Death in Focus

Death in Focus

In these complicated times, Elena emerges as a strong new heroine who learns quickly that when nothing is certain, she can rely only on herself. Praise for Death in Focus “Masterful!

Author: Anne Perry

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780525620990

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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In the start of an all-new mystery series set in pre–World War II Europe, an intrepid young photographer carries her dead lover’s final, world-shattering message into the heart of Berlin as Hitler ascends to power. “Thrilling . . . reminiscent of works by Eric Ambler and Graham Greene.”—The Wall Street Journal On vacation from London on the beautiful Italian coast, twenty-eight-year-old Elena Standish and her older sister, Margot, have finally been able to move on from the lasting trauma of the Great War, in which the newly married Margot lost her husband and the sisters their beloved brother. Touring with her camera in hand, Elena has found new inspiration in the striking Italian landscape, and she’s met an equally striking man named Ian. When Ian has to leave unexpectedly, Elena—usually the more practical of the sisters—finds she’s not ready to part from him, and the two share a spontaneous train trip home to England. But a shocking sequence of events disrupts their itinerary, forcing Elena to personally deliver a message to Berlin on Ian’s behalf, one that could change the fate of Europe. Back home, Elena’s diplomat father and her secretive grandfather—once head of MI6, unbeknownst to his family—are involved in their own international machinations. Worried when Elena still hasn’t returned from Italy, her grandfather starts to connect the dots between her change in plans and an incident in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich are on the rise. It seems the message Elena delivered has forced her into a dangerous predicament, and her grandfather’s old contacts from MI6 may be the only people who can get her out alive—if Elena can tell the difference between her allies and her enemies. New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry merges family secrets with suspense on the world stage, as darkness bubbles under the surface of a Europe on the brink of change. In these complicated times, Elena emerges as a strong new heroine who learns quickly that when nothing is certain, she can rely only on herself. Praise for Death in Focus “Masterful! It’s exceedingly rare for an author to have the talent to blend classic elements of a thriller with compelling family dynamics and geopolitical intrigue, but Anne Perry pulls it off like the consummate pro that she is. And, on top of all that, Death in Focus is written in her unique literary voice. I guarantee you’ll love Elena Standish. Brava!” —Jeffery Deaver, author of The Never Game
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The Narrative of the Good Death

The Narrative of the Good Death

of ariès,26 duffy27 and houlbrooke. of particular help in accessing continuity of the good death with Puritan deathbed piety is houlbrooke.28 evangelicalism introduced some new features to the good death, with a focus on conversion, ...

Author: Ms Mary Riso

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781472446961

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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A good death was as central to Methodism as conversion and holiness. Based on an analysis of 1,200 obituaries, this book contributes to an understanding not only of death but of the history of Methodist and evangelical Nonconformist piety, theology, social background and literary expression in mid-nineteenth-century England, and focuses on the tension in Nonconformist allegiance to both worldly and spiritual matters.
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Focus on Law Studies

Focus on Law Studies

SHARI DIAMOND : Greenhaven Press recently published a book on the death penalty as part of its “ opposing viewpoints ” series , which would be useful as a supplement in courses not specifically focused on capital punishment .



ISBN: IND:30000070137942

Category: Law


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The Stressed Heart

The Stressed Heart

In recent years, a consensus has been developing to define sudden death as a witnessed death within one hour of the onset of symptoms. This definition tends to focus research efforts on resuscitation and prevention as well as directing ...

Author: Marianne J. Legato

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461320418

Category: Medical

Page: 340

View: 760

The Stressed Heart is truly unique in concept and will provide an eXCItmg adventure to the reader no matter what his or her field of expertise and interest. The title, although quite appropriate, does not adequately indicate the range of topics considered or the rational interrelationships among them. Indeed, perhaps the most important point to be learned from the book is that a serious consideration of the response of the heart to mechanical overload, ischemia, or excessive humoral stimuli must include evaluation of each of the topics in the table of contents. The heart responds to stress through alterations in both structure and function. How these changes are brought about is the subject of the initial chapters. These consider first the normal regulation of gene expression in the heart, the rapid response to mechanical overload that leads to both quantitative and qualitative changes in the contractile proteins, and our current understand ing of the signals that might be elicited by stress and alter gene expression. One chapter emphasizes the fact that, regardless of the nature of the stress, the common denominator is a discrepancy between energy requirements and expenditure. The central role of cellular acidosis in initiating the sequence of responses to stress and the possible roles of peptide regulators of transcription and protein regulators of translation are considered in detail.
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The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism

The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism

This approach reflects the variety and diversity of dark sites and experiences—from profit-focused sites such as torture museums and Dracula tours providing death-themed entertainment, to sites where death is the focus of educational ...

Author: Linda L. Lowry

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483368962

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1640

View: 206

Taking a global and multidisciplinary approach, The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism brings together a team of international scholars to examine the travel and tourism industry, which is expected to grow at an annual rate of four percent for the next decade. In more than 500 entries spanning four comprehensive volumes, the Encyclopedia examines the business of tourism around the world paying particular attention to the social, economic, environmental, and policy issues at play. The book examines global, regional, national, and local issues including transportation, infrastructure, the environment, and business promotion. By looking at travel trends and countries large and small, the Encyclopedia analyses a wide variety of challenges and opportunities facing the industry. In taking a comprehensive and global approach, the Encyclopedia approaches the field of travel and tourism through the numerous disciplines it reaches, including the traditional tourism administration curriculum within schools of business and management, economics, public policy, as well as social science disciplines such as the anthropology and sociology. Key features include: More than 500 entries authored and signed by key academics in the field Entries on individual countries that details the health of the tourism industry, policy and planning approaches, promotion efforts, and primary tourism draws. Additional entries look at major cities and popular destinations Coverage of travel trends such as culinary tourism, wine tourism, agritourism, ecotourism, geotourism, slow tourism, heritage and cultural-based tourism, sustainable tourism, and recreation-based tourism Cross-references and further readings A Reader’s Guide grouping articles by disciplinary areas and broad themes
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The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial

The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial

Such beliefs generated elaborate operational sequences of death which involved the intervention of kin, neighbours, ... a dichotomy between views of bodily processes as purely biological and as entirely the focus of social construction.

Author: Sarah Tarlow

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191650383

Category: Social Science

Page: 872

View: 152

The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial reviews the current state of mortuary archaeology and its practice, highlighting its often contentious place in the modern socio-politics of archaeology. It contains forty-four chapters which focus on the history of the discipline and its current scientific techniques and methods. Written by leading, international scholars in the field, it derives its examples and case studies from a wide range of time periods, such as the middle palaeolithic to the twentieth century, and geographical areas which include Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Combining up-to-date knowledge of relevant archaeological research with critical assessments of the theme and an evaluation of future research trajectories, it draws attention to the social, symbolic, and theoretical aspects of interpreting mortuary archaeology. The volume is well-illustrated with maps, plans, photographs, and illustrations and is ideally suited for students and researchers.
Categories: Social Science

The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology

As people age, awareness of the proximity to death focuses attention on what they themselves value (Breheny and Stephens, 2017; Carstensen, 2006). The neglect of any recognition of physical decline and death in current ageing discourse ...

Author: Kieran C. O'Doherty

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526417107

Category: Psychology

Page: 672

View: 465

In the present epoch of global change, movement, interconnection and the intensification of social issues within and across many societies, applied social psychology is more relevant than ever. The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology offers an overview of the field and the disparate and evolving approaches. Through an international team of contributors, the handbook brings prominent research literature together and organises it around ten key areas: Part 01: Culture, race, indigeneity Part 02: Gender & Sexuality Part 03: Politics Part 04: Health and mental health Part 05: Work Part 06: Ageing Part 07: Communication Part 08: Education Part 09: Environment Part 10: Criminal Justice, Law, & Crime This handbook is a uniting and invigorating resource for the field of Applied Social Psychology.
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Focus and the Death ride

Focus and the Death ride

He and his friend are caught up in an adventure which involves hi-tech but carries them into an incident in the Second World War. Ken Catran has also written two science fiction series and 'Secret of Boomer Lake' for younger readers.

Author: Ken Catran


ISBN: 1869501179

Category: Science fiction, New Zealand

Page: 140

View: 809

Mad old Perce McAllister, who flew Lancaster bombers during the war, has recreated his nightmares with electronic hi-tech reality and drawn Bryce and Focus into a dangerous adventure. Suggested level: intermediate, secondary.
Categories: Science fiction, New Zealand

The Politics of the Death Penalty in Countries in Transition

The Politics of the Death Penalty in Countries in Transition

Focusing on the political, legal and grassroots actors whohaveled theabolition movement during the processofdemocratic transition,the chapter discusses the rolesofthese actors towardsthe abolition ofthe death penalty and the impactof ...

Author: Madoka Futamura

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134066780

Category: Law

Page: 236

View: 958

The increase in the number of countries that have abolished the death penalty since the end of the Second World War shows a steady trend towards worldwide abolition of capital punishment. This book focuses on the political and legal issues raised by the death penalty in "countries in transition", understood as countries that have transitioned or are transitioning from conflict to peace, or from authoritarianism to democracy. In such countries, the politics that surround retaining or abolishing the death penalty are embedded in complex state-building processes. In this context, Madoka Futamura and Nadia Bernaz bring together the work of leading researchers of international law, human rights, transitional justice, and international politics in order to explore the social, political and legal factors that shape decisions on the death penalty, whether this leads to its abolition, reinstatement or perpetuation. Covering a diverse range of transitional processes in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, The Politics of the Death Penalty in Countries in Transition offers a broad evaluation of countries whose death penalty policies have rarely been studied. The book would be useful to human rights researchers and international lawyers, in demonstrating how transition and transformation, ‘provide the catalyst for several of interrelated developments of which one is the reduction and elimination of capital punishment’.
Categories: Law

Background Practices

Background Practices

... cultures, like the people and the things that focus their style, must die if new worlds are to be disclosed. ... continue to build one form of metaphysics after another are no foundations at all”.25 Death and Finitude Focusing on ...

Author: Hubert L. Dreyfus

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192516022

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 290

This volume presents a selection of Hubert Dreyfus's pioneering work in bringing phenomenology and existentialism to bear on the philosophical and scientific study of the mind. Each of the thirteen essays interprets, develops, and extends the insights of his predecessors working in the European philosophical tradition. One of Dreyfus' central contributions to reading the historical canon of philosophy comes from his recognition that great philosophers help us to understand the "background practices" of a culture - the practices that shape and embody our most basic understanding of ourselves and the things and situations we encounter in our world. Background practices are all too often overlooked completely, or else their importance is misunderstood. Each chapter in this volume shows in one way or another how a broad range of philosophical topics can only be properly understood when we recognize how they are grounded in the background practices that shape our lives and give meaning to our activities, our tasks, our normative commitments, our aims and our goals.
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