America s Snake

America s Snake

The story of the timber rattlesnake (America's snake) is as much a story of human
attitudes—good and bad, but rarely indifferent— and of places—pockets of
wildness between the Atlantic and the west bank of the Mississippi—as it is the
story ...

Author: Ted Levin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226040783

Category: Science

Page: 520

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The acclaimed naturalist offers an in-depth profile of the timber rattlesnake, from its unique biological adaptations to its role in American history. The ominous rattle of the timber rattlesnake is one of the most famous—and terrifying—sounds in nature. Today, they are found in thirty-one states and many major cities. Yet most Americans have never seen a timber rattler, and only know them from movies or our frightened imaginations. Ted Levin aims to change that with America’s Snake. This portrait of the timber rattler explores its significance in American frontier history, and sheds light on the heroic efforts to protect the species against habitat loss, climate change, and the human tendency to kill what we fear. Taking us from labs where the secrets of the snake’s evolutionary adaptations are being unlocked to far-flung habitats that are protected by dedicated herpetologists, Levin paints a picture of a fascinating creature: peaceable, social, long-lived, and, despite our phobias, not inclined to bite. The timber rattler emerges here as an emblem of America, but also of the struggles involved in protecting the natural world. A wonderful mix of natural history, travel writing, and exemplary journalism, America’s Snake is loaded with remarkable characters—none more so than the snake itself: frightening, fascinating, and unforgettable. A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award-winner
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Indians in the Americas

Indians in the Americas

See also Stonebreaker , “ A Decipherment of the Los Lunas Decalogue Iron
Thunderhorse , “ Secrets of the Snake Dance , Ancient American , Inscription " ,
Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications 10 ( 1982 , Colfax , Wisconsin , Feb .

Author: William Marder

Publisher: Book Tree

ISBN: 1585091049

Category: History

Page: 237

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Many books over the years have promised to tell the true story of the Native American Indians. Many, however, have been filled with misinformation or derogatory views. Finally here is a book that the Native American can believe in. This well researched book tells the true story of Native American accomplishments, challenges and struggles and is a gold mine for the serious researcher. It includes extensive notes to the text and over 500 photographs and illustrations -- many that have never before been published. The author, after 20 years of research, has attempted to provide the world with the most truthful and accurate portrayal of the Native American Indians. Every serious researcher and Native American family should have this ground-breaking book.
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Manson s Tropical Diseases

Manson s Tropical Diseases

Americas Snake bite is common in Latin America.8 In Brazil, the case fatality of
snake bites in the pre-antivenom era was thought to be about 25%, and ... In the
USA there are 7000 bites by venomous snakes each year, with 12 to 15 deaths.

Author: Gordon C. Cook

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702043321

Category: Medical

Page: 1800

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From the difficult to diagnose to the difficult to treat, be prepared for whatever your patients bring back. The revised and updated 22nd edition of Manson’s Tropical Diseases provides you with the latest coverage on emerging and re-emerging diseases from around the world, such as multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis and malaria, the avian flu, and more. Boxes and tables highlight key information on current therapies. Covers every aspect of Tropical Medicine in detail, not just infections. Takes both a system-based and a disease approach, with extensive cross-referencing to minimize duplication. Includes a strong clinical focus, emphasized by clinical management diagrams. Features leading experts in the field, with contributions from clinicians who are based full-time in the tropics. Features up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS, with an emphasis on Africa; malaria; tropical gastroenterological problems; dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever; tuberculosis; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; SARS; avian flu; bartonellosis, cat-scratch disease, trench fever, human erlichiosis; and more. Describes the latest therapies, such as recently approved drugs and new treatment options, so you can incorporate them into to your practice. Presents global perspectives from the world’s leaders in this specialty to put the latest expert knowledge to work for you and your patients. Highlights key information with more boxes and tables so you can find what you need easily and apply it quickly.
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Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes

Family Common names Distribution Aniliidae pipe snakes South America
Uropeltidae shield tailed snakes South Asia Acrochordidae wart snakes, file
snakes Asia, Australia Typhlopidae1 blind snakes South America Boidae1 boas
Americas, ...

