For the Love of Mercy The Bluegrass Country Series Book 2

For the Love of Mercy  The Bluegrass Country Series  Book 2

been known to take home a dog or two. Still got one of 'em. I call him Rosco. He's an old hound dog I found sniffin' around the dumpster out back.I fedhim a few scraps and he followed me home. I've kept him ever since.

Author: Leta Gail Doerr

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

ISBN: 9781614176398

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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The only son of wealthy parents, Tyson "Jax" Ridgeton never wanted for anything, until he learns a hidden truth: adopted at the age of three, the mental images of an older sister he once passed off as fragmented dreams are real. Armed only with a faded photo of his lost sibling, Jax lands in Brushville, Kentucky where he meets local waitress Mercy Lynn Callaway. Mercy's unflinching optimism annoys Jax, but the curves of her body and her unwavering willingness to help his cause won't let him go. Together, they delve into Jax's past. But as unearthed secrets grow more and more dangerous, Jax makes an unexpected discovery: he'll sacrifice everything for the love of Mercy. THE BLUEGRASS COUNTRY SERIES, in order For the Love of Big Orange For the Love of Mercy For the Love of Justice
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At Love s Bidding Ozark Mountain Romance Book 2

At Love s Bidding  Ozark Mountain Romance Book  2

They passed inside while the men discussed the lone intruder that Rinehart had found. Mr. Rinehart expressed remorse at turning the man ... “We shipped most of our furniture from Tennessee, where his family is from,” Mrs. Rinehart said.

Author: Regina Jennings

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441228826

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Regina Jennings Is a Rising Voice in Humorous Historical Romance After helping her grandfather at their Boston auction house, Miranda Wimplegate discovers she's accidentally sold a powerful family's prized portrait to an anonymous bidder. Desperate to appease the furious family, her grandfather tracks it to the Missouri Ozarks and makes an outlandish offer to buy the local auction house if they promise not to sell anything until he arrives. Upon their arrival, however, they discover their new business doesn't deal in fine antiques, but in livestock. And its manager, ruggedly handsome Wyatt Ballentine, is frustrated to discover his fussy new bosses don't know a thing about the business he's single-handedly kept afloat. Faced with more cattle than they can count--but no mysterious painting--Miranda and Wyatt form an unlikely but charged partnership to try and salvage a bad situation getting worse.
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Get Those Guys Reading Fiction and Series Books that Boys Will Love

Get Those Guys Reading  Fiction and Series Books that Boys Will Love

The books can be read San Souci, Robert D. Dare to Be Scared series, illustrated by David Ouimet, published by Kids ... 2002 Terrifying Toys of Tennessee, 2007 Vicious Vacuums of Virginia, no publication date found Virtual Vampires of ...

Author: Kathleen A. Baxter

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598848472

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 220

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Want to identify fiction books that boys in grades three through nine will find irresistible? This guide reveals dozens of worthwhile recommendations in categories ranging from adventure stories and sports novels to horror, humorous, and science fiction books.
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14 hours daily 1899 9th Stree NE, Washington, D.C. 20018 1 Brandy, Brokenhearted 2 Coolio Feat. L.V., Gangsta's Paradise 3 D'Angelo, ... If you are relocating, call me and I will show you why I fell in love with Middle Tennessee.





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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits 9th Edition

The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits  9th Edition

I Loved Her First #1 County hitti wash Lofton Creek 60089 7/15/72 HEATHERTON, Joey Born Johanna Heatherton on 9/14/1944 in Rockville Centre, long gond, New York. Movie/TV actress. 1. ... Now That We Found Love Aaron Hoo backing wool 2.

Author: Joel Whitburn

Publisher: Billboard Books

ISBN: 9780307985125

Category: Music

Page: 912

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The Essential Reference Guide to America’s Most Popular Songs and Artists Spanning More than Fifty Years of Music Beginning with Bill Haley & His Comets’ seminal “Rock Around the Clock” all the way up to Lady Gaga and her glammed-out “Poker face,” this updated and unparalleled resource contains the most complete chart information on every artist and song to hit Billboard’s Top 40 pop singles chart all the way back to 1955. Inside, you’ll find all of the biggest-selling, most-played hits for the past six decades. Each alphabetized artist entry includes biographical info, the date their single reached the Top 40, the song’s highest position, and the number of weeks on the charts, as well as the original record label and catalog number. Other sections—such as “Record Holders,” “Top Artists by Decade,” and “#1 Singles 1955-2009”—make The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits the handiest and most indispensable music reference for record collectors, trivia enthusiasts, industry professionals and pop music fans alike. Did you know? • Beyoncé’s 2003 hit “Crazy in Love” spent 24 weeks in the Top 40 and eight of them in the #1 spot. • Billy Idol has had a total of nine Top 40 hits over his career, the last being “Cradle of Love” in 1990. • Of Madonna’s twelve #1 hits, her 1994 single “Take a Bow” held the spot the longest, for seven weeks—one week longer than her 1984 smash “Like a Virgin.” • Marvin Gaye’s song “Sexual Healing” spent 15 weeks at #3 in 1982, while the same song was #1 on the R&B chart for 10 weeks. • Male vocal group Boyz II Men had three of the biggest chart hits of all time during the 1990s. • The Grateful Dead finally enjoyed a Top 10 single in 1987 after 20 years of touring. • Janet Jackson has scored an impressive 39 Top 40 hits—one more than her megastar brother Michael!
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Descendants of William Cromartie and Ruhamah Doane

Descendants of William Cromartie and Ruhamah Doane

James V. Vann, Madison Co., Tenn. for "love and affection" for his son,JOHN P. VANN and $6000 "by way of ... Entry book 2, Series I, S. D. 10, Entry 2494; Survey Book 2, number 2150) as well as another nearby 24 acres at the same time.

