An Eagle Soars

An Eagle Soars

Later that night Soar went to her Mama and Papa and with Noah and Pipio there, she let them know she now sees and understands that she is an eagle. “I now know why I am so different, and I see what I must be and do to flourish,” ...

Author: Elizabeth Marie

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452517766

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 36

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When an egg mysteriously fell from the sky, Mama and Papa Pigeon knew in their hearts that it was no coincidence. Sure enough - they were to discover that the events surrounding the adoption of a new and unique member into their family would prove to be magical, and a learning experience for all. For Soar, the beautiful creature who graced the Pigeons' lives, it was a difficult time. She loved her new family and did her best to fit in, yet she always knew deep inside that she was so much more. Join Soar on an amazing journey of self-discovery as she learns to stand up in the truth of who she is, and finds the courage to shine, allowing the gift of her spirit to soar!
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An Eagle Soars

An Eagle Soars

... the hills of New Jersey are dwindling. So when Candi atSuper Cuts tells Pedro he's next, all chipsare in, and I amgoing forThe Anton Chigurh while I can still pullit off. Afterthat, thiseagle shall soar on his journey to baldness.

Author: Turney Hall

Publisher: Post Hill Press

ISBN: 9781618689627

Category: Humor

Page: 95

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A man without a little gamble in him isn’t worth a damn. That is why Turney Hall has decided to bare his soul -- and his scalp -- in An Eagle Soars: One Man’s Journey to Baldness in a heroic attempt to make the world a better place for bald men. An Eagle Soars is a hilarious account of Turney’s experience with and musings on male pattern baldness as he learns to accept his own hair loss. In An Eagle Soars, Turney searches for the meaning of male pattern baldness. He takes a trip to the public library for some insight on many of its aspects, such as scientific (how this genetic condition is a bigot that hates whites more than any other race), psychological (why young bald men may not have any hope with cheerleaders, but still have a shot with cougars), religious (how God thinks bald men are better than lepers, and won’t hesitate to unleash a sleuth of bears on anyone who dares taunt the bald), legal (how the amount of hair on your head could mean the difference between acquittal and a guilty verdict, and if your boss ever says to you, “Let’s take it outside, you bald pussy,” you better take it outside and show him who the real pussy is), and much more! While there is a stereotype that bald men are less likeable, successful, happy, and confident than their non-balding counterparts, that doesn’t mean they should just give up on life. Instead, An Eagle Soars exhorts those who are losing their hair to accept their destiny and do their damnedest to reverse the stereotypes that plague their kind. Of course, Turney encountered many bumps along the road to accepting his hair loss. In An Eagle Soars, you will find out how a shower, a car accident, and an ill-advised raise of his hand in journalism class opened his eyes to the world of baldness and made him wish he could jump out of the second story window without breaking an ankle or getting grass stains on his khakis; how he worked tirelessly to hide any signs of male pattern baldness by perfecting a hairstyle known as “the cascade effect;” how he imagines the baldness community is like La Cosa Nostra, and concludes that just because he liked to openly talk about baldness, didn’t mean other people did, and that he didn’t want to get whacked before he was officially recognized as a member; and, how he spent many years taking anxiety-filled trips to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription for Propecia, despite the questionability of the drug’s effectiveness and the resentment he had for the pharmacist as he stood a step above his customers like Wayne Newton performing Danke Schoen at the Borgata. But, Turney eventually decides to say goodbye to Propecia and hello to his fate. Besides, he’s a family man now, and his money is better spent on diapers and matching mink coats for his wife and him. In An Eagles Soars, Turney turns to conventional and unconventional sources alike for the strength and wisdom to overcome his fear of going bald. He invites Larry David and Andre Agassi to an imaginary dinner for some grilled cheese sandwiches, tequila, and a boost to his self-esteem; he dusts off his neglected Bible and finds that baldness is all right with God, and thus should be all right with him; he interrupts his bald father as he picks up some valuable cooking tips from Rachel Ray for a paternal perspective on how to make it in the world as a bald man; and he has a chance encounter with a bottle of Jim Beam and a fat lady. An Eagle Soars provides a unique blend of wit, quirkiness, and searching reflection in order to make light of and offer insight into a genetic phenomenon that affects over 35 million men in this country. Whether you are just starting to lose your hair, completely bald, somewhere in between, or not losing your hair at all, An Eagle Soars will help you realize that baldness isn’t the end of the world and make you laugh along the way. A page-turner and quick read, An Eagle Soars is the perfect complement to an evening of sipping cognac by the fireplace!
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Higher Than The Eagle Soars

