The Journey Back to Happiness

The Journey Back to Happiness

Again, benefits are numerous: experiencing nature, socialising, and doing a good deed. Bring Nature Indoors Add nature to your home by having some flowers in your house. I find even flowers or a simple plant in a room can have a ...

Author: Holly June

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504391177

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

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Depression is not a choice. People don’t wake up and think they would like to feel unhappy, empty, or unmotivated all the time. Unfortunately, many of us do not understand depression, and those that are affected, do not want to be portrayed as weak or mentally unstable if they seek help. Thankfully, the stigma around mental health is lifting as more and more people share their stories. This book takes the reader on a journey to discover natural ways to overcome depression and achieve good mind health. In an inspiring, candid guide and cookbook, Holly June shares insight into how she journeyed through clinical depression to eventually achieve overall happiness through four pillars of mind wellness. After offering a glimpse into her personal story and wellness philosophy, June leads others through a holistic roadmap that provides valuable tools and information regarding foods to eat to attain good mind health, exercises that improve the mood, lifestyle changes that relieve anxiety and manage stress, and ways to live more emotionally and spiritually. Included are over seventy delicious recipes that utilize fresh, wholesome ingredients that nourish the mind, body, and spirit. The Journey Back to Happiness is a compassionate, practical guide to overcoming depression through easy-to-implement natural tools that help create a meaningful, healthy, and happy life.
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Walks of Life

Walks of Life

your Journey back to nature Doug Wheat. rainbow dots inside the white flower of the dotted saxifrage to the spread of stars across the night sky. We watched one species propelled to dominance, destined to demand obedience from all the ...

Author: Doug Wheat

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781684568857

Category: Nature

Page: 476

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Walks of Life empowers the reader with the tools and inspiration to take the leap back to nature. It reaches out to everyone who might not be wholly civilized, to those whose dispositions include some cast of the romantic and adventurous, who might consider trading the sweet air of forest and desert for that of the city, the melodies of birds for sounds of traffic, the campfire for a computer screen, the stars for a ceiling. It is for those who wish to experience mountains as art, canyons as mus
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Notes on the Underground new edition

Notes on the Underground  new edition

So both the fictional journey into the social depths and the fictional journey back to nature are in danger of losing their resonance with real - life experience . But another journey of escape is becoming more common : the retreat ...

Author: Rosalind Williams

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262731904

Category: Science

Page: 305

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Real and imagined undergrounds in the late nineteenth century viewed as offering a prophetic look at life in today's technology-dominated world. The underground has always played a prominent role in human imaginings, both as a place of refuge and as a source of fear. The late nineteenth century saw a new fascination with the underground as Western societies tried to cope with the pervasive changes of a new social and technological order. In Notes on the Underground, Rosalind Williams takes us inside that critical historical moment, giving equal coverage to actual and imaginary undergrounds. She looks at the real-life invasions of the underground that occurred as modern urban infrastructures of sewers and subways were laid, and at the simultaneous archaeological excavations that were unearthing both human history and the planet's deep past. She also examines the subterranean stories of Verne, Wells, Forster, Hugo, Bulwer-Lytton, and other writers who proposed alternative visions of the coming technological civilization. Williams argues that these imagined and real underground environments provide models of human life in a world dominated by human presence and offer a prophetic look at today's technology-dominated society. In a new essay written for this edition, Williams points out that her book traces the emergence in the nineteenth century of what we would now call an environmental consciousness—an awareness that there will be consequences when humans live in a sealed, finite environment. Today we are more aware than ever of our limited biosphere and how vulnerable it is. Notes on the Underground, now even more than when it first appeared, offers a guide to the human, cultural, and technical consequences of what Williams calls “the human empire on earth.”
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History along the Way

History along the Way

Journey. back. to. Nature. On September 25, 2010, as part of its Texas in World War II initiative, the Texas Historical Commission dedicated an Ofl'icial Texas Historical Marker at the site of the former Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant ...

Author: Dan K. Utley

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603448185

Category: Travel

Page: 352

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Texans love stories, and the 15,000 roadside markers along the state’s highways and byways testify to the abundance of tales to tell. History along the Way recounts the narratives behind and beyond more than one hundred Texas roadside markers. Peopled with colorful characters—a national leader of Camp Fire Girls, an army engineer who mapped the Republic of Texas frontier, a hunter of mammoth bones, a ragtime composer, civil rights leaders, and an iconic rock star, among others—the book gives readers an intriguing and expanded look at the details, challenges, and lives commemorated by the words cast in metal on these wayside markers scattered across the Lone Star landscape. Also recounted in History along the Way are the stories of historic structures (from roadside architecture and elaborate West Texas hotels to university Old Mains and country schoolhouses of Gillespie County), engineering features (the Hidalgo Pumphouse in South Texas and the Rainbow Bridge in East Texas), and even town mascots (a jackrabbit, a mule, and a prairie dog). Accompanied by helpful maps, colorful photographs, and informative sidebars, History along the Way is guaranteed to inform, amuse, and intrigue. Every part of Texas gets a visit in this anthology of select sites, making it easy for travelers—both the armchair and touring varieties—to enjoy and learn about the fascinating nooks and crannies of history captured in all their variety by the roadside markers of Texas.
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The Call from the Stranger on a Journey Home

The Call from the Stranger on a Journey Home

ing others , society , or nature is not intrinsic to Confucian thought . Confucius regards “ freedom ” as harmony with the Way , not a rupture with the society . Unity between Humanity and Universe The concept of self as relational is ...

