Sports in American History

Sports in American History

It was vital that baseball disassociate itself from the image that cricket had established in the press as the pre-eminent bat-and-ball game in America. It was argued in the press that ...

Author: Gerald R. Gems

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781718203037

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Sports in American History: From Colonization to Globalization, Third Edition, journeys from the early American past to the present to help students grasp the compelling evolution of American sporting practices
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American History Through American Sports

American History Through American Sports

Hogan, Lawrence D. Shades of Glory: The Negro Leagues and the Story of African-American Baseball. Washington, DC: National Geographic, 2006. James, Bill. The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract. New York: Free Press, 2001.

Author: Danielle Sarver Coombs

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313379888

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Filled with insightful analysis and compelling arguments, this book considers the influence of sports on popular culture and spotlights the fascinating ways in which sports culture and American culture intersect.
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Reader s Guide to American History

Reader s Guide to American History

ROBIN L.E. HEMENWAY Baseball Goldstein , Warren , Playing for Keeps : A History of Early Baseball , Ithaca , NY : Cornell University Press , 1989 Rader , Benjamin G. , Baseball : A History of America's Game , Urbana : University of ...

Author: Peter J. Parish

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1884964222

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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Reader s Companion to American History

The Reader s Companion to American History

One of America's most distinctive spectator sports, baseball seems always to have lived more in myth than in history. Children in England and the United States had been playing variants of the game — known also as rounders, one o' cat, ...

Author: Eric Foner

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 9780547561349

Category: History

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An A-to-Z historical encyclopedia of US people, places, and events, with nearly 1,000 entries “all equally well written, crisp, and entertaining” (Library Journal). From the origins of its native peoples to its complex identity in modern times, this unique alphabetical reference covers the political, economic, cultural, and social history of America. A fact-filled treasure trove for history buffs, The Reader’s Companion is sponsored by the Society of American Historians, an organization dedicated to promoting literary excellence in the writing of biography and history. Under the editorship of the eminent historians John A. Garraty and Eric Foner, a large and distinguished group of scholars, biographers, and journalists—nearly four hundred contemporary authorities—illuminate the critical events, issues, and individuals that have shaped our past. Readers will find everything from a chronological account of immigration; individual entries on the Bull Moose Party and the Know-Nothings as well as an article on third parties in American politics; pieces on specific religious groups, leaders, and movements and a larger-scale overview of religion in America. Interweaving traditional political and economic topics with the spectrum of America’s social and cultural legacies—everything from marriage to medicine, crime to baseball, fashion to literature—the Companion is certain to engage the curiosity, interests, and passions of every reader, and also provides an excellent research tool for students and teachers.
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Term Paper Resource Guide to African American History

Term Paper Resource Guide to African American History

Multimedia Sources Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns. ... This massive documentary catalogs the history of baseball from the 1840s to 1994. ... Board of Education decision is one of the most significant in American history.

Author: Caryn E. Neumann

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 9780313355028

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Major help for African American history term papers has arrived to enrich and stimulate students in challenging and enjoyable ways. Students from high school age to undergraduate will be able to get a jump start on assignments with the hundreds of term paper projects and research information offered here in an easy-to-use format. Users can quickly choose from the 100 important events, spanning from the expansion of the slave trade to North America in 1581 to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Each event entry begins with a brief summary to pique interest and then offers original and thought-provoking term paper ideas in both standard and alternative formats that often incorporate the latest in electronic media, such as iPod and iMovie. The best in primary and secondary sources for further research are then annotated, followed by vetted, stable Web site suggestions and multimedia resources, usually films, for further viewing and listening. Librarians and faculty will want to use this as well. With this book, the research experience is transformed and elevated. Term Paper Resource Guide to African American History is an invaluable source to motivate and educate students who have a wide range of interests and talents. The events chronicle the long struggle for freedom and equal rights for African Americans.
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Women in American History A Social Political and Cultural Encyclopedia and Document Collection 4 volumes

Women in American History  A Social  Political  and Cultural Encyclopedia and Document Collection  4 volumes

Furthermore, that same year baseball officials issued regulations that banned women from playing on major league teams, a ban that remained in place ... The Origins and History of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Author: Peg A. Lamphier

