Polin Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 33

Polin  Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 33

Following the Zohar, he explains that there are two types of love: between friends and between lovers. Each has its own advantage: love between friends is permanent and stable, not subject to upheavals; while love between lovers is more ...

Author: François Guesnet

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781800347465

Category: Social Science

Page: 567

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Following tremendous advances in recent years in the study of religious belief, this volume adopts a fresh understanding of Jewish religious life in Poland. Approaches deriving from the anthropology, history, phenomenology, psychology, and sociology of religion have replaced the methodologies of social or political history that were applied in the past, offering fascinating new perspectives. The well-established interest in hasidism continues, albeit from new angles, but topics that have barely been considered before are well represented here too. Women’s religious practice gains new prominence, and a focus on elites has given way to a consideration of the beliefs and practices of ordinary people. Reappraisals of religious responses to secularization and modernity, both liberal and Orthodox, offer more nuanced insights into this key issue. Other research areas represented here include the material history of Jewish religious life in eastern Europe and the shift of emphasis from theology to praxis in the search for the defining quality of religious experience. The contemporary reassessments in this volume, with their awareness of emerging techniques that have the potential to extract fresh insights from source materials both old and new, show how our understanding of what it means to be Jewish is continuing to expand.
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Writing Lovers

Writing Lovers

( Eros 30 ) " That hole , " as Carson eloquently and bluntly names the space surrounding desire , punctuates the connection between lover and beloved . If Eros depends upon the maintenance of a proper distance for an appropriate length ...

Author: Méira Cook

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773527974

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 258

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Is it possible to capture something as ephemeral as love with mere words? Méira Cook draws on Lacan, Derrida, Barthes, and Kristeva to wrestle with the theoretical problems of representing the unrepresentable. In Writing Lovers she searches for a language adequate to articulating the discourse of passion, desire, and longing in the love poetry of Dionne Brand, Elizabeth Smart, Daphne Marlatt, Dorothy Livesay, Kristjana Gunnars, and Nicole Markotic.In writings by the French post-structuralists, rhetorical tropes such as speechlessness, fragmentation, and deflection testify to the writer's difficulty in broaching the subject of love. Similarly, Cook shows that love poetry proceeds out of a profound failure of language resulting from the opacity of discourse, its lack of neutrality, or the fugitive transparency of reference. Writing Lovers also explores race, ethnicity, age, and sexual identity within the context of the passionate excesses of amatory discourse.
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Tamil Love Poetry and Poetics

Tamil Love Poetry and Poetics

As mentioned above , there are two major types in the pattern : kaļavu ( secret love between lovers ) which is known to the public before marriage and kaļavu which is not known to it . In the latter case ( marriage performed before the ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004100423

Category: Poetry

Page: 255

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This indispensable work for Tamil love poetry of South India deals with the relationship between the oldest grammar and poetics, "Tolk ppiyam," and the ancient literature ("Sangam" literature) of the 1-3 C. A.D., providing the original meanings and historical changes of many technical terms of love poetry.
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Shakespeare and the Mediterranean

Shakespeare and the Mediterranean

In particular , in dialogue between lovers and wouldbe lovers , we see how Shakespeare uses you / thou shifts to guide us through the emotional and psychological paths of a scene , issues of power or status for the most part secondary ...

Author: International Shakespeare Association. World Congress

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874138167

Category: Drama

Page: 476

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Shakespeare's career-long fascination with the Mediterranean made the association a natural one for this first World Shakespeare Congress of the Third Millennium. The plenary lectures and selected papers in this volume represent some of the best contemporary thought and writing on Shakespeare, in the ranging plenary lectures by Jonathan Bate on Shakespeare's islands and the Muslim connection, Michael Coveney's on the late Sir John Gielgud, Robert Ellrodt's on Shakespeare's sonnets and Montaigne's essays, Stephen Orgel's on Shakespeare's own Shylock, and Marina Warner's on Shakespeare's fairy-tale uses of magic. Also included in the volume's several sections are original pagers selected from special sessions and seminars by other distinguished writers, including Jean E. Howard, Gary Taylor, and Richard Wilson. Tom Clayton is Regents' Professor of English Language and Literature and chair of the Classical Civilization Program at the University of Minnesota. Susan Brock is Head of Library and Information Resources at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon and Honorary Fellow of the Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham. Vicente Fores is Associate Profe
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Friends Lovers And Other Indiscretions

Friends  Lovers And Other Indiscretions

Music drifted between themand Hannah unconsciously swayed totherhythm, hereyeshalf closed. Laura thought shehad never seen her more ... 'I feel like I'm playingthe mainrole in a cross between The Graduate andLady Chatterley's Lover.

