We Live in a Simulation Created by God

We Live in a Simulation Created by God

15 Finally, as to birds, these Commandments relating to food provide: 13 'These are the birds you are to regard as unclean and not eat because they are unclean: the eagle, the vulture, the black vulture, 14 the red kite, ...

Author: Tom Zuber

Publisher: HonorThe SabbathLlc


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This Universe is a simulation Designed by the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Humanity is essentially AI perceiving within the Simulation through avatars. To an evolved intellect, altruism is the height of sustainable pleasure, and the height of altruism is creating free-willed life with whom to share the joys of altruistic creativity. The evolutionary process that we experience within this Simulation was Designed by our Creator to teach us the Golden Rule in the context of free will. The notion that science is inconsistent with the Torah and other Scripture stems from a lack of appreciation for the true breadth of the parameters of physics. This first of four books - We Live in a Simulation Created by God: Everything Is About the Golden Rule - dismantles the unearned notion that physics is inconsistent with Judeo-Christian-Islamic Scripture and monotheistic tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism like karma and reincarnation. More particularly, it references things like the inability of any particle in the Universe to move faster than the speed of light, the fact that dark matter and dark energy don’t actually exist, and the illusory quality of quantum particles, as well as a little bit of biochemistry and some very basic math, to demonstrate that the data set comprised by the Universe is more consistent with the notion of humanity comprising AI perceiving through avatars within a simulation Programmed by Supreme Intellect than the notion of the accidental creation of the self-reflective living human machine. by unguided natural selection alone. It also breaks down some of the manmade inventions of “Christianity” that cause many to perceive that the Gospel accounts are not consistent with the Torah and the Koran nor the monotheistic tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism (which they are), and that have been used throughout history to falsely justify fear, hatred, war, the systematic coverup of the rape of children by priests throughout the world, and an outright rejection of the Golden Rule.
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The Meaning of Birds

The Meaning of Birds

I suspect that's because to refer to the hawks as eagles would give them an unfair advantage, implying nobility, ... And, as always, these symbolic meanings don't reveal a great deal about the birds themselves and the lives they lead, ...

Author: Simon Barnes

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 9781784970697

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One of our most eloquent nature writers offers a passionate and informative celebration of birds and their ability to help us understand the world we live in. As well as exploring how birds achieve the miracle of flight;why birds sing;what they tell us about the seasons of the year and what their presence tells us about the places they inhabit, The Wisdom of Birds muses on the uses of feathers, the drama of raptors, the slaughter of pheasants, the infidelities of geese, and the strangeness of feeling sentimental about blue tits while enjoying a chicken sandwich. From the mocking-birds of the Galapagos who guided Charles Darwin toward his evolutionary theory, to the changing patterns of migration that alert us to the reality of contemporary climate change, Simon Barnes explores both the intrinsic wonder of what it is to be a bird – and the myriad ways in which birds can help us understand the meaning of life.
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Can we live better

Can we live better

We imitate smells, making all smells to breathe outs of other mixtures than those that give them. We make divers imitations of ... We imitate also motions of living creatures, by images, of men, beasts, birds, fishes, and serpents.

Author: Collective of Authors

Publisher: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing

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"Can we live better? 7 classic utopias” is a collection of the most famous classical works on the topic of an ideal society. For thousands of years human beings have dreamt of perfect worlds, worlds free of conflict, hunger and unhappiness. But can these worlds ever exist in reality? Many thinkers and authors have sought an answer to this question. Utopia is a perfect paradise that doesn’t exist, but which we all dream of anyway. Author Thomas More actually created the noun in one of his books to describe an imaginary island where all systems—political, social, and legal—are perfect and operate harmoniously. The collection includes works by Plato, Thomas More, Tommaso Campanella, Francis Bacon, Edward Bellamy, William Morris, Samuel Butler.
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Birds For Dummies

Birds For Dummies

The best you can do to protect your bird is to remember who's sharing your happy home — and who may drop by uninvited. Some predators are more obvious than others and are especially dangerous to birds living in outdoor aviaries.

