The Pictorial Book of Anecdotes of the Rebellion Or The Funny and Pathetic Side of the War

The Pictorial Book of Anecdotes of the Rebellion  Or  The Funny and Pathetic Side of the War

I have noticed a great Shultz's Timely Discove.y many British flags here , all protecting cot- An honest Schuylkill county German ton ; I have seized it all in the name of merchant , who had been prospered comemy government .

Author: Richard Miller Devens


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Funny Cuts

Funny Cuts

Funny Cuts . ” too , with a lip all a - quiverin ' in the picture , and “ Why , howdy , Lemmel ? ... She flashed her eyes upon him , County Mayo men beat twenty thousand British FUNNY CUTS will be forwarded direct ve In bitter ...

Author: Gordon Phillip Hood


ISBN: OSU:32435069361228

Category: English wit and humor


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Categories: English wit and humor

The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English

The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English

Paul Theroux, The Great Railway Bazaar, 1975 funny cigarette noun a marijuana cigarette US, 1949 • “Funny cigarettes ain't all that one pushes, it ain't no big secret.” — Nelson Algren, The Man with the Golden Arm, p.

Author: Tom Dalzell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134194780

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1120

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The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English offers the ultimate record of modern American Slang. The 25,000 entries are accompanied by citations that authenticate the words as well as offer lively examples of usage from popular literature, newspapers, magazines, movies, television shows, musical lyrics, and Internet user groups. Etymology, cultural context, country of origin and the date the word was first used are also provided. This informative, entertaining and sometimes shocking dictionary is an unbeatable resource for all language aficionados out there.
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A Funny Place To Hold A War

A Funny Place To Hold A War

Now, as you doubtless know, British codes and ciphers are being read by the Beobachtungsdienst, our deciphering service, so that we know the position, course and speed of all British convoys and are reading their Admiralty U-boat ...

Author: John Harris

Publisher: House of Stratus

ISBN: 9780755147267

Category: Fiction

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Ginger Donnelly is on the trail of Nazi saboteurs in Sierra Leone. Whilst taking a midnight paddle with a willing woman in a canoe, Donnelly sees an enormous seaplane thunder across the sky only to crash in a ball of brilliant flame. It seems like an least until a second plane explodes along the same flight path.
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What s So Funny

What s So Funny

His face and neck and apparently everything but those chicken-foot hands were bloated and stuffed looking, as though he'd been filled up by a ... “The British,” Mr. Hemlow said, and apparently spat, though nothing seemed to come out.

Author: Donald E. Westlake

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446511780

Category: Fiction

Page: 301

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In what may be the "best Dortmunder yarn yet," Westlake's seasoned but often scoreless crook must take on an impossible crime, one he doesn't want and doesn't believe in -- but a little blackmail goes a long way (Associated Press). All it takes is a few underhanded moves by a tough ex-cop named Eppick to pull Dortmunder into a game he never wanted to play. With no choice, he musters his always-game gang and they set out on a perilous treasure hunt for a long-lost gold and jewel-studded chess set once intended as a birthday gift for the last Romanov czar, which unfortunately reached Russia after that party was over. From the moment Dortmunder reaches for his first pawn, he faces insurmountable odds. The purloined past of this precious set is destined to confound any strategy he finds on the board. Success is not inevitable with John Dortmunder leading the attack, but he's nothing if not persistent, and some gambit or other might just stumble into a winning move.
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The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman

The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman

I mean in the I'm not usually a very brave person so it was interesting sort of funny. Even though I was all alone, when I was sat on the bed in the Caramel Suite with Big Al's Big Book of British Comedy Greats and all my Post-it notes ...

Author: Julietta Henderson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473594487

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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---- 'One of those gorgeous books that completely lifts your spirits and restores your faith in humanity' - Ruth Jones, co-creator of Gavin and Stacey and bestselling author of Us Three ---- It was a journey they would always remember . . . for a friend they'd never forget. Norman and Jax are a legendary comedic duo in waiting, with a five-year plan to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe by the time they're fifteen. But when Jax dies before they turn twelve, Norman decides a tribute act for his best friend just can't wait, so he rewrites their plan: 1. Look after mum | 2. Find Dad | 3. Get to the Edinburgh Fringe Sadie knows she won't win Mother of the Year and she's not proud she doesn't know who her son's father is. But when she finds Norman's list, all she wants is to see her son smile again... So they set off on a pilgrimage to Edinburgh, making a few stops to find Norman's dad along the way. The Funny Thing about Norman Foreman is an inspiring, feel-good novel about a small boy with a big heart - and even bigger dreams. ---- 'Tender and hilarious... the perfect tonic for our current times' - Katherine Parkinson 'Charming, funny and cheering' Beth Morrey, author of Saving Missy 'He's wheedled his way into my heart, and I suspect I'll have a Norman-shaped hole there forever' - Clare Pooley, author of The Authenticity Project Readers are in love with Norman: ***** 'An amazing book of determination and not giving up when things are difficult' ***** 'Norman is one of the most lovable characters I have ever met' ***** 'This books breaks your heart in one sentence and makes you laugh the next'
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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way

But then, of course, in a British car the driver is on the inside of the road. Poor sister Liz found it hair-raising indeed, all that Greek traffic rushing at her. Also, occasionally men waved at us, and this alarmed her.

