For This Land

For This Land

He knew that not all land was as good as this Volhynian soil, but what he could not know was that there was no other land like it in the world. Even if he had known, it wouldn't have mattered, because he had no intention of going ...

Author: H.O. Fischer

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468535161

Category: Fiction

Page: 596

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Albert Fischer needed to do one more thing to take control of his inheritance. He needed to get married. In the Volynian-German community where he lived a son was not a man until he married. Albert desperately wanted to be counted as a man. On the other hand Alwine Frey just wanted to escape. She was only months away from her 19th birthday when young girls can consider themselves as unmarriagable and become old maids. She also wanted to escape her responsibilities as the oldest daughter; an honor that seemed full of work and totally devoid of any privileges. She needed to marry to escape. Marriage however, was not a simple affair for these Germans living in the remote Polish province of Volhynia. There was family to consider, tradition, land and the demands of the Russian and Polish governments. Over a period of a hundred years their ancestors had moved to Volhynia at the invitation of the Russian government. Now after all this time when they could finally see some progress their way of life began to crumble as persecutions stirred up by jealousy and political expediency began tear at them. Fighting against betrayal and exile they finally turned for help to a new power rising in Germany. Promises of rescue and redemption quickly turned into more betrayal and the final end of their 150 years in the Russian province of Volhynia.. With the end of WWII they found themselves surrounded by enemies seeking revenge.
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For This Land

For This Land

When nonIndians admire or try to emulate the Indian love of the land, they generally think of the reflective emotions that Indians have about lands and places. Unfortunately, most whites lack the historical perspective of ...

Author: Vine Deloria, Jr.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135263393

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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This Land

This Land

An early name for this area was Cloudland. From a broad base 2,500 feet above sea level, Roan Mountain rises to 6,285 feet, forming a rounded divide that extends nearly 5 miles along the North Carolina–Tennessee line.

Author: Robert Mohlenbrock

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520239845

Category: Nature

Page: 405

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An ecotourist's and naturalist's reference guide to the biological and geological highlights focuses on major hiking trails and other attractions of each national forest in twenty-one eastern states.
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Across This Land

Across This Land

Large landholdings remained after the Civil War, but the practice thereafter was to rent or lease land in twenty- to forty- acre parcels to tenant farmers and sharecroppers. Between one- fourth and one- half of the crop went to the ...

Author: John C. Hudson

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 9781421437583

Category: Architecture

Page: 520

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Incorporating the latest available population and economic data, this thoroughly updated edition includes; reflections on new developments, such as resource schemes, Native governments in Atlantic Canada, and the role of climate change in the Arctic; a new section focused on the US Pacific insular territories west of Hawaii; evolving views of oil and gas production resulting from the introduction of hydraulic fracturing; revised text and maps involving agricultural production based on the 2017 Census of Agriculture; current place names; more than 130 photographsThe most extensive regional geography of the North American continent on the market, Hudson's Across This Land will continue as the standard text in geography courses dealing with Canada and the United States, as well as a popular reference work for scholars, students, and lay readers.
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This Delta this Land

This Delta  this Land

Originally, townships sold whole were to alternate with ones divided into sections.9 Land surface measurement of the new nation was regulated by instructions issued by the surveyor-general of the United States.

Author: Mikko Saikku

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820340692

Category: History

Page: 373

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This environmental history of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta places the Delta's economic and cultural history in an environmental context. It reveals the human aspects of the region's natural history, including land reclamation, slave and sharecropper economies, ethnic and racial perceptions of land ownership and stewardship, and even blues music.
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To Make this Land Our Own

To Make this Land Our Own

See tables 5 and 6 — especially table 6 , Aggregate Estate Values and Slave Ownership and the following discussion of estate values — for more details on wills and inventories of Purrysburg landholders . 84. Reports 7 : 227 85.

Author: Arlin Migliazzo

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570036829

Category: History

Page: 435

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A case study in the social history of frontier town building set in the swamps of South Carolina
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Spider Woman Walks This Land

Spider Woman Walks This Land

Between 1853 and 1856, Dodge worked to maintain peace and to contest the encroachment of New Mexican stockmen and raiders into Navajoland. Unfortunately, the much-admired agent was killed by Apaches while hunting in I357, ...

