Clint Faraday book 37 Scream Muddy Murder

Clint Faraday book 37  Scream Muddy Murder

“Gettering hampered the investigation of his wife's death. He had filed for divorce more than a month before, and they were not living together, which made suspicions find some new directions and muddied the investigation to a point ...

Author: CD Moulton


ISBN: 9780359348589


Page: 59

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Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Hole is quickly drawn into a muddied murder investigation that reveals a chapter of Norway's national past which does not fit neatly with the 'myths of a Norwegian population fighting shoulder to shoulder against Nazism [that] live on ...


Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 9780708323311

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 194

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This collection of articles studies the development of crime fiction in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden since the 1960s, offering the first English-language study of this widely read and influential form. Since the first Martin-Beck novel of Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö appeared in 1965, the socially-critical crime novel has figured prominently in Scandinavian culture, and found hundreds of millions of readers outside Scandinavia. But is there truly a Scandinavian crime novel tradition? Scandinavian Crime Fiction identifies distinct features and changes in the Scandinavian crime tradition through analysis of some of its most well-known writers: Henning Mankell, Stieg Larsson, Anne Holt, Liza Marklund, Leena Lehtolainen, and Arnaldur Indriðason, among others. Focusing on Scandinavian crime fiction’s snowballing prominence since the 1990s, articles zoom in on the transformation of the genre’s social criticism, study the significance of cultural and geographical place in the tradition, and analyze the cultural politics of crime fiction, including struggles over gender equity, sexuality, ethnicity, history, and the fate of the welfare state. Scandinavian Crime Fiction maps out the contribution of Scandinavian crime writers to contemporary European culture and society, making the volume valuable to scholars and the interested public.
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Murder Mystery Collection

Murder Mystery Collection

... of no great importance except as it proves Mr. Hall was not in West Sedgwick that night, and so is not the murderer. ... told of his observations and deductions when we noticed the muddied shoes at the Metropolis Hotel that morning.

Author: Carolyn Wells

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547009474

Category: Fiction

Page: 6219

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This unique and meticulously edited collection of murder mystery books includes: Fleming Stone Mysteries_x000D_ The Clue_x000D_ The Gold Bag_x000D_ A Chain of Evidence_x000D_ The Maxwell Mystery_x000D_ Anybody But Anne_x000D_ The White Alley_x000D_ The Curved Blades_x000D_ The Mark of Cain_x000D_ Vicky Van_x000D_ The Diamond Pin_x000D_ Raspberry Jam_x000D_ The Mystery of the Sycamore_x000D_ The Mystery Girl_x000D_ Spooky Hollow_x000D_ Prillilgirl_x000D_ The Bronze Hand_x000D_ Where's Emily_x000D_ Pennington Wise Mysteries_x000D_ The Room with the Tassels_x000D_ The Man Who Fell Through the Earth_x000D_ In the Onyx Lobby_x000D_ The Come-Back_x000D_ The Luminous Face_x000D_ The Vanishing of Betty Varian_x000D_ Other Novels_x000D_ The Deep-Lake Mystery_x000D_ Face Cards_x000D_ The Adventure of the Mona Lisa_x000D_ The Adventure of the Clothes-Line_x000D_ Carolyn Wells (1862-1942) was an American writer and poet. At the beginning of the career she concentrated on poetry, humor and children's books, but later devoted herself to the mystery genre. Among the most famous of her mystery novels were the Fleming Stone Detective Stories and the Pennington Wise series. She is also known for her Patty Fairfield series of novels for young girls._x000D_
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Evoking Transformation

Evoking Transformation

The clippings are printed in a brown ink and are difficult to read, mirroring the muddied nature of his death. The map of the Sowetan neighbourhood, where he lived and was murdered, forms some of the details in his face and spreads out ...

Author: Aslam Fataar

Publisher: African Sun Media

ISBN: 9781991201096

Category: History

Page: 343

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“This book is especially timely and will be very influential in the acknowledgment of the importance of institutional transformation in the context of heritage in postcolonial universities in South Africa, Africa, and globally.” Dr Mathias Alubafi Fubah Human Sciences Research Council “This book is a significant contribution to Higher Education globally in doing Transformation and doing change in Institutional Culture. It is a powerful reference point and resource for transformation offices/social justice units in South Africa and globally as we continue to engage with the Hard Science of Change. Visual Redress provides insight into the specific choices made by Stellenbosch University in relation to its location and healing institutionally harmed communities. We must learn from this as we continuously engage with our praxis.” Dr Bernadette Judith Johnson Director: Transformation and Employment Equity Office University of the Witwatersrand
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The only spot of color in the muddied driveway near the kennels, or what remained of them, was a blue tarp under the body. Cheater's Lake Homicide Detective Mark Walsh knelt on the wet ground, then bent closer to examine the old man's ...