Author: Hongyu Wang

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820469033

Category: Curriculum change

Page: 228

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This book is a cross-cultural, gendered study of both self and curriculum. Initiating a conversation between and among Michel Foucault, Confucius, and Julia Kristeva, it searches for a new (third) cultural and psychic space of transformation and creativity. Weaving together philosophy, psychoanalysis, and autobiography through lived experiences of curriculum, it calls for new configurations of subjectivity at the intersection of culture and gender, through the meeting between selfhood and the human psyche, in the dynamics of the semiotic and the symbolic, and through the interaction between the Western subject and the Chinese self. These multiple layers of inquiry provide unique perspectives for readers who are interested in curriculum theory, feminist analysis, philosophy of education, or East/West dialogue.
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A Journey Back Home

A Journey Back Home

He wants to change the whole nature of the education system of Madison County. He hopes to not only increase the literacy of the children in the schools but the parents as well. Above all, he believes that a child should not move on to ...

Author: David Dukes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449048938

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 162

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DAVID DUKES was born and raised in Madison, Florida. At the age of seventeen, in 1963, he led the civil rights movement in Madison. He did voter-registration work, sit-ins at restaurants, and recreational facilities, conducted training seminars, and demonstrated in support for freedom, equality, justice, and human rights for blacks in the American South.
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A Journey Back in Time

A Journey Back in Time

Thus, his abusive nature was allowed and accepted by a lot of people who were too frightened to do anything to stop him. On the other hand, Sam could make one believe he 65 A Journey Back in Time.

Author: Vildred C. Tucker-Dawson

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426942211

Category: Fiction

Page: 151

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A Journey Back in Time presents a collection of thirteen stories about love, hate, greed, redemption, freedom, peace, loneliness, the loss of a loved one, interracial relationships, and acceptance. Each story is relevant to the experiences of African Americans from as far back as the 1860s through the present day. These stories emerged through the research of author Vildred C. Tucker-Dawson into her family history. She discovered that her ancestors had a unique way to allow future generations to connect with the past-through these stories, handed down from generation to generation. Several of the short stories are based upon accounts told by the author's elders of her great-grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Pugh-Scott, whom she never met. Sarah and her son, who were both of a mixed racial background, faced challenges throughout their lives that did not prevent them from striving for better lives for their families. Presenting real perspective in the form of fiction, A Journey Back in Time offers food for thought to both youth and adults on African American experiences and history.
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A Journey Back in Time

A Journey Back in Time

memories or desires – of whatever nature – will come forth sooner or later in the familial unconscious, in future generations. But is it really so? To support the theory of a possible transgenerational memory transmission, ...

Author: Alessia Ambrosini

Publisher: Monti & Ambrosini SRL

ISBN: 9788889479056

Category: Education

Page: 112

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Believe Again a Journey Back to Faith

Believe Again  a Journey Back to Faith

I have described 12 such principles here that are based on my beliefs related to spirituality, God, Christianity, and the nature of reality. As I gain new knowledge, insight, and experience it is appropriate and even healthy that my ...

Author: Andrew Johnson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450256643

Category: Religion

Page: 104

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This book was written for those who have left their Christian faith or who have become what Bishop John Shelby Spong calls, believers in exile. It also speaks to those who are questioning their current Christian faith. It describes a mystical view of Christianity that incorporates Gnosticism, quantum physics, shamanism, cognitive psychology, Jungian psychology, and biblical scholarship. At the end of each chapter are prompts, questions, and activities that invite readers to make personal connections with the ideas presented. These are designed to be recorded in a journal. This book can be used with a book club, a study group, or individually. It will be a tool for your spiritual growth and renewal.
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Genesis Your Journey Home 2nd Edition

Genesis  Your Journey Home  2nd Edition

nature by which you could evolve upward, work out your salvation, and return again to the place from which you had come. Research will tell you that reincarnation can explain the appearance of geniuses and great minds that are born in ...

Author: Terry Newbegin

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452533261

Category: Religion

Page: 704

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Genesis: Your Journey Home is a groundbreaking book that goes far beyond the usual levels of biblical interpretations, and the ideas taught by religion that are difficult to understand. It bypasses word definition, root studies, historical explanations, and the ideas taught by religion that are difficult to understand but are important. This book examines the first twenty-five chapters, verse by verse, exploring and revealing the deeper metaphysical (beyond the literal) meaning of the text. Most people know that there are multiple levels of truth contained within the Bible, but until now none have brought forth the ultimate Truth hidden within the mundane, semi-historical writings. Rather than creating new doctrines, this book gently peels back ALL levels of dogmatic views to reveal the true core essence of God, humanity, and the nature of reality. Deep within the ancient biblical text is found the true story (record) of creation, the reason for our very existence, and the history of All That IS. This book is for those that are searching for authenticity, purpose, and a sense that truth lies somewhere beyond religious teachings but who are reluctant to discard the inherent value of scripture. This book brings comfort, personal empowerment, a new understanding of God, and fosters a renewed sense of responsibility for life. It is a book whose time has come at last, as it brings humanity to a deeper understanding of God and a realization of their ultimate purpose.
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