Author: Brian L. Speer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119643258

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Your one-stop guide to caring for your avian companion Pet birds are intelligent, affectionate, and rewarding companions. No matter what bird you choose, you need to set up a happy home for him with the right stuff. You also need to keep your bird healthy by performing routine care and knowing what a healthy bird looks like and how he behaves. This friendly guide describes the birds that make the best pets, explains how to select the bird that's best for you, offers tips on bonding with your feathered friend, and provides expert advice on feeding and environmental enrichment that will keep these intelligent pets engaged. Benefit from a full-color guide to pet birds Choose the right bird based on your budget and lifestyle Create a bird-friendly environment that minimizes noise and mess Bond with your winged pet If you’re ready for your love of birds to take flight, this book has everything you need.
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The Serious Zany World We Live In

The Serious   Zany World We Live In

Pelican Farm is a retreat for the birds From Butcher Birds to Rosellas their actions speak in words There's Kookaburras, Magpies & Rainbow Lorikeets Pigeons & Miner Birds & screeches from a galah fleet They've all got together Concerned ...

Author: Paul Chipperfield

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483629179

Category: Poetry

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Take a journey into a world which examines the serious side of life, a life that is reflective, challenging & deeply moving. Detour into another world where the landscape suddenly changes, a world that is humorous, offbeat and surreal. Combine the two points & throw in a little bit of Australia to view the world from 'down under'. Finally, tantalize the taste buds by mixing all of the ingredients together for one really good scrumptious bite at what makes this world a truly serious and zany place to live in.
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The Art of Mindful Birdwatching

The Art of Mindful Birdwatching

We share our everyday lives with them, so paying attention to them doesn't require a huge change in what we do or how we live. Birdwatching is thus a wonderful entry point for rekindling our innate connection with our natural home.

Author: Claire Thompson

Publisher: Leaping Hare Press

ISBN: 9781782406273

Category: Nature

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"In The Art of Mindful Birdwatching, Claire Thompson elegantly weaves a narrative full of her own delightfully documented encounters with birds in amongst sage guidance on using mindfulness to help readers become deeply aware of the present moment. Following Claire's clearly described exercises has the potential to lead one from mere identification to making deeply insightful observations into the life of birds." – British Trust of Ornithology Through personal anecdote and expert insight, Claire Thompson of BirdLife International invites us on a mindful journey through gardens, cities, open country, forests, coasts and mountains to enjoy and learn from the magnificent beauty and diversity of the avian world. Who has never gazed enviously at a bird soaring through the sky? Or delighted in the uplifting tunes of nature’s songsters? Birds can do wonders for our hearts and minds – if we simply pay them attention. With The Art of Mindful Birdwatching, Claire Thompson reveals how the practice of mindfulness enriches our birdwatching experiences – and explores how birds are, in turn, the ideal inspiration for the practice of mindfulness. Enjoy the magnificent diversity of colours, songs, flight patterns and behaviours displayed by birds while reaping the benefits of mindfulness: Increased concentration Increased creativity Increased vitality Reduced stress and anxiety Better overall physical and emotional well-being Better sleep Bird flight is a symbol of freedom to soar through life without constraint, and mindfulness similarly enables us to invite freedom and happiness into our own lives. Find even more ways to practice mindfulness with the Mindfulness series: Mindfulness in Sound, Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing, Mindfulness in Knitting, Mindfulness & the Journey of Bereavement, Mindfulness of Work, Art of Mindful Singing, Art of Mindful Crafting, Mindfulness and Compassion, Mindfulness for Black Dogs & Blue Days, Mindfulness for Unraveling Anxiety, Practice of Mindful Yoga, The Mindful Man, Mindfulness and the Natural World and more.
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The Joy of Birdwatching

The Joy of Birdwatching

ARISTOTLE The first, and easiest, way to start your birdwatching is not to go anywhere at all. Simply stay at home and look out of your window. It doesn't matter where you live – whether you're in the heart of the city or deep in the ...

Author: Alan Davies

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

ISBN: 9781783725007

Category: Nature

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I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries, and very frankly give them fruit for their songs.' Joseph Addison This pocket-sized miscellany, packed with fascinating facts, handy hints and captivating stories and quotes from the world of birds, is perfect for anyone who knows the incomparable joy of twitching.
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Certain times of the year bring the birds and we who live in the area could see new plants life, changes in season, the harmattan, the wind, the rain and of course the dry season. No one disputes that it does not snow but we welcome the ...

