Dick Cheney Saves Paris

Dick Cheney Saves Paris

But if you still need just a wee bit more, I leave you with this: Eight years to the day after Paris would have been vaporized—had Dick Cheney not succeeded in subverting Al Gore's attempt to become president—I received a plain brown ...

Author: Ryan Forsythe

Publisher: Ryan Forsythe

ISBN: 9780615492872

Category: American fiction

Page: 242

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With insight, humor, and a bit of "I don't know what," Ryan Forsythe turns the modern political satire on its head in this alternative historical novel exploring why Dick Cheney has done the things he's done. We first meet a young Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney in the year 2791 as he endures another of his Dad's lectures on the terrible no good Gore presidency-the source of all suffering in the world after a series of freak time travel accidents vaporized our dearest celebrities. Soon Cheney is on a joyride through time with his buddy Kimo. Unfortunately, their time machine stalls out on the Interyear and Dick finds he is stuck in the Nixon administration. Recalling his father's rants, Cheney realizes he has the opportunity to change history. If he can ensure Gore loses the 2000 election, perhaps 800 years later he could finally make his old man proud. Will the assistance of alien pinochle player Donald Rumsfeld be enough? Or will he have to enlist both foul-mouthed mob boss Ralph Nader and the secretly Republication robot Joseph Lieberman? And what does the Iran-Contra scandal have to with any of this? Forsythe skewers the conventions of modern books and DVDs, with numerous "bonus features." Included are a "Deleted Epilogue" (obviously not deleted); a faux Author Commentary featuring Forsythe and Cheney discussing Cheney's actions in chapter one; and a Reading Group Guide, featuring discussion questions and an author interview. Dick Cheney Saves Paris heralds a new voice in the genre of personal and political madcap sci-fi meta- anti- novels. Read the book about which Brian K. Vaughan says, 'There is no way in hell I'm gonna read this, much less blurb it.'
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Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney in Hell

Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney in Hell

If working to save America from terrorism leads a person to wind up in Hell, then I guess many of us are bound here. ... “The only thing Limbaugh is high on is the drugs Lauren Bush, Paris Hilton...Present Evidence 95.

Author: Fred Stopsky

Publisher: FreshWave Publishing

ISBN: 9780979651601

Category: Hell

Page: 350

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Categories: Hell

Donald Trump Tiger Woods Bernie Madoff and Dick Cheney the Anatomy of Evil

Donald Trump  Tiger Woods  Bernie Madoff  and Dick Cheney  the Anatomy of Evil

Tillerson didn't agree with Trump on many major issues, such as leaving the Paris Accord, and about how to approach Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Tillerson had established several ... Save your energy, Rex, we'll do what has to be done!

Author: John Doe PhD

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532068881

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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On September 5th, 2018, the New York Times published an anonymous editorial: “Many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office..... The root of the problem is the president’s amorality.” Trump’s behavior is dangerously unpredictable. He is the epitome of the Anomic Personality, whose major trait is unlimited striving. He shares in the symptom clusters of The Dark Tetrad: Aggressive Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy and Sadism. His behavior and his own quotes convince us of the dangers of his continuance in office. Like other oligarchs, he seeks sex, money and power. Faced with charges by the Mueller and five other investigations, he lashed out by creating an “emergency,” a 35-day government shutdown. How Trump won, and why his base voted for him is explained in terms of U.S. history, national character, social-class differences in child rearing, inequality, and blind attachment (which may be in our DNA due to early Cro-Magnon parental hypervigilance for fear of predators). The United Nations IPCC Report tells us that we have only twelve more years in which to reverse global warming. After that time it will be irreversible! Can we let a president who doesn’t believe in climate change use up another six years, or one half, of our “chance of survival” time?
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The Influence of Public Opinion on Post Cold War U S Military Interventions

The Influence of Public Opinion on Post Cold War U S  Military Interventions

According to one of his closest advisers on the war in Iraq, the president “had an understanding that he was out of sync with the American people about the war for so long,” Meghan O'Sullivan, Interview by the author, Paris (by phone), ...

Author: Helene Dieck

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137519238

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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Based on interviews with political decision-makers involved in post-Cold War case studies, this research reassesses the prevalent conclusion in the academic literature, according to which American public opinion has limited influence on military interventions, by including the level of commitment in the study of the decision-making process.
Categories: Political Science

Kim Deal Me

Kim Deal   Me

Ryan followed up with "Writer's Block," a thinly veiled critique of the teacher and the writing of "Slack and Me." And then for a nonfiction class the next year, he wrote an essay about (among other things) the writing of the story about ...

Author: Ryan Forsythe


ISBN: 1945824298

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

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For a creative writing class in the mid-90's, Ryan Forsythe wrote a short story about two guys who drive in search of their favorite rock star. The class loved "Slack and Me and the Quest for Kim Deal"; the teacher not so much. Ryan followed up with "Writer's Block," a thinly veiled critique of the teacher and the writing of "Slack and Me." And then for a nonfiction class the next year, he wrote an essay about (among other things) the writing of the story about the writing of the story. And then, still later, he learned the Breeders would be in town and he decided he should try to get Kim the first of those stories. Already available for years as an e-book, the full story of all of the above is now available the old-fashioned way: in print. Yes, it's the fiction stories, the nonfiction essay, and the true story of what happened when he ventured to the Breeders show in Columbus with a ten-page short story sticking out of his back pocket. And a goal. A quick and fun read sure to be appreciated by fans of alt-rocker Kim Deal-heck, for anyone who ever wanted to meet their hero. Or who just hated their writing teacher.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Goldilocks and the Three BARs Beyond Available Resources

Goldilocks and the Three BARs  Beyond Available Resources

In this updated version of the tale of the Three Bears, Goldilocks comes to Josephine County, Oregon.

