HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict HBR Guide Series

HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict  HBR Guide Series

See also conflict resolution cultural bridges, 45 cultural differences, 122–123 cultural norms and conflict, 19–20, 36, 45,46, 64, 75–76 deadlines, ... See conversations doing nothing, as option for addressing conflict, xxiv, 15–19, 53.

Author: Amy Gallo

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

ISBN: 9781633692169

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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While some of us enjoy a lively debate with colleagues and others prefer to suppress our feelings over disagreements, we all struggle with conflict at work. Every day we navigate an office full of competing interests, clashing personalities, limited time and resources, and fragile egos. Sure, we share the same overarching goals as our colleagues, but we don't always agree on how to achieve them. We work differently. We rub each other the wrong way. We jockey for position. How can you deal with conflict at work in a way that is both professional and productive—where it improves both your work and your relationships? You start by understanding whether you generally seek or avoid conflict, identifying the most frequent reasons for disagreement, and knowing what approaches work for what scenarios. Then, if you decide to address a particular conflict, you use that information to plan and conduct a productive conversation. The HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict will give you the advice you need to: Understand the most common sources of conflict Explore your options for addressing a disagreement Recognize whether you—and your counterpart—typically seek or avoid conflict Prepare for and engage in a difficult conversation Manage your and your counterpart's emotions Develop a resolution together Know when to walk away Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, with the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.
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Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict

Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict

A West Coast union reports that 500 employee grievances , most dealing with dis- ciplinary actions , occurred during ... workers in most organizations is an aversion to addressing conflict until the conflict reaches a point of crisis .

Author: Myra Warren Isenhart

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761919309

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 266

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If you've ever wondered how best to approach a conflict, Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict will help you choose the right method for your problem. Using the same tool for different kinds of conflict often leaves us feeling stuck and frustrated. Authors Myra Warren Isenhart and Michael L. Spangle explain the major approaches to managing disputes at home, in the workplace or school, within communities, or in the international arena. The reader will find that each approach is illustrated with recent examples of what can go wrong and how to respond most appropriately.
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Resolving Conflict

Resolving Conflict

THE REACTION RUT One reason that people mismanage many conflicts is that they rely on one or two reactions to conflict ... THE PERILS OF DELAY Another reason for ineffective conflict management is that many people delay dealing with a ...

Author: Harold Scharlatt

Publisher: Center for Creative Leadership

ISBN: 9781604916188

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 65

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Conflict is inevitable, in everyday life and—especially in today’s increasingly non-hierarchical organizations—in the workplace. So what has always been a key leadership skill—conflict resolution—has become even more critical. But too often, leaders receive little formal training in conflict resolution, and they struggle just to manage the simplest interpersonal conflicts. By using the lessons of this book, readers will be able to apply a thorough, proven method—summarized in ten steps—for resolving conflicts. Following these steps, leaders can analyze a conflict and move toward its resolution with more assurance of a positive outcome for everyone involved.
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How to Resolve Conflict

How to Resolve Conflict

business sense to prepare employees for dealing with interpersonal conflict. Finally, (4) employees need to know specifically “who to go to” when they are feeling tension with a colleague or are upset with the behavior of others, ...

Author: James E. Gilman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442267985

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

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A guide to the practice of mediation as a means of resolving conflict, this short how-to manual includes all the resources needed to teach and train mediators in the skills of conflict resolution. It explains the conceptual framework of conflict and peacemaking, the stages and steps of the mediation process, and the resources necessary to conduct mediation sessions, including practice through role-playing. The book is divided into three parts: Theory, Process, and Practice. Part I provides a conceptual framework for understanding conflict and mediation. It discusses the sources of conflict, the dynamics of power imbalances, how mediation counteracts them, and familiar styles for managing conflicts. Part II describes the stages of the mediation process. It begins with orientation and preparation for the mediation session before outlining each of the five stages of the mediation process along with a range of communication skills crucial to the success of each stage. Part III focuses on several familiar areas of human experience in which the practice of mediation is common, such as family and domestic mediation, business and organizational mediation, international mediation, and education. These chapters include customary forms and techniques used in resolving conflicts. The final chapter includes materials to manage and conduct mediation role-playing exercises.
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Students Resolving Conflict

Students Resolving Conflict

Discussing how the institution might have reacted differently to the conflict is one way to demonstrate how peer mediation ... You should therefore model the approach to problem solving that you are asking your colleagues to support.

