British Slang das andere Englisch

British Slang   das andere Englisch

... sich beklagen to spill one'sguts out sein Herz ausschütten (die Wahrheit/private Sachen erzählen) you can't get a ... die Unterhaltung anderer mithören to spill the beans/ to let the cat out of the bag ein Geheimnis ausplaudern, ...

Author: Veronica Sierra-Naughton

Publisher: Reise Know-How Verlag Peter Rump

ISBN: 9783831750603

Category: Reference

Page: 128

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Auch wenn "Oxford English" oder "Queen's English" nicht mehr das uneingeschränkte Ideal des deutschen Englisch-Unterrichts ist, bleibt doch in der Schule erlerntes Englisch oft steif und hölzern. Aber Großbritannien ist das Land, in dem der Begriff "Slang" entstanden ist. Man kommt auf Reisen und im persönlichen Umgang mit Briten an der Umgangssprache, auch in ihren derberen Ausprägungen, gar nicht vorbei, wenn man Augen und Ohren auch nur ein wenig offen hält. Da wimmelt es von ungewohnten Vokabeln, witzig-kreativen Metaphern und natürlich unflätigen Ausdrücken aller Art. Und plötzlich wird aus dem scheinbar steifen Briten wahlweise ein cooler Hipster oder auch ein freakiger Zyniker. Die aktuelle 12. Auflage von "British Slang" ist durchgängig überarbeitet und sprachlich auf den allerneuesten Stand gebracht worden. Kauderwelsch Slang verrät die lockeren und flapsigen Ausdrücke der Alltagssprache, die saftigen Flüche, mit denen die Menschen ihrem Ärger Luft machen, die Sprache der Szene und der Straße. Mit Kauderwelsch Slang kann man den landestypischen Humor verstehen, in den Jargon der nächtlichen Großstadt eintauchen, Einheimische beeindrucken und natürlich Leute kennenlernen. Auch Fortgeschrittene können hier noch viel Neues entdecken. Im Register sind etwa 1000 Slang-Begriffe aufgelistet, die in klassischen Wörterbüchern kaum zu finden sind. Kauderwelsch Sprachführer von Reise Know-How: handlich, alltagstauglich, für über 150 Sprachen.
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British English from A to Zed

British English from A to Zed

Another British slang use is in the expression to put someone's pot on, which means to 'squeal on' him, or 'spill the beans,' for which the British also use the expression blow the gaff. A big pot, however, means something entirely ...

Author: Norman W. Schur

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 9781626364677

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 480

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Whether you are traveling to Great Britain or just want to understand British popular culture, this unique dictionary will answer your questions. British English from A to Zed contains more than 5,500 British terms and their American equivalents, each with a short explanation of the term’s history and an example of its use. The appendixes provide valuable supplemental material with differences between British and American pronunciation, grammar, and spelling as well as terms grouped in specific areas such as currency, weight, and numbers. This dictionary will help you unravel the meanings of: • Berk (idiot) • Bevvied up (drunk) • Crisps (potato chips) • Erk (rookie) • To judder (to shake) • Noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) • And more! George Bernard Shaw famously said that the British and Americans were “two peoples separated by a common language.” This book bridges that gap.
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Brits Spill The Beans

Brits Spill The Beans

This entertaining book brings together hundreds of facts and figures that have been revealed through different polls and surveys over the years, and paints an intriguing picture of the ordinary - and extraordinary - everyday lives of people ...

Author: Andrew Townsend


ISBN: 9798647952592


Page: 92

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Brits have spilled the beans on all sorts of subjects. This entertaining book brings together hundreds of facts and figures that have been revealed through different polls and surveys over the years, and paints an intriguing picture of the ordinary - and extraordinary - everyday lives of people in Britain. Author Andrew Townsend decided to compile Brits Spill The Beans! after reading that a small percentage of Brits put up their Christmas decorations in September, yes, September. The revelation set the tone for this book which generally steers clear of the more sobering topics regularly covered by the mainstream media. All the facts and figures have been put in the public domain previously by organisations and businesses for their own purposes. Andrew has brought together the various details to sketch out what is going on in the day-to-day lives of British people. Areas covered include: family life, work, relationships, friendships, neighbours, holidays, weather, pets, health, social life, clothes, money, motoring, phones, television, shopping and food. Be prepared for some surprises!

