The Comatose Kids

The Comatose Kids

on me , kid . Know what I mean ? He didn't pay the whole amount for an abortion . I could get it back . But don't like to put the finger on ... Then knock his balls and temple . Croak him for good . Hey , kid . Could Comatose Kids 49.

Author: Seymour Simckes

Publisher: Fc2/Black Ice Books

ISBN: 0914590189

Category: Fiction

Page: 114

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Filling a Need While Making Some Noise

Filling a Need While Making Some Noise

Nurses might think it's an extra chore to put a child with cerebral palsy into his wheelchair so that he can ... of the energy continuum (hyperactive and comatose), kids stuck in isolation, kids with no family around, terrified kids, ...

Author: Kathy Lorenzato

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 184642447X

Category: Psychology

Page: 144

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'This book teaches, provides painful insight, and creates awareness and empathy for the patients, families, and caregivers who are living and working every day within a framework of tragedy. This book is also great entertainment. You will laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously, throughout your reading.' - From the Foreword by Kay Roskam, Board Certified Music Therapist Filling a Need While Making Some Noise is an inspiring and engaging nuts-and-bolts guide for music therapists who are interested in working in pediatrics. Kathy Lorenzato paints a vivid picture of what it's like to work, as a member of support staff in a teaching hospital, with children and families who are facing tremendous health challenges, and for whom music therapy is part of their treatment or recovery plan. She explains the beneficial effects of music therapy on children with physical or mental illness and offers many helpful suggestions and background information on practicing music therapy in a hospital environment, the kinds of instruments to use and how to work successfully with medical staff and how music therapists can help their patients' families to cope with the hospital experience. Lorenzato also describes the therapy programs she designed to complement the treatment of and recovery from specific medical conditions she has encountered, from cancer to trauma caused by child abuse. This book will be an invaluable resource for music therapists, both newly qualified and experienced, members of the medical and childcare professions and students in these fields.
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Kids Grieve Too

Kids Grieve Too

For example , they may get the crayons and paper so that the sick child can draw and color a picture . ... Q : In your experience , when a terminally ill child ( or adult ) is in a comatose state , are they able to hear what goes on in ...

Author: Victor S. Lombardo

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited

ISBN: MINN:31951D002417416

Category: Psychology

Page: 94

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Categories: Psychology

BOPOD Wong s Nursing Care of Infants and Children

BOPOD   Wong s Nursing Care of Infants and Children

Awakening from a coma is a gradual process; however, some children regain consciousness within a short time. If there is little or no residual effect, the child is discharged home fairly soon. The parents need the most intensive nursing ...

Author: Marilyn J. Hockenberry

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323293402

Category: Medical

Page: 1888

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The most trusted authority in pediatric nursing, Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children provides unmatched, comprehensive coverage of pediatric growth, development, and conditions. Its unique 'age and stage' approach covers child development and health promotion as well as specific health problems organized by age groups and body systems. Leading pediatric experts Dr. Marilyn Hockenberry and David Wilson provide an evidence-based, clinical perspective based on nearly 30 years of hands-on experience. Easy to read and extensively illustrated, this edition focuses on patient-centered outcomes and includes updates on topics such as the late preterm infant, immunizations, the H1N1 virus, and childhood obesity. A clear, straightforward writing style makes content easy to understand. Unique Evidence-Based Practice boxes help you apply both research and critical thought processes to support and guide the outcomes of nursing care. Unique Atraumatic Care boxes contain techniques for care that minimize pain, discomfort, or stress. Unique Critical Thinking exercises help you test and develop your own analytical skills. A unique focus on family content emphasizes the role and influence of the family in health and illness with a separate chapter, discussions throughout the text, and family-centered care boxes. Nursing Care Guidelines provide clear, step-by-step, detailed instructions on performing specific skills or procedures. Unique Emergency Treatment boxes serve as a quick reference for critical situations. Unique Cultural Awareness boxes highlight ways in which variations in beliefs and practices affect nursing care for children. A developmental approach identifies each stage of a child's growth. Health promotion chapters emphasize principles of wellness and injury prevention for each age group. Student-friendly features include chapter outlines, learning objectives, key points, references, and related topics and electronic resources to help you study and review important content. A community focus helps you care for children outside the clinical setting. Nursing Care Plans include models for planning patient care, with nursing diagnoses, patient/family goals, nursing interventions/rationales, expected outcomes, and NIC and NOC guidelines. Nursing Tips include helpful hints and practical, clinical information, and Nursing Alerts provide critical information that must be considered in providing care.
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After The World Ends Save Book 4

After The World Ends  Save  Book 4

“So we've got six comatose kids to move at least a hundred miles around a horde of V's while soldiers hunt us down?” Tiana's voice might be a bit breathless, but her sarcasm was still on point. She wore a wane smile on her face that ...

Author: Jamie Thornton

Publisher: Igneous Books


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 300

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Thornton. DESSA IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME. The side effects from the zombie-blocker meds have become too great to bear, and so Dessa and her friends must bring all the Project Polus children to a special government facility called Sanctuary to get them help. But when rogue soldiers attack, the group is split. Now, in order to reach Sanctuary in time, Dessa and her companions must brave the dangers of almost a hundred miles of swampy river. Unfortunately, zombies can swim. ******** AFTER THE WORLD ENDS is a new series in the same bestselling universe as ZOMBIES ARE HUMAN. New characters. New adventures. A thrilling zombie apocalypse awaits.
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Out of the Garden

Out of the Garden

These researchers don't bother to observe comatose children in the classroom being battered with literacy ; they study them at play , at home watching television or in groups on the streets and in shops . They have talked to kids about ...

Author: Stephen Kline

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 1859840590

Category: Social Science

Page: 406

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This timely and innovative book provides a detailed history of marketing to children, revealing the strategies that shape the design of toys and have a powerful impact on the way children play. Stephen Kline looks at the history and development of children's play culture and toys from the teddy bear and Lego to the Barbie doll, Care Bears and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He profiles the rise of children's mass media - books, comics, film and television - and that of the specially stores such as Toys 'R' Us, revealing how the opportunity to reach large audiences of children through television was a pivotal point in developing new approaches to advertising. Contemporary youngsters, he shows, are catapulted into a fantastic and chaotic time-space continuum of action toys thanks to the merchandisers' interest in animated television. Kline looks at the imagery and appeal of the toy commercials and at how they provide a host of stereotyped figures around which children can organize their imaginative experience. He shows how the deregulation of advertising in the United States in the 1980s has led directly to the development of the new marketing strategies which use television series to saturate the market with promotional "character toys". Finally, in a powerful re-examination of the debates about the cultural effects of television, Out of the Garden asks whether we should allow our children's play culture to be primarily defined and created by marketing strategies, pointing to the unintended consequences of a situation in which images of real children have all but been eliminated from narratives about the young.
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Help I m a Sunday School Teacher

Help  I m a Sunday School Teacher

The comatose kids are bored stiff . . . until they hear footsteps on the roof, a chain saw start up, and the deafening noise of the chain saw cutting into the roof of their classroom. Roof tiles start falling. Kids scatter and dust ...

Author: Ray Johnston

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310209195

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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This funny, yet extremely practical book offers up 50 creative thoughts, tips, and ideas for teaching Sunday school at any age level in any church.
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Maternal Child Health Nursing

Maternal   Child Health Nursing

FIGURE 52.5 Glasgow Coma Scale scoring for a child. A score of 3 to 8 denotes severe trauma; 9 to 12, moderate trauma; 13 to 15, slight trauma. Notice the gradual improvement from coma in this example. Centers for Disease Control and ...

Author: Adele Pillitteri

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781582559995

Category: Medical

Page: 1778

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Growing research shows that many children from immigrant and refugee families are not doing well in school, due in part to linguistic and cultural disadvantages. Teaching dual-language learners requires cultural sensitivity, an understanding of language acquisition, and intentional teaching strategies. Combining research and techniques, this resource helps early childhood educators support dual-language learners as they develop the skills necessary for school readiness and success.
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100 Questions Answers about Your Child s Type 1 Diabetes

100 Questions   Answers about Your Child s Type 1 Diabetes

child. becomes. comatose? Coma is something all parents dread, but it's actually not that common for children to ... be the first parent to be unable to wake your child in the morning and go into a panic thinking the child is comatose!

Author: Elizabeth S. Platt

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781449619756


Page: 238

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An estimated 1 in 600 children in the US develops Type 1 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes in kids. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes can be distressing and confusing for parents and caregivers, but now there is expert help. 100 Questions & Answers About Your Child s Type 1 Diabetes provides authoritative, practical answers to the most common questions about the disease. This reader-friendly guide is an invaluable resource for learning how to manage the medical, emotional, and practical daily challenges of raising a child with Type 1 diabetes."
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Children s Orthopaedics and Fractures

Children   s Orthopaedics and Fractures

He noted that children tend to undergo a rotational movement and easily become airborne and move headfirst to the side of the ... An unresponsive or comatose child should be considered to have a spinal injury until proven otherwise.

Author: Michael Benson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781848826106

Category: Medical

Page: 868

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Con?rming the British genetic trait for writing and publishing (as well as acting), two English (Oxford and London) and a Scottish orthopaedic surgeon (Edinburgh) have produced a third edition of their comprehensive text, joined, as in the second edition by an editor from Germany, recognizing its part in the European community. The 62 physician contributors are drawn from pink-colored countries in our childhood geography books—the old British Empire from Australia to Zambia and two from the former colony, the USA. The original purpose of the book was to give residents or registrars an easily accessible and concise description of diseases and conditions encountered in the practice of paediatric orthopaedic surgery and to prepare for their examinations. But the practicing orthopaedic s- geon will ?nd an update of current practice that can be read for clarity and constraint—enough but not too much. A foreword might be a preview of things to come, but a “back word” of what was thought to be the ?nal say on the subject is needed for a perspective in progress. A “back word” look reveals the tremendous progress in medical diagnosis and treatment of which paediatric orthopaedics and fracture care is a component. Clubfoot treatment based on the dictums of Hiram Kite has had a revolutionary change by Ponseti. The chapter by Eastwood has the details on cast application and orthotics follow-up to obtain the 95% correction without the extensive surgery many of us thought was needed.
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