Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Impact and Implications

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security  Impact and Implications

One of the most potent tiers on the darknet is the hacking services. Although the term “hackers” is often disputed, hacking generally refers to the activities which seek to compromise digital devices ranging from computers and phones to ...

Author: Reza Montasari

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030880408



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One reason biohacking has latched on to synthetic biology's coattails relates to synthetic biology's origins in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a place legendary for its ties to hacking.

Author: Sophia Roosth

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226440460

Category: Science

Page: 256

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In the final years of the twentieth century, emigres from mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science resolved that if the aim of biology was to understand life, then making life would yield better theories than experimentation. Sophia Roosth, a cultural anthropologist, takes us into the world of these self-named synthetic biologists who, she shows, advocate not experiment but manufacture, not reduction but construction, not analysis but synthesis. Roosth reveals how synthetic biologists make new living things in order to understand better how life works. What we see through her careful questioning is that the biological features, theories, and limits they fasten upon are determined circularly by their own experimental tactics. This is a story of broad interest, because the active, interested making of the synthetic biologists is endemic to the sciences of our time."
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Cybersecurity For Dummies

Cybersecurity For Dummies

Furthermore, because evildoers can undermine the integrity of artificially intelligent systems without hacking the systems but rather by simply introducing hard-to-find small changes into large data sets and because the decisions made ...

Author: Joseph Steinberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119560357

Category: Computers

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Protect your business and family against cyber attacks Cybersecurity is the protection against the unauthorized or criminal use of electronic data and the practice of ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information. Being "cyber-secure" means that a person or organization has both protected itself against attacks by cyber criminals and other online scoundrels, and ensured that it has the ability to recover if it is attacked. If keeping your business or your family safe from cybersecurity threats is on your to-do list, Cybersecurity For Dummies will introduce you to the basics of becoming cyber-secure! You’ll learn what threats exist, and how to identify, protect against, detect, and respond to these threats, as well as how to recover if you have been breached! The who and why of cybersecurity threats Basic cybersecurity concepts What to do to be cyber-secure Cybersecurity careers What to think about to stay cybersecure in the future Now is the time to identify vulnerabilities that may make you a victim of cyber-crime — and to defend yourself before it is too late.
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Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Approaches in Security Frameworks

Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Approaches in Security Frameworks

3.11.4 Artificial Intelligence Email Observing Venture firms comprehend the significance of observing email interchanges so as to forestall cyber security hacking endeavours, for example, phishing. AI-based observing programming is ...

Author: Neeraj Bhargava

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119760436

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 320

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and data mining is the fastest growing field in computer science. AI and data mining algorithms and techniques are found to be useful in different areas like pattern recognition, automatic threat detection, automatic problem solving, visual recognition, fraud detection, detecting developmental delay in children, and many other applications. However, applying AI and data mining techniques or algorithms successfully in these areas needs a concerted effort, fostering integrative research between experts ranging from diverse disciplines from data science to Artificial Intelligence. Successful application of security frameworks to enable meaningful, cost effective, personalize security service is a primary aim of engineers and researchers today. However realizing this goal requires effective understanding, application and amalgamation of AI and Data Mining and several other computing technologies to deploy such system in an effective manner. This book provides state of the art approaches of artificial intelligence and data mining in these areas. It includes areas of detection, prediction, as well as future framework identification, development, building service systems and analytical aspects. In all these topics, applications of AI and data mining, such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and hybrid mechanisms, are explained and explored. This book is aimed at the modeling and performance prediction of efficient security framework systems, bringing to light a new dimension in the theory and practice. This groundbreaking new volume presents these topics and trends, bridging the research gap on AI and data mining to enable wide-scale implementation. Whether for the veteran engineer or the student, this is a must-have for any library.
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Tales of the Turing Church Hacking religion enlightening science awakening technology

Tales of the Turing Church  Hacking religion  enlightening science  awakening technology

... and futuristic technologies like nanotechnology, genetic engineering, life extension, biohacking, cryonics, mind uploading, Artificial Intelligence (AI), space exploration, synthetic biology, robotics, virtual worlds and whatnot.

Author: Giulio Prisco

Publisher: Giulio Prisco

ISBN: 9798610545066

Category: Religion

Page: 563

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This book explores intersections of science and religion, spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind and matter, and outlines a new cosmic, transhumanist religion. Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology.
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Statistics Hacks

Statistics Hacks

Artificial. Intelligence. Hack #52 Statisticians have been able to build intelligent, learning computers long before the advent of the microprocessor. You can use coconut shells and the laws of probability to build a machine that will ...

Author: Bruce Frey

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449392574

Category: Computers

Page: 358

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Want to calculate the probability that an event will happen? Be able to spot fake data? Prove beyond doubt whether one thing causes another? Or learn to be a better gambler? You can do that and much more with 75 practical and fun hacks packed into Statistics Hacks. These cool tips, tricks, and mind-boggling solutions from the world of statistics, measurement, and research methods will not only amaze and entertain you, but will give you an advantage in several real-world situations-including business. This book is ideal for anyone who likes puzzles, brainteasers, games, gambling, magic tricks, and those who want to apply math and science to everyday circumstances. Several hacks in the first chapter alone-such as the "central limit theorem,", which allows you to know everything by knowing just a little-serve as sound approaches for marketing and other business objectives. Using the tools of inferential statistics, you can understand the way probability works, discover relationships, predict events with uncanny accuracy, and even make a little money with a well-placed wager here and there. Statistics Hacks presents useful techniques from statistics, educational and psychological measurement, and experimental research to help you solve a variety of problems in business, games, and life. You'll learn how to: Play smart when you play Texas Hold 'Em, blackjack, roulette, dice games, or even the lottery Design your own winnable bar bets to make money and amaze your friends Predict the outcomes of baseball games, know when to "go for two" in football, and anticipate the winners of other sporting events with surprising accuracy Demystify amazing coincidences and distinguish the truly random from the only seemingly random--even keep your iPod's "random" shuffle honest Spot fraudulent data, detect plagiarism, and break codes How to isolate the effects of observation on the thing observed Whether you're a statistics enthusiast who does calculations in your sleep or a civilian who is entertained by clever solutions to interesting problems, Statistics Hacks has tools to give you an edge over the world's slim odds.
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Under pressure from the general public and the legislatures, who want to control the menace of fake news, this may turn ... The twin related issues of cyber security and hacking deserve equal importance, since with the rapid rise in the ...

