Beyond the Glass Case

Beyond the Glass Case

The book is the result of a nationwide survey in the UK that measured public use of and attitudes to the past, archaeology and collecting.

Author: Nick Merriman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315432953

Category: Social Science

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The book is the result of a nationwide survey in the UK that measured public use of and attitudes to the past, archaeology and collecting. The author reviews this research in the light of contemporary theory on ideology and representation and goes on to develop a convincing explanation for the failure of museums and similar institutions to connect with the majority of the public. Merriman marshals the empirical and theoretical work to make a powerful case for a new approach to attract the under served populations; one which encourages a view of the museum as a service helping its public to see, understand and engage with its own personal, local and multi-faceted past.
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The American Garden

The American Garden

Their leaves grow very large and beautifully marked behind the glass . When you
have had a fern case one winter you will always want one . In the summer it can
stand on a shady piazza or down cellar . If the hot sun strikes the glass it will ...



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Beyond the Glass

Beyond the Glass

Another thing to consider is service, in case anything does go wrong. We've been
installing doors for a long time. We might put a door in and 10 years later get a
call saying that the thumb latch isn't working, so we go out and see what's wrong.

Author: Scott Young

Publisher: Advantage Media Group

ISBN: 9781599324166

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Are your energy bills through the roof, and is your home still cold in the winter and hot in the summer?Thatâe(tm)s the reality for many homeowners in Wisconsin today, but it doesnâe(tm)t have to be that way. Advances in glass technology and window construction in recent years have made old style windows obsolete. In fact, some windows now on the market are more energy efficient than the walls that surround them. Taking into consideration the window technology available today, we are able to produce high-performance windows that keep comfort at a maximum and energy consumption at a minimum.Read this book if you are considering replacing some or all of the windows in your home. Learn how to assess the performance metrics on window labels and choose the best product for your situation. Find out about single-, double-, and triple-glazing and how it affects conduction and air infiltration. Read about argon and krypton, and learn which more effectively slows conduction. From the hazards of âeoedoing it yourself,âe to the pitfalls of hiring a handyman, Wisconsinite Scott âeoeThe Window Guyâe Young draws from a lifetime of experience replacing windows the right way. He guides you through the basics of glass production, window styles and construction, installation, price, and long-term value. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about replacing the windows in your home. Then window shop like a pro and enjoy the comfort, convenience, good looks, and energy efficiency that high-quality, properly installed windows will deliver for years to come.
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Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science Literature and Art

Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science  Literature  and Art

This was much more difficult to turn than the Lignite had been , and , indeed , was
so very hard that the turner declined to make me any more vessels out of it . On
being sent home the objects were all put into a large glass case standing just ...

Author: Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art


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List of members in each volume.
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Beyond the Atlantic Or Eleven Months Tour in Europe Egypt and Palestine with Illustrations

Beyond the Atlantic  Or  Eleven Months  Tour in Europe  Egypt and Palestine  with Illustrations

And here in a glass case are five petrified bodies, one of which is of a woman
with a gold ring on one finger. Our guide conducted us through long streets,
narrow alleys, dark and ill-ventilated buildings. Then into fine palaces, over
marble ...

Author: Nehemiah Matson


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Behind the Facts

Behind the Facts

Under a burning window the skull of a Tyrannosaurus was mounted in a glass
case with a mirror under the skull . In this limitless scale one ' s mind imagines
things that are not there . The blood - soaked dropping of a sick Duck - Billed ...

Author: Gloria Moure

Publisher: Poligrafa Ediciones Sa

ISBN: UOM:39015059319106

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The art magazine Interfunktionen, published in Cologne from 1968 to 1975, drew together much of Central European artistic activity of the sixties and seventies. A prestigious review directly linked to the most prominent figures in the Düsseldorf Kunstacademie (Beuys, Immendorf, Polke...) it also boasted the direct involvement of the most spirited and reflexive artists of the times (Acconci, Broodthaers, Nauman, Roth...). This book has been produced in collaboration with Fritz Heubach, the first editor of the review, and depicts the experience of those years by means of original documents (some of them hitherto unpublished), artworks and artists’ writings.
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Living the Past

Living the Past

598 - 620 May , Peter ( 1996 ) ' Ages Alive ' , http : / / www . fijimagic . com /
features / agelive . htm Merriman , Nicholas ( 1991 ) Beyond the Glass Case : The
Past , the Heritage and the Public in Britain , England : Leicester University Press

Author: Elizabeth Jane Goodacre


ISBN: STANFORD:36105113040377

Category: Cultural property

Page: 224

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This text examines the intriguing and popular phenomenon of living history. Exploring the past through realistic recreation has become more and more familiar to visitors of museums and historical sites. It is also used as an educational approach.
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Remembering Popular Musics Past

Remembering Popular Musics Past

We are asked to stretch out with our imaginations to connect with Turner's origins.
Then, when we stand on the other side of the transparent glass case holding a
dress Turner wore long after her monumental success had been assured, we still