Higher Than The Eagle Soars

Author: Stephen Venables

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448183999

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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High and wild places have dominated Stephen Venables' life and now he has written a full autobiography which explores how and - more importantly - why he became a mountaineer, and reveals a series of never-recorded adventures on four continents. At its climax he revisits his dramatic success without oxygen on the Kangshung Face of Everest, described by Reinhold Messner as the most adventurous in Everest's history and by Lord Hunt as 'one of the most remarkable ordeals from which men or women have returned alive'. As Venables writes: 'Although we didn't go seeking deliberately an epic near-death experience, it did turn out that way - the ultimate endurance test for which all the previous adventures seemed, retrospectively, to be a preparation.'
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Where Eagles Soar

Where Eagles Soar

Of course it's probably just the wind or something as it brushes down through the trees and gently kisses the grass and plays among the rocks and the human skull that stares hollow eyed, watching as an eagle soars through the grey ...

Author: A.G.Wayne Ezeard

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426903766

Category: Fiction

Page: 88

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The Peace Region of British Columbia is unique in that pioneers still gather in the coffee shops. Its short history is filled with colourful characters whose indomitable spirit has shaped the landscape in a unique and often humorous way. This entertaining collection of poetry and prose by Peace Country author, A. G. Wayne Ezeard, portrays that spirit in an engaging and enjoyable read. Experience the excitement of the rodeo in A Bull named Rock and Roll, follow the adventures of Wes Morgan in Where Eagles Soar, and laugh over the rude awakening of Ben, the lovesick cowboy, in Corra Leah. These stories and poems depict the pioneering spirit in all their many facets; laughter and tears, triumph and despair.
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Let the Eagle Soar Again

Let the Eagle Soar Again

Soar. Again. A. s I stated in the previous chapter, I see no evidence that America will recover from this recession rather than continuing to decline. Our economy was afalse economy driven by reckless spending and unmanageable credit ...

Author: Allan LeTourneau

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462056224

Category: Political Science

Page: 364

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America stands on the brink of a cliff. Massive debt, healthcare woes, involvement in two wars, and corrupt politicians have all combined to bring about a deep wave of discontent to the American people. Is there hope? Author Allan LeTourneau thinks so. In Let the Eagle Soar Again, LeTourneau, an average, everyday American, offers a collection of perspectives, solutions, and ideas that may contribute to the betterment of our world, our nation, and our society. In so doing, he hopes to show elected officials that ordinary citizens have workable answers to current problems. LeTourneau tackles a wide variety of issues with tact and truth, including terrorism, the failure of education reform, universal healthcare, the Middle East, financial institutions, and the ever-growing government. He seeks to open the door to public discussion and debate. By studying the lessons, failures, and successes of the past, America might avoid the catastrophic failures of the past and the unimaginable problems of the future. Timely and compelling, Let the Eagle Soar Again is a call to action for Americans of every political stripe.
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Our Dumb Animals

Our Dumb Animals

For many years a pair of bald - headed eagles have made their winter home on Peirce's Island in this harbor ... And again , Euripides , the Grecian dramatist : “ The Pleiades show themselves in the East , The Eagle soars in the summit ...




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Winged Words

Winged Words

And more, for he is “the lord of song incompa- rable,/who like an eagle soars above the rest” (quel segnor de l' altissimo canto/che sovra li altri com' aquila vola). [98] Homer, whom Dante never read and knew only through his fame.

Author: Piero Boitani


ISBN: 9781459605640


Page: 500

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Flight has always fascinated human minds, but until a century ago it remained a dream - the exclusive domain of birds, gods, and mythological heroes. From the myths of the ancients to the poetry of Pindar and Yeats, Winged Words traces the imprint of the human impulse to fly from premodern times to the age of terrorism in both literature and his...

The Poets Birds

The Poets  Birds

( 15 ) Who rushed to the field where the glory was won , As eagles that soar from their cliffs to the sun . -Hemans : Hirlas Horn . A sounding Aight ( Hemans : Greck Songs ) ; On sounding pinion borne he soars , and shrouds his proud ...

Author: Phil Robinson



Category: Birds in literature

Page: 490

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Categories: Birds in literature

Soar with the Eagles

Soar with the Eagles

GRACE and STRENGTH The eagle soars the eagle glides ; It does not run it does not hide . The eagle flies high for all to see ; A symbol of strength for you and me . 6 NICE I have discovered that an otherwise rough day.

Author: Walter D. Smith


ISBN: 1888475080

Category: Conduct of life

Page: 90

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Categories: Conduct of life

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

... feigned by poets that every ten years the eagle soars into the " fiery region , ” and plunges thence into the sea , where , moulting its feathers , it acquires new life . " She saw where he upstarted brave Out of the well .

Author: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer


ISBN: PSU:000052978913

Category: Allusions

Page: 1440

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