Canadian Climate of Mind

Canadian Climate of Mind

179 To imagine myself on the Île-aux-Hérons with Saint Tekakwitha and Woodworth is to be guided not to a wildly romantic hermitage on the Kaniatarowanenneh but to a particularly “thin” space in a Canadian consciousness that needs to ...

Author: Timothy B. Leduc

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773598805

Category: Science


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The twenty-first century is a period of great environmental and social transformation as climate change increasingly marks lives at levels that are personal, familial, communal, national, and global. A Canadian Climate of Mind presents stories that emerge from the waters, lands, and climate of Canada, and which have the potential to renew a compassionate energy for changing human relations with each other and with our world. The turbulent effects of climate change are popularly discussed in the modern language of scientific knowledge, political policies, economic mechanisms, and technological innovation. While there is much to be learned from these views, Timothy Leduc suggests a more profound call for change by returning to past understandings of the land and climate. He argues that the world is initiating us into a broader and humbler sense of what it is to be human in an interconnected reality. The world is doing this by responding to unsustainable practices such as our devastating reliance on fossil fuels. Weaving together voices from numerous backgrounds and time periods with Indigenous views on present and past environmental challenges, A Canadian Climate of Mind illuminates a world that is being shaken to its core while we hesitate to act.
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A Mind at Sea

A Mind at Sea

[7] Huddart'sbid, though, receivedasympathetic hearing in Ottawa, which hadrecently hosted theColonial Conference aimed at encouraging trade among Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Huddart's CanadianAustralian Steamshipline ...

Author: John Fry

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459719316

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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The trials and tribulations of a Canadian business titan during a fascinating period in 19th-century Quebec. A Mind at Sea is an intimate window into a vanished time when Canada was among the world’s great maritime countries. Between 1856 and 1877, Henry Fry was the Lloyd’s agent for the St. Lawrence River, east of Montreal. The harbour coves below his home in Quebec were crammed with immense rafts of cut wood, the river’s shoreline sprawled with yards where giant square-rigged ships – many owned by Fry – were built. As the president of Canada’s Dominion Board of Trade, Fry was at the epicentre of wealth and influence. His home city of Quebec served as the capital of the province of Canada, while its port was often the scene of raw criminality. He fought vigorously against the kidnapping of sailors and the dangerous practice of deck loading. He also battled against and overcame his personal demon – mental depression – going on to write many ship histories and essays on U.S.-Canada relations. Fry was a colourful figure and a reformer who interacted with the famous figures of the day, including Lord and Lady Dufferin, Sir John A. Macdonald, Wilfrid Laurier, and Sir Narcisse-Fortunat Belleau, Quebec’s lieutenant-governor.
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Probing the Bureaucratic Mind

Probing the Bureaucratic Mind

About Canadian Federal Executives Ruth Hubbard, Gilles Paquet. blinkered by disciplinary blinders, and yet, at senior levels, claiming to know more about what should be done, and to be more legitimate than elected officials; ...

Author: Ruth Hubbard

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 9780776638546

Category: Political Science

Page: 130

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This book explores the thinking of Canadian federal public service senior executives through conversations. The transformation of the environment and of the institutional order has created quite a challenge: maintaining some sort of adequacy between these evolving realities and the frames of reference in use by public sector executives. Complexity is often nothing more than a name for a new order calling for a new frame of reference, and the reluctance to abandon old conceptual frameworks is often responsible for fundamental learning disabilities. Through a series of conversations with Canadian federal senior executives about more and more daunting problems - from coping with an evolving context, to engaging intelligently with a new modus operandi, to trying to nudge and tweak programs in order to correct toxic pathologies, to reframing perceptions and redesigning organizations to meet the new challenges—weaknesses of the capabilities of the Canadian federal executives to respond to current challenges were revealed, and suggestions made about ways to kick start a process of refurbishment of these capabilities.
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Mythologizing Canada

Mythologizing Canada

Mythologizing Canada invites us to enter a Canadian landscape of the mind , with its chiaroscuro play of dark and light , its open - endedness and its tragic illuminations . Rosemary Sullivan Branko Gorjup teaches Canadian literature at ...

Author: Northrop Frye

Publisher: Legas Publishing

ISBN: STANFORD:36105019358824

Category: Canada

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Northrop Frye on Canada

Northrop Frye on Canada

It is simpler merely to notice the alternating current in the Canadian mind , as reflected in its writing , between two moods , one romantic , traditional , and idealistic , the other shrewd , observant , and humorous .