Author: Amanda Cook Gilbert

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490807751

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 797

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This ambitious work chronicles 250 years of the Cromartie family genealogical history. Included in the index of nearly fifty thousand names are the current generations, and all of those preceding, which trace ancestry to our family patriarch, William Cromartie, who was born in 1731 in Orkney, Scotland, and his second wife, Ruhamah Doane, who was born in 1745. Arriving in America in 1758, William Cromartie settled and developed a plantation on South River, a tributary of the Cape Fear near Wilmington, North Carolina. On April 2, 1766, William married Ruhamah Doane, a fifth-generation descendant of a Mayflower passenger to Plymouth, Stephen Hopkins. If Cromartie is your last name or that of one of your blood relatives, it is almost certain that you can trace your ancestry to one of the thirteen children of William Cromartie, his first wife, and Ruhamah Doane, who became the founding ancestors of our Cromartie family in America: William Jr., James, Thankful, Elizabeth, Hannah Ruhamah, Alexander, John, Margaret Nancy, Mary, Catherine, Jean, Peter Patrick, and Ann E. Cromartie. These four volumes hold an account of the descent of each of these first-generation Cromarties in America, including personal anecdotes, photographs, copies of family bibles, wills, and other historical documents. Their pages hold a personal record of our ancestors and where you belong in the Cromartie family tree.
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Texas in Poetry 2

Texas in Poetry 2

His most recent book is the national bestseller How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry . ... of fifteen books , including six collections of poems , six collections of translations , two novels , and a collection of stories .

Author: Billy Bob Hill

Publisher: TCU Press

ISBN: 0875652670

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 560

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And, of course, one poem about Texas that is magnificent in its awfulness, "Lasca," with memorable lines like "Scratches don't count/In Texas down by the Rio Grande."".
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Kearny s Dragoons Out West

Kearny s Dragoons Out West

388, Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1822–1860, Microcopy 567A (Washington, ... Born in Culpepper County, Virginia, and raised in Tennessee, Love was the son of Richard H. Love and Eliza Matilda Lee ...

Author: Will Gorenfeld

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806156569

Category: History

Page: 481

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Having banished eastern Native peoples to lands west of the Mississippi, President Andrew Jackson’s government by 1833 needed a new type of soldier to keep displaced Indians from returning home. And so the 1st Dragoons came into being. Will and John Gorenfeld tell their story—an epic of exploration, conquest, and diplomacy from the outposts of western history—in this book-length treatment of the force that became the U.S. Cavalry. The 1st Dragoons represented a new regiment of horsemen that drew on the combined skills and clashing visions of two types of leaders: old Indian killers and backwoodsmen such as loudmouth miner Henry Dodge; and straight-arrow battlefield veterans such as Stephen Watts Kearny, who had fought Redcoats in 1812 but now negotiated treaties with Indian tribes and enforced the new order of the West. Drawing on soldiers’ journals and other never-before-used sources, Kearny’s Dragoons Out West reconstructs this forgotten, often surprising moment in U.S. history. Under Kearny, the 1st Dragoons performed its mission through diplomacy and intimidation rather than violence, even protecting Indians from white settlers. Following the regiment up to the U.S.-Mexican War, when diplomacy gave way to open violence, this book introduces readers to future Civil War generals. Colorful characters appearing in these pages include Private Thomas Russell, a young attorney tricked by a horse thief into joining the army; James Hildreth, who authored two books on the 1st Dragoons; and English drill sergeant Long Ned Stanley, whose tenure in the 1st reveals much about American immigrants’ experience in 1833–48. The promises made in Kearny’s well-intentioned treaty making were ultimately broken. This detailed and in-depth look back at his legacy offers a glimpse of a lost world—and an intriguing turning point in the history of western expansion.
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Full Tilt Full Series Book 2

Full Tilt  Full Series  Book 2

'I don't love Phillip the way a wife should. He knew it, but he figured things ... 'So you're just going to take off for Tennessee and look for that preacher?' Max hesitated. ... Jamie tried to open the car door but found it locked.

Author: Janet Evanovich

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755388424

Category: Fiction

Page: 194

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Treat yourself to FULL TILT by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. Praise for the FULL series: 'A fine romance with plenty of kisses' Mirror; 'A wild mix of intrigue, sex and pyrotechnics' The Times Her quiet life is about to get blown to smithereens... Jamie Swift just wants to keep her beloved Beaumont Gazette afloat, even if she occasionally has to sell the furniture to keep the town newspaper running. Having her financial partner come to check on her is the last thing she needs - particularly when that partner turns out to be multi-millionaire Max Holt, handsome, charming, and pathologically flirtatious. But someone wants Max in town even less than Jamie does - and they've got the guns and dynamite to prove it...
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