African Image of the Ultimate Reality

African Image of the Ultimate Reality

CIP - Kurztitelaufnahme der Deutschen Bibliothek Obiego , Cosmas Okechukwu : African image of the ultimate reality an analysis of Igbo ideas of life and death in relation to Chukwu God / Cosmas Okechukwu Obiego .

Author: Cosmas Okechukwu Obiego

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: UOM:39015051505041

Category: Chukwu (African deity)

Page: 336

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The question of human existence and its ultimate meaning demand doctrinal answers. Such answers depend on man's conception of the Ruler of the Universe; and on the answers depends man's attitude to life. This study explores and expands the Igbo answer to the question of the ultimate meaning of human existence in relation to Chukwu-God. It also seeks to open up religious springboards which will be of value to the Gospel-carriers in Igboland and to the inter-faith dialogue.
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Igbo Funeral Rites Today

Igbo Funeral Rites Today

This Supreme Being is variously called Chukwu – Chiukwu meaning the Greatest, the most Powerful (Spirit), ... See also C.O. Obiego, African Image of the Ultimate Reality: An Analysis of Igbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to ...

Author: Austin Echema

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643104199

Category: Igbo (African people)

Page: 103

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Igbo Funeral Rites is about the rigorous and complex nature of death and burial obsequies in Igboland. Analytical as it is descriptive and anthropological as it is theological, the book is an attempt to provide new insights for handling some of the pastoral challenges of Igbo funeral rites. It exhibits admirable maturity by acknowledging the need for flexibility along with harmonization.
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Suffering Belief Hope

Suffering  Belief  Hope

The Wisdom of Job for an AIDS-stricken Africa Ghislain Tshikendwa Matadi. solidarity perseveres even through death. ... Okechukwu, African Image of the Ultimate Reality, p. 185. 33 Leny Lagerwerf, “Witchcraft, Sorcery and Spirit ...

Author: Ghislain Tshikendwa Matadi

Publisher: Paulines Publications Africa

ISBN: 9789966082374

Category: AIDS (Disease)

Page: 171

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Categories: AIDS (Disease)

Remembering the Dead

Remembering the Dead

Moreover, Cosmas Okechukwu Obiego in his book African image of Ultimate Reality adds another two qualities of one to be ancestor. One is a good ripe old age, that is to be old reflects not only a sign of wisdom and seat of life ...

Author: Sentus Francis Dikwe

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643912817


Page: 320

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Remembering the dead is a topic which connects various cultures and traditions. The reception of the African tradition of ancestorship is a theological enrichment in the ecumenical discussions all over the world. In our time, the exchange of gifts plays a great role in promoting unity of the Churches. Especially the concepts of African theology with the incomparable special position of Jesus Christ as "proto ancestor" are important for the interconfessional dialogues. The veneration of the ancestors in Africa can be a help to begin ecumenical discussions in this regional context on the question of the veneration of the saints. According to African tradition the ancestors also have influence on the process of purification. Therefore, the veneration of the ancestors contributes to providing answers to the ecumenical controversies about the understanding of the eschatological purification.

Way of the Earth

Way of the Earth

African Image of the Ultimate Reality: An Analysis of Igbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to Chunkwu-God. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1984. Okri, Ben. The Famished Road. New York: Anchor Books, 1993. Ole Saibull, Solomon.

Author: T.c. Mcluhan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684801575

Category: Nature

Page: 584

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This book draws upon both ancient and contemporary sources to examine the significance of the earth from the perspective of six different cultures and how these spiritual traditions have valued, perceived, and understood the earth. At first glance the peoples of aboriginal Australia, Japan, Greece, Africa, South America, and Native North America couldn't be more different. But by taking a closer look, the author shows that there are many more similarities than differences- all revere mountains as a source of inspiration and holiness, all feel a spiritual connection to the soil itself, all create art and literature to celebrate their connection to the land, and all see themselves as inextricable from the land they call home. This unique volume explores how human beings across the planet and across time have felt about the earth and nature, and how they have understood it, related to it, and celebrated it in their literature, mythology, religion, and art. It demonstrates that no matter where on the planet we exist, and no matter what time period we live, we all have a profound connection to the earth. -- from Book Jacket.
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The Church as family and Ethnocentrism in Sub Saharan Africa

