Churchmouse Tales

Churchmouse Tales

"Adorable easy-to-make finger puppets.

Author: Violet M. Toler


ISBN: 0974974900

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

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"Adorable easy-to-make finger puppets. Patterns and directions for 4 mice and a mousehouse. 35 short story scripts, each with a memory verse and prayer. Excellent for church teachers of, pre-K through 6th grades. Older children can make the puppets and perform the scripts. Kids love churchmice! You will too."
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Church Mouse Book 2

Church Mouse   Book 2

I gulped despair with the metal in my saliva, fearing perhaps Goddard had
touched on a relevant point – stories, the bite behind a deceptive burgundy
curtain of tales, tales, tales! Tales were made to break your heart by only being
tales; you ...

Author: R. H. Hale

Publisher: Help For Writers Ltd

ISBN: 9781910823309

Category: Fiction


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Rona is afraid. She watches the minutes disappear. Rona is about to change. Forever. Rona wakes. You will not recognise her. Neither will she at first. Not even her own name. No one warned her it wouldn’t happen overnight. No one warned her of a drawn-out transmutation unlike anything she could have imagined. Because nothing can prepare you for this. Turn the pages of Rona Dean’s diary as she finally learns the murkiest secrets of undead blood. There is no glamour. No favouritism. No means too savage. And no room for mistakes! In an ancient underworld governed by ruthless territoriality, this new existence will challenge the young novice to beyond her limits. And when an old rival threatens their home, it will take all her new-found instincts to survive a cunning game against predators far stronger than she. Meanwhile, an emotional tension is building between her and inscrutable mentor Serge, testing them both to breaking point as lost memories slowly, but surely, begin to resurface …
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Amos the Churchmouse A View from Under the Pew

Amos the Churchmouse  A View from Under the Pew

Chapter 16 A Tale of Two Frogs a tale of two frogs boss pastor leroy beetle
wasabit discouraged the other day he told me he dreaded the effects of summer
and itswarm carefree days in the church pew underworld you mean about folks
taking ...

Author: Gary Mitchell

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 9781632327734

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 122

View: 788

From his headquarters under a stark wooden pew, Amos—yep, a churchmouse—holds court as chief critic of all things Christian. His status as a furry fly on the wall gives him ample opportunity to tsk his whiskers over lame sermons, lack of vision, greed, and the general sense of malaise that has taken over the church pew underworld. As Amos encounters Freddy the Flea, Louie the Songdog, Prayer Virgil the PrayingMantis, and others, you just might recognize a few, um, animals who walk the halls of your church! Readers ages 8 to 88 will be encouraged and amused by Amos’s discoveries about God’s love for us—and find themselves looking a little more closely before they take a seat next Sunday.
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Tales of a Church Mouse

Tales of a Church Mouse

You will find these stories original, imaginative and fun. If you enjoy reading Tales of a Church Mouse you will also enjoy reading the author's Christmas anthology, Imagine Christmas.

Author: John Edgell

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 150788317X


Page: 94

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Jason Anthony Mouse narrates twelve fascinating tales of church life-a delightful anthology of stories for the whole church family. Have you ever said, "I sure wish I could have been a bug on the wall to hear and watch what was going on in there"? Mrs. Fernfeather, Mrs. Peacock, Deacon Brown, Hilda Shoeloose, Willie Hardsnout, and many other unforgettable characters are seen through Jason Anthony's eyes as he scurries about the church, hides behind a book, under flowers, in a pocket, and behind a cow in a manger scene stable, while observing interesting and telling events and conversations. The stories' unique characters struggle with misunderstandings, misguided attitudes, yet in the end are brought to a change of heart. The stories in Tales of a Church Mouse challenge, inspire, and are wildly entertaining-possibly because they strike so close to home!

