, insights and experiences: What inspires writers? (John Steinbeck, for example, wrote every novel as if it were his last, as if death were imminent.) Why are some books successful and appreciated, while others fall into oblivion? The answers are often elusive, never absolute, but the stories and anecdotes are always fascinating.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Making up Numbers A History of Invention in Mathematics

Making up Numbers  A History of Invention in Mathematics

People make up stories, nations make up histories, scientists make up theories to explain how the world works and ... puzzles and conceptual problems encountered along the way were resolved, then this book should be of interest to you.

Author: Ekkehard Kopp

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 9781800640979

Category: Mathematics

Page: 280

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Making up Numbers: A History of Invention in Mathematics offers a detailed but accessible account of a wide range of mathematical ideas. Starting with elementary concepts, it leads the reader towards aspects of current mathematical research. The book explains how conceptual hurdles in the development of numbers and number systems were overcome in the course of history, from Babylon to Classical Greece, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and so to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The narrative moves from the Pythagorean insistence on positive multiples to the gradual acceptance of negative numbers, irrationals and complex numbers as essential tools in quantitative analysis. Within this chronological framework, chapters are organised thematically, covering a variety of topics and contexts: writing and solving equations, geometric construction, coordinates and complex numbers, perceptions of ‘infinity’ and its permissible uses in mathematics, number systems, and evolving views of the role of axioms. Through this approach, the author demonstrates that changes in our understanding of numbers have often relied on the breaking of long-held conventions to make way for new inventions at once providing greater clarity and widening mathematical horizons. Viewed from this historical perspective, mathematical abstraction emerges as neither mysterious nor immutable, but as a contingent, developing human activity. Making up Numbers will be of great interest to undergraduate and A-level students of mathematics, as well as secondary school teachers of the subject. In virtue of its detailed treatment of mathematical ideas, it will be of value to anyone seeking to learn more about the development of the subject.
Categories: Mathematics

The 1920 Edition of the Book of Mormon

The 1920 Edition of the Book of Mormon

A Centennial Adventure in Latter-day Saint Book History Richard L. Saunders. than-type-height lead as well. From a pressman's perspective, the goal for page make-up was to end up with rectangular blocks having perfectly uniform ...

Author: Richard L. Saunders

Publisher: Greg Kofford Books


Category: Religion

Page: 292

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Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tend to see the Book of Mormon through the lens of personal use, as a single textual and scriptural monolith—the Book of Mormon. That is somewhat natural, since we tend to have at hand and in-use, only the copy or version in our language needed to study it for inspiration. In the process, the point tends to get overlooked that while we may accept the text as inspired, the physical embodiment of that text—the Book of Mormon—is a mortal reality. The Book of Mormon, while it has a “spirit,” also has a mortal “body” (or rather, bodies) existing in space and time. As such, it has a history—and because it comes to us in the form of a book, it also has a book history. This study is divided into three parts. The first part is a straightforward history of the edition’s editing, production, and manufacturing processes. It examines key points in the reprint history of the book, following important factors in the subsequent impressions of the work across nearly thirty years of re-impressions, corrections, transfers, and one new format. The narrative crowded into chapters one through four together leave Part II to catalogue the bibliographic minutia that is the beating heart of analytic book history and which provides entertainment for true-blooded bibliophiles. The details contained in the production and manufacturing contracts and coupled to the typographical evidence explained in Part III, together resolve once and for all the question of what constitutes the 1920 edition and what does not.
Categories: Religion