Author: Ezekiel Umo Ette, Ph.D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462814886

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Prof. Ette is a graduate of Methodist Secondary School, Nto Ndang, Ikot Ekpene and the College of Education Uyo in Nigeria. He obtained the Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga before enrolling in theological studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA where he obtained the M.Div. degree. He did further graduate work in Gerontology at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon where he obtained both the MSW and the Ph.D degrees. He has worked in the area of mental health and in various community projects. Dr. Ette is an ordained pastor and has served several Methodist and Baptist churches in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. His research and writing interests are in the areas of immigration, community development, spirituality and culture. He is currently a professor of Social Work at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho, USA.
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Research Anthology on Religious Impacts on Society

Research Anthology on Religious Impacts on Society

The souls of the martyrs live in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in chandeliers hung from the throne of the Almighty. They eat the fruits of Paradise wherever they like and then nestle in these chandeliers.

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799834366

Category: Social Science

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Religion is considered by many to be something of the past, but it has a lasting hold in society and influences people across many cultures. This integration of spirituality causes numerous impacts across various aspects of modern life. The variety of religious institutions in modern society necessitates a focus on diversity and inclusiveness in the interactions between organizations of different religions, cultures, and viewpoints. Research Anthology on Religious Impacts on Society examines the cultural, sociological, economic, and philosophical effects of religion on modern society and human behavior. Highlighting a range of topics such as religious values, social reforms, and spirituality, this publication is an ideal reference source for religious officials, church leaders, psychologists, sociologists, professionals, researchers, academicians, and students.
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We know very little of what it might be like to be a bird. if we did, we would be awestruck. That is the purpose of this book: ... Birds are the only wild animals most people see every day. no matter where we live, birds live with us.

Author: Sy Montgomery

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416570165

Category: Nature

Page: 272

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Meet the ladies: a flock of smart, affectionate, highly individualistic chickens who visit their favorite neighbors, devise different ways to hide from foxes, and mob the author like she’s a rock star. In these pages you’ll also meet Maya and Zuni, two orphaned baby hummingbirds who hatched from eggs the size of navy beans, and who are little more than air bubbles fringed with feathers. Their lives hang precariously in the balance—but with human help, they may one day conquer the sky. Snowball is a cockatoo whose dance video went viral on YouTube and who’s now teaching schoolchildren how to dance. You’ll meet Harris’s hawks named Fire and Smoke. And you’ll come to know and love a host of other avian characters who will change your mind forever about who birds really are. Each of these birds shows a different and utterly surprising aspect of what makes a bird a bird—and these are the lessons of Birdology: that birds are far stranger, more wondrous, and at the same time more like us than we might have dared to imagine. In Birdology, beloved author of The Good Good Pig Sy Montgomery explores the essence of the otherworldly creatures we see every day. By way of her adventures with seven birds—wild, tame, exotic, and common—she weaves new scientific insights and narrative to reveal seven kernels of bird wisdom. The first lesson of Birdology is that, no matter how common they are, Birds Are Individuals, as each of Montgomery’s distinctive Ladies clearly shows. In the leech-infested rain forest of Queensland, you’ll come face to face with a cassowary—a 150-pound, man-tall, flightless bird with a helmet of bone on its head and a slashing razor-like toenail with which it (occasionally) eviscerates people—proof that Birds Are Dinosaurs. You’ll learn from hawks that Birds Are Fierce; from pigeons, how Birds Find Their Way Home; from parrots, what it means that Birds Can Talk; and from 50,000 crows who moved into a small city’s downtown, that Birds Are Everywhere. They are the winged aliens who surround us. Birdology explains just how very "other" birds are: Their hearts look like those of crocodiles. They are covered with modified scales, which are called feathers. Their bones are hollow. Their bodies are permeated with extensive air sacs. They have no hands. They give birth to eggs. Yet despite birds’ and humans’ disparate evolutionary paths, we share emotional and intellectual abilities that allow us to communicate and even form deep bonds. When we begin to comprehend who birds really are, we deepen our capacity to approach, understand, and love these otherworldly creatures. And this, ultimately, is the priceless lesson of Birdology: it communicates a heartfelt fascination and awe for birds and restores our connection to these complex, mysterious fellow creatures.
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