The Church as family and Ethnocentrism in Sub Saharan Africa

African Image of the Ultimate Reality: An Analysis ofIgbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to Chukwu-God. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Obiukwu, S. C. (1978). 'Ala' (Earth Spirit) in Igbo Culture and Traditional Religious Beliefs ...

Author: Gerald K. Tanye

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643107978

Category: Religion

Page: 497

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Ethnocentrism is one of the greatest obstacles to peace on the African continent. Taking the Church as Family of God as a model of evangelization, this work explores means of inculturating the Gospel message in African cultures in order to transform them, make them blossom and enable Africans to live as authentic Christians in their cultures. It examines the values of African extended families and the prospects of interreligious dialogue as means through which the various religious bodies can effectively work together to overcome ethnocentrism and its evil effects and thus establish a wholesome African society where every human person is at home irrespective of family orientation or tribal background.
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African Women and the Shame and Pain of Infertility

African Women and the Shame and Pain of Infertility

An Ethico-cultural Study of Christian Response to Childlessness among the Igbo People of West Africa Damasus C. Okoro ... African Image of the Ultimate Reality: An Analysis of Igbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to Chukwu-God.

Author: Damasus C. Okoro

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725265707

Category: Social Science

Page: 214

View: 630

In African Women and the Shame and Pain of Infertility: An Ethico-Cultural Study of Christian Response to Childlessness among the Igbo People of West Africa, Okoro discusses the shipwreck that is associated with infertility in marriage in Africa. Within this space, childlessness places a big question mark on a woman’s femininity and the self-esteem of the man. The stigma of infertility most often leads to social isolation and humiliation, particularly of married women, even when the source of infertility may not have come from them. Unfortunately, this situation goes against the highly valued Igbo ethical principle of onye aghala nwanne ya, meaning “no kith or kin should be left behind.” Therefore, the purpose of the book is to help married people in Igbo land and Africa at large to appropriate this indigenous principle in their response to the problem of infertility. To attain this, the author critically evaluates discrimination and oppression of infertile couples, particularly women, and shedding light on the paradoxes found in Igbo cultural expressions. He employs a constructive, ethical, cultural, religious, contextual, and theological approach that explores important Igbo religious paradigms like Chi (an Igbo religio-cultural understanding of personal destiny) and Ani (the feminine deity in-charge of the land and fertility) to argue the case for the liberation and integration of infertile couples.
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New Dawn for African Women

New Dawn for African Women

African Image of the Ultimate Reality: An Analysis of Igbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to ChukwuGod. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1984. Oduyoye, Mercy. Introducing African Women's Theology. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001.

Author: Michael Muonwe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524562892

