Fairhope in the Roaring Twenties

Fairhope in the Roaring Twenties

This young trio cuts up for the camera, with the boy and girls swapping clothes and bathing suits during the 1920s. At least they bothered with wearing the woolen suits, as many folks in Fairhope preferred to just “air bathe,” as they ...

Author: Cathy Donelson

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738598925

Category: History

Page: 127

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The 1920s roared into the quiet bay-front utopian village of Fairhope in roadsters and riverboats carrying free thinkers, nudists, bootleg whiskey, Socialists, progressives, and some of the leading counter-culture authors and artists of the century. Founded in 1894 as a model cooperative colony, Fairhope had a name before it was a place because its settlers believed their unique venture would have a "fair hope" of success. Its cornerstone was the law of equal freedom for all. During the Jazz Age, flappers and wealthy visitors from metropolitan centers of Chicago and New York abounded during the post-war boom. They flocked to the beautiful resort spot on Mobile Bay, an entertainment center with dance and yacht clubs and a waterfront casino. The town's individualistic roots also attracted famous idealists, intellectuals, and social critics of the day, as well as mavericks, Communists, and some just plain kooks.
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Fashions of the Roaring Twenties Coloring Book

Fashions of the Roaring Twenties Coloring Book

1 In 1910, Annette Kellerman introduced the first figure-revealing swimsuit of wool knit, scandalizing the world. By the 1920s, the two-piece wool tank suit had become the bathing beauty's standard apparel. of the 1920s included the ...

Author: Tom Tierney

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486499505

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 30

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Fashion took a dramatic turn during the Jazz Age, and this coloring book recaptures the bobbed hairdos, cloche hats, and other daring and distinctive style hallmarks of the era. Thirty pages of fashion feature sporty and casual outfits as well as glamorous evening gowns and dresses trimmed with fringe, beading, and sequins.
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Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

Delightful images of young, beach-clad French women dance across the pages of this 1920s collection of postcards. Considered racy in their day, these images capture a unique expression of photo art history.

Author: Michael Jay Goldberg


ISBN: 188805428X

Category: Art

Page: 109

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Delightful images of young, beach-clad French women dance across the pages of this 1920s collection of postcards. Considered racy in their day, these images capture a unique expression of photo art history.
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No Uncertain Terms

No Uncertain Terms

In the Roaring 20s , just as bathing beauty was catching on , bathingdipping or immersing oneself in water - began to give way to swimming , propelling oneself in water with the arms . In 1926 , in The Sun Also Rises , Ernest Hemingway ...

Author: William Safire

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743258126

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Examines and provides comments on language trends while tracing the origins of timely words and phrases that discuss such topics as technology, entertainment, and everyday life.
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The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Marketing sense was introduced by rival automobile companies, Mack Sennett's bathing beauties, a favorite with movie audiences, represented the liberation of women from the traditional role of housewife, mother, and all-round drudge.

Author: Thomas Streissguth

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438108872

Category: History

Page: 500

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Covers the social, political, and economic history of the 1920s, including developments in science, from astrophysics to laboratory science to discoveries and inventions; the creation of new professional sports leagues; the labor union movement; censorship, and writers, artists, and moviemakers. This volume captures the complexities of the 1920s.
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Rumrunning and the Roaring Twenties

Rumrunning and the Roaring Twenties

The skyline of Detroit changed significantly during the 1920s . ... Bathing beauty contests , featuring the one - piece form - fitting bathing suit , spread from Atlantic City in 1921 to Detroit and the Midwest ...

Author: Philip P. Mason

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814325831

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 182

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In Rumrunning and the Roaring Twenties, Philip P. Mason provides a fascinating look at the excesses and failures of Prohibition in the United States, and specifically in Michigan.
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TIME LIFE The Roaring 20 s

TIME LIFE The Roaring 20 s

A Measure of Time TALE OF THE TAPE An official in Washington, D.C., checked that bathers' suits met the locally mandated length of no more than six inches above the knee, 1922. They called them the Roaring '20s, and roar they did, ...

Author: The Editors of Time-Life

Publisher: Time Inc. Books

ISBN: 9781683304906

Category: History

Page: 96

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TIME-LIFE looks back a century to The Roaring 20s
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The Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits

The Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits

Itseemed as if many of thewomen who were young enough tocare thought theyhadto dosomething to compete withthe bathing beauties. Indeed, O'Farrell realizedthat some ofthe womenon the dance floor werethe contestants, themselves.

Author: Mike Ashley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781780333601

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Mike Ashley's brilliant new collection of whodunnits presents stories that reflect all the excitement, escapism and eccentricity of the 1920s. The Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age, the Age of Wonderful Nonsense - this was a decade when everyone went a little bit crazy. It was also a decade that saw wonderful detective fiction from the likes of Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham and others. Contributions range from Cornell Woolrich's story of murder at a jazz party set aboard a steamboat on the Mississippi, to Grenville Robbins's impossible homicide committed on the radio, live on air, and Mat Coward's tale of death at a house party hosting the inaugural meeting of the British Communist Party.
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Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers

The twenties, if the old cliche ́ is to be believed, roared (the expression roaring twenties is not actually recorded until ... beauty salons, and also the first beauty queens and bathing beauties; and face-lifting was now possible.

Author: John Ayto

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198614524

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Page: 250

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Gives a selection of the key words added to the English language in the twentieth century and the early years of the twenty-first. This work features an introductory essay that identifies the main historical, cultural, and scientific currents, and shows how they contributed new vocabulary to the language.
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There She Is Miss America

   There She Is  Miss America

The Politics of Sex, Beauty, and Race in America's Most Famous Pageant E. Watson, Darcy Martin ... What was it about the 1920s that made the Miss America Pageant an acceptable form of family entertainment whereas earlier bathing beauty ...

Author: E. Watson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781403981820

Category: Social Science

Page: 205

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While some see the Miss American Pageant as hokey vestige of another era, many remain enthralled by the annual Atlantic City event. And whether you love it or hate it, no one can deny the impact the contest has had on American popular culture-indeed, many reality television shows seem to have taken cues from the pageant. Founded in 1921, the Miss America Pageant has provided a fascinating glimpse into how American standards of femininity have been defined, projected, maintained, and challenged. At various times, it has been praised as a positive role model for young American women, protested as degrading to women by feminists, and shamed by scandals, such as the one caused by the Penthouse photos of Vanessa Williams in 1984. In this first interdisciplinary anthology to examine this uniquely American event, scholars defend, critique, and reflect on the pageant, grappling with themes like beauty, race, the body, identity, kitsch, and consumerism. "There She Is, Miss America" provides a fascinating examination of an enduring American icon.
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