Author: Kelli Carmean

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759116634

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Spider Woman Walks This Land is a lively and accessible introduction to issues of traditional cultural properties and cultural resource management among native peoples in the United States. Describing her work with the Navajo Nation, Carmean shows how specific geographical locations contain significant cultural and religious meaning to the Navajo people. With historical and contemporary examples, Carmean demonstrates that cultural value of the sacred geography can be in direct opposition to the need to modernize, including building roads, power lines, housing, and a variety of natural resource extraction activities that can earn much-needed money for the tribe. She evaluates the dilemma of 'sustainability' common to many traditional societies as well as to the Navajo Nation, as they undergo the tremendous cultural changes that accompany industrialization and seek a balance between continuity and change. Spider Woman Walks this Land is a useful introduction for undergraduates and an interested general public.
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This Land this South

This Land  this South

To summarize a muchtold tale , the plantation survived the Civil War as a large landholding , sometimes in the hands of former owners but more commonly in those of new owners , private or corporate . Its onetime disciplined operation by ...

Author: Albert E. Cowdrey

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813108519

Category: Science

Page: 240

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Here is the story of the long interaction between humans, land, and climate in the American South. It is a tale of exploitation and erosion, of destruction, disease, and defeat, but also of the persistent search for knowledge and wisdom. It is a story whose villains were also its victims and sometimes its heroes. Ancient forces created the southern landscape, but, as Albert E. Cowdrey shows, humankind from the time of earliest habitation has been at work reshaping it. The southern Indians, far from being the "natural ecologists" of myth, radically transformed their environment by hunting and burning. Such patterns were greatly accelerated by the arrival of Europeans, who viewed the land as a commodity to be exploited for immediate economic benefit. Cowdrey documents not only the long decline but the painfully slow struggle to repair the damage of human folly. The eighteenth century saw widespread though ineffectual efforts to protect game and conserve the soil. In the nineteenth century the first hesitant steps were taken toward scientific flood control, forestry, wildlife protection, and improved medicine. In this century, the New Deal, the explosion in scientific knowledge, and the national environmental movement have spurred more rapid improvements. But the efforts to harness the South's great rivers, to save its wild species, and to avert serious environmental pollution have often had equivocal results. Originally published in 1983 and needed now more than ever, This Land, This South was the first book to explore the cumulative impact of humans on the southern landscape and its effect on them. In graceful and at times lyrical prose, Albert Cowdrey brings together a vast array of information. Now revised and updated, this important book should be read by every person concerned with the past, present, or future of the South.
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Save This Land

Save This Land

land through clearing of the forests and appropriation of wetland and stretches of scrubland that fringed every village in the past. Villagers often cleared large areas of forests to increase the size of their land holdings.

Author: Nachiketa Das

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781638326342

Category: Nature

Page: 240

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Save This Land discusses some topical issues of the environment. In each of the six chapters, a topic is chosen, the problem is analysed, the dangers are described and the solutions are presented with an appeal to all for proaction to save this land. The imminent desertification caused by deforestation of land, amply served by the monsoon, must be averted by the construction of hundreds of thousands of micro-dams. The threat of sea level rise needs to be combated by undertaking a massive project of Coastal Works. The Ganga could remain perennial only with significant reforestation and strengthening of lateral and terminal moraines in the Himalaya. “When rivers die, civilisations die,” and this land faces an existential crisis because of the rivers choked to death by a vast deposition of sediments that need to be excavated for their revival. The Hirakud Dam on the Mahanadi must be revived too. Bodies of good clean drinking water are the heritage of humanity and they are getting polluted. The water quality is paramount and must be maintained.
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This Land Is Our Land

This Land Is Our Land

The complete lyrics to “This Land Is Your Land” can be found at (accessed March 7, 2014). CHAPTER. 1. THE. BEGINNINGS. Percentage of German and Irish immigrants. Ngai and Gjerde, eds.,.

Author: Linda Barrett Osborne

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781613129272

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 128

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A “fascinating” history of immigration in America with extensive photos and illustrations (Kirkus Reviews). American attitudes toward immigrants are paradoxical. On the one hand, we see our country as a haven for the poor and oppressed; anyone, no matter his or her background, can find freedom here and achieve the “American Dream.” On the other hand, depending on prevailing economic conditions, fluctuating feelings about race and ethnicity, and fear of foreign political and labor agitation, we set boundaries and restrictions on who may come to this country and whether they may stay as citizens. This fact-filled, illustrated book explores the way government policy and popular responses to immigrant groups evolved throughout U.S. history, particularly between 1800 and 1965—and concludes with a summary of events up to contemporary times, as immigration again becomes a hot-button issue. “[An] exceptional work.” —School Library Journal (starred review) Includes a bibliography and index
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