Author: Robert D. Aldridge

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439858332

Category: Nature

Page: 772

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Offering coverage of a wide range of topics on snake reproduction and phylogeny, this comprehensive book discusses everything from primordial germ migration in developing embryos to semelparity (death after reproduction) in the aspic viper. Beginning with a review of the history of snake reproductive studies, it presents new findings on development, placentation, spermatogenesis, male and female reproductive anatomy, hormonal control of reproduction, reproductive cycles, sex pheromones, and parental care. An indispensible reference, this book offers comparative chapters on snake phylognetics examining morphological characteristics alongside strictly molecular concerns. It is rife with illustrations and color plates.
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The Truth About Marijuana

The Truth About Marijuana

America'S Snake Oil Ray Martinez. There was a point and time where our society
used to believe that cigarettes were safe and harmless, and some of the tobacco
industry led us to believe it was healthy for us to smoke. Sounds familiar with ...

Author: Ray Martinez

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477105344

Category: Education

Page: 210

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Lets be honestpeople are misled about the genuine use of marijuana for medicinal use. There was a point and time where our society used to believe that cigarettes were safe and harmless, and some of the tobacco industry led us to believe it was healthy for us to smoke. Sounds familiar with marijuana today? Many years ago, people would sell bottles of drinks that were supposed to cure everything, better known as snake oil. Today we are faced with the twenty-first century snake oil that proponents want you to believe that marijuana cures everything from minor pains to cancer. Snake oil never lives up to the sellers hype. The great news is that most of our youth do not use marijuana; that in itself is refreshing
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Snakes of North America

Snakes of North America

A dark subocular blotch on the pale cheeks makes the eye appear quite large,
while larger dark temporal and nuchal spots are the midland brown snake's most
distinctive marking. The dorsal scales lack apical pits and are arranged in 17
rows ...

Author: Alan Tennant

Publisher: Taylor Trade Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114900785

Category: Nature

Page: 605

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This all-new edition of the popular field guide provides photographs and descriptions of all species and subspecies of snakes of Eastern and Central North America from Texas to Manitoba, to the Eastern seaboard of the continent.
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The universe's most powerful force in myths of Europe, Africa, the Americas,
Australia and Asia, the snake has been revered as the world's creator and
condemned as its destroyer. It has symbolized female and male, solar and lunar,
good luck ...

Author: Drake Stutesman

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861895011

Category: Pets

Page: 216

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A snake smells with its tongue, hears with its flesh, and breathes under the sand with one lung; it can copulate for days with one snake or with fifty at once; it has infrared radar; and it can induce spontaneous bleeding if threatened. With all these qualities, it is easy to see how snakes have such varied associations in cultures around the world: while celebrated in tattoos and tales, and for medicinal benefits, snakes are also so universally feared that they constantly endure intense persecution and rarely enjoy protected rights. Drake Stutesman explores here in Snake the fascinating natural history of the maligned serpentine. Stutesman examines a wide range of sources to investigate the complex and widespread symbolism the snake has inspired, including the serpent's temptation of Eve in the Bible, Kaa in The Jungle Book, the Chinese zodiac, Indian snake charmers, and the Hollywood film Anaconda. She looks at the role snakes have played in human culture and science, from snake cuisine and the use of venom in medicine to the intriguing history of snake symbolism in art, architecture, cinema, and even clothing. Richly illustrated and written in an engaging style, Snake is an invaluable resource for snake enthusiasts and scholars, as well as for all who love, admire, or fear this fascinating and enduring animal.
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Asia and the Americas

Asia and the Americas

It had , I think , been quoted from the “ observations ” of some authority on snakes
. " Much sentimental nonsense has been written about snake charmers by the
harmful and ignorant type of author who lands at Bombay . Some take the view ...



ISBN: PSU:000067504718



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America s Top 100

America s Top 100

One Snake River One Yukon River America's Top 10 Rivers are the longest. he
Snake River originates in Yellowstone National Park. From there, it twists and
turns through Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and Wash- ington. Near Pasco,
Washington ...

Author: Edward R. Ricciuti

Publisher: Blackbirch Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 1567111513

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 240

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Shows the top ten American rivers, monuments, skyscrapers, cities, construction projects, national parks, curiosities, mountains, bridges, and natural wonders
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Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas

Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas

In “De las culebras venenosas de aquellos países” (“On the Poisonous Snakes of
Those Lands”) the Jesuit details the ... A guío snake, as thick as a trunk, had
emerged yawning in order to trap me” (“[P]artiendo una rama, me incliné para ...

Author: Marc André Bernier

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442663497

Category: History

Page: 480

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In recent years scholars have turned their attention to the rich experience of the Jesuits in France and Spain’s American colonies. That attention has brought a flow of new editions and translations of Jesuit accounts of the Americas; it is now time for a study that examines the full range of that work in a comparative perspective. Jesuit Accounts of the Colonial Americas offers the first comprehensive examination of such writings and the role they played in solidifying images of the Americas. The collection also provides a much-needed re-examination of the work of the Jesuits in relation to Enlightenment ideals and the modern social sciences and humanities – two systems of thought that have in the past appeared radically opposed, but which are brought together here under the rubric of modern ethnographic knowledge. Linking Jesuit texts, the rhetorical tradition, and the newly emerging anthropology of the Enlightenment, this collection traverses the vast expanses of Old and New World France and Spain in fascinating new ways.
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America s Camping Book

America s Camping Book

Probably the most common folklore is the theory that poisonous snakes have
diamond - shaped heads while the ... By this method , not only would the deadly
coral snake be judged harmless , the harmless hog - nosed snake would be ...

Author: Paul Cardwell

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: UVA:X000034617

Category: Camping

Page: 590

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The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago

The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago

Natural H1story: Little is known about this widespread snake, which is fairly
uncommon in Trinidad and Tobago. ... coral snakes, closely related to the cobras
and mambas, are found in the Americas, the majority of species occurring in
Central ...

Author: Hans E. A. Boos

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 1585441163

Category: Nature

Page: 270

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Scientific fact meets island folklore as Hans Boos presents more than sixty species of snakes found in the twin-island independent Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The culmination of thirty years of collecting and observing the snakes of these islands, The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago engagingly informs readers about these often feared and misunderstood creatures. Tracing the contributions of scientists to the evolving taxonomy of the islands' reptiles, Boos describes each unique species of snake found on the two islands, including local names from two centuries back. Species accounts come complete with tales—both documented and apocryphal—of human encounters with the more dangerous island snakes. Forty-eight color photographs and fifty black-and-white photographs and pieces of line art, most by the author, illustrate the text and aid in identification. While tiny Tobago is mercifully devoid of poisonous snakes, Trinidad hosts four venomous species, including coral snakes and the notorious bushmaster. Boos refutes many of the myths about these deadly but usually nonaggressive snakes with information about their habits and behavior. He also writes about the giant anaconda and the boa constrictor, about which many half-truths and fictions abound. All snakes bite, but only a few species are venomous. Boos gives information about what to do—and what not to do—in the event of a bite and discusses intriguing folk medicine cures, such as the Belgian Black Stone, sure to work only if a bite was harmless to begin with. The Snakes of Trinidad and Tobago will find an enthusiastic audience among herpetologists, ecologists, and other scientists concerned about the snakes and wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, and South America. It will also appeal to general readers interested in snakes and in Caribbean folklore.
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America s Founding Fathers

America s Founding Fathers

Having gained this intelligence, and recollecting that countries are sometimes
represented by animals peculiar to them, it occurred to me that the Rattle-Snake
is found in no other quarter of the world besides America, and may therefore
have ...