Author: Nancy Spain

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781474618663

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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The superb classic memoir from a dazzlingly eccentric and endlessly fascinating author and feminist icon - a woman very much ahead of her time - including her time spent on the glorious island of Skiathos 'A happy, hilarious book' Daily Express Nancy Spain was one of the most celebrated - and notorious - writers and broadcasters of the 50s and 60s. Witty, controversial and brilliant, she lived openly as a lesbian (sharing a household with her two lovers and their various children) and was frequently litigated against for her newspaper columns - Evelyn Waugh successfully sued her for libel... twice. Nancy Spain had a deep love of the Mediterranean. So it was no surprise when, in the 1960s, she decided to build a place of her own on the Greek island of Skiathos. With an impractical nature surpassed only by her passion for the project, and despite many obstacles, she gloriously succeeded. This classic memoir is infused with all Spain's chaotic brilliance, zest for life and single-minded pursuit of a life worth living. Perfect for fans of A PLACE IN THE SUN and ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY 'Full of fun, and that zest of intelligence that never left her' Sunday Times
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What s So Funny

What s So Funny

... was often to engage British attention. The new American rejoinder was double: first that all refinements might be found at home; then that they didn't matter. On the whole the second view prevailed in the play and perhaps elsewhere.

Author: Nancy A. Walker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781461621768

Category: History

Page: 298

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Critical studies attempting to define and dissect American humor have been published steadily for nearly one hundred years. However, until now, key documents from that history have never been brought together in a single volume for students and scholars. What's So Funny? Humor in American Culture, a collection of 15 essays, examines the meaning of humor and attempts to pinpoint its impact on American culture and society, while providing a historical overview of its progres-sion. Essays from Nancy Walker and Zita Dresner, Joseph Boskin and Joseph Dorinson, William Keough, Roy Blount, Jr., and others trace the development of American humor from the colonial period to the present, focusing on its relationship with ethnicity, gender, violence, and geography. An excellent reader for courses in American studies and American social and cultural history, What's So Funny? explores the traits of the American experience that have given rise to its humor.
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Now That S Funny

Now That   S Funny

He had the usual British wools, not at all suited to the hot and humid Madison summer weather. We picked out two or three light nylon shortsleeved shirts and a light gray summer suit. He certainly wore the clothes.

Author: Charles O. Jones

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532058691

Category: Travel

Page: 614

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This book is the story of Chuck Jones as a young man growing up in a small South Dakota town, his education, military service, graduate work, marriage, and life as a professor. The Jones family moved frequently, taking advantage of job opportunities and research fellowships. Their longest tenures were at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Madison, Wisonsin. The author provides descriptions of family life, to include their several homes. The book displays the vitality of academic life and family growth. It also identifies the importance of pets to a loving atmosphere. One chapter tells the life of the Jones family from the perspective of their pets. The book is mostly about us and how we lived and prospered through the decades.
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Funny Man

Funny Man

“If Mel's directorial style had few niceties (he once corrected [Roach's] interpretation of a British character: 'Too much swish,' neither did he have any pretensions. They were all having fun, they were experimenting and learning.

Author: Patrick McGilligan

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062560964

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

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A deeply textured and compelling biography of comedy giant Mel Brooks, covering his rags-to-riches life and triumphant career in television, films, and theater, from Patrick McGilligan, the acclaimed author of Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane and Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light. Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy award–winner Mel Brooks was behind (and sometimes in front the camera too) of some of the most influential comedy hits of our time, including The 2,000 Year Old Man, Get Smart, The Producers, Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein. But before this actor, writer, director, comedian, and composer entertained the world, his first audience was his family. The fourth and last child of Max and Kitty Kaminsky, Mel Brooks was born on his family’s kitchen table in Brooklyn, New York, in 1926, and was not quite three-years-old when his father died of tuberculosis. Growing up in a household too poor to own a radio, Mel was short and homely, a mischievous child whose birth role was to make the family laugh. Beyond boyhood, after transforming himself into Mel Brooks, the laughs that came easily inside the Kaminsky family proved more elusive. His lifelong crusade to transform himself into a brand name of popular humor is at the center of master biographer Patrick McGilligan’s Funny Man. In this exhaustively researched and wonderfully novelistic look at Brooks’ personal and professional life, McGilligan lays bare the strengths and drawbacks that shaped Brooks’ psychology, his willpower, his persona, and his comedy. McGilligan insightfully navigates the epic ride that has been the famous funnyman’s life story, from Brooks’s childhood in Williamsburg tenements and breakthrough in early television—working alongside Sid Caesar and Carl Reiner—to Hollywood and Broadway peaks (and valleys). His book offers a meditation on the Jewish immigrant culture that influenced Brooks, snapshots of the golden age of comedy, behind the scenes revelations about the celebrated shows and films, and a telling look at the four-decade romantic partnership with actress Anne Bancroft that superseded Brooks’ troubled first marriage. Engrossing, nuanced and ultimately poignant, Funny Man delivers a great man’s unforgettable life story and an anatomy of the American dream of success. Funny Man includes a 16-page black-and-white photo insert.
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