Conversations with a Church Mouse HB

Conversations with a Church Mouse  HB

... to be your dinner. Nice of them, huh?” “Boy, you stop telling those tall tales
before I box your ears,” Annie shot back with a grin. “Okay ... The First Church
Service First Sunday! Daniel had been waiting 29 Conversations with a Church

Author: Warren G. Blaisure

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781645305804

Category: Fiction

Page: 146

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Conversations with a Church Mouse By: Warren G. Blaisure One day on October Mountain, about halfway between Pittsfield and Becket, Massachusetts, on the Washington Mountain Road, a hiker is enjoying the lovely fall day when he comes across an old abandoned church. Full of intrigue, he steps inside, and what he comes across next is something he never expects. As he enters he is shocked to hear a small voice call out to him and upon turning toward the sound, discovers it is a mouse talking to him! Conversations with a Church Mouse is a fun tale that teaches us we should follow God while enduring life’s challenges and enjoying its victories.
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The Tale of Micah Mouse

The Tale of Micah Mouse

“Uncle Aiden Churchmouse?” “Right. I said that already. Who are you?” Uncle
Aiden asked. “Why, I'm your great-nephew, Micah. I grew up listening to the
stories that you used to tell my Papa and all his brothers and sisters in the nest. I
can't ...

Author: L. Mitchell Davis

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781598866551

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 571

What's a mouse to do? When you're afraid and all alone, should you brave the dark and try to find your missing family? Micah is in a quandary. Should he ignore his father's stern orders and search for them? His rumbling tummy is pushing the decision... Lana Mitchell Davis' new book, "Mouse Adventures: The Tale of Micah Mouse" teaches self-discovery and the necessity of relying on God in trying situations. Through mishaps and adventures, Micah discovers that he can do more than he ever thought possible, but only through the help of God and others, beginning a spiritual journey that will be carried into later books in the "Mouse Adventures" series.
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Tales of Dorothy

Tales of Dorothy

First written for the monthly church magazine, the stories follow the day-to-day life and changing seasons of the church year, and are enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Author: Janice Scott


ISBN: 1698470754


Page: 75

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These delightful and amusing short stories feature Dorothy, a little fat elderly mouse who lives under the tower in church. Dorothy is very proud of being a church mouse rather than a common field mouse or dormouse. First written for the monthly church magazine, the stories follow the day-to-day life and changing seasons of the church year, and are enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days

Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days

Collected Utopian Tales / New and Revised Edition Jack Zipes. Once upon a
time there was a wise man who ... Poor as a church mouse he was, and poor as a
church mouse he remained. And that was because he wouldn't allow anything in

Author: Jack Zipes

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319692753

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 250

View: 495

This book is a collection of traditional German fairy tales and fables, deliberately transformed into utopian narratives and social commentary by political activists in the Weimar Republic (1919-1933). Against a backdrop of financial and political instability, widespread homelessness, and the reformation of public institutions, numerous gifted writers such as Berta Lask, Kurt Schwitters, Hermynia zur Mühlen, Oskar Maria Graf, Bruno Schönlank, and Joachim Ringelnatz responded to the need for hope among the common people by creating fairy tales and fables that offered a new and critical vision of social conditions. Though many of their tales deal with the grim situation of common people and their apparent helplessness, they are founded on the principle of hope. This revised edition includes over 50 illustrations by contemporary international artists who reveal how similar the Weimar conditions were to the conditions in which we presently live. In this respect, the Weimar fairy tales and fables have not lost their spirit and significance.
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Children s Books in Print 2007

Children s Books in Print  2007

Church Cats & Clerical Cats in Stories. M. Bryant. 1997. (Illus.). 256p. (J), pap. ...
Church Mouse of Saint Nicholas. Charles A. Brady. 2004. (Illus.). 48p. (J). ...
Churchmouse Tales: Puppet Piays, 10 vols., Vol. 2. Violet M. Toler. Illus. by
Leatha ...



ISBN: 0835248518

Category: Authors


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Praying Your Story

Praying Your Story

Also by William Cleary Prayers and Fables How the Wild Things Pray The Lively
Garden Prayer Book Lighten Your Heart Prayers for Lovers Prayers to She Who
Is A Doubter ' s Prayerbook Centering Prayers Facing God Churchmouse Tales ...

