Core Values Every Child Needs

Core Values Every Child Needs

The focus of this book is on building core values and instilling self-confidence in children that will allow them to resist peer pressure, make the hard choices, and leave home prepared to take care of themselves and be productive members ...

Author: Jada Cravalho


ISBN: 9798506352358


Page: 52

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There are certain values we'd love for our kids to have. But how do we go about teaching them? This book is NOT a guide for everyday issues, although there is some of that. The focus of this book is on building core values and instilling self-confidence in children that will allow them to resist peer pressure, make the hard choices, and leave home prepared to take care of themselves and be productive members of society.

Child Welfare

Child Welfare

DePanfilis and Salus (2003) created a list of core values, knowledge, and skills that all social workers should have when working in the child welfare field, which includes understanding family systems, human growth and development, ...

Author: Kathryn Krase

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315437002

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Child Welfare: Preparing Social Workers for Practice in the Field is a comprehensive text for child welfare courses taught from a social work perspective. This textbook provides a single source for all material necessary for a contextual child welfare course. As well as combining history, theory, and practice, the authors integrate different practice perspectives to teach social workers how to engage children and families at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Covering both broad issues, such as child welfare, child maltreatment, and responses to child maltreatment, and current issues in social care, including mandated reporting and evidence-based policy prevention and preservation, the material is designed to meet the needs of social work students entering the child welfare workforce. Child Welfare provides students in social work courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with a single source for all material necessary to successfully navigate their studies and careers.
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Equity in the Classroom for Every Child

Equity in the Classroom for Every Child

This handbook demonstrates creating equity in educating each child in the classroom. ... When these core values are implemented in the classroom, the needs of the diverse learners will be met in addition to empowering teachers and their ...

Author: Delia Robinson Richards

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527568969

Category: Social Science

Page: 122

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This handbook is written to provide guidance for educators, teachers, parents, grandparents, and caregivers as they navigate through a child’s educational experiences. After more than four decades of attempting to close the Achievement Gap, this book generates support for teaching diverse learners and children of color by constructing a teaching and learning environment that ensures equity in the classroom for every child.
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Indispensable Librarian The Surviving and Thriving in School Libraries in the Information Age

Indispensable Librarian  The  Surviving and Thriving in School Libraries in the Information Age

Are there other common central beliefs that define us as librarians? When I describe my own professional core values as a librarian, I include: 1. Every child should have access to as diverse a number of opinions as possible and be ...

Author: Doug Johnson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781610692403

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 207

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This readable and practical book examines the changes in school libraries brought by the digital revolution—and describes how new and experienced librarians can take advantage of them.
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Kids Sex Screens

Kids  Sex   Screens

To be an honorable person is to keep a friend's confidence, to obey the rules at the neighbor's house, and to not push someone to abandon her core values. You and your child should expect this of all her friends, as well.

Author: Jillian Roberts

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 9781592338528

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 144

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Kids, Sex & Screens is Dr. Jillian Roberts' primer for parents that know they need to speak with their children about sexualized media, but don't know where to start. Our kids are being exposed to sexual content at a younger and younger age, whether through the Internet, advertisements, or interactions with their peers. When children are exposed to this sexual information without context, or images of a graphic nature, they can experience lasting psychological effects with deep-seated ramifications. Kids, Sex & Screens explains in easy-to-understand language what exactly the psychological effects of that exposure can look like, and offers parents the tools and expert advice on how to handle it appropriately. Weaving eye-opening accounts from her own counseling practice with up-to-date psychological science, Dr. Jillian Roberts gives a full-fledged accounting of our sexualized society. Dr. Roberts pairs this explanation with advice and concrete actions that parents of both girls and boys desperately need. Writing with warmth and authority, Dr. Roberts has an important message for parents: you can mitigate the risks your child faces navigating a sensational and sometimes disturbing world so that they grow up healthy and strong. Using her "7-Point Compass" as a navigational tool, Kids, Sex & Screens helps parents make sure their sons and daughters mature in a manner that is age-appropriate in a "mature content" world.
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African American Children and Families in Child Welfare

African American Children and Families in Child Welfare

A system of care is a service delivery approach that builds partnerships with other service providers to create an integrated process for meeting families' multiple needs. Some of the core values associated with child welfare practice ...

Author: Ramona Denby

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231131858

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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This text proposes corrective action to improve the institutional care of African American children and their families, calling attention to the specific needs of this population and the historical, social, and political factors that have shaped its experience within the child welfare system. The authors critique policy and research and suggest culturally targeted program and policy responses for more positive outcomes.
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Disclosing the Treasure Within

Disclosing the Treasure Within

Core value statements express how the school members know that they are realising their beliefs . Example of beliefs : Every child has a capacity to learn . Schools should enhance learning . Example of core values : We commit ourselves ...

