Determinism Holism and Complexity

Determinism  Holism  and Complexity

analytic-reductionistic method is considered inadequate to investigate the nature; 3) to explain the marvellous and incessant increasing of evolutive phenomena, which show a directionality from simplex to complex, from inorganic to ...

Author: Claudio Pellegrini

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781475749472

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Determinism, holism and complexity: three epistemological attitudes that have easily identifiable historical origins and developments. Galileo believed that it was necessary to "prune the impediments" to extract the mathematical essence of physical phenomena, to identify the math ematical structures representing the underlying laws. This Galilean method was the key element in the development of Physics, with its extraordinary successes. Nevertheless the method was later criticized because it led to a view of nature as essentially "simple and orderly", and thus by choosing not to investigate several charac teristics considered as an "impediment", several essential aspects of the phenomenon under investigation might be left out. The Galilean point of view also contains an acknowledgement of the central role played by the causal nexus among phenomena. The mechanistic-deterministic de scription of reality - for instance, a la Laplace - although acknowledging that it is not possible to predict phenomena exactly owing to unavoid able measurement error, is based on the recognition of the their causal nature, even in an ontological sense. Consequently, deterministic predic tion became the methodological fulcrum of mathematical physics. But although mechanistic determinism has had and, in many cases, still has, considerable success in Physics, in other branches of science this situa tion is much less favourable.
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Experiments in Holism

Experiments in Holism

Holistic Anthropology: Emergence and Convergence. New York: Berghahn. Pellegrini, Claudio, Paula Cerrai, Paolo Freguglia, Vieri Benci, and Giorgio Israel (2003). Determinism, Holism, and Complexity. Berlin: Springer.

Author: Ton Otto

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444351859

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

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Experiments in Holism: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Anthropologypresents a series of essays from leading anthropologists that critically reexamine the relevance of holism as a foundational tenet of anthropology, and its theoretical and methodological potential in today's world. Represents the first volume to consider the modern role of holism as a central anthropological concern across a wide range of anthropological traditions Critically examines the past and present predicament of holism and its potential for the renewal of future practice Features contributions from leading anthropologists which discuss how anthropology should be re-designed in the context of a changing world Challenges many of contemporary anthropology's central methods, theory, and functions
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Beyond Peaceful Coexistence

Beyond Peaceful Coexistence

J. 14(3), 225–250 (1991); Licata, I. The Big Computer, Complexity and Computability in Physical Universe, in Determinism, Holism, and Complexity, Pellegrini, C., Cerrai, P., Freguglia, P., Benci, V., and Israel, ...

Author: Licata Ignazio

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9781783268337

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'It may be that a real synthesis of quantum and relativity theories requires not just technical developments but radical conceptual renewal.'J S BellBeyond Peaceful Coexistence: The Emergence of Space, Time and Quantum brings together leading academics in mathematics and physics to address going beyond the 'peaceful coexistence' of space-time descriptions (local and continuous ones) and quantum events (discrete and non-commutative ones). Formidable challenges waiting beyond the Standard Model require a new semantic consistency within the theories in order to build new ways of understanding, working and relating to them. The original A. Shimony meaning of the peaceful coexistence (the collapse postulate and non-locality) appear to be just the tip of the iceberg in relation to more serious fundamental issues across physics as a whole.Chapters in this book present perspectives on emergent, discrete, geometrodynamic and topological approaches, as well as a new interpretative spectrum of quantum theories after Copenhagen, discrete time theories, time-less approaches and 'super-fluid' pictures of space-time.As well as stimulating further research among established theoretical physicists, the book can also be used in courses on the philosophy and mathematics of theoretical physics.
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Multiplicity and Interdisciplinarity

Multiplicity and Interdisciplinarity

Nonlinearity, chaos, and complexity: The dynamics of natural and social systems. Oxford University Press. Boccaletti, S., Latora, V., ... Complex networks: Structure and dynamics. ... (Eds.), Determinism, holism and complexity. Kluwer.

Author: Gianfranco Minati

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030718770

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This book presents the human, cultural, and scientific contributions of professor Eliano Pessa, who recently passed away. His research interests and activities were varied, some of which included quantum physics, cognitive science and psychology, systems science, artificial intelligence, and alpinism. They were never disciplinary-separated issues, but rather some coherent dimensions of his interests in life. He lived and not only practiced interdisciplinarity and multiple dimensions; he considered it unacceptable to do only one thing in life. The contributors in this volume consider, discuss, interpret, and represent the multiplicity and interdisciplinarity experienced, lived and applied by Pessa. The chapters are inspired by, rebuild, and retrace such networked interests lived by him from the personal, cultural, and scientific points of view of the authors. This is true interdisciplinarity and usage of non-equivalences, honoring the richness of Pessa's contributions.
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Encyclopedia of Power

Encyclopedia of Power

And that is the issue with regard to determinism. But is it? In a fully determined world as ... Determinism and our view of ourselves as agents are completely compatible. ... Determinism, holism and complexity. New York: Kluwer.

Author: Keith Dowding

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412927482

Category: Reference

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Collects 381 entries that discuss political science, international relations, and sociology.
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Physics of Emergence and Organization

Physics of Emergence and Organization

Complexity and Computability in Physical Universe, in Determinism, Holism and Complexity (Benci,V., Cer- rai, P., Freguglia, P., Israel, G., Pellegrini, C., (eds.), Springer. 51. Licata, I. (2006) Universe Without Singularities.

Author: Ignazio Licata

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9789812779946

Category: Computers

Page: 421

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This book is a state-of-the-art review on the Physics of Emergence. The challenge of complexity is to focus on the description levels of the observer in context-dependent situations. Emergence is not only an heuristic approach to complexity, but it also urges us to face a much deeper question -- what do we think is fundamental in the physical world?This volume provides significant and pioneering contributions based on rigorous physical and mathematical approaches -- with particular reference to the syntax of Quantum Physics and Quantum Field Theory -- dealing with the bridge-laws and their limitations between Physics and Biology, without failing to discuss the involved epistemological features.Physics of Emergence and Organization is an interdisciplinary source of reference for students and experts whose interests cross over to complexity issues.
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Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities

Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities

Robert Verpoorte, Young Hae Choi and Hye Kyong Kim, 'Ethnopharmacology and Systems Biology: A Perfect Holistic Match', ... Giorgio Israel and Claudio Pellegrini (eds), Determinism, Holism, and Complexity (New York: Springer, 2003), pp.

Author: Anne Whitehead

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474400053

Category: Medical

Page: 700

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In this landmark Companion, expert contributors from around the world map out the field of the critical medical humanities. This is the first volume to introduce comprehensively the ways in which interdisciplinary thinking across the humanities and social sciences might contribute to, critique and develop medical understanding of the human individually and collectively. The thirty-six newly commissioned chapters range widely within and across disciplinary fields, always alert to the intersections between medicine, as broadly defined, and critical thinking. Each chapter offers suggestions for further reading on the issues raised, and each section concludes with an Afterword, written by a leading critic, outlining future possibilities for cutting-edge work in this area. Topics covered in this volume include: the affective body, biomedicine, blindness, breath, disability, early modern medical practice, fatness, the genome, language, madness, narrative, race, systems biology, performance, the postcolonial, public health, touch, twins, voice and wonder. Together the chapters generate a body of new knowledge and make a decisive intervention into how health, medicine and clinical care might address questions of individual, subjective and embodied experience.
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And Yet It Is Heard

And Yet It Is Heard

A Comparison Between Europe and China”, in Determinism, Holism, and Complexity, P. Cerrai, C. Pellegrini (eds.), New York, Kluwer, 387–398. 2003b,“The Mathematics of Music During the 16th Century: The Cases of Francesco Maurolico, ...

Author: Tito M. Tonietti

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783034806725

Category: Mathematics

Page: 407

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We bring into full light some excerpts on musical subjects which were until now scattered throughout the most famous scientific texts. The main scientific and musical cultures outside of Europe are also taken into consideration. The first and most important property to underline in the scientific texts examined here is the language they are written in. This means that our multicultural history of the sciences necessarily also becomes a review of the various dominant languages used in the different historical contexts. In this volume, the history of the development of the sciences is told as it happened in real contexts, not in an alienated ideal world.
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Technological Concepts and Mathematical Models in the Evolution of Modern Engineering Systems

Technological Concepts and Mathematical Models in the Evolution of Modern Engineering Systems

Millán Gasca, A., 2003, “Early approaches to the management of complexity in engineering systems”, in: Determinism, Holism, and Complexity (Benci, V. et al., eds.), New York, Kluwer/Plenum Publishers: 349–357. Miller, D. M. and Schmidt, ...

Author: Mario Lucertini

Publisher: Birkhäuser

ISBN: 9783034879514

Category: Mathematics

Page: 246

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This collection of historical research studies covers the evolution of technology as knowledge, the emergence of an autonomous engineering science in the Industrial Age, the idea of scientific managment of production and operation systems, and the interaction between mathematical models and technological concepts. The book is published with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office - Regional Office for Science & Technology in Europe as an activity of the Project: The evolution of events, concepts and models in engineering systems.
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Technological and Social Dimensions of the Green Revolution

Technological and Social Dimensions of the Green Revolution

Ignoring complex interactions in natural ecoysystems: the case of terminator technology. In: V. Benci, P. Cerrai, P. Freguglia, G. Israel and C. Pellegrinieds, eds. Determinism, holism, and complexity. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum ...

Author: Pratyusha Basu

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317850274

Category: Science

Page: 96

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Rising concerns about agricultural productivity and food security in rapidly changing economic and environmental contexts have led to renewed interest in agricultural development. But the extent to which new policies and programs will enable socially just and environmentally sustainable futures for rural communities remains a matter of intense debate. This book contributes to such debates by critically examining the intersection of agricultural histories, heterogeneous social contexts and new technological developments in rural communities across the Global South. It shows how experiences of the previous Green Revolution can inform new agricultural programs and enable equitable and participatory development in rural places. Through close engagement with rural communities, this book ensures that rural voices become part of the debate on agricultural development and suggests pathways for building on the gains of the Green Revolution without necessarily repeating its problematic social, technological and environmental aspects. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability.
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