Author: William Cleary

Publisher: Forest of Peace Publishing

ISBN: 0939516578

Category: Religion

Page: 191

View: 800

Provides a fresh, humorous, and wise perspective from which we can make sense of our lives, even when our world seems crowded with the unjust and absurd. Based on the unforgettable, wisdom-bearing fables of Aesop and the life-enhancing qualities of a variety of classic and contemporary saints. Cleary offers a collection of contemplative prayers that illumine the meaning, value and triumph of life.
Categories: Religion

The Day of the Glorious Revolution

The Day of the Glorious Revolution

Stanley Burke. THE BUG MINORITY THE LAST DIKE Nenin The Green
CLAMBAKE Pierre Bullion , you see , was the richest ". 4.

Author: Stanley Burke

Publisher: Lorimer

ISBN: WISC:89106745656

Category: Humor

Page: 43

View: 658

This book - a sequel to Frog Fables and Beaver Tales - tells the story of a special group of animals, called Communicators, who inhabit the Swamp of the Beavers and the Frogs.
Categories: Humor

Australian Books in Print 1999

Australian Books in Print 1999

Author: Anonimo

Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Company

ISBN: 1864520256

Category: Reference

Page: 2200

View: 286

"Excellent coverage...essential to worldwide bibliographic coverage."--American Reference Books Annual. This comprehensive reference provides current finding & ordering information on more than 123,000 in-print books published in Australia. You'll also find brief profiles of more than 12,000 publishers & distributors whose titles are represented, as well as information on trade associations, local agents of overseas publishers, literary awards, & more. From Thorpe.
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And Charles Churchmouse is determined to save it . ... A vivid cast of characters
develops as the tale unfolds : a bewildered church organist , the governor , the
chairman of a pharmaceuticals ( continued on back flap ) A Novel of Life rch ...

Author: James S. Wamsley

Publisher: Eakin Press

ISBN: 0890157669

Category: Fiction

Page: 218

View: 254

In an old Southern city, a historic church is threatened with demolition. Among the creatures affected is Charles, an astute, adventurous mouse. Charles and make his contribution to the world of humans--aliens in the same existential plane.Written with wonderfully visual prose, Churchmouse is destined to take a place beside Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Watership Down.
Categories: Fiction

The California Tales

The California Tales

... whiskers across the eviscerated belly of a church mouse. Episodically since,
the rambunctious rill gained momentum. Fetch, pitch, and duration escalated like
the surf building at Steamers Lane, or the bell curve of a sine wave on steroids or,

