City Under the Sand

City Under the Sand

This is Athas, the unrelenting world of the Dark Sun®; a world shaped by inherently destructive magic, and ruled by intrinsic evil.

Author: Jeff Mariotte

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

ISBN: 9780786958061

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where heroes must battle the horrible monsters and vicious raiders who roam the desert, while in the cities undying sorcerer-kings crush any who dare to oppose them. This is Athas, the unrelenting world of the Dark Sun®; a world shaped by inherently destructive magic, and ruled by intrinsic evil. In such a world, the forces of good—and the heroes who emerge in this unforgiving land—fight not only for themselves, but for life of the world itself. Aric, is a half-elf with a rare natural ability with the psionic discipline known as “the Way.” When Aric is brought into a quest to search for a priceless trove weapons, he would rather keep his head down and live a simple life. But nothing is simple in the city of Nibenay with it reclusive ruler known as the Shadow King. And in a world where metal is the rarest of commodities, Aric’s “way” with metal is an even rarer talent. Enlisted by the Shadow King himself to seek out this cache of metal weaponry, Aric heads into the desert with a treacherous band of adventurers. Allegiances are tested and secrets are uncovered. But sometimes the secrets hidden by the sands of time should remain undiscovered. When Aric and his band uncover an evil perhaps greater than the Shadow King himself, it is a race against time to see who will harness its power.
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Castles in the Sand

Castles in the Sand

Barney Gimbel, “The richest city in the world,” Fortune, 12 March 2007. ... pansion
is Yasser Elsheshtawy, “Cities of Sand and Fog: Abu Dhabi's Global Ambitions,”
in The Evolv- ingArab City: Tradition, Modernity, and Urban De- velopment, ed.

Author: Michael Cameron Dempsey

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786477609

Category: Art

Page: 220

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Abu Dhabi--an obscure Middle Eastern principality that happens to be the richest city in the world. This book tells the story of Abu Dhabi's ambitions to transform itself from a sleepy sheikhdom into a thriving international metropolis and a hub of business and leisure. It traces Abu Dhabi's boom years from 2009 to 2011 from the perspective of a Westerner working for the Urban Planning Council, the government agency that planned and coordinated all of the massive development activity. Castles in the Sand explores the drastic changes in Abu Dhabi's built environment, where entire islands are forested with skyscrapers and billions of dollars in infrastructure are spent on a whim--while recounting the disorienting experience of an outsider encountering a society in which foreigners outnumber locals nine to one and modernity clashes head-on with centuries of embedded tradition. General readers will find a broad introduction to Abu Dhabi, and architects and planners will gain a firsthand glimpse inside an unprecedented experiment in city-building.
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Maria Golia focuses on the present moment of Cairo, one of the world's most illustrious and irreducible cities.

Author: Maria Golia

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861891873

Category: History

Page: 232

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Maria Golia focuses on the present moment of Cairo, one of the world's most illustrious and irreducible cities.
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A Line in the Sand

A Line in the Sand

And yet, despite the Ottomans' decay, the sultan remained influential across the
wider Sunni Muslim world as the caliph, or successor, to the Prophet Muhammad
and guardian of the three holiest cities in Islam: Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

Author: James Barr

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781849839037

Category: History

Page: 350

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A fascinating insight into the untold story of how British-French rivalry drew the battle-lines of the modern Middle East. In 1916, in the middle of the First World War, two men secretly agreed to divide the Middle East between them. Sir Mark Sykes was a visionary politician; François Georges-Picot a diplomat with a grudge. They drew a line in the sand from the Mediterranean to the Persian frontier, and together remade the map of the Middle East, with Britain’s 'mandates' of Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq, and France's in Lebanon and Syria. Over the next thirty years a sordid tale of violence and clandestine political manoeuvring unfolded, told here through a stellar cast of politicians, diplomats, spies and soldiers, including T. E. Lawrence, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle. Using declassified papers from the British and French archives, James Barr vividly depicts the covert, deadly war of intrigue and espionage between Britain and France to rule the Middle East, and reveals the shocking way in which the French finally got their revenge. ‘The very grubby coalface of foreign policy … I found the entire book most horribly addictive’ Independent ‘One of the unexpected responses to reading this masterful study is amazement at the efforts the British and French each put into undermining the other’ The Spectator
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Cities of the Future

Cities of the Future

... November 2004 on a section of a road located on the shore of Lake Biwa in
Kusatsu City (Yamada et al., 2004, 2006). ... Tank A consisted of two types of soil,
5 cm deep Akadama soil in the top layer and 40 cm deep pit sand in the bottom ...