Author: Northrop Frye

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802037100

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 810

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Brings together all of the writings of Northrop Frye, both published and unpublished, on the subject of Canadian literature and culture, from his early book reviews of the 1930s and 1940s through his cultural commentaries of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
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OECD Rural Policy Reviews Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Development in Canada

OECD Rural Policy Reviews Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Development in Canada

Many of the survey findings suggest that Canadian cities are becoming sites of connection, engagement and ... With this in mind, Canada's First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) has developed a set of standards on how First ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264581449


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Canada’s Constitution Act (1982) recognises three Indigenous groups: Indians (now referred to as First Nations), Inuit, and Métis. Indigenous peoples make a vital contribution to the culture, heritage and economic development of Canada. Despite improvements in Indigenous well-being in recent decades, significant gaps remain with the non-Indigenous population. This study focuses on four priority issues to maximise the potential of Indigenous economies in Canada.

Oh Oh Canada

Oh  Oh  Canada

It was a bit of a shock, for like so many others at the time, I had been exposed to lots of behaviourism, determinism, and “blankslate” theories of the mind that together served as a foundation for the reigning orthodoxies of science ...

Author: William D. Gairdner

Publisher: BPS Books

ISBN: 9781927483114

Category: Political Science

Page: 115

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For more than two decades, William D. Gairdner has been a major voice from the conservative resistance, primarily through his bestselling books The Trouble with Canada . . . Still, The War Against the Family, and The Trouble with Democracy. Now, in this new book, his passionate, probing, and provocative intellect is hard at work, ranging over hot button issues of the day in the spheres of culture, the family, politics, and science. His quick-hit, entertaining, and rousing chapters include "Late Night Thoughts on Equality," "Baby Seals and Babies," "Mourning Marriage," and "Six Types of Freedom." Here's what the famous conservative thinker William F. Buckley Jr. said about Gairdner's original publication of The Trouble with Canada: "His mobilizing passion wonderfully animates an analytical precision that should be the reason for a national -- binational -- celebration."
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Rich Is a State of Mind

Rich Is a State of Mind

Organizations : Investment Funds Institute of Canada Financial Planners Standards Council Canadian Association of Financial Planners Advocis ...

Author: Robert M. Gignac

Publisher: Author's Choice Publishing

ISBN: 0973184906

Category: Estate planning

Page: 290

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Rescuing Canada s Right

Rescuing Canada s Right

Fourth, conservatives must establish more print media. It is fine to criticize national newspapers for bias. Keep in mind, however, that in Canada, most voters don't read them. The paper with the biggest circulation is the Toronto Star.

Author: Tasha Kheiriddin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470836927

Category: Political Science

Page: 318

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A provocative and timely call to action for civic-minded Canadians yearning for a more competitive political system ane better government. Canadians everywhere are asking: what's wrong with the Conservative Party? The Liberal Party of Canada has held power for 70 of the past 100 years--a feat unrivaled by any other political party in the Western hemisphere. This dominance has caused a great deal of frustration on all political fronts, especially on the right. In the past two years, the long-awaited merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives has not achieved the results many were expecting. Despite the explosive revelations of the sponsorship scandal, and attempts to improve his party's image, Stephen Harper's Conservatives still trail in the polls. In Rescuing Canada's Right, the authors examine the problems facing the Conservative Party and the broader conservative movement, and offer concrete solutions on how to fix them. Some of the issues the book will address: Why the Conservative Party and its predecessor parties have such a poor electoral record; Why today's Conservative Party is not really conservative. Why a new political vision is necessary to inspire Canadians--and what it should be. How the Liberals use public money to entrench an unhealthy reliance on the state--and how the right has failed to challenge it What Canadian conservatives can learn from the American and British experiences How to build a Canadian Conservative counter-culture in the media, academia, and the law How the right can break through to the young, and to immigrants in Quebec An action plan to end Canada's democratic deficit and level the political playing field. Rescuing Canada's Right will be a hard-hitting and groundbreaking work that will introduce new ideas and a passionate call for change for 21st century Canada.
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The Mind s Staircase

The Mind s Staircase

Jill Goldberg-Reitman Department of Psychology North York General Hospital 4001 Leslie Street Willowdale, Ontario CANADA M2K 1E1 Sharon Griffin Department of Education Clark University Worcester, MA USA. Zopito Marini Department of ...

Author: Robbie Case

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781134744664

Category: Psychology

Page: 412

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The shortcomings of Piaget's theory of intellectual development are well-known. Less clear is what sort of theory should be devised to replace it. This volume describes the current "main contenders," including neo-Piagetian, neo-connectionist, neo-innatist and sociocultural models. Its contributors conclude that none of these models are adequate because each one implies a view of the human mind which is either too general, too particular, or too modular. A collaborative program of research -- seven years in the making -- is then described, which gives support to a newly emerging synthesis of these various positions.
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