Author: Rudi Schollaert

Publisher: Garant

ISBN: 9044114875

Category: Education

Page: 299

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Suffering in Silence

Suffering in Silence

“The commitment for all three and fouryearolds to be considered eligible for preschool is reflected in the core values of this program. Every child deserves an early learning experience, and more needs to be done for children who do ...

Author: Donna Mac, LCPC

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504339179

Category: Education

Page: 374

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Selective mutism is an anxiety disorder, and it’s currently one of the most misunderstood, under-diagnosed, and undertreated mental health conditions. When children with selective mutism feel expected or pressured to speak in social situations, they become terrified. Therefore, their level of anxiety significantly increases, but by remaining silent, their anxiety level slightly decreases, obtaining some relief for themselves. For these children, remaining silent is actually an ineffective coping mechanism, or a maladapted solution to create a sense of safety within themselves. Hence, their mouths freeze, and they are silent. This is temporary relief, but longitudinally, these children suffer in silence. Due to the fact that many children will display normative shy behavior or even socially anxious behavior at times, it can be challenging to discern if the child’s behavior falls within normal limits or if the child actually demonstrates clinically significant behavior, signifying a selective mutism diagnosis. This can be confusing for parents, teachers, and even clinicians. This manual is meant to help clarify this distinction and will also assist you in figuring out how to seek help, ask the right questions, and what you can expect from early intervention services, school-based services, and holistic, therapeutic, and psychiatric services.
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Stop Leading Start Building

Stop Leading  Start Building

If your core values are open to interpretation—if everyone gets to define them based on their own perspective, ... Instead, builders understand that a school's core values should clearly define how everyone will work together to achieve ...

Author: Robyn R. Jackson


ISBN: 9781416629856

Category: Education

Page: 180

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You are a school administrator--a principal or maybe a district leader. You're doing everything "right"--poring over data, trying new strategies, launching annual initiatives, bringing in outside trainers. So why do the outcomes you seek still seem so far away? The problem isn't you; it's that you were trained in school leadership, and school leadership just isn't up to the challenge. Each year, Robyn R. Jackson helps thousands of administrators stop wasting time and energy on flawed leadership approaches that succeed only with the right staff, students, parents, budget, and boss. As they have discovered, it's possible to transform your school with the people and resources you already have. The secret? Stop leading and start building! In this book, you'll learn to use Jackson's breakthrough Buildership Model(tm) to escape the "school improvement hamster wheel" and finally create the school your students and teachers deserve. The work involves a handful of simple shifts in how you approach . . . * Purpose: Instead of chasing tiny gains or the "next new thing" every year, you'll establish and use an ambitious vision, mission, and set of core values to galvanize your staff, keep everyone focused, and create true accountability for achieving your goals. * People: You'll discover new ways to help every teacher grow one level in one domain in one year or less and, ultimately, develop high levels of both will and skill. * Pathway: Instead of trying to tackle every problem at once, you'll identify the biggest obstacle standing in your way right now and figure out exactly how to remove it once and for all. * Plan: You'll learn a new process for solution implementation that is iterative, cyclical, and capable of powering both short-term wins and ongoing transformation, year over year. When you stop leading and start building, you let go of the idea that you need to work harder to make your school "work better." You no longer settle for incremental improvement when what you really want is dramatic change and better learning outcomes for all. It's time to make the shift from leadership to buildership. Get ready to turn your school into a success story.
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Toddlers ADHD

Toddlers   ADHD

The commitment for all three- and four-year-olds to be considered eligible for preschool is reflected in the core values of this program. Every child deserves an early learning experience, and more needs to be done for children who do ...

Author: Donna Mac, LCPC

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452592916

Category: Psychology


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Is your toddler going through the "whacky one's," "terrible two's," "troublesome three's," or "fudgesicle four's/five’s?" Or could their behavior be something more? ADHD is a genetic condition that usually has an onset prior to the age of 4. It presents with hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness, irritability, and aggression. Due to the fact that all toddlers show some “ADHD behavior,” it’s challenging to discern if behvior falls “within normal limits” or if it is “clinically significant.” Learn the distinction. Toddlers & ADHD shares the latest research on the diagnosis and the treatment of 1-5 year olds with this condition. The goal is to reduce the child’s ineffective symptoms, which will subsequently lessen the stress level of the entire family unit. Therefore, you will learn parenting strategies specifically for a toddler with ADHD, and you will also find out how to seek help for your child, the right \questions to ask, and what to expect from Early Intervention services, preschool and kindergarten based services, and therapeutic/psychiatric services.
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