Author: Bill Adler

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9781461625216

Category: History

Page: 240

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Arguably, no other revolution in history has enjoyed such a brilliant gallery of thinkers as the one that led to the founding of the United States. America’s Founding Fathers is centered on the personal philosophies, opinions, thoughts, witticisms, and feelings of the exemplary men who founded our nation. This book gathers together the founding fathers' best quotations on a variety of subjects including life, love, marriage, family, children, religion, patriotism, sacrifice, law, professionalism, medicine, public health, education, money, “modern” society, the Revolutionary War, humor, and death. Colleagues and rivals, friends and enemies, the eight founding fathers—Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Benjamin Rush, and Thomas Paine—here provide their views on subjects as relevant now as ever.
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The World of Animals

The World of Animals

Pythons are mainly large snakes The false coral snake is a type of the tropics in
Africa , Asia , of pipe snake . It grows to about 32 ... Boas are similar snakes of the
Americas , although they stay more on the ground . Pythons and boas have two ...

Author: Martin Walters

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 0890516170

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 256

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Presents thorough information on different types of animals from simple single living cells to the most complex kinds of mammals.
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Archaeoastronomy in the Americas

Archaeoastronomy in the Americas

a luni - solar element in a slight discontinuity near the same phase angle as the
Powamu festival , while the combined analysis of the Snake and Flute festivals
displays no luni - solar pattern but merely an irregular variation of +3.3 days
around ...

Author: Ray A. Williamson


ISBN: 0879190949

Category: Science

Page: 405

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Black Newspapers and America s War for Democracy 1914 1920

Black Newspapers and America s War for Democracy  1914 1920

A SNAKE IN THE GRASS *** *# formish #f off foss of Ö what the North Thinks of
Rev, (?) Thomas Dixon. Every No. *** Ther. He $lips Back Unannounced with His
pastardly of ot. “A Snake in the Grass.” A farmer in the background labeled ...

Author: William G. Jordan

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807875520

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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During World War I, the publishers of America's crusading black newspapers faced a difficult dilemma. Would it be better to advance the interests of African Americans by affirming their patriotism and offering support of President Wilson's war for democracy in Europe, or should they demand that the government take concrete steps to stop the lynching, segregation, and disfranchisement of blacks at home as a condition of their participation in the war? This study of their efforts to resolve that dilemma offers important insights into the nature of black protest, race relations, and the role of the press in a republican system. William Jordan shows that before, during, and after the war, the black press engaged in a delicate and dangerous dance with the federal government and white America--at times making demands or holding firm, sometimes pledging loyalty, occasionally giving in. But although others have argued that the black press compromised too much, Jordan demonstrates that, given the circumstances, its strategic combination of protest and accommodation was remarkably effective. While resisting persistent threats of censorship, the black press consistently worked at educating America about the need for racial justice.
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First Aid CPR and AED

First Aid  CPR  and AED

Recognizing a Coral Snake Bite The coral snake is America's most venomous
snake , but it rarely bites people . The coral snake has short fangs and tends to
hang on and “ chew ” its venom into the victim rather than striking and releasing
like ...

Author: Alton L. Thygerson

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763742252

Category: Medical

Page: 151

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First Aid, CPR, and AED Standard, Fifth Edition is the center of an integrated teaching and learning system that offers instructor, student, and technology resources to better support instructors and prepare students. The text includes: Coverage of the 2005 CPR and ECC Guidelines. Current information on injured and illnesses: Core information for first aiders presented in a clear and straightforward format. Skill Drills: Offer step-by-step explanations and visual summaries of important skills. Flowcharts: Reinforce the decision-making process and appropriate procedures. Decision Tables: Provide a concise summary of what sings first aiders should look for and what treatment steps they should take.
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Am ricas

Am  ricas

tagged snakes by car , on foot , horse , or finding large groups of anacondas
together . To confirm this , Rivas and Muñoz began boat . They plotted each
snake's movements Although I was skeptical of these reports , catching these
snakes and ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105021754374

Category: America


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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals of America

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals of America

VENOMOUS SNAKES 131 Western coral snake Micruroides euryxanthus As they
are relatives of cobras and mambas , western coral snakes have ... They are the
only venomous snakes in the Americas to lay eggs rather than bear live young .

Author: Tom Jackson

Publisher: Lorenz Books

ISBN: IND:30000126686975

Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 340

A fully illustrated expert guide to over 350 mammals, amphibians and reptiles of the United States, Canada and South America.
Categories: Nature