Bitch Moi

Bitch  Moi

Also available with the title : BITCH ? MOI ? Product Code 8648 ISBN 978-1-59359-864-8 $ 9.95 U.S./Canada 9781593 598648 fatherhood is not for sissies Fatherhood Is Not for ...

Author: Nancy Rider Hunt

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

ISBN: 1593598645

Category: Drama

Page: 88

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In this celebration of the bitch within, retro women bust down the walls without breaking a nail or mussing their hair. Nancy Rider Hunt, whose cards and magnets are sold nationwide, illustrated Bitch? Moi? With campy photo collages.If you find yourself wondering if he's worth shaving your legs for, if your inner diva just wants to get down and dirty once in a while, if you prefer your men tranquilized and tagged, make this book your manifesto and join the audacious sisterhood of women who know what they want and how to get it. Serve up some attitude with a twist as you tell the world: "It's Ms. Bitch to you!" Illustrated with photos or winsome artwork, Keepsakes are books to treasure and share. 72 pp, hardcover. 6 1/4" square.
Categories: Drama

Battle in the Ashes

Battle in the Ashes

In their command posts in North Alabama, Moi Sambura and Wink Payne braced for what they knew was going to be the fight of their lives. Wink Payne felt Ben Raines to be a nigger-loving, no good son of a bitch. Moi Sambura felt Ben ...

Author: William W. Johnstone

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 9780786025565

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 640

A resurgent America faces a terrifying horde of post-apocalyptic Nazis in the New York Times–bestselling author’s dystopian military thriller. Chilling rumors of a new Nazi movement reach the rebel camp of Ben Raines and his freedom fighters. Led by descendants of Hitler's Third Reich, Commanding General Jesus Mendoza Hoffman has assembled a massive army in the mountains of South America. Estimated at more than 200,000 strong, Hoffman and his New Army of Liberation terrorists will stop at nothing to spread their doctrine of evil across the free world. Striking northward, Hoffman’s invaders march into Mexico, where the Mexican army is no match for them. Now, as the doomsday forces turn Texas into a beleaguered battleground, Raines and his troops must fight to prevent America from erupting in a holocaustic bloodbath of atrocity and death. Seventeenth in the long-running series!
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Martha Bell Breakfast With the Devil

Martha Bell  Breakfast With the Devil

It will be you going there.” He spun and ordered Celeste. “Whip the arrogant bitch!” “Moi?” she questioned. “Yes you. Use a fucking olive branch, because I'm tired of trying.” “She's not Celeste, is she?” Fred piped.

Author: Surreal

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Media

ISBN: 9781954079182

Category: Fiction

Page: 161

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Caught by the German occupation of France, Fred McCall and his employees, the undeniably attractive and sexy redhead Martha, along with her chaperone Anna, initially sought to escape amidst the withdrawal of Dunkirk. Fate had other ideas. Cut off from the north coast by sweeping Panzer Corps, Fred is stopped in a British Army lorry by an old business partner, now member of the German SS. Nazi Lieutenant Richter has a penchant for sadism and a fancy for Martha, which leads them to a farm where other Germans are operating a scam to line their pockets. They endure the boredom of seclusion until Richter announces a plan to go to England into to retrieve five loads of S & M apparatus Fred has ready for shipment to France. However, Richter has other reasons for this escapade. A steamy tale of partnership between enemies in a world turned upside down where not everyone is at war. From selling apparatus to sexy lingerie, Martha grabs any opportunity to suffer the lash and satisfy her ongoing lust for sex.
Categories: Fiction

Confronting Power Theorizing Gender

Confronting Power  Theorizing Gender

Toril Moi , speaking of Kate Millett's work Sexual Politics , the most acclaimed treatise of the strand of theorizing aimed at gender ... who can be described as both a “ venerated idol ” and a “ castrating bitch ” ( Moi 1985 , 37 ) .

