Comparison of Ann Approach and Analytical Approaches

Comparison of Ann Approach and Analytical Approaches

Evaluation of performance of irrigation systems is one from many solutions of water problems.

Author: Khaled Ahmed

Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

ISBN: 384844867X


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Evaluation of performance of irrigation systems is one from many solutions of water problems. This study compares the artificial neural network (ANN) approach with analytical solutions namely exact solution and dimensionless analysis, in order to predict of the performance and energy losses of irrigation systems. Three irrigation systems were chosen for their widely used now days in EGYPT; those systems were gated (perforated) pipes system, solid set sprinkler system and surface trickle irrigation system. A computer friendly user interfaces were developed to help agricultural and extension engineers in decision making, planning and designing irrigation system. The results showed the higher accuracy of using ANN models than analytical models in respect of field data. In addition, this study showed usefulness of using ANN technique as extension tool. Finally, this study recommended more studies well be helpful in improving ANN models and using them for agricultural and extension engineering.

Comparisons Among Treatment Means in an Analysis of Variance

Comparisons Among Treatment Means in an Analysis of Variance

Biometrics 26 : 139-141 . Eaton , M. L. 1967. Some Optimum Properties of Ranking Procedures . Ann . Math . Statis . 38 : 124-137 . Einot , I. , and Gabriel , K. R. 1975. A Study of the Powers of Several Methods of Multiple Comparisons .

Author: Victor Chew


ISBN: SRLF:D0003916533

Category: Analysis of variance

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An Experimental Comparison of Psychophysical Methods

An Experimental Comparison of Psychophysical Methods

624 pages ann . Edited by M . F . Washburn , K . M . Dallenbach ... 700 pages ann . Edited by Carl Murchison and an internatinal ... Detailed analysis of cases of narcistic neuroses and psychosea showing psychoanalytic technic .

Author: Winthrop Niles Kellogg


ISBN: UOM:39015025923288

Category: Psychophysiology

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Mass Appraisal Methods

Mass Appraisal Methods

The SOM, being a particularly visual approach, has the advantage that it allows for some qualitative, on top of quantitative, analysis. Plenty of similarities can be noted between the SOM and the flexible regression methods described ...

Author: Tom Kauko

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444301039

Category: Business & Economics

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This book takes a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural look atmass appraisal expertise for property valuation in different marketconditions, and offers some cutting- edge approaches. The editors establish an international platform and present thescientific debate as well as practical feasibility considerations.Heretic and orthodox valuation methods are assessed based onspecific criteria, partly technical and partly institutional.Methodological evaluation is approached using two types ofcriteria: operational concerns about how to determine propertyvalue differentials between spatial and functional units of realestate in a valid and reliable way (technical criteria); and thekind of market circumstances being operated in (institutionalcriteria). While technical criteria are relatively well-researched,there is little theoretically informed work on the connectionbetween country context and selection of property appraisalmethods. The book starts with an examination of current mass propertyappraisal practices, presenting case studies from widely differingmarkets - from the American and Dutch, where regression-basedmethods have been used successfully for some time; to the EasternEuropean and other emerging economies, where limitations have to becompensated by focusing on the modelling assumptions. The second part of the book looks at sophisticated modellingapproaches, some of which represent combinations of elements fromtwo or more techniques. Whatever the exact modelling approach, therequirements are always high for the quality of the data andsuitability of the method. In the final section, methods areevaluated and compared according to technical criteria and againstinstitutional contexts.With its exceptionally wide coverage ofvaluation issues, Mass Appraisal Methods: an internationalperspective for property valuers addresses property valuationproblems common to different countries and approaches applicable inboth developed and emerging economies.
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Neural Networks and Sea Time Series

Neural Networks and Sea Time Series

Specific topics covered include: * Presentation of general information on the phenomenology of waves and tides, as well as related technical details of various measuring processes used in the study * Description of the model of wind waves ...

Author: Brunello Tirozzi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780817644598

Category: Science

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Devoted to the application of neural networks to the concrete problem of time series of sea data Good reference for a diverse audience of grad students, researchers, and practitioners in applied mathematics, data analysis, meteorlogy, hydraulic, civil and marine engineering Methods, models and alogrithms developed in the work are useful for the construction of sea structures, ports, and marine experiments
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Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis

Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis

Bass , Lee Ann , and Catherine H. Stein ( 1997 ) “ Comparing the Structure and Stability of Network Ties Using the Social ... and Scott Robinson ( 1990 ) “ Comparing Four Different Methods for Measuring Personal Social Networks .

