Building Coaches

Building Coaches

While RTR choice has increased, surely the need for kit building has passed, especially in the everpopular 'OO' gauge/4mm scale? This is far from the truth, as the sheer weight of numbers in terms of carriage types and subclasses (even ...

Author: George Dent

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785002069

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 300

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This beautifully illustrated and practical book covers a wide variety of materials and processes, and tells you everything you need to know about building model railway coaches. Master modeller George Dent guides the reader through the necessary techniques and skills, covering all aspects of the subject, from kit building in metal, plastic, resin and wood; through soldering, weathering, painting and lining; to 3-D printed kits and components; and adding passengers to the carriages. Also includes upgrading off-the-shelf models; kit assembly, scratch-building and finishing. He provides important advice on choosing the right tools, materials and adhesives, covers kit building in metal, plastic, resin and wood and presents many ideas for detailing, modifying and converting ready-to-run and kit-built coaches. With essential step-by-step guides to soldering, weathering, painting and lining, this will be of great interest to all railway modellers, particularly those with some experience. Superbly illustrated with 604 colour photographs.
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Building A Coaching Culture How Managers As Coaches Can Include And Develop New Employees Successfully

Building A Coaching Culture   How Managers As Coaches Can Include And Develop New Employees Successfully

research-based book and how-to manual for anyone who wants to coach and build high-performing teams. —Dag Piper, Director CMI, L'Oreal Building A Coaching Culture helps you to fully grasp the effectiveness of systematic coaching.

Author: Andreas von der Heydt

Publisher: Andreas von der Heydt Coaching

ISBN: 9798985166903

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 150

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The speed and complexity of change in business practice has never been greater than today. Navigating this “new and lasting norm” requires for any organization, besides other factors, two principal elements: Managers and leaders who are capable of coaching their team members as well as a new type of workforce that can quickly adapt to changing environments, can acquire new skills necessary to be successful in the future, and is willing and capable of stepping up to take over responsibility. The book argues that internal coaching is an excellent tool to onboard, integrate, and develop (new) employees. Successful coaching will result in higher job satisfaction (for both coach and coachee), better work and business results, and superior retention levels: A long-term win for both the organization, its employees, and customers. Based on extensive interviews with both tenured leaders and new employees, focus groups with learning & development experts, and a comprehensive literature research as well as the author ́s own in-depth coaching knowledge and expertise, this book proposes an academically researched, developed, and validated model of eight dimensions of successful coaching as well as a five-step implementation plan which can be used as an impactful framework to embed coaching skills in organizational settings to create a sustainable and growth-generating coaching culture.
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Building Champions A Coaches Guide to Creating Competitors and a Happy Life

Building Champions  A Coaches Guide to Creating Competitors and a Happy Life

Many coaches believe that they can teach technique, and they can work an athlete out, but they cannot transform the non-competitive athlete into a competitor. They are wrong. A coach CAN enhance an athletesʼ competitive mindset.


Publisher: Competitive Mindset Enhance

ISBN: 9780615196619



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Four Steps to Building a Profitable Coaching Practice

Four Steps to Building a Profitable Coaching Practice

We also work with coaches who want to start and build profitable coaching practices. Hre' Ho Ira It: I started with my name, my company names, what we do, and where we are located. (I could have added that we began in 1998 to add more ...

Author: Deborah Brown-Volkman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595296606

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 132

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This book will show you how to build and market a profitable coaching practice in four easy steps. It walks you through the process of deciding who to coach and how to create a program that potential clients will pay you lots of money for. You will understand the components of creating a winning marketing strategy and learn tips and techniques to implement your plan. You will also discover how to become masterful at both marketing and selling.
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EBOOK Building a Coaching Business Ten steps to success 2e

EBOOK  Building a Coaching Business  Ten steps to success 2e

... 37 Coach, duty of care, 69 Coach-client relationship, 17 Coaches see also Experienced coaches; Inexperienced coaches; ... 4 Coaching corporation, rise of, 150–1 Coaching culture, creating, 146 Coaching hours, building, 20 providing ...

