A Vertical Art

A Vertical Art

This edition gathers the expansive and spirited public lectures delivered by Simon Armitage during his 'conscientious and often amusingly self-conscious tenure' (TLS) as Oxford University Professor of Poetry.

Author: Simon Armitage

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571357390

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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This edition gathers the expansive and spirited public lectures delivered by Simon Armitage during his 'conscientious and often amusingly self-conscious tenure' (TLS) as Oxford University Professor of Poetry. Armitage tries to identify a 'common sense' approach to an artform that can lend itself to grand statements and vacuous gestures, questioning both the facile and obscure ends of the poetry spectrum, asserting certain fundamental qualities that separate the genre from near-neighbours such as prose and song lyrics, examining who poetry is written for and its values in contemporary society. Above all, these are personal essays that enquire into the volatile and disputed definitions of poetry from the point of view of a dedicated reader, a practising writer and a lifelong champion of its power and potential.
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A Vertical Art

A Vertical Art

... and wild in relation to his art, to be both captive and captivating, to accept whatever nourishment is offered, ... as the cocky young gang leaders of the New Poetry, with territory to protect, competitors to see 156 a vertical art.

Author: Simon Armitage

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691233109

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 376

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From the UK Poet Laureate and bestselling translator, a spirited book that demystifies and celebrates the art of poetry today In A Vertical Art, acclaimed poet Simon Armitage takes a refreshingly common-sense approach to an art form that can easily lend itself to grand statements and hollow gestures. Questioning both the facile and obscure ends of the poetry spectrum, he offers sparkling new insights about poetry and an array of favorite poets. Based on Armitage’s public lectures as Oxford Professor of Poetry, A Vertical Art illuminates poets as varied as Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Marianne Moore, W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes, Thom Gunn, A. R. Ammons, and Claudia Rankine. The chapters are often delightfully sassy in their treatment, as in “Like, Elizabeth Bishop,” in which Armitage dissects—and tallies—the poet’s predilection for similes. He discusses Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize, poetic lists, poetry and the underworld, and the dilemmas of translating Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Armitage also pulls back the curtain on the unromantic realities of making a living as a contemporary poet, and ends the book with his own list of “Ninety-Five Theses” on the principles and practice of poetry. An appealingly personal book that explores the volatile and disputed definitions of poetry from the viewpoint of a practicing writer and dedicated reader, A Vertical Art makes an insightful and entertaining case for the power and potential of poetry today.
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Art in Ornament and Dress

Art in Ornament and Dress


Author: Charles Blanc


ISBN: MSU:31293105130284

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Competition Law

Competition Law

Vertical agreements The definition of a vertical agreement is set out in Art 2. 'Vertical agreement' means an agreement, 'between undertakings, each of which operates, for the purposes of the agreement, at a different level of the ...

Author: Barry Rodger

Publisher: Cavendish Publishing

ISBN: 9781843143062

Category: Law

Page: 368

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Competition law, at both the EC and UK levels, plays an important and ever increasing role in regulating the conduct of businesses. Competition law can affect business contracts, take-overs and mergers, co-ordinated actions, pricing behaviour and, also, S
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Urban Artscapes

Urban Artscapes

15 the spaces of exposure16 draw our attention to the vertical creation of meaning, and they can be used for understanding not just consumerist urban messages, but also other visualiterations, including street art and graffiti. these ...

Author: Manila Castoro

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476631110

Category: Art

Page: 208

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In recent years, artists, architects, activists and curators, as well as corporations and local governments have addressed the urban space. They challenge its use and destination, and dispute current notions of space, legality, trade and artistry. Emerging art practices challenge old ideas about where art belongs, what forms it can take and what political discourses it fosters. Selected from papers presented at the 2013 Artscapes conference in Canterbury, this collection of new essays explores the dynamic relationship between art and the city. Contributors discuss the everyday artistic use of public space around the world, from sculpture to graffiti to street photography.
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The Vertical Man

The Vertical Man

It is an original study which throws light on important subjects, such as the relations between art and religion and art and economics. The Vertical Man will appeal to those with an interest in art, specifically sculpture and the art of ...

Author: W.G. Archer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000209600

Category: Architecture

Page: 150

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Originally published in 1947, The Vertical Man explores a form of Indian sculpture largely ignored in other studies, with a focus on two kinds of sculpture from the province of Bihar. The book provides detailed analysis of the formal characteristics of the sculpture and the influences of the myth, ritual, and context in which they were commissioned and made. It explains why the sculpture is regional and "why the styles are what they are". It is an original study which throws light on important subjects such as the relations of art and religion and of art and economics. The Vertical Man will appeal to those with an interest in art, specifically sculpture and the art of the Indian countryside.
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Making Games for Impact

Making Games for Impact

Teams building toys might get away with a programmer or a programmer - artist , whereas teams building a vertical slice need to cover art , programming , subject matter expertise , pedagogy , sound and possibly user analytics ...