Author: Vladimir Novotny

Publisher: IWA Publishing

ISBN: 9781843391364

Category: Science

Page: 352

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This book is developed from and includes the presentations of leading international experts and scholars in the 12-14 July, 2006 Wingspread Workshop. With urban waters as a focal point, this book will explore the links between urban water quality and hydrology, and the broader concepts of green cities and smart growth. It also addresses legal and social barriers to urban ecological sustainability and proposes practical ways to overcome those barriers. Cities of the Future features chapters containing visionary concepts on how to ensure that cities and their water resources become ecologically sustainable and are able to provide clean water for all beneficial uses. The book links North American and Worldwide experience and approaches. The book is primarily a professional reference aimed at a wide interdisciplinary audience, including universities, consultants, environmental advocacy groups and legal environmental professionals.
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The Sand Castle

The Sand Castle

The videos that were being shown depicted destruction in all of the cities where
the military was stationed. There was a video of Jeddah Harbor area and the
destroyed American Consulate. The reporter was saying that there were bans of

Author: Wayne M. Smith

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469152295

Category: Fiction

Page: 289

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There is no available information at this time.
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Grains of Sand

Grains of Sand

... soon set up in a row of three storey Edwardian houses and a few yards further
on the Lido buildings, built on the sand hills in Ainsdale. ... This situation was
made much worse by the terrible bombings of those two cities in the spring of

Author: Margaret J. Carr


ISBN: 9781409204282

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

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Closing weeks of 1899. The Mason family return from Ceylon to make a new life in the Victorian seaside town of Southport, in the north west of England. Sarah and Alexander Mason eagerly await the birth of their 2nd child, they hope will be a boy. William is born early on in the new century. Then in a local park Louisa, the Masons' lonely, confused little daughter meets, for the first time, a young ragamuffin called Millie. Their friendship will play an integral part in Louisa's life, albeit against the strong wishes of Louisa's father. Through family tragedy and two world wars, the Masons' lives unfold as generation after generation, chapter after chapter, the years finally lead up to 2000. A new year, a new century and a New Millennium. Only William Mason, born at the very start of the twentieth century, lives on. His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren decide to give this grand old man a special treat to celebrate his 100 year birthday. They will give him the time of his life.
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The Child and Nature Or Geography Teaching with Sand Modelling

The Child and Nature  Or  Geography Teaching with Sand Modelling

The grain and cattle products naturally centre in Chicago , St. Louis and Kansas
City , for the lake , river and railroad traffic ... The cities about the Mediterranean
Sea that formerly flourished in their extensive East - India trade date their decline

Author: Alex Everett Frye


ISBN: HARVARD:32044028816908

Category: Geography

Page: 210

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The Third Tower Up from the Road

The Third Tower Up from the Road

CITIES. IN. THE. SAND: RIO. DE. JANEIRO,. BRAZIL. R. ogean Rodriguez was
born and raised in a favella in Rio. As a child, he would go ... One day, when he
was 13, he came across Alonso Dias, who had built a city in the sand. Alonso
had ...

Author: Kevin Dolgin

Publisher: Santa Monica Press

ISBN: 9781595809469

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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The Third Tower Up from the Road is a humorous and entertaining collection of travel essays made up of old favorites as well as new commentaries from Kevin Dolgin’s popular McSweeney’s Internet Tendency column, Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go. The work celebrates the distinctive qualities of locales the world over, and each globetrotting essay focuses on a specific place, capturing the flavors and cultures through individual observations and exceptional experiences. Funny, irreverent, and insightful, these writings eschew the bland, touristy veneer experienced by most travelers as they seek to discover what is special and unique about each destination. Covering a wide range of places and interests, from unusual experiences and humorous traveler’s foibles to voyages that are intensely personal and moving, the selected columns include "The Best Falafel in the World: Beirut, Lebanon," "The Door to Hell: Paris, France," "Kafka’s Erotic Dream: Prague, Czech Republic," "The Nesting Habits of Roman Cars: Rome, Italy," "Of Romans and Pussycats: Provence, France," and "The Third Tower Up from the Road: Huanghuacheng, China." Also featured is "The Corsican Swallowtail: Corsica, France," which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
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Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography

19,78 ) ; not permitting a free egress to the sand which is and its site was one of
the most favourable that can washed up on that coast in vast quantities with be
imagined for a city of the first class . It stood at every tide , these moles have been



ISBN: BML:37001104025932


Page: 2491

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Toes in the Sand

Toes in the Sand

Charlotte was a great city as it was young and vibrant with that 'new south'
attitude. The downtown area was filling up with new places to eat, shop, and live.
The unfortunate side about progress is when there has been an 'if it is old tear it
down ...

Author: Nena Jackson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456723729

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 300

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Ebook downloads to computer as a PDF. Does not download to hand-held reading devices.
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Somewhere in the Sand

Somewhere in the Sand

That ruler of the Mali Empire built the Djinguereber Mosque, showered the city in
riches, and transformed the already important salt trade outpost into a hub of
Islamic learning. On his subsequent pilgrimage to Mecca, he bragged incessantly

Author: Chris Berggren

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440163647

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Chris and his fellow adventurers are back from a wild, four-month stretch of world travel. Together, they climbed Mount Sinai, rode donkeys through the Valley of Kings, and partied every step of the way. The young men have become addicted to travel, and it isn't long before they are plotting their next trip this time to Timbuktu, a place of seemingly mythical proportions in the West African country of Mali. Before long, their group gets larger in number, and soon, a small army of nine is making plans to head to Africa. They don't know what to expect, but then again, they don't care. Once in Africa, they will need to navigate the desert, deal with corrupt officials, and stomach extreme images of hardship and poverty. Along the way, they find quite a bit of adventure but also quite a bit of trouble. Through it all, this group of adventure junkies finds out that the perfect place to quench their thirst for excitement is Somewhere in the Sand.
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The Pacific Reporter

The Pacific Reporter

... above the bed of the sand has chinery , and other appliances for the purpose
upon several occasions been let into the wells ; of pumping water from the wells ,
and dis | the supply , as ordinarily fed into the wells tributing it throughout the city



ISBN: UCAL:B4428693

Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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Blood in the Sand

Blood in the Sand

American troops entered an empty city, because whoever the real terrorists might
have been, they escaped, drew back, and began to regroup while enemy factions
among them were forging a new unity. More cities and neighborhoods are ...

Author: Stephen Eric Bronner

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813138268

Category: Political Science

Page: 216

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Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, clouds of ash blackened the skies over New York City, Washington, D.C., and rural Pennsylvania. In the wake of the destruction, the United States seemingly entered a new era marked by radical changes in the nation's discourse and in the policies of the Bush administration. With the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, and saber rattling elsewhere, America's global war on terror began to take shape. Lofty rhetoric about expanding democracy and defending freedom filled the halls of elite power and dominated mainstream media coverage of American politics. Blood in the Sand offers both an incisive analysis and a confrontational critique of America's recent international pursuits and its dominant political culture. Stephen Eric Bronner challenges the notion that everything changed in the aftermath of 9/11. He shows instead how a criminal act served to legitimize political manipulation and invigorate traditional nationalistic enthusiasms for militarism and imperial expansion. Employing his own experiences in the Middle East, Bronner acknowledges -- but refuses to overstate -- recent progressive developments in the region. He criticizes the neo-conservative penchant for unilateral military aggression and debunks the dubious notion of fostering democracy at gunpoint. While Bronner analyzes authoritarian repression, human rights violations, shrinking civil liberties, and severe socioeconomic inequalities, Blood in the Sand is neither a narrow political diatribe nor a futile exercise in anti-American negativism. The author honors America by condemning the betrayal of the nation's finest ideals by so many of those who, hypocritically or naively, invoke those ideals the most. Bronner sheds new light on those who insist on publicly waving the flag while privately subverting that for which it stands. Blood in the Sand sounds a clarion call for revitalizing the American polity and reshaping foreign policy along democratic lines. Committed to a political renewal, Bronner urges the American people to recall what is best about their national heritage and the genuine beacon of hope it might offer other countries and other cultures.
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Lost Cities

Lost Cities

Well‐built houses, some with fancy decorations, rise up from the sand—but they
stand empty. Why was there once such a grand‐looking city in the middle of a
harsh desert? Why did its inhabitants vanish within a short time? One day in 1908
, ...