Author: Mathew Kinsella

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469101118

Category: Poetry

Page: 499

View: 890

Exhibit-A To dream the im-poss-ible dream to fight the un-beat-able foe to run where the brave (or wise) dare not go -From the Broadway production of The Man of La Mancha, music by Darien and Leigh, 1965 Gracing the awesome coastline of California like a set of stained glass and adobe rosary beads, the 18th-century chain of twenty-one old Spanish missions offer the modern tourist a window into the history of the golden state at once colorful, quaint, often romanticized and just possibly not as benign as the tourist literature would lead us to believe. Investigating just that possibility, three amateur researchers have uncovered an historic mission artifact that, proven authentic, could shaken the golden state to its foundations. Nor would the repercussions end there, cautioned research director Brother Kolbe. Not by a long shot. At the state capitol in Sacramento, the governors Mission Affairs Department, and entrenched bereaucrazy representing the vested interest of the church, civic groups, university and private concerns, is naturally interested in the discovery. With real estate totaling in the multi-billion dollar range, including treasure troves of priceless relics and artwork, the Mission Affairs Department is somewhat hesitant at relinquishing control of their flock of iconic golden geese. Exposing the scandalous mission hullabaloo to the light of day may very well, researcher Samara Del Rio smiled with a perfectly beatific malfeasance, induce a state of anarchy. This my quest, to follow that star no matter how hopeless, no matter how far Along with Sam, ostensibly the team sociologist; Franciscan Brother and linguist Kolbe McCeanna and computer technician Felicia Bonaventura have tracked the legendary article to the derelict ruins of a minor auxiliary mission, Mision Estancia San Micmac, abandoned deep in the cathedral redwoods of Californias rugged pacific coast foothills. Exhibit-A.: as Sacramento knows, the notorious artifact is a legendary mission document lost since the colonial era, and thought to be a Spanish translation of aboriginal petroglyphs, entitled Las Cuentitas Primaveritas de Isla Califia. Past as prologue, a highly divisive work of folkloric Outside Art, colonial-era historians date the slim manuscript to the year 1561. Spakespearean scholars, however, citing key internal references to The Bards colonial-era play The Tempest, insist that the text is no older that the year 1611. Anti-Stratfordians, of course, call the Spakespearean theory leaky as an unstaunched wench. Adding to the debate, pre-Columbian archivists at Villa Poggio Gherado in Canterbury, England claim tevidence supporting a composition date of 1348. Equally divided, modern pundits dismiss Las Cuentitas as nothing more than psychosocial gibberish and third-rate poetic doggerel anyway, or else venerate the document as instrumental to a radical psychosocial transformation. Either way, if birds of a feather flock together than the infamous manuscript resembles a traditional book to the extent a penguin resembles an ostrich. [Embedded in translation throughout the plot of The California Tales], Las Cuentitas represents an extraordinary multimedia-literary genre suppressed censored and banned since the 1960s as irredeemably subversive to the status quo. During its brief hayday in the sun, the tempestuous genre was known as Prosperos Salient Heliotropic Articulation Grids: pSHAGs. And, particularly threatening to the dominate paradigm, pSHAG poetry, (or poemetry), was known, rather tongue-in-cheek, as Teleothanantological Neuropeptidal Algorithms: T.N.A.s. Moreover, reputedly encrypted within a Prospero SHAG TNA are the sole surviving fragments of the theoretical Archetypical Tale: the mother of all manuscripts, the lore at the core. Archetypical Tale theorists insist that this so-called consummate communiqu is simultaneously primordial and pansophic, pro
Categories: Poetry

The Complete Grimm s Fairy Tales

The Complete Grimm s Fairy Tales

From one side came cries of: “There is one,” but from the other: “Let him go, 'tis a
bearskin, as poor and bare as a church-mouse, what should we gain from him?”
So the gold-child rode joyfully through the forest, and no evil befell him. One day

Author: Brothers Grimm

Publisher: Pantheon

ISBN: 030779718X

Category: Fiction

Page: 880

View: 985

The stories of magic and myth gathered by the Brothers Grimm have become part of the way children—and adults—learn about the vagaries of the real world. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow-White, Hänsel and Gretel, Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood), and Briar-Rose (Sleeping Beauty) are only a few of the more than two hundred enchanting characters included in this volume. The tales are presented just as Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm originally set them down: bold, primal, just frightening enough, and endlessly engaging. With black-and-white illustrations throughout Illustrated by Josef Schari / Commentary by Joseph Campbell Part of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library
Categories: Fiction

Utopian Tales from Weimar

Utopian Tales from Weimar

Poor as a churchmouse he was , and poor as a churchmouse he remained . And
that was because he wouldn't allow anything in the world to disturb his thoughts .
Yet he did own something precious . And that wasyou will hardly believe this ...

Author: Jack Zipes

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: IND:30000021369107

Category: Children's stories, German

Page: 211

View: 100

Categories: Children's stories, German

A Churchmouse Christmas

A Churchmouse Christmas

Author: Barbara Davoll

Publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing

ISBN: PSU:000033039473

Category: Christian life

Page: 24

View: 767

Discover Christopher Churchmouse's special Christmas surprise in this delightful tale told in rhyme!
Categories: Christian life

Fairy Tale Parade Complete Collection

Fairy Tale Parade   Complete Collection

But after a long wrestle and tussle with Fate, the world and the devil got the better
of old Conal and laid him out flat as a pancake and poor as a churchmouse! -
There was one dark morn when Gonal awoke without the makings of a meal in
the ...