Author: Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Publisher: BPB Publications

ISBN: 9789388511070

Category: Computers

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Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) strikes deeper roots with new products and services DESCRIPTION Our World of personal life and work is set to change dramatically over the next decade as Artificial Intelligence (AI) strikes deeper roots with new products and services; robots take charge of manufacturing and warehouses; and drones reach the remote corners to deliver orders to customers. AI services and robots will particularly facilitate the life of the older people and the visually-impaired. AI has raised the bar of competition in the international market place and countries are busy implementing policies that will keep them ahead in the race of the next-generational change. AI will raise the productivity of the economy and provide a lot more convenience, though there is bound to be a short-term pain in the transformational process. This book explains the concepts of AI with lots of real-life examples. While the big tech companies like Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft (3AFIM) of the US and Alibaba, Baidu,, Tencent (ABJY) of chine are busy re-fashioning their businesses by integrating AI into all products and services they deliver, startups on the other hand are disrupting the traditional business models in finance, e-commerce, healthcare, HR management, fashion, law and even agriculture. AI-driven smart cities would provide a richer quality of living to their residents. This book also provide an insight into various social and ethical issues, such as monopoly of the big tech, ownership of data, personal privacy, job losses and autonomy of technology particularly in military warfare, which poses an existential threat to mankind. Future of AI is also discusses taking a 360-degree approach. AI offers a huge economic opportunity, but a thoughtful approach for democratization of technology is required to provide benefits to all sections of the society. Nations and communities need to come together to evolve models that will be sustainable in the long run. KEY FEATURES The book gives a lucid introduction to the idea of AI. The book is insightful for an academic understanding of AI in the concept of Legal Personality meant for every person, including professionals in the field of Technology, Finance, Healthcare, HR Management, Agriculture.. The book gives a idea about many new AI products and services being released in the market. The book presents various social, ethical, and political challenges including significant risk to humanity. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Able to solve real-life AI case studies. Understand the future of AI solutions and adapt quickly to them. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR It is a simple, explanatory, and descriptive guide for developers, technology consultants, and those interested in AI and wants to understand the fundamentals of AI and implement it practically by devising smart solutions. Table of Contents 1. AI, How it is transforming Life and Business 2. Understanding AI and Associated Technologies 3. AI in the ‘bull’ run 4. Data, the Engine of AI 5. Big tech bets big on AI 6. AI Startups that transformed Businesses 7. AI Startups in Finance 8. AI Startups in Healthcare 9. AI Startups in Human Resource 10. AI Startups in Fashion, Law, Agriculture and Other Areas 11. Ethical, Social and Political issues in AI 12. Future of AI 13. Conclusion
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Close Engagements with Artificial Companions

Close Engagements with Artificial Companions

Hacking and deception: A third set of arguments could appeal to the possibility that even if recognition systems could be built that were ... Alternatively, they could produce a fake retina that mimicked the pattern of the owner's iris, ...

Author: Yorick Wilks

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027249944

Category: Computers

Page: 315

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What will it be like to admit Artificial Companions into our society? How will they change our relations with each other? How important will they be in the emotional and practical lives of their owners since we know that people became emotionally dependent even on simple devices like the Tamagotchi? How much social life might they have in contacting each other? The contributors to this book discuss the possibility and desirability of some form of long-term computer Companions now being a certainty in the coming years. It is a good moment to consider, from a set of wide interdisciplinary perspectives, both how we shall construct them technically as well as their personal philosophical and social consequences. By Companions we mean conversationalists or confidants not robots but rather computer software agents whose function will be to get to know their owners over a long period. Those may well be elderly or lonely, and the contributions in the book focus not only on assistance via the internet (contacts, travel, doctors etc.) but also on providing company and Companionship, by offering aspects of real personalization."
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Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Can artificial consciousness be created with artificial intelligence? [77] Bongard J, Zykov V, ... [90] Smithson A. Artificial Intelligence + Brain-Computer Interface = The Ultimate Human Hack.

Author: Yoshiki Oshida

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110717853

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 520

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields is of major importance to improve the use of resourses and time. This book provides an analysis of how AI is used in both the medical field and beyond. Topics that will be covered are bioinformatics, biostatistics, dentistry, diagnosis and prognosis, smart materials, and drug discovery as they intersect with AI. Also, an outlook of the future of an AI-assisted society will be explored.
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Cognitive Hack

Cognitive Hack

... mine-cuban-government-with-fake-twitter-another-anti-castro-fail ure/2014/04/03/c0142cc0-bb75-11e3-9a05-c739f29ccb08_story.html ...

Author: James Bone

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781498749824

Category: Computers

Page: 181

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This book explores a broad cross section of research and actual case studies to draw out new insights that may be used to build a benchmark for IT security professionals. This research takes a deeper dive beneath the surface of the analysis to uncover novel ways to mitigate data security vulnerabilities, connect the dots and identify patterns in the data on breaches. This analysis will assist security professionals not only in benchmarking their risk management programs but also in identifying forward looking security measures to narrow the path of future vulnerabilities.
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