Author: Natalie Lunis

Publisher: Bearport Publishing

ISBN: 9781617726453

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Some cities that once thrived have now disappeared, the sites sometimes turning into empty, ominous ruins. What dark secrets are hidden in these vanished cities? In this book, readers will explore the mysteries of the world’s most famous lost cities and learn how these intriguing places were rediscovered. Among the 11 spooky places highlighted are the abandoned remains of a futuristic vacation town that was said to be cursed, and the crumbling ruins of an industrial town on an eerily deserted island. Fascinating histories and haunting photographs will keep kids turning the pages for more.
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Merchants Association Review

Merchants  Association Review

CALIFORNIA ASPHALT IN EASTERN CITIES , To the Board of Directors of the
Merchants ' Association . GRANITE BLOCK . I noted ... The stone blocks are laid
on the sand and PAVEMENTS USED IN EASTERN CITIES . The binder , which is



ISBN: STANFORD:36105015733194

Category: Municipal government


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Fire and Water

Fire and Water

... the bellows through filters of sand , the grade of which is finer than that The first
application of water power to organ blowing was a weight falls ; but rises slowly
and evenly because being checked of nearly every other city which has adopted




Category: Fire prevention


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Votes Proceedings

Votes   Proceedings

By Mr. Smart : Have the Government any lands in the immediate neighbourhood
of Sydney on which these Sand Hills exist ? ... By Colonel Barney : Have you
paid any attention to the shifting sands in the neighbourhood of the City ? I have
had ...

Author: New South Wales. Parliament. Legislative Council


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119245723

Category: New South Wales


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Gary the Most American of All American Cities

Gary  the Most American of All American Cities

Let a householder but stir with a stick in his back yard, on a windy day, and the
treacherous sand begins to move and cloud and whirl. And, close hemming the
city, are areas of sand, shifting and blowing and always threatening. And the
fancy ...

Author: S. Paul O'Hara

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253004994

Category: History

Page: 208

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U.S. Steel created Gary, Indiana. The new steel plant and town built on the site in 1906 were at once a triumph of industrial capitalism and a bold experiment in urban planning. Gary became the canvas onto which the American public projected its hopes and fears about modern, industrial society. In its prime, Gary was known as "the magic city," "steel's greatest achievement," and "an industrial utopia"; later it would be called "the very model of urban decay." S. Paul O'Hara traces this stark reversal of fortune and reveals America's changing expectations. He delivers a riveting account of the boom or bust mentality of American industrialism from the turn of the 20th century to the present day.
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Castles Made of Sand

Castles Made of Sand

... on June 11, 1882.2 The crescendo of thousands of voices, together with an
army of feet pounding the streets, generated a deep roar that shattered the
comfortable silence that embraces most Mediterranean cities and towns after

Author: Andre Gerolymatos

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 142991372X

Category: History

Page: 368

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"Extensively researched—with detailed source notes and an expansive bibliography—and cogently argued, Gerolymatos's study of diplomacy by espionage is timely and instructive." - Publishers Weekly With roots in imperialism and the nineteenth-century mindset of the "Great Game," Western nations have waged an intricate spy game this past century to establish control over the Middle East, secure access to key resources and regions of commerce, and prevent the spread of Soviet communism into the region. From the Suez Canal to the former Ottoman Empire, British and American intelligence communities have conspired to topple regimes and initiate Muslim leaders as pawns in a geopolitical chess game fought against Marxist expansion. Yet while the Iron Curtain was doomed to fall near the end of the twentieth century, this pattern of tunnel vision has created a different monster. The resulting resurgence of Muslim radicalism, and the induction of Arabs and other Muslims into the dark arts of espionage and sabotage, have only served to fan the flames in an already incendiary region and deepen the tensions between the Middle East and the West today. An authority on international studies and the history of guerilla warfare, André Gerolymatos offers the contemporary reader insight into the intelligence game that is still waged internationally with lethal intent, and into the Middle Eastern terrorist networks that had evolved over the decades. In this definitive account of covert operations in the Middle East, the author brings to life the extraordinary men and women whose successes and failures have shaped relations, and he reveals how the explosive nature of the region today has direct roots in the history of American and Western intervention.
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