Author: Kurt Squire

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262362498

Category: Education

Page: 252

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Designing games for learning: case studies show how to incorporate impact goals, build a team, and work with experts to create an effective game. Digital games for learning are now commonplace, used in settings that range from K–12 education to advanced medical training. In this book, Kurt Squire examines the ways that games make an impact on learning, investigating how designers and developers incorporate authentic social impact goals, build a team, and work with experts in order to make games that are effective and marketable. Because there is no one design process for making games for impact—specific processes arise in response to local needs and conditions—Squire presents a series of case studies that range from a small, playable game created by a few programmers and an artist to a multimillion-dollar project with funders, outside experts, and external constraints. These cases, drawn from the Games + Learning + Society Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, show designers tackling such key issues as choosing platforms, using data analytics to guide development, and designing for new markets. Although not a how-to guide, the book offers developers, researchers, and students real-world lessons in greenlighting a project, scaling up design teams, game-based assessment, and more. The final chapter examines the commercial development of an impact game in detail, describing the creation of an astronomy game, At Play in the Cosmos, that ships with an introductory college textbook.
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The Encyclop dia Britannica Or Dictionary of Arts Sciences and General Literature with Extensive Improvements and Additions and Numerous Engravings

The Encyclop  dia Britannica  Or  Dictionary of Arts  Sciences  and General Literature  with Extensive Improvements and Additions  and Numerous Engravings

E instead of the formula will then be transthat is , on a vertical south dial . Now by the theory of E that dial ( art . 38 ) the angle Dch will be known ; it is formed to this , however , the angle DCII that is required in order to ...




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Vertical Agreements and Competition Law

Vertical Agreements and Competition Law

A Comparative Study of the EU and US Regimes Sandra Marco Colino. Art 6(7). ... of Article 81(3) of the Treaty Establishing the European Community to Categories of Vertical Agreements and Concerted Practices ..................4, 11, 58, ...

Author: Sandra Marco Colino

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847315618

Category: Law

Page: 218

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This book focuses on the current legal framework for vertical agreements in the EU and the US. Over the last ten years, antitrust rules governing these agreements have undergone thorough reform. In the EU, the old sector-specific block exemptions were replaced by Regulation 2790/99, applicable to all sectors of the economy. In addition, changes introduced to the procedural rules have led to the decentralisation of Article 81(3) and the removal of the notification requirement. In like manner, in the US the Supreme Court has gradually taken vertical restraints out of the per se illegality rule. What Sylvania achieved in placing non-price vertical restraints under the rule of reason in the late 1970s, the Khan judgment did for maximum resale price maintenance in 1997, whilst most recently and most significantly in 2007 the Leegin case followed suit for minimum resale price maintenance. The book is divided into four chapters. The first chapter considers the 'double nature' of vertical agreements and the regulatory dilemma. The second chapter explores the most influential economic theories underpinning current regulatory frameworks, and how these theories shape antitrust policy. The third chapter questions the adequacy of the current economic analysis in recent EU and US legislation and court decisions. The fourth chapter analyses how this maturing economic analysis can be reconciled with what commentators and regulators have identified as a key role for competition policy, redressing assumed imbalances between dealers and manufacturers. The author concludes by querying the prevailing logic of protecting sectoral interests above the competitive process.
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Art Information and the Internet

Art Information and the Internet

Primary and secondary data are usually located in(a) archives, (b) verticalfiles, and(c) books that reproduce documentsand sources. Typically, theseresources,discussed in [II-B] and below, include ephemeral material that israrely, ...

Author: Lois Swan Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135933456

Category: Reference

Page: 294

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In the first book of its kind, art information expert Lois Swan Jones discusses how to locate visual and textual information on the Internet and how to evaluate and supplement that information with material from other formats--print sources, CD-ROMS, documentary videos, and microfiche sets--to produce excellent research results. The book is divided into three sections: Basic Information Formats; Types of Websites and How to Find Them; and How to Use Web Information. Jones discusses the strengths and limitations of Websites; scholarly and basic information resources are noted; and search strategies for finding pertinent Websites are included. Art Information and the Internet also discusses research methodology for studying art-historical styles, artists working in various media, individual works of art, and non-Western cultures--as well as art education, writing about art, problems of copyright, and issues concerning the buying and selling of art. This title will be periodically updated.
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