Category: Social Science

Page: 488

View: 154

The need for renegotiation of the place and role of women in the family, the Church, and the society cannot be any more urgent than now, especially as people are more aware of the devastating effects of the evils of inequality, discrimination, and oppression. It is a pity that the excellent qualities of bravery, industry, resilience, and perseverance historically attributed to African women, with which they negotiated for better place in the family, the Church, and the society, have been manipulated to serve as instruments for their denigration. The problem is that the patriarchal articulations of gender relations from the western world that entered Africa through colonialism, Christianity, western education and globalization allied themselves with the macho elements in African culture, and institutionalized the oppression of women; a move that women have always resisted both overtly and covertly. But how long could they hang on? This book provides exceptional and critical assessment of these issues, especially from the perspective of the Igbo society of Nigeria. Apart from assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the efforts made by women themselves to surmount these challenges, it also explores how the autochthonous values of the traditional culture could integrate with Christian values to enthrone gender equality in the society. Fr Muonwe demonstrated in this present publication his pastoral zeal for justice especially on the predicaments of women in African nay Igbo society. He regrets as it were that the African (Igbo) traditional society is still far from realizing the Christian gospel ideal of dignity and equality of human person because of the obvious environment that is strictly androcentric and carefully crafted in patriarchal hegemony I thank Fr Muonwe for this timely publication especially for many Igbo Christian communities today experiencing crisis in several aspects of our culture I hope the Bishops, the Priests, the Religious and Laity will find in this present work a rare and indispensable treasure for solutions to our pastoral predicaments. Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony B. C. Chiegboka. New Dawn for African Women is encyclopaedic in content and daunting in its wealth of documentation [It] is a well-written book. The contents covered much more than Igbo women, or gender issues. It addressed such other issues as Igbo cosmology, Igbo concept of life and death, the history of Christianity in Igboland and Igbo social anthropology, among others. It is a book, which every Nigerian, especially the Igbo, should read. The book is inspirational and provocative in the extreme; it is original and displays learning lightly carried. One cannot but return to it over and over again after the first reading. I very strongly recommend it to the Nigerian and African reading public. C. Ego Uzoezie (Ph.D.)
Categories: Social Science

Resolving the Prevailing Conflicts Between Christianity and African Igbo Traditional Religion Through Inculturation

Resolving the Prevailing Conflicts Between Christianity and African  Igbo  Traditional Religion Through Inculturation

OBIEGO, C. O., African Image of the Ultimate Reality, New York, Peter Lang, 1984. OBODO, J. N., “Exposing the Gimmicks in Independent Prayer Groups” in Torch Magazine Nr. 134, 2007. OBIORA, K. F., The Divine Deceit, Enugu, ...

Author: Edwin Anaegboka Udoye

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643901163

Category: Religion

Page: 409

View: 735

For not integrating initially some of the good elements in Igbo culture, many Igbo Christians have double personality - Christian personality and traditional personality. They are Christians on Sundays but traditionalists on weekdays. To combat such an anomalous situation, in imitation of Christ's effort at completing what was lacking in the Jewish religion, author Edwin Udoye proposes radical inculturation. His book equally contains many serious theological reflections such that it recommends itself to both theologians and the scholars researching on the religions of the world. Udoye has therefore made a very significant contribution worthy of commendation to both theological and religious studies.
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Together as One Interfaith Relationships between African Traditional Religion Islam and Christianity in Nigeria

Together as One  Interfaith Relationships between African Traditional Religion  Islam  and Christianity in Nigeria

120. nwosu, nereus I. “Religion and the Crisis of national Unity in nigeria,” in African Study Monograph 17(3), october 1996. ... African Image of the Ultimate Reality: Analysis of Igbo Ideas of Life and Death in Relation to Chukwu.

Author: Hyacinth Kalu

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462029469

Category: Religion

Page: 308

View: 201

The Nigerian religious landscape is characterized by series of violence leading to bloodshed, loss of thousands of life and property worth billions of Naira. This unfortunate situation raises much concern in the minds of well-meaning Nigerians. Hence, this book raises such crucial questions as: How can Nigeria remain a secular state, and still maintain its plurality of religion and at same time survive disintegration because of religious violence, conflict and intolerance? How can followers of these different religions maintain their religious identity, while at the same time co-operating with one another in making Nigeria a home for all, where all can worship God in freedom and peace? This book offers hope in the midst of hopelessness, it underscores the fact that, though tribe and tongue may differ, though religious differences exist, Nigeria is still one sovereign nation. Consequently, the opening title: Together as One resonates with the opening statements of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that professes unity, harmony and peace as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God. This book finds the hope of reclaiming and rebuilding this unity and harmony, threatened by religious violence, in Interfaith Relationships between African Traditional Religion, Islam, and Christianity.
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