The Beating Heart

The Beating Heart

... 12 November 1852, Journal of the Tauranga History Society, no. 31, August 1967, p. 15. through the lakes district by Komini from Waitangi, on the. 182 The Beating Heart: A political and socio-economic history of Te Arawa.

Author: Vincent O'Malley

Publisher: Huia Publishers

ISBN: 9781869693077

Category: History

Page: 354

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The Beating Heart details the determined efforts since the 1830s of Te Arawa tribes to work with the Crown and settlers to pursue a mutually advantageous relationship under the Treaty while at the same time maintaining their autonomy, culture, and control over their land and resources. While the ultimate outcomes were often calamitous for Te Arawa, the underlying theme of this book is highly positive. The tribes never ceased to struggle for a genuinely bicultural future. The book tells the story of the survival and resurgence of a dynamic people under circumstances that were often extreme and, as such, reflects the experiences of many other iwi in New Zealand today.
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Beating Heart Disease

Beating Heart Disease

Beating heart disease and having the healthiest heart does take time. Think about how long it takes for the arteries of your heart to get damaged. It could be years of no exercise, years of poor eating habits, or smoking.

Author: Diamond Fernandes

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525502378

Category: Medical

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Heart disease is the number one cause of death and hospitalization in developed countries, and yet it is largely preventable. Think about that for a moment. How is that possible? What is required is good information. Did you know that more than half of those suffering from cardiovascular disease have cholesterol in the normal range? Would it surprise you to learn that the majority of cardiovascular events are attributed to blockages of less than fifty percent? Your arteries are a muscle not a pipe, therefore beating heart disease takes work, but it can be done. Diamond Fernandes is an authority on heart health, and in this book, he shares how you can navigate heart disease along with his five powerful pillars to preventing and reversing heart disease.
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Beating Heart Baby

Beating Heart Baby

I take a deep breath and answer: “My name is Beating Heart Baby because I've got good taste in music, I'm a fake freshman, and, um, I'm single, if anyone wants to change that.” My face reddens as people actually whistle and cheer for me ...

Author: Lio Min

Publisher: Flatiron Books

ISBN: 9781250819109

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 352

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Lio Min’s Beating Heart Baby is an “achingly romantic” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) love letter to internet friendships, anime, and indie rock When artistic and sensitive Santi arrives at his new high school, everyone in the wildly talented marching band welcomes him with open arms. Everyone except for the prickly, proud musical prodigy Suwa, who doesn’t think Santi has what it takes to be in the band. But Santi and Suwa share painful pasts, and when they open up to each other, a tentative friendship begins. And soon, that friendship turns into something more. . . . Will their fresh start rip at the seams as Suwa seeks out a solo spotlight, and both boys come to terms with what it'll take, and what they'll have to let go, to realize their dreams?
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The Turtle s Beating Heart

The Turtle s Beating Heart

Their hearts keep beating long after separation from their bodies. I met an Arikara woman whose grandmother once gave her a beating heart to swallow, along with broth. This was an old ceremony for a woman's coming of age.

Author: Denise Low

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803296558

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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“Grandchildren meet their grandparents at the end,” Denise Low says, “as tragic figures. We remember their decline and deaths. . . . The story we see as grandchildren is like a garden covered by snow, just outlines visible.” Low brings to light deeply held secrets of Native ancestry as she recovers the life story of her Kansas grandfather, Frank Bruner (1889–1963). She remembers her childhood in Kansas, where her grandparents remained at a distance, personally and physically, from their grandchildren, despite living only a few miles away. As an adult, she comes to understand her grandfather’s Delaware (Lenape) legacy of persecution and heroic survival in the southern plains of the early 1900s, where the Ku Klux Klan attacked Native people along with other ethnic minorities. As a result of such experiences, the Bruner family fled to Kansas City and suppressed their non-European ancestry as completely as possible. As Low unravels this hidden family history of the Lenape diaspora, she discovers the lasting impact of trauma and substance abuse, the deep sense of loss and shame related to suppressed family emotions, and the power of collective memory. Low traveled extensively around Kansas, tracking family history until she understood her grandfather’s political activism and his healing heritage of connections to the land. In this moving exploration of her grandfather’s life, the former poet laureate of Kansas evokes the beauty of the Flint Hills grasslands, the hardships her grandfather endured, and the continued discovery of his teachings.
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Beating Heart Bypass Surgery and Minimally Invasive Conduit Harvesting

Beating Heart Bypass Surgery and Minimally Invasive Conduit Harvesting

vascularization techniques on the beating heart reached the necessary safety and precision to achieve a quality standard which was reproducible and comparable with conventional strategy on the non-beating heart.

Author: V. Gulielmos

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783798519299

Category: Medical

Page: 231

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In the early days of cardiac surgery, but also in the following four decades, median sternotomy and cardiopulmonary bypass were nearly always included in cardiac surgical procedures. Less invasive surgical techniques were developed with the aim of reducing perioperative trauma without compromising the surgical result, and things became more complex for cardiac surgeons. They now often had to consider the surgical access of choice and whether cardiopulmonary bypass should be used or not. Since the mid 1990s, not only have several novel minimally invasive surgical techniques been presented, but also further refinements have been recommended from time to time. This work comes to fill a gap in the field of coronary artery bypass grafting and conduit harvesting in cardiac surgery, by gathering the mature version of such new, less invasive techniques combining safety, effectiveness, simplicity, sometimes even reducing procedural costs and that always for the patient’s and for the surgeon’s sake.
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Properties of Cardiac Muscle in Beating Heart 1

Properties of Cardiac Muscle in Beating Heart 1

Clinical Learning Physiology: Properties of Cardiac Muscle in Beating Heart - 1 Mrs. Sharmila Sanyal, Dr. S. K. Bajaj This module helps the student to study the following properties of cardiac muscle in a beating heart with Ligatures ...

Author: S K Bajaj

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9788131259177

Category: Medical


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Properties of Cardiac Muscle in Beating Heart-1
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Stickmen s Guide to Your Beating Heart

Stickmen s Guide to Your Beating Heart

Every time your heart beats, it goes through the same sequence, called the cardiac cycle. ... Beat. An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) can monitor the heart by picking up the tiny electrical signals it sends out every time it beats.

Author: John Farndon

Publisher: Hungry Tomato ®

ISBN: 9781512474183

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom . . . your incredible heart beats more than once every second, no matter what you're doing. And your lungs pull in up to 145 gallons of oxygen each day. So how are your heart and lungs connected, and what do they do? Join the Stickmen as they explore your body to find out how your heart pumps blood, how oxygen travels through your body, and how your body fights off germs. You'll discover why you need two trillion red blood cells, how exercise affects the body, and what exactly is inside your lungs. Colorful diagrams and fascinating text show how your circulatory system works to keep you fit, warm, and alive!
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To Probe A Beating Heart

To Probe A Beating Heart

and her chest increased, he wanted to open her chest and see if she had a heart, and if it really pulsed blood through her veins. The thought was constantly with him. The vision of blood flowing out her mouth as her heart tried to beat ...

Author: John B. Wren

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462025954

Category: Fiction


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In the autumn of 1991, a young girl disappears from a Cleveland Heights, Ohio neighborhood. She was last seen talking to a man as the clouds opened and a rain began. The only witness is an elderly woman whose description of the possible kidnapper could fit any number of people. As police, friends and family search the immediate area for Annette, she is taken farther away and becomes one of the predator's early victims. Over the course of the next several years, along the interstate 90 corridor between Toledo, Ohio, and Albany, New York, a number of young girls disappear without a trace. Jim McLarry, Annette's cousin and a rookie cop with the Cleveland Heights police force, pursues his own investigation of the missing girls in hopes of finding his cousin. As he feeds information to the detectives assigned to the case, McLarry demonstrates his ability as an investigator. Years earlier, a boy, born and raised in difficult circumstances, determined that he will kill his adoptive mother and sister. Each summer a new victim is another rehearsal for his intended goal. As he plans and executes his annual killings, he leaves virtually no clues. Only little mistakes, the dogged determination of the Cleveland Heights cop and the intervention of Annette's extended family, the Clan, lead to Averell's downfall.To Probe a Beating Heart is a fictional, but realistic study in the creation of a killer. The monster that Averell has become must be stopped and if the authorities cannot make that happen, the Clan will.
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Properties of a Beating Heart

Properties of a Beating Heart

My heart skips a beat when I see him turn around to smile at me. I walk to the table. I sit down. He hands me a sandwich. I thank him. We talk. “My dad's going on a trip to Europe.” “Oh?” “He's a pilot.” “Hm.” I've found that sometimes ...

Author: Leila Harper

Publisher: Writers Republic LLC

ISBN: 9781646206285

Category: Fiction

Page: 262

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Sam would describe himself as any awkward and ordinary teenager simply trying to finish high school and get on with life. His tame (ie, boring) lifestyle and dilemmas over post-graduation skid to a halt when he meets Samuel. A strange, but unassuming boy with sarcastic wit and a taste for the more exciting side of life. As their friendship blooms from a lunchtime arrangement into something more, Sam starts to remember what he’d been missing from life: actually enjoying it. However, their passions are put to the test when Samuel’s secrets become unveiled. Love conquers all, right?
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Directional Estimation for Robotic Beating Heart Surgery

Directional Estimation for Robotic Beating Heart Surgery

Improved Prediction of Heart Motion Using an Adaptive Filter for Robot Assisted Beating Heart Surgery. In Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ 2007 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), pages 509–515, San Diego, ...

Author: Kurz, Gerhard

Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing

ISBN: 9783731503828


Page: 274

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