Magnificent Mavericks

Magnificent Mavericks

Consequently , in late August 1955 a small group of Sidewinder people again
climbed on board a cargo plane and flew to New Mexico , taking with them six
missiles , a couple of launchers , and a handful of mundane hand tools — pliers ...

Author: Elizabeth Babcock

Publisher: Department of the Navy

ISBN: UOM:39015075667033

Category: Government publications

Page: 618

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Magnificent Mavericks tells the story of the creative military/civilian team who worked at the Naval Ordnance Test Station and its Pasadena Annex from 1948 to 1958. Projects developed there include Sidewinder, the world's first successful heat-homing guided missile; Polaris, for which NOTS provided conceptual studies as well as major T&E programs; the 6.5-Inch Antitank Aircraft Rocket (Ram), developed and delivered in a month to meet urgent needs in Korea; the 2.75-Inch Folding-Fin Aircraft Rocket (Mighty Mouse) introduced in Korea and used in every conflict since then; and many other products developed at NOTS to meet the needs of the fleet. Also addressed are propellant technology and other significant innovations in applied research. Improvements to the station's unexcelled facilities R&D laboratories and T&E tracks and ranges are described, as is the community of China Lake, which played an important role in employee morale and productivity.
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Role of a Lifetime

Role of a Lifetime

The idea of embracing one’s own unique role in the greater story of God’s kingdom is passionately played to the fullest in Role of a Lifetime.

Author: Lucinda Secrest McDowell

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 0805446621

Category: Religion

Page: 150

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The idea of embracing one’s own unique role in the greater story of God’s kingdom is passionately played to the fullest in Role of a Lifetime.
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The Magnificent Comedy

The Magnificent Comedy

But Ouvrard wanted army furnishing contracts , and Barras was tired of paying
Thérésia ' s bills — whether out of the coffers of the Republic , or out of the profits
which she brought him from her mundane speculations and Thérésia was not ...

Author: Meade Minnigerode


ISBN: UOM:39015014547825

Category: Paris (France)

Page: 346

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Categories: Paris (France)

The Magnificent Society and the Democracy Amendments

The Magnificent Society and the Democracy Amendments

In a republican democracy the people elect representatives to care for the
mundane business of government and to explore problems and research and
draft legislation for the approval of the people . Thus the sequence from
despotism to ...

Author: John Reid


ISBN: 0939428016

Category: Political participation

Page: 216

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Categories: Political participation

The Progresses Processions and Magnificent Festivities of King James the First

The Progresses  Processions  and Magnificent Festivities of King James the First

... and sequestring and weaning themselves as it were from all mundane
negotiations and incumbrances , to retire to some place of devotion , and spend
the residue of their days in meditation , and in preparing themselves for another
world .

Author: John Nichols


ISBN: UOM:39015061951433

Category: Great Britain


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Categories: Great Britain

Magnificent Missourian

Magnificent Missourian

Some were motivated on occasion by mundane interest . Others saw nothing
beyond the demands of their own section or group . Being human , none was
entirely free from personal ambition , pride , or competitive spirit . A surprising
portion ...

Author: Elbert B. Smith

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UVA:X000183033


Page: 351

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Magnificent Obsessions

Magnificent Obsessions

You find the most amazing variations even with the most mundane of objects .
And it's not necessarily old things . Sometimes it's new things . I like mixing old
and new of the same kind of product . ” “ Have many of these neglected
categories ...

Author: Mitch Tuchman

Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc

ISBN: IND:30000116405675

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 142

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The 20 individuals presented in this book have gathered remarkable collections from the whimsical to the conceptual, from items already widely appreciated to the unconventional and beyond. The color photos present the collectors themselves surrounded by their favorite things. The interviews draw out the stories behind these remarkable collectors. They reveal the collectors capacity to derive emotional or intellectual stimulation from objects, their desire not merely to see but to own, their methods for unearthing items both wondrous and rare, and their willingness to allocate time and resources to the elusive goal of completeness.
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Two Bits and Odd Days

Two Bits and Odd Days

Two Bits and Odd Days presents a collection of poetry written by author Thomas Springer over a thirty five year span.

Author: Thomas A. Springer

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 9781483406800


Page: 202

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Two Bits and Odd Days presents a collection of poetry written by author Thomas Springer over a thirty five year span. It consists of previously unpublished material, printed as a collection for the first time. Springer seeks to share his thoughts and insights through original poetry, recalling images and experiences as he has bumbled through his first fifty years. There is no controlling theme, intended or implied. From paying two bits for some candy to remembering the beauty of the Puget Sound, he relates sights and sounds from the mundane to the magnificent. Two Bits and Odd Days offers a deeper understanding of life and language and gives us the chance to take a moment to stop, look around, and wonder.