Author: Fiona Neill

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448106158

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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It's early 2008 and the credit crunch is starting to bite. Sam and Laura Diamond - and their friends - are circling forty and all feeling a lot less certain about life than when they first met in their twenties. Laura wants to work part-time and have a third child - an appalling prospect for her husband Sam, whose secret ambition is to give up his job as a struggling scriptwriter and have a vasectomy. Life's no more straightforward for wild child turned corporate lawyer Janey Dart. Having finally given up on Patrick, the love of her life, she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and hastily married to a wealthy hedge fund manager who loathes her friends. And Sam's oldest friend, trendy restaurant owner Jonathan Sleet, is about to hit the big time with a TV series and cookbook, but can't control his roving eye. So it's no surprise that back on their organic farm in Suffolk, his once glamorous wife Hannah is finding distractions of her own. Determined to reunite the group, Jonathan brings everyone together for a holiday to celebrate his fortieth birthday. But six friends, two decades of tangled fortunes and an explosive secret from the past make for an unforgettable week.
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Just Hierarchy

Just Hierarchy

And much of the interaction between lovers takes place when nobody is watching, in the privacy of the bedroom. Hence it is doubly important that hierarchies between lovers are not fixed and allow for changes overtime.

Author: Daniel A. Bell

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691200880

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

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A trenchant defense of hierarchy in different spheres of our lives, from the personal to the political All complex and large-scale societies are organized along certain hierarchies, but the concept of hierarchy has become almost taboo in the modern world. Just Hierarchy contends that this stigma is a mistake. In fact, as Daniel Bell and Wang Pei show, it is neither possible nor advisable to do away with social hierarchies. Drawing their arguments from Chinese thought and culture as well as other philosophies and traditions, Bell and Wang ask which forms of hierarchy are justified and how these can serve morally desirable goals. They look at ways of promoting just forms of hierarchy while minimizing the influence of unjust ones, such as those based on race, sex, or caste. Which hierarchical relations are morally justified and why? Bell and Wang argue that it depends on the nature of the social relation and context. Different hierarchical principles ought to govern different kinds of social relations: what justifies hierarchy among intimates is different from what justifies hierarchy among citizens, countries, humans and animals, and humans and intelligent machines. Morally justified hierarchies can and should govern different spheres of our social lives, though these will be very different from the unjust hierarchies that have governed us in the past. A vigorous, systematic defense of hierarchy in the modern world, Just Hierarchy examines how hierarchical social relations can have a useful purpose, not only in personal domains but also in larger political realms.
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Love Sex and Marriage

Love  Sex  and Marriage

..a card / letter sent to a lover on February the fourteenth . n : valentine 1824 — ; valentine card 1959 — ... a ... 们..laughter between lovers . n : love - laughing a1400 . .a love - proposal ; a wooing . n : assault 1599 + 1611 ...

Author: Julie Coleman

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004488502

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 624

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If the language we use influences and reflects the way that we see the world, then the fields of LOVE, SEX, and MARRIAGE, will show how speakers of English view their closest social and emotional relationships. Love, Sex, and Marriage provides a classification of English terms for these three fields from the earliest written records of the language until the present day. This volume makes it possible to trace changing attitudes towards social and sexual ties, and to understand those ties as earlier speakers of English did, through the language they used. The terms are arranged by meaning, and are listed chronologically within semantic fields, with their dates of usage. Notes on individual terms provide further information about their connotations and development. Language does not exist in isolation from the people who speak it, so background information about changes in social conditions, religious beliefs, and medical advancements is also included. A brief introduction to basic semantic terminology explains the principles behind the classification, and an alphabetical index facilitates the location of individual terms.
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Revaluing French Feminism

Revaluing French Feminism

Irreducible mediator , at once physical and spiritual , between lovers ; and not already codified duty , will , desire . Love invoked as a demon in a method toward the beautiful and good often disappears from the speech , reappearing ...

Author: Nancy Fraser

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253206820

Category: Social Science

Page: 201

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"... Fraser and Bartky have brought the encounter between U.S. and French feminism to a new level of seriousness."Â —Ethics In the last decade, elements of French feminist discourse have permeated and transformed the larger feminist culture in the United States. This volume is the first sustained attempt to revalue French feminism and answer the question: What has been gained and what has been lost as a result of this intercultural encounter? Interviews with Simone de Beauvoir open the book; essays by French feminists Sarah Kofman and Luce Irigaray follow; the North American contributors are Judith Butler, Nancy Fraser, Diana J. Fuss, Nancy J. Holland, Eleanor H. Kuykendall, Dorothy Leland, Diana T. Meyers, Andrea Nye, and Margaret A. Simons.
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Being and Logos

Being and Logos

He states the various disadvantages which the acceptance of the lover would have for the intellect, for the body, ... The result is, then, that there is no real difference between lovers and non-lovers but, at most, only the difference ...

Author: John Sallis

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253044341

Category: Philosophy

Page: 560

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An exercise in the careful reading of the dialogues in their originary character. “Being and Logos is . . . a philosophical adventure of rare inspiration . . . Its power to illuminate the text . . . its ecumenicity of inspiration, its methodological rigor, its originality, and its philosophical profundity—all together make it one of the few philosophical interpretations that the philosopher will want to re-read along with the dialogues themselves. A superadded gift is the author’s prose, which is a model of lucidity and grace.” —International Philosophical Quarterly “Being and Logos is highly recommended for those who wish to learn how a thoughtful scholar approaches Platonic dialogues as well as for those who wish to consider a serious discussion of some basic themes in the dialogues.” —The Academic Reviewer
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