The Dead End Boys

The Dead End Boys

Mike nods toward the Dead-End Boys. “I know what place he knows with the palm of his hand,” Brian jokes, loud enough for Ben and Rob to hear, and the two have to hold in their laughter. “You girls looking to have some fun this weekend?

Author: S. T. Lamb

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475994117

Category: Fiction

Page: 283

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When they were ten years old, the Dead End Boys-Ben, Rob, Mike, and Brian-witnessed a triple murder attempt by a notorious gangster known as "Slim Jimmy" near their home in Southern New Jersey. In the face of police questioning and fear of consequences from the Mafia, they learned at an early age that in order to protect themselves and their families, sometimes big secrets need to be kept. What's more, the incident cemented the boys' deep, lifelong bond. Now in their twenties, the Dead End Boys decide to vacation in Miami, Florida, to get relief from the brutally cold winter in the northeast, maybe party a bit, and possibly meet some girls. But one morning, Ben awakes alone in an abandoned field with no recollection of what happened. He knows he must find his friends. The clues lead him to the Florida Keys, where the Dead End Boys have been set up to run drugs for the Cuban mafia that has its grip on Miami. This group of young men, who learned to trust only each other at a young age, are about to put those lessons of loyalty to the test once more.
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Dead End Boys Beginnings

Dead End Boys  Beginnings


Author: Ryan Burton

Publisher: Bluewater Productions

ISBN: 9781632941480

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 96

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Three friends from the streets of New York reunite when one of their friends is mysteriously murdered by an ex-superhero. Jonathan Diesel, millionaire and bounty hunter, is contracted by the government to track down the killer. As events unfold, Diesel discovers the killer is not only his former hero, but also his uncle.
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Dead End Boys 4

Dead End Boys  4


Author: Ryan Burton

Publisher: StormFront Entertainment

ISBN: 9781632941435

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 24

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Diesel confronts his uncle Gaspard about his secret identity. He tells his uncle how he came to find out it was him: certain dates match up; the scars he bears from his encounters coincide with the one the Gargoyle received fighting the Court Jester.
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Dead End Boys 3

Dead End Boys  3


Author: Ryan Burton

Publisher: StormFront Entertainment

ISBN: 9781632940551

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 24

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Liz tracks down Diesel and tells him everything she knows about his friendês murder, including pictures from the autopsy, where they notice the Gargoyleês insignia carved on the back of his friendês neck.
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The Dead End Kids of St Louis

The Dead End Kids of St  Louis

Homeless Boys and the People Who Tried to Save Them Bonnie Stepenoff .-I:"[email protected] amt-41g -'-¢ 1-r.-.*-:---¢ .1“; -u--¢--.4-'.-§1'.:-.L-MM --1 l-h 'I v The Dead End Kids of St. Louis Homeless Boys and. Front Cover.

Author: Bonnie Stepenoff

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826272140

Category: History

Page: 192

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Joe Garagiola remembers playing baseball with stolen balls and bats while growing up on the Hill. Chuck Berry had run-ins with police before channeling his energy into rock and roll. But not all the boys growing up on the rough streets of St. Louis had loving families or managed to find success. This book reviews a century of history to tell the story of the “lost” boys who struggled to survive on the city’s streets as it evolved from a booming late-nineteenth-century industrial center to a troubled mid-twentieth-century metropolis. To the eyes of impressionable boys without parents to shield them, St. Louis presented an ever-changing spectacle of violence. Small, loosely organized bands from the tenement districts wandered the city looking for trouble, and they often found it. The geology of St. Louis also provided for unique accommodations—sometimes gangs of boys found shelter in the extensive system of interconnected caves underneath the city. Boys could hide in these secret lairs for weeks or even months at a stretch. Bonnie Stepenoff gives voice to the harrowing experiences of destitute and homeless boys and young men who struggled to grow up, with little or no adult supervision, on streets filled with excitement but also teeming with sharpsters ready to teach these youngsters things they would never learn in school. Well-intentioned efforts of private philanthropists and public officials sometimes went cruelly astray, and sometimes were ineffective, but sometimes had positive effects on young lives. Stepenoff traces the history of several efforts aimed at assisting the city’s homeless boys. She discusses the prison-like St. Louis House of Refuge, where more than 80 percent of the resident children were boys, and Father Dunne's News Boys' Home and Protectorate, which stressed education and training for more than a century after its founding. She charts the growth of Skid Row and details how historical events such as industrialization, economic depression, and wars affected this vulnerable urban population. Most of these boys grew up and lived decent, unheralded lives, but that doesn’t mean that their childhood experiences left them unscathed. Their lives offer a compelling glimpse into old St. Louis while reinforcing the idea that society has an obligation to create cities that will nurture and not endanger the young.
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American Film Cycles

American Film Cycles

As previously mentioned, the films released in the wake of Dead End's success offered “solutions” to the problems of juvenile delinquency by reinforcing the status quo and reconciling the boys with society. Even though the films in this ...