Black British Queer Plays and Practitioners An Anthology of Afriquia Theatre

Black British Queer Plays and Practitioners  An Anthology of Afriquia Theatre

Gill So come on spill the beans. Kat So come on spill the beans. Trudy I fell asleep. Kat Bitch, some 1990s dyke. Gill Didn't I teach you anything? Trudy I couldn't cope with all her piercings. Kat You need educating, African sistahs ...

Author: Paul Boakye

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350234574

Category: Drama

Page: 440

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A bold play collection representing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) experiences, from Black British perspectives, this anthology contains seven radical plays by Black writers that change the face of theatre in Britain. With an international reach connecting Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora, these plays address themes including same-sex love, sex, homophobia, apartheid, migration and space travel. The collection captures the historical scope and range of Black British LGBTIQ+ theatre, from the 1980s to 2021. Including a range of forms, from monologue to musicals, realist drama to club-performance, readers will journey through the development of Black Queer theatre in Britain. Through a helpful critical introduction, this book provides important socio-political and historical context, highlighting and illuminating key themes in the plays. Each play is preceded by an intergenerational 'in-conversation' piece between two Black British LGBTIQ+ artists and writers who will talk about their own work in relation to the play, looking back at the history and on into the future. Through these rare conversations with highly acclaimed award-winning practitioners, readers will also gain an insight into the theatre industry, funding, producing, venues as well as the politics of identity, the diversity of LGBTIQ+ lives and the richness of Black British cultures.
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A Survival Guide to British Catchphrases

A Survival Guide to British Catchphrases

'Spill the Beans' – Give away a secret. Origin - To reveal secret information accidentally or maliciously, often ruining a surprise or other plan. It is believed that this phrase originated in ancient Greece, where people cast secret ...

Author: Paul S Shaw

Publisher: Paul Shaw Publications


Category: History

Page: 197

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So how exactly has the English Language grown over the years? And how many people speak English today? In 2006 it was believed that there were some 400 million native speakers of English and a further 400 million people who use English as the second language. Despite this many local dialects and catchphrases have divided the language so much so that to some English speakers, the language is still confusing. With catchphrases being used so naturally in some quarters, that will seem incomprehensible to others. Many catchphrases are from a local dialect and others are steeped in history. The British use catchphrases without thinking and it is generally assumed that others will ‘get the gist’ and fully understand the meaning. Further to these numbers of English speakers it is estimated that some 600 – 700 million people across the globe speak some English as a foreign language. So, in short that is well over a billion people in the world today can communicate in some sort of English language. These are figures from over 10 years ago, so the number might well have increased. From this it is reasonable to assume that approximately 1.5 billion people across the world are capable of communicating in English. This Book helps people to understand British Catchphrases. A must have for people who have English as a second language.
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The Company

The Company

nickname Starik, working in British intelligence. ... “Once Vishnevsky claimed he could identify a Soviet mole in MI6,” Torriti said, “I was careful not to include any Brits on the Vishnevsky distribution list. ... Spill the beans, Jim.