Author: Walt Kelly

Publisher: John Davies



Page: 597

View: 382

Fairy Tale Parade was first published, by Dell Publishing Co., in June 1942 and it ran for 9 issues until November 1944. The series is now critically acclaimed primarily as it showcases work by a true comic book great Walt Kelly. Kelly had recently left Walt Disney Studios and it was Walt Disney who advised him to work in comics. The publishers were obviously extremely pleased with Kelly's work as at the front of issue #1 was a Foreword which is reproduced beneath: 'Fairy Tale Parade is an attempt to bring to young and old a series of picture books of folk tales and stories of many lands - not as a shortcut to reading but in the hope of instilling the desire to read and re-read the fairy tales, legends and myths of bygone days. 'Often we have longed for more pictures in our favorite fairy tale book. Now Walt Kelly, the artist who drew all the wonderful pictures in this book, makes our wish come true. So, let us go with him into the land of trolls and wicked witches.' 'Let us tip-toe through enchanted palaces past deep dungeons where iron chains clank and rattle, meet giants and tiny dwarfs. Let's step into the fairy ring and meet the little people.' Cover art by Walt Kelly. Thumbelisa, pencils by Walt Kelly. Little Black Sambo, script by Helen Bannerman (original text), pencils by Walt Kelly; Little Black Sambo runs into tigers in the woods. The Story of Hansel and Gretel, art by Walt Kelly. Winkie and the Wishing Well, art by Walt Kelly. The Flute O'McTootle, art by Walt Kelly. Big Claus and Little Claus. The Sleeping Beauty, art by Arthur E. Jameson. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Prince Joel text story. The Wise Men of Gotham. The Nose Tree, art by L. Bing. The Tail of Rufus Redfox, script by Gaylord Du Bois; Rufus Redfox, proud of his pure red tail, gets caught raiding Squire Beaver's grapes, catches what for, concocts a fable of the Boogly Bird, is scoffed at, goes home, creates a Boogly Bord of tar and feathers, scares Squire Beaver into giving up goodies, is found out, gets his tail tip burnt; the fur will grow in white, now all red foxes have a white-tip tail. Beauty and the Beast, art by Arthur Jameson. The Legend of the Stars, art by Walt Kelly; Bright and Glum are sprites in charge of day and night; Glum gets depressed and decides not to work anymore. The Gingerbread Man, pencils by Walt Kelly; The gingerbread man can outrun everyone, but can he outrun a wiley fox? The Frog Queen. The Wild Swans, art by Arthur E. Jameson. Saku, art by Bill Brady. Cover art by Walt Kelly. The Dragon of Dilly Dun Dee, art by Walt Kelly. The Ugly Duckling, art by George Kerr; Adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen. The Brave Prince; Adapted from the Hungarian fairy tale. The Mermaid, script by Gaylord Du Bois, art by Arthur E. Jameson; The mermaid falls for the prince, strikes a deal with the sea witch, but the prince marries another, and mermaid girl dies. Walt Kelly cover and art. Sinbad the Sailor, the Three Little Dwarfs, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Cover art by Walt Kelly. Prince Robin and the Dwarfs, art by Walt Kelly. The Legend of Saturday Mountain, art by Arthur E. Jameson; A Polish fairy tale. The Snow Queen, script by Gaylord Du Bois, art by L. Bing; adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Elementary School Paperback Collection

The Elementary School Paperback Collection

Author: John Thomas Gillespie

Publisher: Chicago : American Library Association

ISBN: UOM:39015011537449

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 306

View: 936

Provides an annotated list of useful fiction and nonfiction, published in paperback, for students in grades one through six.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines