Dynamic Characters

Dynamic Characters

Dynamic. Characters. “Nancy Kress has written an invaluable book on characterization here ... a wonderfully systematic and easy-to-apply approach to what is essential in all good fiction: good characters. Let Nancy Kress help you make ...

Author: Nancy Kress

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781582976969

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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A truly unforgettable story is defined by its characters. Their motivations, their changes, their actions compel us to read on, anxiously trying to discern what will happen next. In Dynamic Characters, award-winning author and Writer's Digest columnist Nancy Kress explores the fundamental relationship between characterization and plot, illustrating how vibrant, well-constructed characters act as the driving force behind an exceptional story. Kress balances her writing instruction with hands-on checklists to help you build strong characters from the outside in. Blending physical, emotional and mental characterization, you'll learn to create characters that initiate exciting action, react to tense situations, make physical and emotional transformations, and power the plot from beginning to end.
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Mastering Fantasy Art Drawing Dynamic Characters

Mastering Fantasy Art   Drawing Dynamic Characters

This book is just the beginning of your journey into drawing dynamic characters. Now it's your turn to start gathering some references and putting your imagination down onto paper. Remember there is no wrong way to work with references.

Author: John Stanko

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440329685

Category: Art

Page: 144

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Bring the power of realism to your fantasy drawings! Great fantasy art transports viewers to a realm where the impossible becomes less so, and all manner of strange beasts and beings dwell. It takes more than fierce imagination to create these worlds. Great reference photos make it easier to draw what you actually see, providing that all-important link to reality that allows fantasy art to take flight. Mastering Fantasy Art shows you how to use photo references of models and props to create more accurate, interesting and unique characters and drawings. Start by learning the dos and don'ts of working with a model, how to set up your lighting, and what makes a strong reference photos versus a bad one. Then follow along with 16 step-by-step demonstrations as master gaming artist John Stanko brings to life wizards, sorceresses, barbarians, elves, vampires, dragons and more. Starting with individual characters and working toward compositions with multiple figures and action poses, you'll learn how to go beyond the reference to create bold and original fantasy scenes of your own imagining! 16 action-packed demonstrations offer expert advice and strategies for: • Creating an imaginative cast of characters and creatures • Selecting the best poses, perspective and lighting • Developing authentic costumes and one-of-a-kind weaponry • Composing a battle scene • Seamlessly combining photo references with digital editing • Drawing fantastic landscapes
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The Manga Artist s Handbook Drawing Dynamic Manga Characters

The Manga Artist s Handbook  Drawing Dynamic Manga Characters


Author: Junka Morozumi

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462921478

Category: Art

Page: 96

View: 247

Create interesting and expressive manga characters by learning the techniques of professional artists. This volume builds on the proven three-step technique presented in the companion volume, Drawing Basic Characters. 1. Trace a simple outline of the character 2. Add clothing, facial expressions and other details using the easy-to-follow tips 3. Use color and pen to create the finished character Experienced manga artists Junka Morozumi and Tomomi Mizuna are your guides to the dazzling world of lifelike and expressive manga characters who literally leap off the page. Through expert tips and richly-illustrated, step-by-step tutorials, they help you to build your skills and confidence at the same time. Their focus is on creating a dynamic body pose and face for each character and illustration. First you are shown how to sketch a well-proportioned outline, then how to fill in supporting details—powerful dramatic expressions, clothing and actions. Bold examples portray an array of body types and faces, each capturing a different mood or action sequence. Whether your character has just won a major victory and is leaping into the air in triumph, or you want to draw the subtlety of a forlorn expression, this book will allow you to capture it. No matter what story you're telling, Drawing Dynamic Manga Characters shows you how the pros do it.
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Human Pilots Dynamic Response Characteristics Measured in Flight and on a Nonmoving Simulator

Human Pilots  Dynamic Response Characteristics Measured in Flight and on a Nonmoving Simulator

SUMMARY OF RESULTS An investigation was made to document the human pilots ' dynamicresponse characteristics in flight and to compare the flight results with those obtained on a nonmoving simulator . The pilots ' task was to maintain the ...

Author: Helmut A. Kuehnel


ISBN: UIUC:30112106592824

Category: Aerodynamics

Page: 73

View: 273

Categories: Aerodynamics

Experimental and Predicted Lateral directional Dynamic response Characteristics of a Large Flexible 35 Degree Swept wing Airplane at an Altitude of 35 000 Feet

Experimental and Predicted Lateral directional Dynamic response Characteristics of a Large Flexible 35 Degree Swept wing Airplane at an Altitude of 35 000 Feet


Author: Stuart C. Brown


ISBN: UOM:39015086430058

Category: Airplanes

Page: 74

View: 258

Calculated simplified transfer function coefficients based on the lateral-directional equations of motion are compared with coefficients obtained by matching transient time histories with an analog computer. Aerodynamic derivatives extracted from measured transfer function coefficients are also compared with estimated derivatives. In general, good agreement between measured and estimated values was obtained.
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The Normal Musical Hand book

The Normal Musical Hand book

If the class are accustomed to think of a note as a Rhythmic character , of the staff as a Melodic character , of a crescendo as a Dynamic character , etc. , and to speak of the Rhythmic , Melodic or Dynamic characters of music that ...

Author: George Frederick Root


ISBN: IND:39000018486899

Category: Music

Page: 346

View: 690

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A manual of physiology and of the principles of disease

A manual of physiology  and of the principles of disease

DYNAMIC CHARACTERS . — Living bodies influence physical forces in one of two ways : ( 1 ) they set free dynamic energy ; ( 2 ) they transform one variety of energy into the other . The liberation of dynamic force is exemplified by the ...

Author: Edward Dillon Mapother


ISBN: OXFORD:590652120



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A study guide for American Literature to 1900

A study guide for American Literature to 1900

Static characters remain the same from the beginning of the plot to the end, whereas dynamic characters undergo some ... series of events in “Young Goodman Brown” bring into view its protagonist as a dynamic, or as a static character?

Author: Mª Teresa Gibert Maceda

Publisher: Editorial Universitaria Ramon Areces

ISBN: 9788480047487

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 224

View: 924

Esta guía esta pensada para utilizarse conjuntamente con el libro American literature to 1900 de la misma autora y editado por la misma editorial. Ofrece los siguientes recursos adicionales como un extenso material complementario que ayuda y guía al alumno a lo largo de las 24 unidades, una colección de veinte ejemplos de exámenes y un glosario con una lista de los términos más importantes de la literatura en general y de la literatura americana en particular.
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Documentary Media

Documentary Media

... or thematic concept—but all three profile dynamic characters who arrive at a place different from where we first met them. Each of the character arcs described above is significant, generated over the course of featurelength, ...

Author: Broderick Fox

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317348733

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 264

View: 782

Documentary Media: History, Theory, Practice facilitates the study of documentary media, its changing forms, and diverse social functions. Fox provides balanced and accessible coverage of the historical, critical, and the practical aspects of documentary media without mandating specialized skills sets in students or access to costly technology. For practitioners and students alike, Documentary Media lays out fundamental concepts and production processes needed to contribute to the contemporary production of non-fiction media in the digital age. Each chapter engages students by challenging traditional assumptions about documentary form and function, posing critical and creative questions, and offering historical and contemporary examples. Additionally, each chapter closes with an "Into Practice" section that assists readers in applying the chapter's concepts. Fox aims to help the student establish a complete treatment, aesthetic plan, and pre-production strategy for their own documentary project.
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The Quantum of Explanation

The Quantum of Explanation

In the final phase of inquiry, attempting to create the model (in a completed concept) of the coordinate whole with which we began, will integrate these static and dynamic characters; this integration requires some pretty fancy algebra, ...

Author: Randall E. Auxier

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351792479

Category: Philosophy

Page: 370

View: 214

The Quantum of Explanation advances a bold new theory of how explanation ought to be understood in philosophical and cosmological inquiries. Using a complete interpretation of Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophical and mathematical writings and an interpretive structure that is essentially new, Auxier and Herstein argue that Whitehead has never been properly understood, nor has the depth and breadth of his contribution to the human search for knowledge been assimilated by his successors. This important book effectively applies Whitehead’s philosophy to problems in the interpretation of science, empirical knowledge, and nature. It develops a new account of philosophical naturalism that will contribute to the current naturalism debate in both Analytic and Continental philosophy. Auxier and Herstein also draw attention to some of the most important differences between the process theology tradition and Whitehead’s thought, arguing in favor of a Whiteheadian naturalism that is more or less independent of theological concerns. This book offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to Whitehead’s philosophy and is an essential resource for students and scholars interested in American philosophy, the philosophy of mathematics and physics, and issues associated with naturalism, explanation and radical empiricism.
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