Author: Amanda Ann Klein

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292742758

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 255

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A series of movies that share images, characters, settings, plots, or themes, film cycles have been an industrial strategy since the beginning of cinema. While some have viewed them as "subgenres," mini-genres, or nascent film genres, Amanda Ann Klein argues that film cycles are an entity in their own right and a subject worthy of their own study. She posits that film cycles retain the marks of their historical, economic, and generic contexts and therefore can reveal much about the state of contemporary politics, prevalent social ideologies, aesthetic trends, popular desires, and anxieties. American Film Cycles presents a series of case studies of successful film cycles, including the melodramatic gangster films of the 1920s, the 1930s Dead End Kids cycle, the 1950s juvenile delinquent teenpic cycle, and the 1990s ghetto action cycle. Klein situates these films in several historical trajectories—the Progressive movement of the 1910s and 1920s, the beginnings of America's involvement in World War II, the "birth" of the teenager in the 1950s, and the drug and gangbanger crises of the early 1990s. She shows how filmmakers, audiences, film reviewers, advertisements, and cultural discourses interact with and have an impact on the film texts. Her findings illustrate the utility of the film cycle in broadening our understanding of established film genres, articulating and building upon beliefs about contemporary social problems, shaping and disseminating deviant subcultures, and exploiting and reflecting upon racial and political upheaval.
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The American Child

The American Child

Sidney Kingsley , Dead End , in Sidney Kingsley : Five Prizewinning Plays , ed . ... The boys eventually went on to great fame in a series of films about the exploits of the " Dead End Kids ; " their enormous popularity lasted well into ...

Author: Caroline Field Levander

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 081353223X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 334

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From the time that the infant colonies broke away from the parent country to the present day, narratives of U.S. national identity are persistently configured in the language of childhood and family. In The American Child: A Cultural Studies Reader, contributors address matters of race, gender, and family to chart the ways that representations of the child typify historical periods and conflicting ideas. They build on the recent critical renaissance in childhood studies by bringing to their essays a wide range of critical practices and methodologies. Although the volume is grounded heavily in the literary, it draws on other disciplines, revealing that representations of children and childhood are not isolated artifacts but cultural productions that in turn affect the social climates around them. Essayists look at games, pets, adolescent sexuality, death, family relations, and key texts such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the movie Pocahontas; they reveal the ways in which the figure of the child operates as a rich vehicle for writers to consider evolving ideas of nation and the diverse role of citizens within it.
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New York in Cinematic Imagination

New York in Cinematic Imagination

The camera pans between the shots of upscale housing, and a policeman near the Dead End kids on the waterfront.14 Emulating the original theater play by Sidney Kingsley (adapted for the screen by Lillian Hellman), the film presents the ...

Author: Vojislava Filipcevic Cordes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000090499

Category: Architecture

Page: 244

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New York in Cinematic Imagination is an interdisciplinary study into urbanism and cinematic representations of the American metropolis in the twentieth century. It contextualizes spatial transformations and discourse about New York during the Great Depression and the Second World War, examining both imaginary narratives and documentary images of the city in film. The book argues that alternating endorsements and critiques of the 1920s machine age city are replaced in films of the 1930s and 1940s by a new critical theory of "agitated urban modernity" articulated against the backdrop of turbulent economic and social settings and the initial practices of urban renewal in the post-war period. Written for postgraduates and researchers in the fields of film, history and urban studies, with 40 black and white illustrations to work alongside the text, this book is an engaging study into cinematic representations of New York City.
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Turner Classic Movies Presents Leonard Maltin s Classic Movie Guide

Turner Classic Movies Presents Leonard Maltin s Classic Movie Guide

The Bowery Boys Sidney Kingsley's Broadway play Dead End was a superior drama that cast a critical eye on bigcity tenement slums. When Samuel Goldwyn brought it to the screen, he retained the services of the young performers who'd ...

Author: Leonard Maltin

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698197299

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 864

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The definitive guide to classic films from one of America's most trusted film critics Thanks to Netflix and cable television, classic films are more accessible than ever. Now co-branded with Turner Classic Movies, Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide covers films from Hollywood and around the world, from the silent era through 1965, and from The Maltese Falcon to Singin’ in the Rain and Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Thoroughly revised and updated, and featuring expanded indexes, a list of Maltin’s personal recommendations, and three hundred new entries—including many offbeat and obscure films—this new edition is a must-have companion for every movie lover.
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The Little Black Songbook Classic Hits

The Little Black Songbook  Classic Hits

Brm? In a West End town, a dead end world, Am7 The East End boys and West End girls. Bm/ In a West End town, a dead end world, Am7 The East End boys and West End girls. D E West End girls. D E West End girls.

Author: Adrian Hopkins

Publisher: Wise Publications

ISBN: 9780857129550

Category: Music

Page: 224

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A pocket-sized collection of classic hits presented in chord songbook format with Guitar boxes and complete lyrics.
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