Author: Eudine Barriteau

Publisher: University of West Indies Press

ISBN: 9766401365

Category: Social Science

Page: 402

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Extrait de la couverture : "This anthology of Caribbean feminist scholarship has several unique features. It exploses gender relations as regimes of power and consolidates and advances indigenous feminist theorizing. A particularly strong section of the collection deconstructs marginality and masculinity in the Caribbean and provides ground-breaking research with policy implications. The major breakthrough is the recognition that this area of research includes both men and women as integral to a more adequate conceptualization of society, polity and economy, thereby enabling scholars to address more fully the realities of social life. The temper of the times suggests that a significant watershed in gender studies has been reached."
Categories: Social Science

A World of Local Voices

A World of Local Voices

... encore : N'ai fendre choux - ous - ou , salope ! " “ Touch it again , and I'll split your arse , you bitch ! " " Moi , j'a dire - ' ous pas prêter un rien . Ous ni shallope , ' ous ni seine , ' ous croire ' ous ni choeur campêche ?

Author: Klaus Martens

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 3826026357

Category: American poetry

Page: 160

View: 843

The present volume contains papers and poems presented at Saarland University's international conference "A World of Local Voices: Poetry in English Today" (October 22-23, 1999), and the "Day of International Poetry" (October 24, 1999), both organised by the university's Department of North American Literature and Culture. The conference set out to explore how the modernist tendency towards overarching concepts and a "poetry of ideas" is slowly being superseded by a more modest "poetry of place", which at the same time seems to be loosely subsumed within the unifying medium of English in its various forms. The "Day of International Poetry" was meant to put into operation some of the poetic issues discussed during the conference by asking poets from several English-speaking countries (Canada, India, Jamaica, and the USA) to contribute their individual voices to an international reading of poetry. This volume comprises critical contributions which deal with the interplay of aesthetic, cultural, and political forces in comtemporary poetry. The common reference of this collection is poetry written in varieties of the English language, including translations. The essays show awareness of the current critical debates concerning postcolonialism and intercultural literary relations while also suggesting new paradigms of critical understanding, based on the analyses of individual poetic expression. As a supplement, selected poets and translators have submitted individual poetic texts with accompanying commentaries
Categories: American poetry

Peter Pauper Press fine gifts since 1928

Peter Pauper Press fine gifts since 1928

If He Won't Go Away ? Also available with the title : LUUN BITCH ? MOI ? Product Code 8648 ISBN 978-1-59359-864-8 $ 9.95 U.S./Canada 9781593115 986481 Prince Charming ? What Really Matters Now ... REAL MEN.


Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.




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Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned

Bless Me  Father  for I Have Sinned

She thinks I'm a bitch. (Moi?) I went to James River this morning to meet the payroll managers and to learn how to complete the time sheet summary. It looks pretty complicated but I guess I'll learn. Rumor has it that the attorneys are ...

Author: Maggie Renaldi

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595247523

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 608

View: 722

It is not only young boys that Roman Catholic priests abuse; these dysfunctional, deceitful predators, who use God as an excuse for their behavior, emotionally damage many unsuspecting adult women. Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned: Confessions of a Priest’s Mistress is the story of one woman’s involvement with a Roman Catholic priest and how it changed her life. Just as the male victims are coming forward to tell their stories, there can be no closure for Maggie Renaldi until this story is told. During a vulnerable period in her life, Maggie meets Father Brendan O'Reilly and embarks upon a clandestine affair. Father O'Reilly's fear of commitment and his "I love you, go away" behavior threaten to destroy their friendship and their love, until Maggie intervenes and O'Reilly seeks therapy to save himself. Unfortunately, he chooses a priest-psychotherapist who adds more guilt and shame. From seminaries that require young men to beat themselves bloody to bring the flesh into subjection to bishops who play politics, from power-hungry nuns to superiors who profess "the party line," Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned is also a graphic picture of church politics and hypocrisy. Maggie Renaldi is not her real name. All the names as well as the places have been changed to protect the innocent (as well as the guilty).
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Faultlines in Postcoloniality

Faultlines in Postcoloniality

“touch it again, and I'll split your arse, you bitch!” “Moi j'a dire- 'ous pas prêter un rein. Ouus ni sallope, 'ous ni seine, 'ous ni choeur compêche?” “I told you, 62 Postdiaspora Identity in Derek Walcott's Omeros.

Author: Ernest L. Veyu

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443868228

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 220

View: 369

Faultlines in Postcoloniality: Contemporary Readings is a collection of scholarly articles addressing fundamental postcolonial and/or postmodern concerns. The articles are nursed from the background of social, cultural, political, linguistic, ideological and literary tensions in the fabric that holds, or is supposed to hold, the human race and the world together. Variously expressed and exemplified, the articles point to a complex interplay of factors, all of which result in a certain degree of social and literary fragmentation, partly due to the absence of communication or the lack of the creation of communication avenues across the divide, be they imaginary or real. Each of the chapters in this collection bridges the gaps caused by different linguistic, literary and artistic faultlines.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Amanda Pepper Mysteries Bundle 4

The Amanda Pepper Mysteries  Bundle  4

She called me 'a bitch from England.' Moi.” She grinned. “Being a bitch from England is so much more fun than being a bitch from Philly.” “It's not about you.” “I am so a bitch from England.” “Being hired, I mean.

Author: Gillian Roberts

Publisher: Untreed Reads, LLC

ISBN: 9781611879001

Category: Fiction

Page: 724

View: 568

The City of Brotherly Love is no stranger to murder and mayhem in these three Philadelphia mysteries featuring an English teacher turned private eye. Helen Hath No Fury The discussions in Amanda Pepper’s book club can sometimes get heated, but have they become deadly? The day after an argument over a fictional heroine’s suicide, book group member Helen Coulter falls to her death from her roof garden. Though Helen’s demise is declared a suicide, Amanda is convinced otherwise. But as she separates truth from fiction, Amanda risks facing a real-life killer. Claire and Present Danger English teacher Amanda Pepper now moonlights as a PI with former detective C.K. Mackenzie. The wealthy matron Claire Fairchild has hired them to investigate Emmie Cade, the charming but evasive young woman who is suddenly engaged to Claire’s middle-aged son. At thirty-two, Emmie has changed her name more often than some women change nail polish—and Claire has received anonymous letters about the men in Emmie’s life coming to violent ends. But Amanda’s scouring of Emmie’s past gets interrupted by a very present murder. Till the End of Tom After finding Tom Severin dying from a fall outside her Philadelphia prep school, Amanda Pepper and her fiancé, C.K. Mackenzie, are hired by his family to find out what happened. They soon discover that Tom leaves behind more than a few people who would be better off with him gone—including angry ex-wives, one recently dropped fiancée, and the current (about to be former) Mrs. Tomas Severin. As secrets are unearthed, it’s apparent that the end of Tom is just the beginning of the grief he caused.
Categories: Fiction

Till the End of Tom

Till the End of Tom

Moi.” She grinned. “Being a bitch from England is so much more fun than being a bitch from Philly.” “It's not about you.” “I am so a bitch from England.” “Being hired, I mean. It wasn't about your relationship with Tom Severin.

Author: Gillian Roberts

Publisher: Untreed Reads

ISBN: 9781611875867

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 204

Traditionally, Old Philadelphians keep a low profile. They associate with one another and leave life as discreetly as they have lived it. So Philly Prep English teacher Amanda Pepper, who thinks her only current problems are keeping her well-meaning family from hijacking her wedding, is understandably stunned to discover a perfect specimen of the species dying at the foot of the school's marble staircase. It is anybody's guess what led to Tomas Severin's apparent fall and, indeed, why he was in the building in the first place. More questions arise when Amanda enters her otherwise empty classroom and finds a take-out cup of herbal tea laced with the party drug her students call roofies. Why would a middle-aged Philadelphian have a date-rape drug in his tea? Why does he have Amanda's name scribbled in his pocket notebook? Hired by a member of the Severin family household, Amanda and her fiance, C.K. Mackenzie, realize that many people felt their lives would improve if Tom's life ended--making it seemingly impossible to determine who'd been harassing Severin with threatening phone calls. Tom Severin leaves behind angry ex-wives, one recently dropped fiancee, and the current (about to be exed) Mrs. Tomas Severin. As secrets are unearthed, and cruelties old and new revealed, it's apparent that the end of Tom is just the beginning of the grief he caused."
Categories: Fiction