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610696036

Category: Social Science

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This four-volume set documents the complexity and richness of women's contributions to American history and culture, empowering all students by demonstrating a more populist approach to the past. • Provides significantly more detail than typical reference works on women's history and culture, enabling readers to better appreciate the contributions of women of all socio-cultural statuses • Covers the astounding range of American women's experience, including women of various economic and racial statuses, religious affiliations, political and ideological identifications, and sexualities • Includes a significant selection of primary documents, thereby combining the educational power of secondary and primary literature to create a richer learning experience for users
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Sports in American History 2E

Sports in American History  2E

European emigrants took these games to North America, where they became the roots of baseball. American soldiers reimported baseball to Germany after World War II, but without any great success. At the end of the nineteenth century in ...

Author: Gems, Gerald

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492526520

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Sports in American History: From Colonization to Globalization, Second Edition, journeys from the early American past to the present to give students a compelling grasp of the evolution of American sporting practices.
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The Smart Aleck s Guide to American History

The Smart Aleck s Guide to American History

So far, we've neglected a major part of American history: baseball. Long before modern steroid scandals, baseball domi~ nated American culture. There were other sports, of course, but baseball was far and away the most popular for mtrch ...

Author: Adam Selzer

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780375895937

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Do you know America? No, I mean, do you REALLY know America? Would you recognize John Adams in a lineup? Can you identify any presidents between Lincoln and Roosevelt? Hmmm. I thought so. Well, you really need this book. Not only will it improve your sorry historical knowledge, it will crack you up, and give you material to throw your teachers off-balance for entire class periods. Identify their lies! Point out their half-truths! And possibly, just possibly, gain some extra credit for yourself.
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The Jim Crow Encyclopedia Greenwood Milestones in African American History 2 volumes

The Jim Crow Encyclopedia  Greenwood Milestones in African American History  2 volumes

Greenwood Milestones in African American History Nikki Brown, Barry M. Stentiford. 1946. Segregation laws, the reaction ... Robinson debuted as a Dodger on April 15, 1947, and integrated major league baseball. Robinson faced taunts and ...

Author: Nikki L. M. Brown

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313341823

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Jim Crow refers to a set of laws in many states, predominantly in the South, after the end of Reconstruction in 1877 that severely restricted the rights and privileges of African Americans. As a caste system of enormous social and economic magnitude, the institutionalization of Jim Crow was the most significant element in African American life until the 1960s Civil Rights Movement led to its dismantling. Racial segregation, as well as responses to it and resistance against it, dominated the African American consciousness and continued to oppress African Americans and other minorities, while engendering some of the most important African American contributions to society. This major encyclopedia is the first devoted to the Jim Crow era. The era is encapsulated through more than 275 essay entries on such areas as law, media, business, politics, employment, religion, education, people, events, culture, the arts, protest, the military, class, housing, sports, and violence as well as through accompanying key primary documents excerpted as side bars. This set will serve as an invaluable, definitive resource for student research and general knowledge. The authoritative entries are written by a host of historians with expertise in the Jim Crow era. The quality content comes in an easy-to-access format. Readers can quickly find topics of interest, with alphabetical and topical lists of entries in the frontmatter, along with cross-references to related entries per entry. Further reading is provided per entry. Dynamic sidebars throughout give added insight into the topics. A chronology, selected bibliography, and photos round out the coverage. Sample entries include Advertising, Affirmative Action, Armed Forces, Black Cabinet, Blues, Brooklyn Dodgers, Bolling v. Sharpe, Confederate Flag, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), Detroit Race Riot 1943, Ralph Ellison, Eyes on the Prize, G.I. Bill, Healthcare, Homosexuality, Intelligence Testing, Japanese Internment, Liberia, Minstrelsy, Nadir of the Negro, Poll Taxes, Rhythm and Blues, Rural Segregation, Sharecropping, Sundown Towns, Booker T. Washington, Works Project Administration, World War II.
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Literature Connections to American History K 6

Literature Connections to American History  K 6

He traveled throughout Latin America and Europe making propaganda speeches in Japanese because he had gone to Japan before the war as a baseball player and knew the language. The text looks at the life of this unusual man.

Author: Lynda G. Adamson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781563085024

Category: Education

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Provides annotated entries for historical fiction titles, biographies, and multimedia items produced since 1990 which received at least one favorable review
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