Author: Jenny Rogers

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335227013

Category: Psychology

Page: 194

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This practical guide is for anyone contemplating coaching as a career: coaches in training, coaches already trained and hoping to build a thriving business. This totally revised second edition offers step by step guidance on what to do: · What does it take to succeed as a coach? How long does it take? · Why it matters to get practice clients and where to find them · Why is it so important to think like a buyer rather than like a seller? · What can you charge? · How do you make yourself distinctive in a crowded market? · What do you need to do to attract clients? Which marketing materials and methods pay off and which are a waste of time? · How can you exploit social media? · Overcoming your fear of selling: how to sell with integrity · Going for growth: what is involved in building an even bigger business? “Jenny Rogers has the rare ability to offer the lessons of decades of experience in ways which are practical to implement and easy to absorb. This book is comprehensive – offering both high level concept and lots of important details on the kinds of things that differentiate the successful coaching professional from the crowd. Perhaps most importantly she offers proven, thorough answers to critical questions that many people would not even think to ask in setting up or developing their business.” Phil Hayes, Chairman, Management Futures, UK “Another great book from Jenny Rogers. I remember using the first edition of her book very early on in my career and remain hugely grateful for the informed insights and sensible suggestions. As always with Jenny’s books, a new edition does not simply mean a few typos corrected and a couple of new references. In addition to the really helpful sections I remember from the first edition (e.g. on how to manage networking and selling whilst remaining authentic), Jenny has drawn on her experience and the courage to address some of the other really difficult issues that concern new coaches. How much should I charge? How will I find my clients? What training should I do? Even Where should I coach and What should I wear? I train new coaches every year and these are the questions they ask. I will certainly be recommending Jenny’s book - and drawing on it myself to help the coaches on my courses have the best possible start to their careers.” Jane Cook, Managing Director, Linden Learning, UK “In a marketplace crowded with quick fixes and unrealistic promises, this book is a breath of fresh air! Drawing on the author’s extensive experience, this book lays out a sober, practical approach, while also offering encouragement and inspiration. In her warm, compelling style, Jenny Rogers explores the essential steps towards building a sustainable coaching business—from improving your own coaching skills, to developing your brand, to marketing your services with integrity.” Leni Wildflower, PhD, PCC, Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace, Fielding Graduate University, USA “This book is a must read for anyone who wants to earn a living through coaching. Jenny combines natural enthusiasm and positivity with a good dose of realism by applying a pragmatic and sometimes humorous lens to the business of coaching. No matter how experienced you are in running a coaching business, there is something in this book for everyone - from pragmatic hints and tips at start up stage through to some insightful checks and balances to ensure a consistently high service from established businesses. Jenny demonstrates a real depth of understanding about the questions that will/should be at the forefront of the minds of many new coaches about to set up in business. She has generated in depth answers, pragmatic lists of best practice and sound advice. Her sound advice will help pave the way to your success as a coach.” Susan Binnersley, MD h2h resources limited, UK “I must admit when I picked up this book I wondered how Jenny could improve on her original book Developing a Coaching Business, however Building a Coaching Business is the essential guide for starting, growing and sustaining a business. Tailored to coaching, it provides a step-by-step guide full of tested methods, insight, ideas and practical information, and written in Jenny’s engaging style. Her facilitative approach to selling is a gift. Having come from the public sector selling was one of my biggest challenges but when I use the facilitative model I feel confident and professional. This is a book that challenges and inspires, and you will find yourself recommending it to other people, who may not even be coaches.” Margaret Kelly, Executive Coach, Margaret Kelly Consulting, UK & Ireland “If those of my colleagues who decided to change their careers and set up a coaching business had got at the right time access to this book, it would have been so much easier for them. To take into consideration all the practical issues as well as read about the newest trends and most effective approaches to such areas as selling. To have a wide perspective and yet remember that the devil is the detail. Knowing all this can shorten the route to success, at the same making the expectations more realistic. It is an obvious must for anybody who wants to build a coaching business. But I would also recommend this inspiring and comprehensive book to anybody who thinks of different options in their professional life.” Dorota Porażka, Vice-Pr esident of the Board, DORADCA Consultants Ltd, Poland “I strongly recommend this book. Jenny Roger addresses what one needs to know and be aware of for building and developing a coaching business. It is written in a down- to- earth, straight to the point, yet insightful and comprehensive way. Jenny doesn’t avoid the uncomfortable questions, either mitigates what needs to be said and to be ponder. If you are serious about your coaching business and your coaching practice then this book is a must- have (and to pursue!!).” Ana Oliveira Pinto, Executive Coach, Portugal “This book is a must for coaches wanting business success. It gives executive coaches like me business savvy solutions to overcome things like the dread of networking. The best bit is the section on facilitative selling because it gives me a new and more authentic way to sell my services. The book is written in a warm, wise style with a wealth of practical advice and insights. It feels like Jenny is in the room coaching you – just without the coffee!” Jacqui Harper, INSEAD lecturer, Communication Coach, Author, Speaker “This beautifully written book is a must-read for anyone wanting to build a coaching business. It's chock full of wisdom from someone who’s been at the top of her profession for the last two decades. I read it when starting my business and remain indebted to it but now it’s been substantially updated to reflect changes in the market and developments such as social media. If you feel daunted by the prospects of setting up a company, developing a brand, selling, networking or any of the myriad skills you need to be successful then I suggest you buy this book.” Mark Wakefield, Director, Vogel Wakefield, the counter-consultancy, UK "A clear, systematic and down-to-earth primer on how to start, build and maintain a professional coaching business. After many years as a coach, I still find myself inspired by many of the ideas in this book. And she commendably grasps the nettle of coaching fees, for which new coaches should be very grateful!" Clare Brigstocke, Executive Coach, Lateralshift “Jenny Rogers’ earlier Developing a Coaching Business has been a mainstay for Meyler Campbell Graduates for years, but this new version is even better. It has all the crucial basics, plus vital new material on quality, brand differentiation, integrity, and being future-ready. Warm, practical and honest, the book’s wealth of tips, useful checklists, and an excellent section on fees, should accelerate your business growth. From the lessons of a simple sandwich, to Enron, to coaching businesses’ stages of growth, it’s all here – invaluable.” Daniel Burke, Chairman, Meyler Campbell
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How to Build an Instructional Coaching Program for Maximum Capacity