Author: Lauren Istvandity

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781783089703

Category: Music

Page: 254

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Remembering Popular Music’s Past capitalizes on the growing interest, globally, in the preservation of popular music’s material past and on scholarly explorations of the ways in which popular music, as heritage, is produced, legitimized and conferred cultural and historical significance. The chapters in this collection consider the spaces, practices and representations that constitute popular music heritage to elucidate how popular music’s past is lived in the present. Thus the focus is on the transformation of popular music into heritage, and the role of history and memory in this process. The cultural studies framework adopted in Remembering Popular Music’s Past encompasses unique approaches to popular music historiography, sociology, film analysis, and archival and museal work. Broadly, the collection deals with the precarious nature of popular music heritage, history and memory.
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Paris and Environs

Paris and Environs

In the glass - case in the centre are about a thousand different articles found in a
vault at Larnaud ( Jura ) . ... ( Case 24 ) ; objects found in the fosses of Alise ,
including a fine * Vase in chased silver ( in the glass - case behind the plan ) . -
Room ...

Author: Karl Baedeker (Firm)



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Page: 422

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Museum Management

Museum Management

Merriman, N. (1991) Beyond the Glass Case. The Past, Heritage and the Public
in Britain, Leicester: Leicester University Press. Prentice, R.C. (1988) 'Pricing
policy at heritage sites: how much should visitors pay?'in Therbert, D. T., Prentice,

Author: Kevin Moore

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134830657

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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Collecting a selection of essential writings by some of the leading authors in the field, Kevin Moore examines the developments in, and effectiveness of, museum management in a world dominated by new and exciting heritage and leisure attractions. The selected papers in Museum Management outline the development of museum management to date, the challenges museums currently face, and the key areas of future development in management and marketing practice, and addresses: strategic management issues: policy formulation, corporate planning and performance measurement human resource management financial management the importance of marketing. This volume is an invaluable introduction to the key issues, controversies and debates in the subject. It will be essential reading for all students, museum managers and staff who need to keep up to date with latest developments in this field.
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Bibliographie Internationale D anthropologie Sociale Et Culturelle 1991

Bibliographie Internationale D anthropologie Sociale Et Culturelle 1991

Ethnol . Helvet . : 15 1991 pp . 137 – 154 39 Benin art revisited - photographs
and museum collections . Flora S . Kaplan . Vis . Anthrop . 4 : 2 : 1991 pp . 117 -
146 40 Beyond the glass case — the past , the heritage and the public in Britain .


Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415074606

Category: Reference

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The IBSSis the essential tool for librarians, university departments, research institutions and any public or private institution whose work requires access to up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of the social sciences.
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Taking Archaeology Out of Heritage

Taking Archaeology Out of Heritage

Emma Waterton, Laurajane Smith. Merriman , Nick . 1991. Beyond the glass case
: The past , the heritage and the public in Britain . Leicester : Leicester University
Press . - 2004. Introduction : Diversity and dissonance in public archaeology .

Author: Emma Waterton

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215494175

Category: Social Science

Page: 238

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Archaeology has, on the whole, tended to dominate the development of public policies and practices applicable to what is often referred to as heritage. This book aims to examine the conflation of heritage with archaeology that has occurred as a result. To do so, it asks whether archaeology can usefully contribute to critical understandings of heritage, which, the volume contends, must consider heritage both in terms of what it is and the cultural, social and political work it does in contemporary societies. Archaeologists have been very successful in protecting what they perceive to be their databasea success that owes much to the development and maintenance of a suite of heritage management practices that work to legitimize their privileged access to, and control of, that database. However, is archaeological data actually heritage? Moreover, does archaeological knowledge offer a meaningful reflection of the historic environment, in terms of the uses, values and associations it carries for the various and different communities or publics that engage with that environment/heritage? The volume brings together academic and field archaeologists, academics from heritage studies and community activists from the UK and Europe more generally to debate these issues.
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Telling Children about the Past

Telling Children about the Past

Merriman , N . 1991 Beyond the Glass Case . Leicester : Leicester University
Press . Moussouri , T . 1997 Family Agendas and Family Learning in Hands - On
Museums . ( Unpublished Doctoral Thesis ) Leicester : University of Leicester .

Author: Nena Galanidou

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: UOM:39015077611039

Category: Education

Page: 324

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The past is 'a foreign place' that contemporary societies can only reach by means of historical and archaeological inferences. When we report our findings and communicate such inferences to members of the public, it is important that we should recognize that children are a special case. Their cognitive abilities are different from those of adults: they must go through a period of apprenticeship in order to become capable of processing critically the information that is presented to them. Children are shown images of the past and told stories about it in various contexts that range from the formal and educational to the informal (for example, the genre of popular books, films and video games about antiquity). These images and stories, whether their source be a professional archaeologist, a teacher or simply an individual with a personal interest in the subject, all share a common factor: they must be fairly simple and easily available to the understanding of the age group at which they are aimed. Representations of this sort tend to ignore recent archaeological debate, continuing to purvey images of the past that are immediately recognizable from a modern perspective and may even actively reinforce that perspective. They are thus intimately connected with contemporary power strategies. This book brings together archeologists, historians, psychologists, and educators from different countries and academic traditions to address the many ways that we tell children about the (distant) past. The concern with this issue is founded on the principle that knowing the past is fundamentally important for human societies, as well as for individual development. The subject is introduced through a consideration of the cognitive and psychological processes that enable children to conceptualize a past at all. Then the many informal and formal contexts of telling are reviewed: digital and printed media, museums and cultural heritage sites, and schools and special classrooms. Benefits and disadvantages of various contexts and approaches are discussed, all seen through the eyes of professionals within these fields. Throughout this discussion, the authors expose many of unquestioned assumptions and preformed images that are routinely presented to contemporary children in narratives of the past. The contributors both examine the ways in which children come to grips with the past at the beginning of the 21st century and critically assess the many ways in which contemporary societies and an increasing number of commercial agents construct and use the past. Considering the widening gap between contemporary theoretical advances in archaeology and what is disseminated to the young, the question is raised about which past we want our children to inherit.
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Handbook for Museums

Handbook for Museums

Mayo, E. (1984) American Material Culture, Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green
State University Popular Press. ISBN 0-87972-303-3. Merriman, N. (1991)
Beyond the Glass Case, Leicester: Leicester University Press. ISBN 0-7185-1349

Author: David Dean

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135908447

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Handbook for Museums is the definitive guide of need-to-know information essential for working in the museum world. Presenting a field-tested guide to best practice, the Handbook is formed around a commitment to professionalism in museum practice. The sections provide information on management, security, conservation and education. Including technical notes and international reading lists too, Handbook for Museusms is an excellent manual for managing and training.
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Beyond a reasonable doubt building the business case for flexibility

Beyond a reasonable doubt  building the business case for flexibility

We sincerely thank the four case study participants for their commitment and
willingness to participate in this project. ... Firms Advisory Board (continued)
Ralph Glass, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Building the Business Case for
Flexibility 20 ...


Publisher: Catalyst

ISBN: 9780895842497

Category: Lawyers

Page: 38

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Beyond the Roots

Beyond the Roots

The different colours had been combined with such exquisite effect that the
laddus had become quite irresistible . And to top it all , the big , brass dish
holding them was not just placed in the conventional fashion , in tiers inside a
glass case ...


Publisher: National Book Trust India

ISBN: UOM:39015043129215

Category: Short stories, Oriya

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Pharmaceutical Record and Weekly Market Review

Pharmaceutical Record and Weekly Market Review

The glass case on counter is continued beyond employer ' s qualification bas
been in the babit of dispen the steps and contains thermometers of various kinds
, sing and retailing poisons right and left without let or medical applisnces , such
as ...

Author: P. W. Bedford


ISBN: UOM:39015086674192

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The Builder

The Builder

In addition tender tints , is seen beyond the flowers . ... at present on the loan side
of the Postponement of Workmen's International Ex . In the glass - case
immediately behind the one Museum , one that brings a choking sensation
hibition until ...




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Don t Wake Me at Doyles

Don t Wake Me at Doyles

We'd creep down to his store nearThe Harrowand sneak the Chester cakes out of
the glass case. I couldn't get enough of those heavyduty fruitcakes and if I couldn'
t get in to get one,Iwould make Biddy go in and takeone forme. Thebiggestsin ...

Author: Maura Murphy

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781466861541

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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"Murphy's skillful storytelling and optimistic spirit give even the grimmest moments of her difficult life story levity in this hopeful, spunky sister to Angela's Ashes."- Publishers Weekly Maura Murphy's memoir of life in Ireland and beyond resonates with the people, places, and struggles of an almost forgotten generation. Born "chronically ugly and cross as a briar" into a poor, rural homestead in 1920s Ireland, Maura faced adversity from birth. She grew up in the bogs of the Irish countryside and left school at fourteen for Dublin, working in service there until her marriage to a hardworking but hard-drinking womanizer. Poverty stricken and hoping to find a better life for her five young children, she left Ireland with her family for 1950s Birmingham, England. But life doesn't always change when places do, and Maura's fear that she'd be "waked" at Doyles bar upon her death is funny but dead serious. Her voice is feisty and fearless, and she needed to be all those things to survive an extraordinary series of privations and abuses. And now, seventy-five and having survived her childhood, recovered from cancer, and left her marriage of fifty years, Maura has finally recorded the story of her life. Don't Wake Me at Doyles is the compelling account of a life set against by bad odds and worse luck: a memoir of survival and success in the face of the limits of class, education, nationality, religion, gender, and even health. A fearlessly honest writer, Maura invites us into her world, through her destructive marriage, and the birth of her nine children, and towards a life-or-death choice that would change her forever. Told with biting wit, Don't Wake Me at Doyles is a personal story of one woman's endurance, and the remarkable memoir of an ordinary woman's extraordinary life.
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Beyond Discharge

Beyond Discharge

In the Dominion Glass case ( 1975 ) he stated : 13 12 There is no doubt that
violence and insubordination by employees are unacceptable in an industrial
undertaking and that employers have the power , in proper circumstances , to
discharge ...

Author: Bruce Young


ISBN: CORNELL:31924000181887

Category: Employees

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