Fables of the East

Fables of the East

just idea of the government, and of some of the customs, of those eastern nations' and in the story of 'a barber and his ... Oriental fable is both ancient and contemporary, both then and now, both there and here, both fantastical and a ...

Author: Ros Ballaster

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191556173

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Fables of the East is the first anthology to provide textual examples of representations of oriental cultures in the early modern period drawn from a variety of genres: travel writing, histories, and fiction. Organized according to genre in order to illustrate the diverse shapes the oriental tale adopted in the period, the extracts cover the popular sequence of oriental tales, the pseudo-oriental tale, travels and history, and letter fictions. Authors represented range from the familiar - Joseph Addison, Horace Walpole, Montesquieu, Oliver Goldsmith - to authors of great popularity in their own time who have since faded in reputation such as James Ridley, Alexander Dow, and Eliza Haywood. The selection has been devised to call attention to the diversity in the ways that different oriental cultures are represented to English readers. Readers of this anthology will be able to identify a contrast between the luxury, excess, and sexuality associated with Islamic Turkey, Persia, and Mughal India and the wisdom, restraint, and authority invested in Brahmin India and Confucian China. Fables of the East redraws the cultural map we have inherited of the eighteenth century, demonstrating contemporary interest in gentile and 'idolatrous' religions, in Confucianism and Buddhism especially, and that the construction of the Orient in the western imagination was not exclusively one of an Islamic Near and Middle East. Ros Ballster's introduction addresses the importance of the idea of 'fable' to traditions of narrative and representations of the East. Each text is accompanied by explanatory head and footnotes, also provided is a glossary of oriental terms and places that were familiar to the texts' eighteenth-century readers.
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Creation Stories of the Middle East

Creation Stories of the Middle East

Acknowledgments One of the old fables ascribed to Nasreddin Hoca , a Middle Eastern folk character , finishes with the line : ' Truth is relative . This is always ] your truth . ' Nowhere else is this statement more true than in the ...

Author: Ewa Wasilewska

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1853026816

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This comprehensive study explores the region's 'forgotten' narratives, myths and traditions. Drawing on stories from Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, Syria-Palestine and Persia, Wasilewska shows how these narratives of creation, destruction and rebirth reach to the very roots of the Biblical and Quranic Genesis.
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Stories of the East

Stories of the East

We got our drinks and as, rather forgetting that I was in England, I murmured the Eastern formula, I noticed vaguely one of the other three glance at me over his shoulder for a moment. The Colonel stuck out his fat little legs in front ...

Author: Leonard Woolf

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547062318

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"Stories of the East" by Leonard Woolf is a collection of short stories demonstrating the mistrust of and dislike for colonialism. During his life in India, Woolf was an observer of the uncomfortable moral ground occupied by the servants of the British Government in Ceylon before the Great War. The stories he saw and lived through became the basis of this book. It contains three stories: "A Tale Told by Midnight," "The Two Brahmans," and "Pearls and Swine."
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The World s History South eastern and eastern Europe

The World s History  South eastern and eastern Europe

The inhabitant of the rustic West who visited the Cæsars of the East were amazed , as if the fables of the East had come to life . The golden spear - heads of the body - guard carry us back in thought to the old Persian court ( see the ...

Author: Hans Ferdinand Helmolt


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Fables and Folk Tales from an Eastern Forest

Fables and Folk Tales from an Eastern Forest

Hence we find in the 14th story, that the Kingcrow is worsted by a Water-snail, and I may add that in a Javanese fable of the same type (for which compare our own 'I-Iare-and-Tortoise' Fable) the Mouse-deer itself plays the part of the ...

Author: Walter Skeat

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107432888

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Originally published in 1901, this book contains twenty six folk tales from the Malay peninsula. The text is illustrated with photographs and drawings of Malaysian settings and animals, and the stories are accompanied by explanatory notes at the end of the text to clarify points of local history, religion and language. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in comparative folklore or the fables of the Malay peninsula.
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Fables and Folk Tales from an Eastern Forest

Fables and Folk Tales  from an Eastern Forest

Hence we find in the 14th story , that the Kingcrow is worsted by a Water - snail , and I may add that in a Javanese fable of the same type ( for which compare our own ' Hare - and - Tortoise ' Fable ) the Mouse - deer itself plays the ...

Author: Walter William Skeat

Publisher: CUP Archive


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Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

Other Eastern mythologists place the earth on the back of a tortoise . Greek and Roman mythologists ascribe earthquakes to the restlessness of the giants which Jupiter buried under high mountains . Thus Virgil ( Ænēid , iii .

Author: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer


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Monthly Bulletin of the Providence Public Library

Monthly Bulletin of the Providence Public Library

Fifty famous stories retold . ( 1896. ) ( 10 copies . ] 1800.147 old " Greek stories . ' ( 1895. ) [ 10 copies . ] 8723.54 Old stories of the East . [ 1896. ] [ 10 copies . ] 1700.667 EGGLESTON , Edward . Stories of American life and ...

Author: Providence Public Library (R.I.)


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The Mayor s Message with Accompanying Documents

The Mayor s Message with Accompanying Documents

The following are especially popular: Baldwin. Old Greek stories. ——— Old stories of the East. Brooks. Stories of the red children. Carroll. Alice in wonderland. Clemens. Prince and pauper. DeFoe. Robinson Crusoe. (McMurry.) Dodge.



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Includes reports of the heads of the various municipal departments.
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