Fact vs Fiction

Fact vs  Fiction

See also biases connections and perceptions, 33–34. See also social media consequences of fake news, 50–53 conspiracy theories, 38, 72, 86 content, appearance, 75 Content Row, 94 Continental Navy, 18 Cook, J., 36–37 core principles, ...

Author: Jennifer LaGarde

Publisher: International Society for Technology in Education

ISBN: 9781564847027

Category: Education

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Help students discern fact from fiction in the information they access not only at school but in the devices they carry in their pockets and backpacks. The advent of the 24-hour news cycle, citizen journalism and an increased reliance on social media as a trusted news source have had a profound effect not only on how we get our news, but also on how we evaluate sources of information, share that information and interact with others in online communities. When these issues are coupled with the “fake news” industry that intentionally spreads false stories designed to go viral, educators are left facing a new and challenging landscape. This book will help them address these new realities, providing strategies and support to help students develop the skills needed to effectively evaluate information they encounter online. The book includes: • Instructional strategies for combating fake news, including models for evaluating news stories with links to resources on how to include lessons on fake news in your curricula. • Examples from prominent educators who demonstrate how to tackle fake news with students and colleagues. • A fake news self-assessment with a digital component to help readers evaluate their skills in detecting and managing fake news. • A downloadable infographic with mobile media literacy tips. The companion jump start guide based on this book is Fighting Fake News: Tools and Strategies for Teaching Media Literacy.
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Facts V Fiction

Facts V  Fiction

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Fact and Fiction in Contemporary Narratives

Fact and Fiction in Contemporary Narratives

'On Not Knowing: A Tale for the Time Being and the Politics of Imagining Lives After March 11.' Canadian Literature 227: 96–112. Boorsma, Megan (2017). 'The Whole Truth: The Implications of America's True Crime Obsession.

Author: Jan Alber

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000388459

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 132

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This book explores the complex interrelationship between fact and fiction in narratives of the twenty-first century. Current cultural theory observes a cultural shift away from postmodernism to new forms of expression. Rather than a radical break from the postmodern, however, postmodernist techniques are repurposed to express a new sincerity, a purposeful self-reflexivity, a contemporary sense of togetherness and an associated commitment to reality. In what the editors consider to be one manifestation of this general tendency, this book explores the ways in which contemporary texts across different media play with the boundary between fact and fiction. This includes the examination of novels, autobiography, autofiction, film, television, mockumentary, digital fiction, advertising campaigns and media hoaxes. The chapters engage with theories of what comes after postmodernism and analyse the narratological, stylistic and/or semiotic devices on which such texts rely. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the European Journal of English Studies.
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Fact and Fiction in Economics

Fact and Fiction in Economics

facets and thus falls within the semantics , epistemology , and methodology of economics , addressing questions of truth , knowledge , and methods of testing . ( 2 ) How does the economy function : What is there in the social world that ...

Author: Uskali Mäki

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052100957X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

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There is an embarrassing polarization of opinions about the status of economics as an academic discipline, as reflected in epithets such as the Dismal Science and the Queen of the Social Sciences. This collection brings together some of the leading figures in the methodology and philosophy of economics to provide a thoughtful and balanced overview of the current state of debate about the nature and limits of economic knowledge. Authors with partly rival and partly complementary perspectives examine how abstract models work and how they might connect with the real world, they look at the special nature of the facts about the economy, and they direct attention towards the academic institutions themselves and how they shape economic research. These issues are thus analysed from the point of view of methodology, semantics, ontology, rhetoric, sociology, and economics of science.
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Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy

Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy

Given that key questions about energy have less to do with facts and more to do with assumptions and frames, ... are not determined by objective fact but by contextual truth, supplemented by a dose of invented, soothing fiction.

Author: Benjamin K. Sovacool

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421418971

Category: Nature

Page: 389

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A balanced examination of global energy issues. Energy sustainability and climate change are two of the greatest challenges facing humankind. Unraveling these complex and interconnected issues demands careful and objective assessment. Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy aims to change the prevailing discourse by examining fifteen core energy questions from a variety of perspectives, demonstrating how, for each of them, no clear-cut answer exists. Is industry the chief energy villain? Can we sustainably feed and fuel the planet at the same time? Is nuclear energy worth the risk? Should geoengineering be outlawed? Touching on pollution, climate mitigation and adaptation, energy efficiency, government intervention, and energy security, the authors explore interrelated concepts of law, philosophy, ethics, technology, economics, psychology, sociology, and public policy. This book offers a much-needed critical appraisal of the central energy technology and policy dilemmas of our time and the impact of these on multiple stakeholders.
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Editing Fact and Fiction

Editing Fact and Fiction

He will do some research on rafts and add a short paragraph . He may then need to tighten the article so it will fit into ... Figures 4.1 and 4.2 . Bernardo Bertolucci born ? Who pitched the final baseball game 16 Editing Fact and Fiction.

Author: Leslie T. Sharpe

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521456932

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Writing in a lively, informal style, two editors with extensive experience in a wide variety of fields--fiction and nonfiction, trade and reference, academic and commercial publishing--explain what editors in different jobs really do in this concise practical guide.
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Fact and Fiction

Fact and Fiction

The result is not the representation of a past reality but, formulated exaggeratedly, the fiction of the factual.339 But as a historian Koselleck insists on the basic distinction between facticity and fiction, at least ex negativo: “A ...

Author: Albrecht Koschorke

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110384123

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 358

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How can we develop a cultural theory starting with the basic insight that human beings are "storytelling animals"? Within literary studies, narratology is a highly developed field. However, literary historians have not paid much attention to the large and small stories abounding in everyday discourse, guiding all kinds of social activity, and providing common ground for whole societies—but also fueling controversies and hostilities. Moreover, "narrative" is not only a scholarly category but has come into use in many fields of social activity as a tool for cultural self-fashioning. This book is based on the assumption that to a large extent, social dynamics is modeled in an aesthetic manner via narratives. It explores the narrative organization of cultural spaces and time-frames, the mythological shaping of communities and adversaries, and the co-production of narratives and institutions aimed at stabilizing social life. In this framework, the epistemological problem looms large of how an instrument as unreliable as narrative can participate in the creation of a social consensus regarding truth. This problem endows the general topics explored in this book with a particularly contemporary dimension.
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Fact and Fiction

Fact and Fiction

Most oftheseautobiographical broadcastswere includedin Portraits fromMemory, but Fact and Fiction reprints a fascinating set broadcast in 1957, in which he recalls theimpactwhich certain books,and therefore to acertain extent, ...

Author: Bertrand Russell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135195243

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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First published in 1961, Fact and Fiction is a collection of Bertrand Russell’s essays that reflect on the books and writings that influenced his life, including fiction, essays on politics and education, divertissements and parables. Also broaching on the highly controversial issues of war and peace, it is in this classic collection that Russell states some of his most famous pronouncements on nuclear warfare and international relations. It is a remarkable book that provides valuable insight into the range of interests and depth of convictions of one of the world’s greatest philosophers.
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Fact and Fiction

Fact and Fiction

... analysis and description – ultimately leads the newly conceived branch of psychological aesthetics to fictionalize emotional processes by claiming that “fictional” emotions like “quasi-fear” and “quasi-pity” are psychological facts.

Author: Christine Lehleiter

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442664142

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 368

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Fact and Fiction explores the intersection between literature and the sciences, focusing on German and British culture between the eighteenth century and today. Observing that it was in the eighteenth century that the divide between science and literature as disciplines first began to be defined, the contributors to this collection probe how authors from that time onwards have assessed and affected the relationship between literary and scientific cultures. Fact and Fiction’s twelve essays cover a wide range of scientific disciplines, from physics and chemistry to medicine and anthropology, and a variety of literary texts, such as Erasmus Darwin’s poem The Botanic Garden, George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda, and Goethe’s Elective Affinities. The collection will appeal to scholars of literature and of the history of science, and to those interested in the connections between the two.
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Crime in Fact and Fiction

Crime in Fact and Fiction

They are, after all, writing fiction and fiction does not have to be four square with fact. But there is always a danger that the fiction can depart so far from fact that it makes the reader or viewer uneasy, or worse, stop reading, ...

Author: Brian P Block

Publisher: Waterside Press

ISBN: 9781909976221

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 160

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This intriguing book highlights differences in how crime is portrayed in the arts compared to reality, focusing on the roles of the police, courts and forensic investigators. Of interest to criminologists, sociologists, lawyers and other criminal justice personnel, it will also appeal to anyone interested in crime and punishment. What we see or read in the media follows a formula inviting suspension of disbelief. It is a long way from what happens in real life and the book contains vivid examples, contrasts and comparisons. As the author points out, from Shakespeare to Harold Pinter, Dickens to P D James and as between authors, dramatists and filmmakers of all kinds the rules are frequently broken by dramatic licence, structural demands, the need for a good ending and entertainment. A book to read, enjoy and learn a great deal from: whether it is Agatha Christie Dixon of Dock Green, Patricia CornwellKavanagh QC, Kathy Reichs, Sherlock Holmes, Waking the Dead, García Márquez, A Touch of FrostEdgar Allan Poe, Heartbeator lesser known writers, works or fictional creations. A closely observed account by someone who served at a senior level as a magistrate and scientist which highlights differences between real life and fiction concerning criminal processes. Contains instructive and entertaining examples making it readable, accessible and ideal for seasoned practitioners, students and beginners.
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