Boeing B 52

Boeing B 52

Here is the book to do justice to the story of the development and operational career of this legendary bomber.

Author: Walter J. Boyne


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Conceived in 1948, first flown in 1952 and projected still to be in front-line service in the 21st century, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is one of the most extraordinary aircraft in history. Here is the book to do justice to the story of the development and operational career of this legendary bomber. The book features a comprehensive history of the development of the U.S. heavy bomber, and intensive discussion of the Boeing B-47 and its effect upon the B-52 design, and perhaps more important than either of these today, the enormous number of modifications and changes which have kept the aircraft viable. The important contributions of the Strategic Air Command, with its concepts of the dedicated crew, rigorous training and ceaseless evaluation is well covered, and special attention is given to the B-52's role in the Vietnamese conflict. The book is reinforced with over 200 photographs and drawings, and includes a comprehensive set of appendices. The material for the book was derived almost entirely from the primary sources--the men who designed, built, flew, maintained and improved them and the documents created at the time. The author, a former B-52 and B-47 pilot himself, conveys the spirit of the B-52--the men and the missions behind the hardware, as well as a superbly detailed analysis of the aircraft itself.
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B 52 Stratofortress

B 52 Stratofortress

Boeing B-52A/H Stratofortress. Aircraft in Profile, Volume 13. Windsor, Berkshire, UK: Profile Publications Ltd., 1973. Boyne, Walter. Boeing B-52: A Documentary History. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1981.

Author: Bill Yenne

Publisher: Zenith Press

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The B-52 is the longest serving and most versatile of the United States Air Force's combat aircraft. The Stratofortress entered active service in 1955 and is scheduled to continue as part of the air force's inventory through 2040. The jet-powered bomber was a mainstay of America's Cold War nuclear-deterrent strategy, providing air power that balanced the land and sea military forces. The massive plane also served as the launch platform for the experimental X-15 hypersonic rocket aircraft. Due to its versatility as an aircraft, the B-52 has seen combat service in all of America's military conflicts since it came on active duty: Vietnam, the first and second Gulf wars, and the War in Afghanistan. B-52 Stratofortress also covers every aspect of the aircraft's development, manufacture, and modification. These technical details set the stage for its military service, starting with its role as a nuclear bomber in the Cold War even though only conventional weapons have been used during its combat duty. The airplane’s service in key campaigns in Vietnam is covered, followed by the quieter years after it. The B-52 returned to prominence in the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan, taking part in massive bombing campaigns in both conflicts. Finally, the book ends with the constant upgrades that will keep the B-52 an integral part of U.S. airpower for decades to come.
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B 52 Stratofortress vs SA 2 Guideline SAM

B 52 Stratofortress vs SA 2  Guideline  SAM

Boyne, Walter J., Boeing B52–A Documentary History (Schiffer Publishing, 1994) Davies, Peter E., Osprey Duel 35 – F‐105 Wild Weasel vs Sa‐2 “Guideline” SAM (Osprey Publishing, 2011) Davies, Peter E. and Thornborough, Tony (with Tony ...

Author: Peter E. Davies

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472823632

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Ever since its introduction in the late 1950s, the B-52 Stratofortress has been the United States' primary heavy bomber and a powerful symbol of its immense military might. Its powerful electronic countermeasures equipment (ECM) was thought to make the B-52 immune to ground-to-air missile attack, but in Vietnam, and later conflicts such as Operation Desert Storm in 1991, it came up against the Soviet-designed SA-2 SAM which used heavy salvoes of missiles to bring down the bombers. The losses of several of its most feared, powerful and supposedly invincible bombers per night to a torrent of Soviet missiles during the closing stages of the Vietnam War was sobering to Americans, but the B-52s' crushing attacks virtually eliminated North Vietnam's defences and forced a peace settlement. This fascinating book analyses the roles of the SA-2 operators and the B-52 Electronic Warfare Officers (EWOs) using specially commissioned artwork as well as first-hand accounts, and traces the cat-and-mouse tactics that each side employed.
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Development of the B 52

Development of the B 52

Boyne , Walter J. “ Fifty Years of the B - 52 . ” Air Force Magazine Online 84 ( 12 ) December 2001. Viewed online 13 December 2002 at Dec2001 / 1201buff.html . Boeing B - 52 : A Documentary History .

Author: Lori S. Hawthorne-Tagg


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Persian Gulf War Encyclopedia A Political Social and Military History

Persian Gulf War Encyclopedia  A Political  Social  and Military History

Referred to by its crew of five as “BUFF” (for “big ugly fat fellow”), the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress was first ... See also desert storm, Operation, Air Campaign Further Reading Boyne, Walter J. Boeing B-52: A Documentary History.

Author: Spencer C. Tucker

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610694162

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Ideal for high school and college-level readers as well as students attending military academies and general audiences, this encyclopedia covers the details of the Persian Gulf War as well as the long-term consequences and historical lessons learned from this important 20th-century conflict. • Provides a thorough analysis of the Gulf War that explains its causes, course, strategy and tactics, and significance • Includes insightful biographies of the key individuals involved that identify the factors behind their decisions • Presents a chronology that clearly outlines events and helps students determine the cause-and-effect relationship between them • Supplies a variety of images and maps that engage readers and serve as powerful tools for visual/spatial learners
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Quest for Performance

Quest for Performance

An interesting history of the Boeing B - 52 may be found in a book by Walter J. Boyne entitled Boeing B - 52– A Documentary History ( published by Jane's Publishing Co. , 1981 ) . First flight of the prototype B - 52 took place on April ...

Author: Laurence K. Loftin


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This provides access to a NASA History Office publication, NASA SP-468, by Laurence K. Loftin, Jr, NASA Scientific and Technical Information Branch, Washington, D.C. 1985. It traces the technical development of the airplane since World War I. It describes significant aircraft that incorporated important technical innovations and served to shape the future course of aeronautical development, as well as aircraft that represented the state of the art of aeronautical technology in a particular time frame or that were very popular and produced in great numbers. Primary emphasis has been placed on aircraft originating in the United States. The discussion is related primarily to aircraft configuration evolution and associated aerodynamic characteristics and, to a lesser extent, to developments in aircraft construction and propulsion. The material is presented in a manner designed to appeal to the nontechnical reader who is interested in the evolution of the airplane, as well as to students of aeronautical engineering or others with an aeronautical background.
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Local Consequences of the Global Cold War

Local Consequences of the Global Cold War

Richard S. Kirkendall , “ Two Senators and the Boeing Company : The Transformation of Washington's Political Culture , Columbia 11 ( Winter ... Boyne , Boeing B - 52 : A Documentary History ( London : Jane's , 1982 ) , 27-29 , 32–39 .

Author: Jeffrey A. Engel

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804759472

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Up to now the study of cold war history has been fully engaged in stressing the international character and broad themes of the story. This volume turns such diplomatic history upside down by studying how actions of international relations affected local popular life. Each chapter has its origins in a major international issue, and then unfolds the consequences of that issue for some region or city. Thus the starting points for the various contributions are great unifying questions regarding postwar occupation, militarization, industrialization, and decolonization. But the ending points are small and dispersed, such as movies in Japan, race relations in the American South, forests in East Germany, and industry in Novosibirsk. Collectively, these stories show how the cold war affected every facet of life--East and West, urban and rural, in developed and developing nations, in the superpowers and on the periphery of the international system.
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The development of the B 52 and jet propulsion

The development of the B 52 and jet propulsion

Lt Gen Howard A Craig, DCS/M, memorandum to Gen Joseph T. McNarney, commanding general, AMC, subject: XB-52 Long Range ... Walter Boyne, Boeing B-52: A Documentary History (New York: Jane's Publishing Incorporated, 1982), 50; ...


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

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The Development Of The B 52 And Jet Propulsion A Case Study In Organizational Innovation

The Development Of The B 52 And Jet Propulsion  A Case Study In Organizational Innovation

Lt Gen Howard A Craig, DCS/M, memorandum to Gen Joseph T. McNarney, commanding general, AMC, subject: XB-52 Long Range ... Walter Boyne, Boeing B-52: A Documentary History (New York: Jane's Publishing Incorporated, 1982), 50; ...

Author: Dr. Mark D Mandeles


ISBN: 9780359127498

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National security decision makers face an uncertain world where the accelerated growth of knowledge has changed the character of technological advance and destabilized long-standing relations within and among the military services. Dr Mandeles separates the principles that guide decision making from the proverbs through a case study of decision making in the early post-World War II period. This study examines the impact of organization on the invention and development of jet propulsion-in the form of the B-52-and illustrates both the organizational conditions conducive to developing new operational concepts and the organizational innovations necessary to implement new technology. This study also examines how the Air Force organized to learn and acquire new technology, how the Air Force conceived or identified problems, and how it organized to ensure management would respond to program failure or errors. Attention is devoted to the origins of the weapons system operational requirement, the initial concept of operation, the evolution of technology, organizational structure, and implementation.
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The B 52 Stratofortress

The B 52 Stratofortress

Happy Birthday , B - 52 . " Fortune , January 2002 . Retrieved March 2002 ( 0,1640,36877 , FF.html ) . Boyne , Walter . Boeing B - 52 : A Documentary History . London , England : Jane's Publishing ...

Author: Meg Greene

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 0823938727

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Discusses history of the B-52 Stratofortress warplane and its use in the military campaigns in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
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