Author: Judith Ayn

Publisher:, Inc.

ISBN: 9781647193577

Category: Fiction

Page: 81

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MURDER AT THE NO-KILL ANIMAL SHELTER is a prequel novella in the Cheater's Lake Mystery series. The story is set in the fictional town of Cheater's Lake, Washington. The main character is Homicide Detective Mark Walsh, who relocated to the town from Phoenix, Arizona, (after catching his ex-wife in bed with his 'supervisor'). Mark now works with Officer Sharon Laskey, a former bartender, and is also assisted in his cases by his best friend (from Phoenix) retired San Diego Homicide Detective Greg Hogan (in a wheelchair due to a gang shooting), who is in the process of opening a PI practice in Seattle and LA. Mark arrives at the Cheater's Lake Animal Rescue (a no-kill shelter), where he's informed by Laskey that the two kennels were set on fire and the elderly caretaker (Carson Butts) found dead. The shelter's director is DM (Daisy Marigold) Collins, a wealthy widow who lives on 60 acres of wooded land in Cheater's Lake. Why would somenone set fire to a no-kill shelter and murder a kindly old caretaker? As Walsh investigates, he finds DM has some secrets and so did Butts. Walsh is attracted to DM, but she's all business, guarded by her German shepherd, Henry. Her history with animals includes setting up a prison program with rescue dogs to be trained for companions, as well as developing an area near her home for training security dogs. Along the way in his investigation, Mark finds two terrified cats and ends up adopting them. He names them Fred and Ethel (after the Lucille Ball show). They're terrors and he's not a cat person, but they add humor to the story and manage to teach him about the world of rescue -- his and theirs. Mark eventually comes full circle from the messed up guy who fled Phoenix to a more relaxed citizen of the small town of Cheater's Lake.
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Simply Murder

Simply Murder

Now the men in the muddied fields and damp uniforms nearly froze to the ground. The living were mixed with the dead. “One poor fellow's dead body lay within three feet of me all day, the whole top of his head carried off by a shell, ...

Author: Chris Mackowski

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781611211474

Category: History

Page: 168

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This Civil War history and guide offers a vivid chronicle of this dramatic yet misunderstood battle, plus invaluable information for battlefield visitors. The battle of Fredericksburg is usually remembered as the most lopsided Union defeat of the Civil War. It is sometimes called “Burnside’s folly,” after Union commander Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside who led the Army of the Potomac to ruin along the banks of the Rappahannock River. Confederates, fortified behind a stone wall along a sunken road, poured a hail of lead into them as they charged. One eyewitness summed it up saying, “it is only murder now.” But the battle remains one of the most misunderstood and misremembered engagements of the war. Burnside started with a well-conceived plan and had every reason to expect victory. How did it go so terribly wrong? Authors Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White have worked for years along Fredericksburg’s Sunken Road and Stone Wall, and they’ve escorted thousands of visitors across the battlefield. Simply Murder not only recounts Fredericksburg’s tragic story of slaughter, but includes vital information about the battlefield itself and the insights they’ve learned from years of walking the ground.
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Murder at Dusk

Murder at Dusk

He did note, though, that at some point an adult male had walked to or through the muddied area and had subsequently run across the park towards Camp Pell. George's departure coincided with the arrival of a police car from Russell ...

Author: Ian W. Shaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780733640469

Category: True Crime

Page: 336

View: 327

Far away from any World War II battlefront, the citizens of Melbourne lived in fear of a serial killer - the Brownout Strangler. May 1942: Melbourne was torn between fearing Japanese invasion and revelling in the carnival atmosphere brought by the influx of 15,000 cashed-up American servicemen. But those US forces didn't guarantee safety. Not long after their arrival, the city would be gripped by panic when the body of a woman was found strangled, partially naked and brutally beaten. Six days later another woman was found dead and her body told the same horrific story. A murderer was stalking the streets. As women were warned not to travel alone, an intense manhunt ensued. Not long after a third woman was murdered, American soldier Eddie Leonski was arrested. A calculating psychopath, he had a twisted fascination with female voices, especially when they were singing . . . Acclaimed author Ian W. Shaw brings World War II Melbourne to life, and takes us into the mind of the Brownout Strangler, and a very different kind of terror. 'enthralling . . . makes for a fascinating read.' Canberra Times on Ian W. Shaw's The Rag Tag Fleet
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Summer Garden Murder

Summer Garden Murder

Especially after she's told us about those strange happenings at her house, the misplaced items in a cabinet, the pickax that nearly fell on her and the muddied tiles in the kitchen.” “Huh,” scoffed Morton, “you gonna believe that?

Author: Ann Ripley

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9780758288110

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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The star of public television's top garden show, Louise Eldridge is something of a celebrity. But when a dead body is planted in her backyard, she's in for notoriety of a different kind. . . Summer is the season for disquiet in Louise's Sylvan Valley cul de sac, and the tradition continues when an uninvited guest crashes a neighborhood soiree. Five years ago, Louise identified Peter Hoffman as the "mulch murderer." Now he's been released from a Virginia state mental institution. Leaving the party doesn't put enough distance between Louise and Hoffman, who has a thing or two to say to her—and actually has the nerve to follow her home to air his grievances. Shaken by the incident, Louise and family decide to take a little R&R at the beach in the hope that Hoffman will have moved on by the time they return. When they get back from vacation, Hoffman's moved on all right—but not in quite the way Louise had hoped. He's been missing for seven days, and Louise is the one who finds him. . .buried beneath her native azalea patch. Things go from bad to worse once the police learn that someone saw Louise planting one of the nights she was supposed to be out of town. With suspicion buzzing around her, she starts doing some snooping among her friendly—and not-so-friendly-neighbors, including high-powered attorney Mike Cunningham, who may have had a shady business deal going with Hoffman; Hilde, an apprentice gardener with something to hide; and Hoffman's own widow, whose relationship with her husband wasn't exactly a bed of roses. But before Louise can make any serious headway, another murder victim turns up—felled by a garden claw covered in Louise's fingerprints. Now, with more than just her television career in jeopardy, Louise will have to dig up some serious clues to bring a killer to light—before another person winds up as fertilizer. . .
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Murder on Ponte Vecchio

Murder on Ponte Vecchio

He noted Vena's somewhat panicky look and misunderstood her fear. “I'm sorry. Let's get back to our mystery, shall we? The muddied watercolor you were talking about earlier.” “The drawing I picked up the night of the murder.

Author: Nancy Avery Dafoe

Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

ISBN: 9781624205477

Category: Fiction

Page: 219

View: 236

A model is murdered on the old bridge shortly after Vena Goodwin arrives in Florence, Italy. Third in the Vena Goodwin murder mystery series, the novel finds the young amateur sleuth again paired with a Carabiniere officer to untangle a web of murders. The narrative moves between contemporary Florence and its Renaissance past through echoes of artists in the city Vena discovers in her search for justice. Working with the Carabinieri, Vena comes to very different conclusions as to the murderer. Portraying the birth of art comingled with violence, Dafoe’s novel moves in tension between a man and woman, between artists, and between Dante’s Divine Comedy and what it has inspired.
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Murder Mayhem in East Tennessee

Murder   Mayhem in East Tennessee

One month after the killing of Frank Keith, authorities were still convinced that Raby was hiding in the general area comprising parts of Anderson, ... Seeing the muddied posse so often was unsettling for the area's residents.

Author: Dewaine A. Speaks

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781467144704

Category: History

Page: 144

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East Tennessee is gorgeous country, but the hills and hollers have a dark side. James Earl Ray, who had already assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., created mayhem at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary when he led six other men in a short-lived escape. Several thousand Cherokee Indians from East Tennessee were forced on what would later be called the "Trail of Tears." In the "Hankins Murder" case and in the triple killings in Oliver Springs, chaos and confusion resulted from the wrongful arrest and public accusations of innocent people. Jake and C.H. Butcher brought about bedlam with their banking scandal that at the time was unsurpassed in scope in the nation's history. Author Dewaine A. Speaks details these stories and more.
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