Author: Richard Cohen

Publisher: Good Year Books

ISBN: 9781596470521

Category: Education

Page: 263

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Written by the cofounder of School Mediation Associates, this definitive book explains step by step how to use an effective and research-based method for teaching conflict resolution: peer mediation. The comprehensive guide covers designing, implementing, and operating a successful program and includes sample mediation session transcripts, 12 conflict resolution lessons to facilitate teaching students, and reproducible forms for teacher/student orientation. Index. Appendixes. Bibliography. Good Year Books. 263 pages.
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Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage

Resolving Conflict in Your Marriage

Every marriage has its share of conflict. But what do you do when conflict arises? You can learn to transform conflicts into opportunities to energize your marriage and increase your love for your mate. It starts with forgiveness.

Author: Bob Horner

Publisher: Regal Books

ISBN: 0830716181

Category: Conflict management

Page: 150

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Every marriage has its share of conflict. But what do you do when conflict arises? You can learn to transform conflicts into opportunities to energize your marriage and increase your love for your mate.
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Preventing Problem Behaviors

Preventing Problem Behaviors

to win-win solutions, and using negotiation to resolve conflicts effectively (Carlsson- Paige & Levin, 1992; ... CRE is thus a recommended strategy for addressing positively and proactively the conflict that is inevitable in schools.

Author: Bob Algozzine

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781452295152

Category: Education

Page: 248

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Prevention is the key to a successful school behavior plan! This research-based guide offers strategies and plans for preventing problem behavior at both the classroom and school level. The book focuses on four essential areas—foundations, intervention, collaboration, and evaluation—and features: Information on prevention science and practice Reasons why conflict resolution, peer mediation, and bully-proofing are essential to prevention Effective practices for teaching social skills to young children Proven techniques for implementing schoolwide positive behavior support Ideas for home-school and community partnerships Critical strategies for monitoring student progress Information on preschool behavior support and RTI
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Together Till the End

Together Till the End

Couples can prevent conflict by addressing issues that caused it previously so that they do not cause it again. Marriages in which couples experience the same conflict over and over again cannot grow unless the couples learn to master ...

Author: Lehlohonolo Lucas Mazindo

Publisher: Partridge Africa

ISBN: 9781482825510

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 360

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Together till the End: A Blueprint for Successful Marriage was written with an intention to inspire couples all over the world to keep their marriages together until the end of time. The high rate of divorce and domestic violence makes many people believe that marriage is a terrible thing, but this book carries the truth that will bring hope to millions of people around the world. It brings deep psychological insights and spiritual revelations that will open the readers eyes of understanding and bring restoration to broken marriages. It highlights how our differences should work for us and not against us. Despite the many challenges of life, marriages can still thrive, and this book was written to help you make it happen for your marriage.
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Resolving Conflict

Resolving Conflict

When conflicts, anger, and resentment are bottled up inside, sooner or later somebody will explode. 6. ... Instead of dealing with a conflict, some people try to buy their way out of it by offering a special gift.

Author: Josh McDowell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 9780849937880

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 129

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This devotional helps teens deal with conflicts. This fictionalized account provides a real-life conflict presented in story format and is followed by a 30-day devotional journal with daily Scripture readings, commentary notes and thought-provoking questions. This section offers teens a tool to work through their feelings, providing biblical principles for building understanding.
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The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying

The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Mediation is a voluntary and informal way of resolving disputes using an independent third party to assist the individuals involved in a dispute to understand and examine the interests and needs behind their conflict and find a joint ...

Author: Anne-Marie Quigg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317029502

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 280

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The topic of workplace bullying and abuse gained considerable public and media attention during 2013 when the scandal of events at the BBC was unveiled following an enquiry led by Dinah Rose QC. The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying, edited by Dr Anne-Marie Quigg, presents the collective wisdom and knowledge of a number of lawyers, management experts and academics from around the world. The key themes include understanding the law in each country represented and the responsibilities of individuals as well as management teams and governors in organizations. New case studies are supplied by people working with and within HR teams who have professional experience of dealing with the issue, as well as practical suggestions that are of use to managers, to people accused of bullying and also to people who find they are targets of bullying. Dr Quigg summarizes the range and scope of the contributions by the individual contributors, commenting on the research findings and professional experience that informs them. The book thus reflects the variety of options for dealing with bullying that are relevant in different parts of the world, and focuses on advice that is pertinent in real life, rather than presenting a collection of academic theories.
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