Chill A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory

Chill  A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory

Does Climate Change Mean the World is Cooling, and If So What Should We Do
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Author: Peter Taylor


ISBN: 9781905570577

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Although the world’s climate has undergone many cyclical changes, the phrase ‘climate change’ has taken on a sinister meaning, implying catastrophe for humanity, ecology and the environment. We are told that we are responsible for this threat, and that we should act immediately to prevent it. But the apparent scientific consensus over the causes and effects of climate change is not what it appears. Chill is a critical survey of the subject by a committed environmentalist and scientist. Based on extensive research, it reveals a disturbing collusion of interests responsible for creating a distorted understanding of changes in global climate. Scientific institutions, basing their work on critically flawed computer simulations and models, have gained influence and funding. In return they have allowed themselves to be directed by the needs of politicians and lobbyists for simple answers, slogans and targets. The resulting policy - a 60% reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 - would have a huge, almost unimaginable, impact upon landscape, community and biodiversity. On the basis of his studies of satellite data, cloud cover, ocean and solar cycles, Peter Taylor concludes that the main driver of recent global warming has been an unprecedented combination of natural events. His investigations indicate that the current threat facing humanity is a period of global cooling, comparable in severity to the Little Ice Age of 1400-1700 AD. The risks of such cooling are potentially greater than global warming and on a more immediate time scale, with the possibility of failing harvests leaving hundreds of millions vulnerable to famine. Drawing on his experience of energy policy and sustainability, Taylor suggests practical steps that should be taken now. He urges a shift away from mistaken policies that attempt to avert inevitable natural changes, to an adaptation to a climate that is likely overall to turn significantly cooler.
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The Truth Agenda

The Truth Agenda

uncovered in James Taylor's article Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring '
97-Percent Consensus' Claims, 30 May ... by scientist-turned-warmingskeptic
Peter Taylor, Chill: A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory (Clairview Books,

Author: Andy Thomas

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9781939149473

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The Truth Agenda explores some of the most famous unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups of recent history. What is the truth about UFOs, pyramids, religious apparitions, psychic phenomena, visions of the future and ancient prophecies, and what is their connection to famous conspiracy theories concerning the Moon landings, 9/11, the New World Order, and claims that the planet is secretly run by a powerful ruling elite? Leading mysteries researcher Andy Thomas pulls the many threads together in an accessible, stimulating and credible overview which suggests that our world may be very different from the picture presented by the establishment. The Truth Agenda shows how we can avoid control manipulations and help to create a more positive future. Why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories, and what is the evidence to support them? What is the basis for the wide belief that we are now in a ‘New Era’ of massive change and consciousness shift? Why is there such huge but officially undeclared interest in paranormal phenomena from authorities and religions? How does all this tie together and explain the agendas of control and surveillance in the West, and what can we do?
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TRANSLATING Coaching Codes of Practice Leading the way into the personal knowledge bases of everyday practitioner

TRANSLATING Coaching Codes of Practice   Leading the way into the personal knowledge bases of everyday practitioner

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Author: Yvonne Thackray


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The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change

The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change 2009. ACRIM vs PMOD. Available at: http: //
index.php/archives/ 2009/05/acrim-vs-pmod/ Ruddiman W. F. 2003. ... Chill: A
Reassessment of Global Warming Theory. Forest Row: Clairview Books. ten
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Author: John A Matthews

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781473971776

Category: Science

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The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change is an extensive survey of the interdisciplinary science of environmental change, including recent debates on climate change and the full range of other natural and anthropogenic changes affecting the Earth-ocean-atmosphere system in the past, present and future. It examines the historic importance, present status and future prospects of the field over two volumes. With more than 40 chapters, the books situate the defining characteristics and key paradigms within a state-of-the-art review of the field, including its changing nature and diversity of approaches, evidence base, key theoretical arguments, resonances with other disciplines and relationships between theory, research and practice. Opening with a detailed, contextualizing essay by the editors, the work is arranged into six parts: Part One: Approaches to Understanding Environmental Change Part Two: Evidence of Environmental Change and the Geo-ecological Response Part Three: Causes, Mechanisms and Dynamics of Environmental Change Part Four: Key Issues of Human-induced Environmental Changes and Their Impacts Part Five: Patterns, Processes and Impacts of Environmental Change at the Regional Scale Part Six: Responses of People to Environmental Change and Implications for Society Global in its coverage, scientific and theoretical in its approach, the books bring together an international set of respected editors and contributors to provide an exciting, timely addition to the literature on climate change. With the subjects' interdisciplinary framework, this book will appeal to academics, researchers, postgraduates and practitioners in a variety of disciplines including, geography, geology, ecology, environmental science, archaeology, anthropology, politics and sociology.
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