Author: Peter J. Carrington

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139443437

Category: Social Science


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Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis, first published in 2005, presents the most important developments in quantitative models and methods for analyzing social network data that have appeared during the 1990s. Intended as a complement to Wasserman and Faust's Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications, it is a collection of articles by leading methodologists reviewing advances in their particular areas of network methods. Reviewed are advances in network measurement, network sampling, the analysis of centrality, positional analysis or blockmodelling, the analysis of diffusion through networks, the analysis of affiliation or 'two-mode' networks, the theory of random graphs, dependence graphs, exponential families of random graphs, the analysis of longitudinal network data, graphical techniques for exploring network data, and software for the analysis of social networks.
Categories: Social Science

Innovative Statistical Methods for Public Health Data

Innovative Statistical Methods for Public Health Data

Methods Res. 30, 425–457 (2002) Brunner, E., Puri, M.L.: Nonparametric methods in design and analysis of experiments. ... B.: Bootstrap methods: another look at the jackknife. Ann. Stat. 7, 1–26 (1979) Ekbohm, G.: Comparing means in the ...

Author: Ding-Geng (Din) Chen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319185361

Category: Medical

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The book brings together experts working in public health and multi-disciplinary areas to present recent issues in statistical methodological development and their applications. This timely book will impact model development and data analyses of public health research across a wide spectrum of analysis. Data and software used in the studies are available for the reader to replicate the models and outcomes. The fifteen chapters range in focus from techniques for dealing with missing data with Bayesian estimation, health surveillance and population definition and implications in applied latent class analysis, to multiple comparison and meta-analysis in public health data. Researchers in biomedical and public health research will find this book to be a useful reference and it can be used in graduate level classes.
Categories: Medical

Advances in Multivariate Statistical Methods

Advances in Multivariate Statistical Methods

Ann. Institut. Statist. Math. 32, 43 - 52. Perlman, M. D. (1969). One-sided problems in multivariate analysis. Ann. Math. Statist. 40, 549-567. Pinheiro A.S., Pinheiro, H.P. and Sen, P.K. (2005) Comparison of genomic sequences by ...

Author: Ashis Sengupta

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812838247

Category: Mathematics

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This volume contains a collection of research articles on multivariate statistical methods, encompassing both theoretical advances and emerging applications in a variety of scientific disciplines. It serves as a tribute to Professor S N Roy, an eminent statistician who has made seminal contributions to the area of multivariate statistical methods, on his birth centenary. In the area of emerging applications, the topics include bioinformatics, categorical data and clinical trials, econometrics, longitudinal data analysis, microarray data analysis, sample surveys, statistical process control, etc. Researchers, professionals and advanced graduates will find the book an essential resource for modern developments in theory as well as for innovative and emerging important applications in the area of multivariate statistical methods.
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In Pack Processed Foods

In Pack Processed Foods

Both training and testing data used for the ANN modeling were generated by a confirmed finite difference computer model. The prediction performance of the trained ANN models was compared with those from conventional formula methods such ...

Author: P Richardson

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781845694692

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Recent developments have enabled the production of in-pack processed foods with improved sensory quality as well as new types of heat-preserved products packaged in innovative containers. This book reviews these advances in packaging formats and processing technologies and their application to produce higher quality, safer foods. Opening chapters cover innovative can designs and non-traditional packaging formats, such as retort pouches. The second part of the book reviews the developments in processing and process control technology required by newer types of packaging. Part three addresses the safety of in-pack processed foods, including concerns over pathogens and hazardous compounds in processed foods. The book concludes with chapters on novel methods to optimise the quality of particular types of in-pack processed foods such as fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish products. In-pack processed foods: improving quality is a valuable reference for professionals involved in the manufacture of this important group of food products and those researching in this area. Reviews advances in packaging formats and processing technologies Covers innovative can designs and non-traditional packaging formats Examines the safety of in-pack processed foods, including concerns over pathogens
Categories: Technology & Engineering

Analytical Methods in Human Toxicology

Analytical Methods in Human Toxicology

Ann. of Int. Med. 99, 604-7. Greenway, D. G.. and Nanji, A. A. (1985). Falsely Increased Results for Digoxin in Sera with Patients with Liver Disease: Ten Immunoassay Kits Compared. Clin. Chem. 31, 1078. Kabra, P. M. (1984).

Author: Alan S. Curry

Publisher: Vch Pub

ISBN: NWU:35558001071642

Category: Medical

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