Sociology and the Demystification of the Modern World RLE Social Theory

Sociology and the Demystification of the Modern World  RLE Social Theory


Author: John Rex

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317650751

Category: Social Science

Page: 286

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Professor Rex’s controversial book concerns not only those who are professional sociologists but all thinking people who live in the modern world. One of the objects of sociology is to give ‘power to the people’, to make a contribution to the understanding of political problems. Rex writes from a deep conviction that sociology is a subject whose insights should be made available to the great mass of the people, so that they may liberate themselves from the mystification of social reality that is continually and routinely presented to them through the media, by those who exercise power and by those who have influence. The book is dedicated to St Augustine and Franz Fanon, both of whom, Rex points out, were conscious of living in an age which was embarking on a new barbarism, but had the courage to use their intellects to help understand the possibility of a better future. Rex continues in this tradition, and his main preoccupations are reflected in the present book. It includes a discussion of the problem of social knowledge, an analysis of the basic problems of theory building, and, with the aid of concepts derived from Max Weber, an attempt to understand the major problems of the first, second and third worlds. The author also looks at social structures and moral perspectives, and discusses the vocation of a sociologist in a collapsing civilisation. The book is certain to stimulate debate, both in sociological and political fields and more generally, and is also a serious contribution to the discussion of the methodology and purposes of sociology.
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"--Robert Gluck "With humor and grace; bite and tenderness; these ninety-nine poems structure an archive of a Miranda Mellis mind map. I loved being there with her! 'DEMYSTIFICATIONS is a key ring;' each page a passkey.

Author: Miranda Mellis


ISBN: 0986235547


Page: 128

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Poetry. "DEMYSTIFICATIONS is a circle of keys, a florilegium, a circle of voices engaged in a public conversation whose subject is the transformation of knowledge into a collective organ. Mellis uses aphorism to bring us back to basics--what is the best way to proceed, starting from here? How should we inhabit the present? By excavation, by error, by exaggeration, by gesture, by revolt, by contradiction, by voice, by tone. Fanny Howe and Edward Said, Etel Adnan, Karl Marx and Muriel Rukeyser--Miranda Mellis hosts the living and the dead in a grand conference on the value and practice of wisdom."--Robert Gluck "With humor and grace, bite and tenderness, these ninety-nine poems structure an archive of a Miranda Mellis mind map. I loved being there with her! 'DEMYSTIFICATIONS is a key ring,' each page a passkey. From Orange Is the New Black to Etel Adnan, from Revital and Tuur's albino goldfish via Marx to Blessing Ngobeni with several visits to Walter Benjamin; the good enough mother; and the public school down the block, Mellis expands the visible--not to hide the cracks, but 'to see the fissure in the fix.' She also gives us the possibility of 'a forgiveness cloak'--a one-size-fits-all-garment--to help us see through other minds besides our own in these darkest of times."--Lynn Marie Kirby

The Demystification of Culture Animation and Creativity

The Demystification of Culture   Animation and Creativity

The word # " demystification " might be fitting . If the theatre really wishes to communicate with a prospective audience , then it has to go out and find this audience and it must create the communication . In a district where there ...

Author: Finn Jor


ISBN: UCAL:B3167107



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Educational Technology Toward Demystification

Educational Technology  Toward Demystification

The case for educational technology is not an " open - and - shut ” one and therefore Educational Technology : Toward Demystification will probably stimulate considerable controversy . There seems little doubt , however , that teachers ...

Author: Margaret Gillett

Publisher: Scarborough, Ont.: Prentice-Hall of Canada

ISBN: CORNELL:31924055044048

Category: Educational technology

Page: 144

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Categories: Educational technology

Youth Nationalism and the Guinean Revolution

Youth  Nationalism  and the Guinean Revolution

In Pépé's eyes, demystification removed obstacles previously blocking the entry of forest youths and communities into emerging fields of accelerated social movement, productivity, and opportunity. Benoit, however, saw demystification as ...

Author: Jay Straker

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253220592

Category: History

Page: 264

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How youth-centered ambitions destroyed the ideals of nationhood in Guinea
Categories: History

Urban Renewal and Resistance

Urban Renewal and Resistance

A task for critical scholars then has been to engage in demystification, a process of critique whereby the underlying motives or hidden ideologies of economic systems, political platforms, or cultural products are exposed, laid bare, ...