Lorenzo the Magnificent

Lorenzo the Magnificent

They discoursed of books and love for the most part , but at times more mundane
considerations intruded . For despite Ferrante's cruel exa & tions — perhaps
because of them , the Kingdom of Naples was not prosperous . Taxes came in ...

Author: David Loth


ISBN: UVA:X000412514

Category: Florence (Italy)

Page: 327

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Categories: Florence (Italy)

The Magnificent Matriarch

The Magnificent Matriarch

Things of the spirit were more important to this group than material goods and the
presence of all foreigners with their emphasis on mundane possessions gave
them a feeling of frustration . They hungered for the deep voice of the conch -
shell ...

Author: Kathleen Dickenson Mellen


ISBN: UCAL:$B685006

Category: Queens

Page: 291

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Malta Magnificent

Malta Magnificent

happened when he required a piece of blotting paper at the Lieutenant Governor
' s Office . “ There is an element of ritual attendant upon such mundane matters , ”
said Andrew , striding about the room as though he were going somewhere in ...

Author: Francis Gérard


ISBN: IND:32000010039685

Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 253

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Categories: World War, 1939-1945

A Magnificent Match

A Magnificent Match

These were harmless entertainments and perhaps would be considered
mundane by others ' standards . However , Megan and her companion had
neither one had the advantage of ever sampling the delights of London and they
immensely ...

Author: Gayle Buck

Publisher: Signet Book

ISBN: 0451193989

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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Languishing in rural Ireland far from the London marriage mart, Megan O'Connell receives an invitation to visit St. Petersburg and finds herself pursued by the dashing Prince Mikhail Kirov, whose bad reputation precedes him. Original.
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Angkor the Magnificent

Angkor the Magnificent

When sure that none would join me I started out to explore the mundane base of
the celestial towers . The water must be crossed . The way was obvious , a stone
causeway the entrance to which was down the road a hundred yards , such a ...

Author: Mrs. Helen Churchill Hungerford Candee


ISBN: MSU:31293103351577

Category: Angkor (Extinct city)

Page: 302

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Categories: Angkor (Extinct city)

America s Magnificent Mountains

America s Magnificent Mountains

... north of Anchorage , shoulders its way above other peaks of the Alaska Range
to an isolated , magnificent elevation of 20 ... warmth of a thin nylon tent to talk
about food , weather , events of the climb , our impressions poetic and mundane .

Author: National Geographic Society (U.S.). Special Publications Division

Publisher: National Geographic Society

ISBN: UOM:39015012248582

Category: Coast Mountains

Page: 207

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Journeys through the Sierra Nevadas, the Cascade range, Canada's Coast Mountains, the Colorado Rockies, Las Sierras in Mexico, the Great Smokies, and the northern Appalachians
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Bhabha and His Magnificent Obsessions

Bhabha and His Magnificent Obsessions

Theorists generally like to stay away from experiments - they think it involves
mundane work – and exceptionally rare is the case of a physicist hardened by
years of theory having a crack at experiment . In India , experiments have their
own ...

Author: G. Venkataraman


ISBN: STANFORD:36105017192308

Category: Cosmic rays

Page: 209

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Categories: Cosmic rays

Magnificent Journey

Magnificent Journey

After the high aspirations and burning ideals of earlier trade unionists this may
seem a modest and even mundane programme . But it had , at least , the merit of
being closely related to the engineers ' own situation . That situation was , as the

Author: Edward Francis WILLIAMS (Baron Francis-Williams.)


ISBN: UOM:39015055404191

Category: Labor unions

Page: 448

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Categories: Labor unions

The Magnificent Maharaja

The Magnificent Maharaja

He also welcomed ' sexual education , a subject the importance of which he
ranked very high by any thoughtful man . ' By no means could the speech be
termed banal or mundane . It was cautious and non - controversial . Lord
Willingdon ...

Author: K. Natwar-Singh

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015042758311

Category: Patiāla (India : District)

Page: 317

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On the life and times of Maharaja Bhupindra Singh, 1891-1931, ruler of erstwhile Patiala State, at present the District of Patiala.
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The Magnificent Fight

 The Magnificent Fight

In addition to more mundane objections , Greer also contended that the order
was in direct contradiction to the established system of separation of powers of
the various departments of the United States Government . ... [ T ] he cooperation
of ...

Author: Stephen Harold Lowe


ISBN: MSU:31293020586453

Category: African Americans

Page: 668

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