How to Build an Instructional Coaching Program for Maximum Capacity

Provide the right balance of ongoing learning and support in order for coaches to build confidence, courage, and capacity. 2. Plan regularly scheduled meetings between coaches and their coaching champions to give coaches the opportunity ...

Author: Nina Jones Morel

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781452202891

Category: Education

Page: 213

View: 269

The authors engage school and district leaders with a nautical metaphor that guides them through the journey of developing and sustaining an effective coaching program.
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Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture

Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture

With practical tips and concrete examples, the book covers all key topics that will help any HR practitioner from designing training programmes to building a case for investing in building coaching skills.

Author: Eng Hooi Ng

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 9781543765571

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

View: 764

As the book’s title suggested, the purpose of this book is to help organizations to build a sustainable coaching culture up for success, a culture that our readers believe in and willing to put enormous efforts which it will bring you and your organization a greater success. This book is designed to guide you “How-To” build a sustainable coaching culture. The book content is not to learn on “What is coaching”, “why coaching” or “why we need coaching”. Because we believe our readers are already understand “coaching” inside out and the benefit it could bring to the organization. What our readers need is that a guidebook to help them to plan and implement a strong and sustainable coaching culture. This book provides step by step guide, profuse use of sample framework, strategy, roadmap, matrix, assessment form, sheet, evaluation methods & many tools and even an employee coaching mobile application (details in last chapter) The content & layout of this book are clear cut and organized, packed with many frameworks and strategy map. This book is outlined in the way that you can choose to learn at any chapter you want to and it will not affect your reading momentum. It is special made for you to draft your coaching strategy deck for high level presentation & implementation. This book is highly practical book and it’s written by an experienced coaching practitioner who is a strong coaching advocate who believe coaching will bring profound benefits to individual and organization, the author is a ICF PCC, A Professional Certified Coach who has coached more than 600 hours, a head of organization development leader who has led a global coaching culture transformation project.
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Literacy Coaching to Build Adolescent Learning

Literacy Coaching to Build Adolescent Learning

It is also essential that the supervisors stay connected to what is actually happening in each building, not to what they think or hope is happening. The literacy coaches have to be the voice for positive, active literacy change in ...

Author: Nancy DeVries Guth

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781412972253

Category: Education

Page: 111

View: 432

Helping coaches to define their roles, this resource provides practical tools and guidance about decision-making, design needs, professional development for teachers, collaborative relationships, and helping teachers use data.
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Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture

Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture

When starting their journey towards a coaching culture, many organisations do not have a formal coaching or mentoring ... to the organisation, by addressing key business issues, and they build a solid argument around how it will do so.

Author: David Clutterbuck

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9781843984467

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

View: 845

Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture is the ideal book for everyone who is passionate about coaching and who has an interest in creating an environment that supports learning and growth. Easy to navigate and logically structured, topics include the current understanding of coaching culture in organisations, coaching and mentoring culture strategy, making effective use of external coaches, formal and informal mentoring, developing and supporting internal coaches and mentors, team coaching, cross-cultural marketing coaching and cross-cultural issues. This edition of Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture is a fully revised version of the seminal book Making Coaching Work: Creating a Coaching Culture. It analyses what has changed in the field of coaching culture and provides update on new knowledge and experience. A wide variety of international case studies and engaging tools such as chapter overviews, templates, and reflective questions will take you clearly through the development and implementation of a successful and integrated training culture. Whether you are an HR Manager looking to maximise the positive impact of coaching in your organisation, a business leader wanting to facilitate growth, or a consultant or coach seeking to place your work in the relevant organisational context, you will be shown how to implement an effective coaching and mentoring strategy that meets your needs.
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Building a Coaching Organization

Building a Coaching Organization

As we observed and experimented with our models, we realized that building a coaching organization requires a total systems approach that incorporates most of the popular learning and organization development notions of recent ...

Author: Virginia Bianco-Mathis

Publisher: Association for Talent Development

ISBN: 9781607281092

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 24

View: 832

Leaders are often aware of the benefits of coaching, but they may wonder how to expand individual coaching successes across their entire organization. This issue of TD at Work describes the total systems approach that is needed to create a culture where everyone is empowered to participate in coaching. In “Building a Coaching Organization,” you will find: · the definition of a coaching organization · essential building blocks for coaching programs · coaching tools and techniques · case studies of successful organizational initiatives · example conversations and dialogue tools · strategies for implementing coaching across an organization.
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