Author: Mary E. Triece

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739193822

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 202

View: 996

Urban Renewal and Resistance: Race, Space, and the City in the Late Twentieth to Early Twenty-First Century examines how urban spaces are rhetorically constructed through discourses that variously justify or resist processes of urban growth and renewal. This book combines insights from critical geography, urban studies, and communication to explore how urban spaces, like Detroit and Harlem, are rhetorically structured through neoliberal discourses that mask the racialized nature of housing and health in American cities. The analysis focuses on city planning documents, web sites, media accounts, and draws on insights from personal interviews in order to pull together a story of city growth and its consequences, while keeping an eye on the ways city residents continue to confront and resist control over their communities through counter-narratives that challenge geographies of injustice. Recommended for scholars of communication studies, journalism, sociology, geography, and political science.
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MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler A demystification

MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler   A demystification




Category: History

Page: 352

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This book can be downloaded as a PDF file from here. Preface to the denuding Mein Kampf is certainly a good book, which has various streaks of great insights in various locations. It has been written by a person of outstanding personal capacities and calibre. It is the work of a person who had the capacity to look beyond the parameters and limitations imposed by indoctrinations and herd instincts. There are various locations where it is clearly seen that the author does not have a frog-in-the-well insight on events, incidences and logical thinking, on various items connected to history, sociology and as well measuring others. At the same time, this book and its author did also have a lot of failures and shallowness, and including that of a frog-in-the-well attitude on certain items. The first item of its failure to measure up to book of universal appeal is its very basic cloistered and highly confined ambit of readership appeal. Even though there are various inputs, ideas and insights of glorious levels, the book is confined to a Germany versus others, Aryans versus others, Germans versus others, location. It is also localised by a very ubiquitous, Germans versus the Jews attitude, plus a totally anti-Jewish imputation everywhere. At the same time, this book cannot be mentioned as pro-German book also. For, the book is full of accusations on German leadership, and there are many passages wherein the German people quality has been decried as corrupt, useless and utter foolish. If one were to not see the sentences that eulogise German traditions, heritage and various other claims of a similar kind, the book does actually parade German defects, German social incompetence, low-quality standards of the German leadership, and much more things. In fact, almost all the defects in the German administration, German politicians, German social life, German economic relationships, lack of quality in military leadership etc. are seen listed out. Beyond that there is also a very clear mention of the existence of a lower intellectual class, that is the workers and menial classes in Germany, who cannot be expected to understand much things intellectually. And hence they need to be seduced into becoming a follower by using items that appeal at their own level of intelligence. As such this book cannot be mentioned as a pro-German book and its fails at this definition. This book misses by astronomical distances in explaining why the social system and allied administrative, military systems do have defects which are of miserable content. Most of the insights it has on various items, connected to social problems, historical reasoning, military leadership, labour relationship, understanding community strategies etc. are not just about Germany, but could be equally applicable to almost most other nations, wherein the languages are feudal. As such this book and its insights could have been a great one. Here again it fails in arriving at that level, due to its author confining it to a small location in the world, i.e. Germany. Cont.....
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Art literature religion

Art literature religion

Put differently , good autobiography may involve demystification , but a theologian who tells his own story may ... Contemporary demystifications , even the demystifications offered by the autobiographical theologian , may not rest on ...

Author: Robert Detweiler


ISBN: UVA:X004340406

Category: Art

Page: 201

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The Chutneyfication of History

The Chutneyfication of History

Demystification , then , the outcome of the narrator's search which is at the same time the story the novel tells us , is relativized or undermined by the context it has been framed in . We know this reliving of the past to be one of ...

Author: Mita Banerjee

Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter

ISBN: STANFORD:36105025942827

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 314

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Colonizers are driven into a state of panic by the circulation of a 'humble' chapati; a young girl's setting her family's shoes on fire seems comparable to a nuclear attack; a sleepwalker kills two hundred and eighteen turkeys just to be rid of them. Are these events of historical significancei The works of Salman Rushdie, Michael Ondaatje, and Bharati Mukherjee seem to suggest that this question might be answered in the affirmative. The anecdote fleshes out what historical facts must elide in their abstraction. This study proposes that the fiction of all three authors can be read through Rushdie's metaphor of the chutneyfication of history. In line with the lighting of shoes and the murder of turkeys, the chutney's presence is a playful, unhistorical one; a presence, however, which Rushdie, Ondaatje, and Mukherjee proceed to turn into an historical agent in its own right, in a fusion of postmodernist and postcolonialist politics. Contrary to the claim that revolutions can be made by bread alone, this study suggests that this postmodernist agency of postcolonial aporia may in fact be self-defeating, and that the rejection of communal resistance which emerges in its wake must be considered in a much more critical light.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Attention Disorders in Children

Attention Disorders in Children

Demystification , cognitive coaching , social skill training , and behavior management are the most appropriate forms of counseling that can be delivered to the attention disordered student . School psychologists can incorporate any or ...

Author: Richard Morriss


ISBN: UOM:39015059276637

Category: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Page: 117

View: 742

Designed to delineate a method for any practicing psychologist, or school psychologist who acts as a diagnostician, to accurately diagnose ADD and be familiar with treatment approaches that are appropriate, practical, and effective.
Categories: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder