Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere

Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere

Communication. and. the. Public. We view the emergence of the downwinder community as a response not only to perceived environmental hazards, but also to constraints on democratic public discourse. —William J. Kinsella and Jay Mullen, ...

Author: Robert Cox

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483379296

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 440

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The Fourth Edition of Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere remains the only comprehensive introduction to the growing field of environmental communication, ranging from an historical overview of key terms to important legal and technological developments. This innovative book focuses on how human communication influences the way we perceive and act in the environment. It also examines how we interpret environmental “problems” and decide what actions to take with regard to the natural world. Three-time president of the Sierra Club, the largest environmental group in the United States, lead author Robert Cox leverages his vast experience to offer insights into the news media, Congress, environmental conflict, advocacy campaigns, and other real-world applications of environmental communication. New coauthor Phaedra Pezzullo brings two decades of applied experience working with grassroots environmental justice and health organizations, citizen advisory boards, and student-led campaigns, as well as her internationally recognized research on toxic pollution, social injustices, public advocacy, and more. The authors introduce the reader to the major areas, terms, and debates of this evolving field. The Fourth Edition incorporates major revisions that include four new chapters on visual and popular culture, digital media and activism, the sustainability of college and corporation campuses, and the legal “standing” of citizens and nature. Updates throughout the text draw on timely topics including visual communication used in climate science campaigns, fracking and challenges to the right to know, plastic bag bans, consumer apps, digital activism for environmental justice, green marketing, and arguments on giving legal rights to nonhuman entities from dolphins to rivers.
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Public Communication in the European Union

Public Communication in the European Union

CHAPTER FOURTEEN COMMUNICATING WITH THE WORLD: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO EUROPEAN UNION PUBLIC DIPLOMACY GYÖRGY SZONDI The European Union (EU) has frequently been described as a supranational organisation which fails to ...

Author: Giorgia Nesti

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443818773

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 440

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This book is a collection of essays that analyse and discuss EU information and communication policies and activities towards, with, by different publics developed both by the EU institutions at the European, national and local levels and by public organizations and civil society actors. Throughout six thematic parts, the authors examine from different theoretical perspectives (political communication, journalism, public relations and public diplomacy, political science, and cultural studies) and reflect on what it means for the European Union to communicate in multi-national and multi-cultural settings. The originality and strength of this book stand on the capacity to discuss EU communication policies, strategies and actions in their diverse features and, at the same time, to have a clear general picture of the role and function that communication has within the European Union’s governance. The combination of different theoretical frameworks with the latest empirical research findings makes this book a fresh and fascinated collection of insights of what the European Union can achieve with strategic communications.
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OECD Report on Public Communication The Global Context and the Way Forward

OECD Report on Public Communication The Global Context and the Way Forward

Public communication largely takes place on the platforms and channels that most stakeholders access daily for news or to connect with one another, like newspapers, television, and social media. By packaging government information for ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264509252


Page: 240

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The first OECD Report on Public Communication: The Global Context and the Way Forward examines the public communication structures, mandates and practices of centres of governments and ministries of health from 46 countries, based on the 2020 Understanding Public Communication surveys.

Public Health Communication

Public Health Communication

Communicating to advance the public's health: workshop summary. March 17, 2015. http:// iom.nationalacademies.org/Reports/2015/Communicate -to-Advance-Publics-Health.aspx. Accessed August 16, 2015. 7. Wakefield MA, Loken B, Hornik RC.

Author: Parvanta

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9781284065947

Category: Medical

Page: 530

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Introduction to public health communication / Claudia Parvanta -- Population health : a primer / Patrick L. Remington -- A public health communication planning framework / Claudia Parvanta -- How to communicate about data / David E. Nelson -- Understanding and reporting the science / David E. Nelson -- Communicating for policy and advocacy / Claudia Parvanta -- Health literacy and clear health communication / Erika M. Hedden -- Behavior change communication : theories, models and practice strategies / Claudia Parvanta -- Formative research / Claudia Parvanta -- Media vehicles, platforms and channels / Claudia Parvanta -- Implementating a communication intervention / Claudia Parvanta -- Evaluating a health communication program / May Grabbe Kennedy and Jonathan DeShazo -- Clinician-client communication / Richard N. Harner -- The role of communication in cancer prevention and care / Wen-ying Sylvia Chou, Danielle Blanch-Hartigan, Chan Le Thai -- Crisis and emergency risk communication : a primer / David W. Cragin and Claudia Parvanta -- Health communication in resource-poor countries / Carmen Cronin and Suruchi Sood
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Effective Communication Public Speaking

Effective Communication   Public Speaking

Public speaking is the art of communicating your ideas and views on a topic of general interest to a group of people in a manner that interests them enough to make them listen attentively and try to grasp the meaning of what you ...

Author: S.K. Mandal

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

ISBN: 9788179925317

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 244

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Effective communication is the key to success in life. In this competitive age a lot depends on how a person is able to relate to others. This book is about verbal communication and the art of public speaking. Students desirous of improving their communication skills as well as those seeking to make a headway in their career will find this book useful. The book is designed in such a way so that even those with an elementary knowledge of English will be able to learn how to communicate effectively.
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Routledge Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology

Routledge Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology

In the previous version of this chapter (Cassidy 2008) Ipresented a challenge to researchers and practitioners in PCST: how dowe communicate about our work on communication, and publicly engageabout public engagement?

