An Introduction to Sociology in Ireland

An Introduction to Sociology in Ireland

New to this edition: Reflects all changes in the revised Social Studies module [5N1370] Provides the most recent statistics related to the area of sociology Introduces reflective and investigative skills for use on current social issues ...

Author: Bernadette McDonald

Publisher: Gill & MacMillan

ISBN: 0717156222

Category: Ireland

Page: 224

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Revised and updated edition of this comprehensive introduction to the world of sociology incorporating key contemporary issues, with particular reference to the Irish perspective. New to this edition: Reflects all changes in the revised Social Studies module 5N1370] Provides the most recent statistics related to the area of sociology Introduces reflective and investigative skills for use on current social issues Advises on strategies for study and preparation for examinations, as well as note-taking skills and revision methods. Highlights key sociological theories, concepts and topics, while introducing and examining social stratification in Irish society. Facilitates an individual's basic understanding of their position as an individual, a family member and as part of a community and wider society. Introduces the process and agents of socialisation by analysing family, peer groups, education and media, and their impact. Examines the role and function of the family within society, in particular within an Irish context, and how the structure of the family has evolved and developed in recent times. Discusses discrimination and its impact on individuals and society. Details various survey methods, observation skills and research methodologies, and provides pointers on documenting, referencing, and analysis and presentation of research findings. Written For: The revised NFQ Level 5 Social Studies module 5N1370] as part of the following major awards: Intellectual Disability Practice 5M1761 Applied Social Studies 5M2181 Journalism 5M2464 Community Care 5M2786 Community Development 5M3050 Healthcare Support 5M4339 Nursing Studies 5M4349 Community Health Services 5M4468 Youth Work 5M4732 Early Childhood Care and Education 5M2009 Suitable also for those studying BTEC and HETAC subjects within the fields of Social Science and Healthcare.
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A Sociology of Ireland

A Sociology of Ireland

1 Sociology and modernity This chapter is a brief and selective introduction to sociology in general and contains little specifically Irish material , except for some illustrative examples . We sketch the historical context in which the ...

Author: Hilary Tovey

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717135012

Category: Ireland

Page: 646

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Reflects recent social developments with new chapters on Civil Society, Popular Culture and Everyday Life Has a strong central argument related to the nature of Irish society Looks at Ireland's positioning in a globalising world Considers a wide range of aspects of the social structure and culture Written in an accessible and interesting style Includes a comprehensive bibliography of Irish and overseas references Suitable for Sociology courses in Irish universities and Institutes of Technology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including general arts programmes, applied social studies, social studies/social work.
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Sociology in Ireland

Sociology in Ireland

This book provides a short introduction to the emergence and development of sociology in Ireland until the present day.

Author: B. Fanning

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137450364

Category: History

Page: 95

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This book provides a short introduction to the emergence and development of sociology in Ireland until the present day. The institutionalization of the discipline came relatively late as it remained under the control of the Catholic Church. However, since the 1970s sociology has witnessed periods of considerable growth and professionalization.
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Irish Society

Irish Society

In presenting sociological accounts of both parts of Ireland , we reflect the current research interests of sociologists in Ireland rather than a mechanical presentation of matching chapters on each jurisdiction .

Author: Patrick Clancy

Publisher: Institute of Public Administration

ISBN: 1872002870

Category: Education

Page: 734

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Irish Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

Irish Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

However , the paper which must be of the most professional interest to readers of the journal concerns Irish dairy ... If any one wants a good introduction to what sociologists are at in Ireland , then this is the book for them .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924055362861

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The Irish Family

The  Irish  Family

Attias-Donfut, C. and Segalen, M. (2002) 'The Construction of Grandparenthood', Current Sociology, 50, 2:281–94. Bauman, Z. (1995) Life in Fragments: ... 1 Locating the Irish family Towards a plurality of family Introduction 9 References.

Author: Linda Connolly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135008154

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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When situated in the wider European context, ‘the Irish family’ has undergone a process of profound transformation and rapid change in very recent decades. Recent data cites a significant increase in one parent households and a high non-marital birth rate for instance alongside the emergence of cohabitation, divorce, same sex families and reconstituted families. At the same time, the majority of children in Ireland still live in a two-parent family based on marriage and the divorce rate in Ireland is comparatively lower than other European countries. 21st century family life is, in reality, characterised by continuity and change in the Irish context. This book seeks to understand, interpret and theorise family life in Ireland by providing a detailed analysis of historical change, demographic trends, fertility and reproduction, marriage, separation and divorce, sexualities, children and young people, class, gender, motherhood, intergenerational relations, grandparents, ethnicity, globalisation, technology and family practices. A comprehensive analysis of key developments and trends over the course of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is provided.
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Galician and Irish in the European Context

Galician and Irish in the European Context

Qualitative Methodology and Sociology: Describing the Social World. ... An Introduction to Language Policy: Theory and Method. ... Why Irish? Irish Identity and the Irish Language. Dublin: Bord na Gaelige. Trudgill, P. 1975.

Author: B. O'Rourke

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230294820

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 185

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An exploration of the role of language attitudes and ideologies in predicting the survival prospects of a minority language. The author examines this role through a cross-national comparative analysis of Irish in the Republic of Ireland and Galician in the Autonomous Community of Galicia in north-west Spain.
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Church state and social science in Ireland

Church  state and social science in Ireland

Irish. Catholic. sociology. in. the. 1950s. Introduction. This chapter examines the changing face of Catholic sociology in Ireland during the 1950s and 1960s. It has four principal strands. First, the joint action of the Maynooth ...

Author: Peter Murray

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781526108074

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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The immense power the Catholic Church once wielded in Ireland has considerably diminished over the last fifty years. During the same period the Irish state has pursued new economic and social development goals by wooing foreign investors and throwing the state's lot in with an ever-widening European integration project. How a less powerful church and a more assertive state related to one another during the key third quarter of the twentieth century is the subject of this book. Drawing on newly available material, it looks at how social science, which had been a church monopoly, was taken over and bent to new purposes by politicians and civil servants. This case study casts new light on wider processes of change, and the story features a strong and somewhat surprising cast of characters ranging from Sean Lemass and T.K. Whitaker to Archbishop John Charles McQuaid and Father Denis Fahey.
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Northern Ireland after the troubles

Northern Ireland after the troubles

Colin Coulter is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, He is the author of Contemporary Northern Irish Society: An Introduction (Pluto, 1999). Geraint Ellis is Senior Lecturer in ...

Author: Colin Coulter

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781847794888

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

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In the last generation, Northern Ireland has undergone a tortuous yet remarkable process of social and political change. This collection of essays aims to capture the complex and shifting realities of a society in the process of transition from war to peace. The book brings together commentators from a range of academic backgrounds and political perspectives. As well as focusing upon those political divisions and disputes that are most readily associated with Northern Ireland, it provides a rather broader focus than is conventionally found in books on the region. It examines the cultural identities and cultural practices that are essential to the formation and understanding of Northern Irish society but are neglected in academic analyses of the six counties. While the contributors often approach issues from rather different angles, they share a common conviction of the need to challenge the self-serving simplifications and choreographed optimism that frequently define both official discourse and media commentary on Northern Ireland. Taken together, the essays offer a comprehensive and critical account of a troubled society in the throes of change.
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