Author: Ryan Forsythe


ISBN: 0692330607

Category: Fiction

Page: 36

View: 967

In this updated version of the tale of the Three Bears, Goldilocks comes to Josephine County, Oregon. But will anyone help when the Three Bears call the Sheriff to report Goldilocks' acts of trespassing, robbery, and vandalism? Or will the help of authorities be termed "Beyond Available Resources"?
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When he and Margie went to Paris “nobody thanked me for saving their country” she said; these are adults – where do you ... Bush backed him – wrong horse; the general feeling is that the vice president, Dick Cheney, was running the show ...

Author: John

Publisher: 30 Degrees South Publishers

ISBN: 9781928211501

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 602

View: 367

“The strangest, most original book to ever come out of Africa and possibly the most important” This is a tale of redemption after a descent into the ether – set against a primal African backdrop; it purports to be a good read but also to have redeeming social value by providing insight into the solution of a fatal and universal malady – by turns humorous, dark, historically informative and, just possibly, uplifting. Briefly, the story, given in monologue by an ‘anti- hero’, begins in eastern Zimbabwe with ‘the drinking night that had everything’, including a brush with death via car accident. It sets the tragic-comic theme of alcoholism in a setting that is luxurious, exotic and violent. The narrative maintains momentum throughout and connects the disparateness of crime, killing, genius and sainthood through a sequence of travel to all corners of the world. There is a strong metaphysical overprint to this true-life journey and the readers will come out the other side able to identify, at some level with the text, somewhat refreshed, enlightened and made stronger in their life’s affirmation. In essence, this is the purpose of Buffoon and the basis of its claim to be one of a kind. It is also a love story. Response to date from 20–30 readers of ages varying from 25–85, including eight different nationalities, essentially the ‘intelligent layman’ (architect/ lawyer/surgeons/businessmen), has been astonishing.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

On Building Peace

On Building Peace

Rescuing the Nation-state and Saving the United Nations Michael von der Schulenburg ... At that time, Fukuyama was a member of the influential Project for the New American Century (PNAC) under the chairmanship of Dick Cheney.

Author: Michael von der Schulenburg

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9789048534906

Category: Political Science

Page: 283

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Now, 25 years after the end of the Cold War, the global peace order is going through renewed geopolitical changes that are less dramatic than those in 1989 but probably equally important. The post-Cold War Western dominance of global affairs and the singular US superpower status are eroding, making room for a more diffuse multi-polar world with many different global and regional players. Post-Cold War hopes that the winning political system of liberal democracy would spread around the world and bring global peace have turned out an illusion. To the contrary, Western efforts and military interventions to promote liberal democracy have increasingly resulted in the destabilization of countries and whole regions. At the same time, intra-state armed conflicts have, probably for the first time in human history, replaced inter-state wars as the main threats to global peace and security. This has created a completely new global threat scenario. Now, weak and corrupt governments are challenged by powerful belligerent non-state actors, be they Islamic extremist groups, other ideologically-motivated groups, separatist movements, or even transnational crime syndicates. Globalization has turned these local intra-state armed conflicts into international security concerns.
Categories: Political Science

Security Strategy and Transatlantic Relations

Security Strategy and Transatlantic Relations

Cheney, R. (2004) 'Special Address by Dick Cheney, Vice-President of the United States of America', Speech at the World Economic ... Cimbalo, J. L. (2004)'Saving NATO from Europe', Foreign Affairs, 83 (6) November—December: 111–20.

Author: Roland Dannreuther

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134143603

Category: Political Science

Page: 309

View: 358

In this much-needed study of current strategic thinking on both sides of the Atlantic, a diverse collection of leading European and American analysts are assembled to tackle key questions that remain unanswered in the existing literature: how much do new security strategies signal convergence or divergence in US and EU foreign and security policy doctrine? what tangible political and policy impacts can be attributed to new security strategies? what are the implications for US and EU policies towards specific regions? what are the prospects for collective transatlantic action? The legacy of 9/11 is scrutinized against the backdrop of the strategic thinking that preceded it. In the 1990s, the US struggled to develop a new doctrine for American foreign policy, seeking at various times to promote a ‘New World Order’ or ‘democratic enlargement’. For its part, the EU had tried to underpin its new Common Foreign and Security Policy with a coherent set of ‘European values’ – multilateralism, human rights, environmental protection, and poverty reduction – that were best defended via collective European action. Key continuities and changes in these transatlantic efforts since 9/11 are clearly identified and closely examined.
Categories: Political Science

Weekly World News

Weekly World News

it will save $millions By DAVID BUSCH PRESIDENT George Bush has hit on a dramatic new way to cut federal spending and finance tax cuts without having to grow the federal deficit — using an obscure loophole Vice President Dick Cheney ...





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