Author: Massimiano Bucchi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135049461

Category: Science

Page: 274

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Communicating science and technology is a high priority of many research and policy institutions, a concern of many other private and public bodies, and an established subject of training and education. Over the past few decades, the field has developed and expanded significantly, both in terms of professional practice and in terms of research and reflection. The Routledge Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology provides a state-of-the-art review of this fast-growing and increasingly important area, through an examination of the research on the main actors, issues, and arenas involved. In this brand-new revised edition, the book brings the reviews up-to-date and deepens the analysis. As well as substantial reworking of many chapters, it gives more attention to digital media and the global aspects of science communication, with the inclusion of four new chapters. Several new contributors are added to leading mass-communication scholars, sociologists, public-relations practitioners, science writers, and others featured herein. With key questions for further discussion highlighted in each chapter, the handbook is a student-friendly resource and its scope and expert contributors mean it is also ideal for both practitioners and professionals working in the field. Combining the perspectives of different disciplines and of different geographical and cultural contexts, this original text provides an interdisciplinary and global approach to the public communication of science and technology. It is a valuable resource for students, researchers, educators, and professionals in media and journalism, sociology, the history of science, and science and technology.
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The Handbook of Public Sector Communication

The Handbook of Public Sector Communication

The 'publicness' of public organizations. Public Administration, 75(2), 337–357. https://doi.org/10.1111/1467‐9299.00064 Bacharach, S. B., & Aiken, M. (1977). Communication in administrative bureaucracies. Academy of Management Journal, ...

Author: Vilma Luoma-aho

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119263197

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 540

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A multidisciplinary collection on global public entity strategic communication Research into public sector communication investigates the interaction between public and governmental entities and citizens within their sphere of influence. Today’s public sector organizations are operating in environments where people receive their information from multiple sources. Although modern research demonstrates the immense impact public entities have on democracy and societal welfare, communication in this context is often overlooked. Public sector organizations need to develop “communicative intelligence” in balancing their institutional agendas and aims of public engagement. The Handbook of Public Sector Communication is the first comprehensive volume to explore the field. This timely, innovative volume examines the societal role, environment, goals, practices, and development of public sector strategic communication. International in scope, this handbook describes and analyzes the contexts, policies, issues, and questions that shape public sector communication. An interdisciplinary team of leading experts discusses diverse subjects of rising importance to public sector, government, and political communication. Topics include social exchange relationships, crisis communication, citizen expectations, measuring and evaluating media, diversity and inclusion, and more. Providing current research and global perspectives, this important resource: Addresses the questions public sector communicators face today Summarizes the current state of public sector communication worldwide Clarifies contemporary trends and practices including mediatization, citizen engagement, and change and expectation management Addresses global challenges and crises such as corruption and bureaucratic roadblocks Provides a framework for measuring communication effectiveness Requiring minimal prior knowledge of the field, The Handbook of Public Sector Communication is a valuable tool for academics, students, and practitioners in areas of public administration, public management, political communication, strategic and organizational communication, and related fields such as political science, sociology, marketing, journalism, and globalization studies.
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Handbook on Public Speaking Presentation Communication Skills

Handbook on Public Speaking  Presentation   Communication Skills

communication, public speaking and presentation skills. In the entire book, I have used the three terms – presentation, public speaking and communication – liberally, interchangeably as well as individually, based on the context and ...


Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781649516282

Category: Self-Help

Page: 92

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Handbook on Public Speaking, Presentation & Communication Skills, as the title suggests, is for anyone looking to improve their presentation and communication skills in their professional or personal lives. In this book, Shailesh Patil explains the importance of being able to communicate and present effectively and tells readers how exactly to do so. The book also suggests secondary reading resources and contains activities to sharpen your skills. It is fit for those in all age groups, trades, etc.
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Public Communication and Behavior

Public Communication and Behavior

In the ideal world envisioned by libertarianism, publicspirited citizens routinely use news media to inform themselves so that their public actions are wise and effective. In this world, corrupt politicians are voted out of office based ...

Author: George Comstock

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9781483276137

Category: Psychology

Page: 380

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Public Communication and Behavior, Volume 2, is devoted to the study of communicatory behavior that has a public or social character. More concretely, it encompasses research and theory designated as ""within a range of disciplines and fields—advertising, child development, education, journalism, political science, sociology, and wherever else such scholarly activity occurs including, of course, social psychology"". The book opens with a chapter on television exposure as a potential cause of aggression. This is followed by separate chapters on barriers to information flow and the manner in which news audiences make use of TV news; various television forms and their impact on children; and the characterization and formalization of some elements of the evolving paradigm of communications research. The final chapter discusses the research findings concerning the public impact of the 1983 television movie about the aftermath of nuclear war, The Day After.
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Communication and Language Analysis in the Public Sphere

Communication and Language Analysis in the Public Sphere

Communicating complexity: Interest groups, information, and the public. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association. Las Vegas, NV. Retrieved from http://www.

Author: Hart, Roderick P.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466650046

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 580

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Although, language is certainly individualized, most people conform to linguistic norms because of their surroundings. Over time, particular words and phrases are popularized by the media, social trends, or world events; and with emergence of internet technologies, the communication between all types of people is much easier. Communication and Language Analysis in the Public Sphere explores the influence of the World Wide Web on the relationships between ordinary citizens and the ability to communicate with politicians, celebrities, and the media. As some words may gain popularity worldwide, and others may begin to define a specific discipline. This book is essential for linguistics researchers, scholars, and professionals interested in determining these patterns and how they affect groups and individuals.
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