Author: Robert Littell

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781683359210

Category: Fiction

Page: 860

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This realistic New York Times–bestselling epic spy novel captures the thrilling story of CIA agents in the latter half of the Twentieth Century. The New York Times bestselling spy novel The Company lays bare the history and inner workings of the CIA. This critically acclaimed blockbuster from internationally renowned novelist Robert Littell seamlessly weaves together history and fiction to create a multigenerational, wickedly nostalgic saga of the CIA—known as “the Company” to insiders. Racing across a landscape spanning the legendary Berlin Base of the ’50s, the Soviet invasion of Hungary, the Bay of Pigs, Afghanistan, and the Gorbachev putsch, The Company tells the thrilling story of agents imprisoned in double lives, fighting an amoral, elusive, formidable enemy—and each other—in an internecine battle within the Company itself. “Compulsive reading from start to finish.” —The Boston Globe “Hugely entertaining . . . A serious look at how our nation exercises power. . . . Popular fiction at its finest.” —The Washington Post Book World “As it happens, this longest spy novel ever written turns out to be one of the best.” —Chicago Tribune “Reads like a breeze . . . guaranteed to suck you right back into the Alice-in-Wonderland world of spy vs. spy.” —Newsweek “If Robert Littell didn’t invent the American spy novel, he should have.” —Tom Clancy “It's gung-ho, hard-drinking, table-turning fun.” —Publishers Weekly
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British Imperial

British Imperial

As time went on, and the formal British Empire receded further into history, one would have expected its contribution to ... is invented, and resolves to spill the beans at the great town carnival held to honour him, only to have second ...

Author: Bernard Porter

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857739575

Category: History

Page: 224

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The British Empire is often misunderstood. Judgments of it differ widely, from broadly adulatory - a 'great' enterprise, spreading 'civilization' through the world; to the blame that is often put on it for most of the world's ills today, including racism, exploitation and the problems of the Middle East. In this provocative book, Bernard Porter argues that many of these judgments arise from some fundamental misreadings of the nature, causes and effects of British imperialism, which was a more complex, ambivalent and in some ways accidental phenomenon than it is often taken to be. Drawing on his fifty years' experience of research and writing on the subject, Porter aims to clear away many of the misconceptions that surround the story of the British Empire's rise, governance and fall; and to point some ways to a fairer (though not necessarily more favourable) assessment of it. He addresses the connections of imperialism with capitalism, racism and British domestic culture, and ends with some reflections on the modern repercussions of both the Empire itself, and the myths which have sprung up around it.
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British Thrillers 1950 1979

British Thrillers  1950 1979

An impeccably groomed George Chakiris plays a fanatical young in- surgent who's certain that Juno knows about Skyros and mistakenly believes that she plans to spill the beans, this leading to him organizing attempts—including a fierce ...

Author: Franz Antony Clinton

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476640679

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 449

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The three decades following WWII are considered the golden age of the British thriller film. Newer characters like James Bond, along with established icons such as Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple and The Saint, all contributed to the era's bountiful array of cinematic mystery, danger, excitement and suspense. For the first time, the extensive output of British thrillers from 1950 to 1979 is covered in one volume. Themed chapters cover a total of 845 films including spy thrillers, mystery thrillers, psychological thrillers, action-adventure thrillers, and crime thrillers. Within these chapters, films appear chronologically, each with a synopsis/review. Additional information provided for each film includes production companies and alternate British and U.S. titles, and the work includes eight useful appendices.
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The British Constitution

The British Constitution

Statements starting with 'so' are an inducement to spill the beans. ***You're looking ill. When tea is made in a pot the law stipulates a ratio of one bag per person. There are no exceptions to this rule. A beverage prepared with less ...

Author: Guy Browning

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781782398042

Category: Humor

Page: 144

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Exactly eight hundred years ago, Magna Carta established the right not to be thrown in the Tower of London for being slightly irritating, which is the closest we've ever got to a written constitution. But come on! Things have moved on since King John. Isn't it time we had another bash at setting down a few laws and principles for us all to live by? Isn't it time we knew how to queue properly, how to banter within the limits of decency, how to handshake in a regal fashion, how to appropriately and committedly observe the weather, and how to competitively own pets? It will no doubt confuse the Taliban, perplex the Americans and move the French to shrug their shoulders and say bof, but for the good people of this island, this first draft of the British Constitution sets out and celebrates the very best bits of being British.
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Great British Eccentrics

Great British Eccentrics

Later editions spill the beans. Initially, he gathered data upon all previous failed attempts, and subjected them to statistical analysis in order to determine what the common factors were. Then, together with another prisoner named ...

Author: S. D. Tucker

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445647715

Category: History

Page: 288

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An entertaining guide to the most eccentric characters from British history
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