Genders 24

Genders 24

This problematizing of gender places her ... out of the traditional symbolics of female gender, and it is our task to make a place for this different social subject. In doing so, we are less interested in joining the ranks of gendered ...

Author: Ann M. Kibbey

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814746820

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In these spirited and powerfully written essays, a new generation of intellectuals makes its mark, challenging conservatives and liberals alike to chart a new course for a responsible politics in contemporary society. A new intellectual movement on the left emerges here. No longer trapped by the old polarizing antagonism between Marxism and feminism, these authors demonstrate as never before the need for an awaremess of gender as it affects every aspect of our society. At the same time, these paradigmatic essays map out a new terrain for feminist thinking, one that fully recognizes the complex workings of gender and leaves oppositional feminism far behind. In the keynote essay, Ambivalence as Alibi, Rosemary Hennessy challenges the most basic assumptions of postmodern sophistication to forge a compelling sytheseis of political, economic, and artistic theory. Betty Joseph, Jennifer Brody, and Poonam Pillai break through the shibboleths of Western liberal tolerance to describe gender inequalities that are intrinsically inter-cultural. Eileen Cleere demonstrates that novels are an important source for understanding how people interpret the economic conditions in which they live, linking social history and literary criticism in a provocative new way. Bridget Elliott uncovers the unusual social and artistic imagination of Marie Laurencin, an artist who was both working-class and avant-garde, and who makes us rethink basic assumptions of artistic form in the visual representation of women. Laura Lyons, analyzing the no-wash protest among IRA prisoners, discovers a new kind of political protest that draws on performance art and the discourse of the body for its political symbolism. And Joseph Litvak, in a highly suggestive critical reading, makes us wonder if the New Historicism may possibly owe its greatest debt to the charming young men of Jane Austen's fictitious world. >[ go to the Genders website ]
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French Nouns and Their Genders

French Nouns and Their Genders

are of both genders . 24. The grammatical terms , comparatif , superlatif , & c . , as well as the names of the parts ... Adjectives in themselves have neither gender nor number ; but qualifying adjectives , used substantively , are of ...

Author: Thomas Goodman (Architect.)


ISBN: NLS:V000583633

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Fictional Genders

Fictional Genders

Church, 27-30, 38, 39-40, 41-42 Civil Code: and gender, 19-20, 43; family in, 43; and primogenitur, 43; women in, 19-20, 45, 62. See also Law Cixous, Helene, 14-15, 41 Class, 23-24; and church in Le Rouge et le noir, 29; and the family, ...

Author: Dorothy Kelly


ISBN: UOM:39015019795585

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Latin Lessons

Latin Lessons

Genders . 24. In English we call nouns denoting male beings MASCULINE , nouns denoting female beings FEMININE , and all other nouns , NEUTER . In Latin , gender is less simple , partly because the Romans personified many things without ...

Author: Henry Preble


ISBN: HARVARD:32044097058333

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New Meanings for Ancient Texts

New Meanings for Ancient Texts

In her influential book Gender Trouble, Butler notes that analytical distinctions between sex and gender, ... not follow from sex and those in which the practices of desire do not “follow” from either sex or gender.24 In order to think ...

Author: Steven L. McKenzie

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664238162

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"As . . . newer approaches [to biblical criticism] become more established and influential, it is essential that students and other serious readers of the Bible be exposed to them and become familiar with them. That is the main impetus behind the present volume, which is offered as a textbook for those who wish to go further than the approaches covered in To Each Its Own Meaning by exploring more recent or experimental ways of reading." „from the introduction This book is a supplement and sequel to To Each Its Own Meaning, edited by Steven L. McKenzie and Stephen R. Haynes, which introduced the reader to the most important methods of biblical criticism and remains a widely used classroom textbook. This new volume explores recent developments in, and approaches to, biblical criticism since 1999. Leading contributors define and describe their approach for non-specialist readers, using examples from the Old and New Testament to help illustrate their discussion. Topics include cultural criticism, disability studies, queer criticism, postmodernism, ecological criticism, new historicism, popular culture, postcolonial criticism, and psychological criticism. Each section includes a list of key terms and definitions and suggestions for further reading.
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A Grammar of the Dutch Language

A Grammar of the Dutch Language

harpoen , gender of , 30 hars , gender , 35 hart , gender , 33 hart , harte , a weak noun , 8 hart , its gender , 24 haver , gender of , 14 hebben , conjugation of , 110 hebben , when used in conjugation , 116 hebben , remarks on ...

Author: A. L. Snell


ISBN: OXFORD:N11235685

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Gender Delinquency and Society

Gender  Delinquency  and Society

... 96 Maladjusted 25 Male gender role 10 , 11 Maternal deprivation 43 Medical examinations 26 , 30 , 39 Medical model 9 , 40 , 117 , 119 , 121 Middle - class 3 , 4 , 17 , 19 , 40 , 52 , 108 Gender 30 , 51 , 78 Gender bias 18 , 23 , 24 ...

Author: Doreen Elliott


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Quintilian s Institutes of Oratory Or Education of an Orator

Quintilian s Institutes of Oratory  Or  Education of an Orator

... and ( what is often found not less wanting ) be willing to teach what he ha learned , he will not be content with stating that three genders in nouns , and specifying what nouns have two or all the three genders . 24.

Author: Quintilian


ISBN: PSU:000003038215

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Quintilian s Institutes of Oratory

Quintilian s Institutes of Oratory

... and ( what is often found not less wanting ) be willing to teach what he has learned , he will not be content with stating that there are three genders in nouns , and specifying what nouns have two or all the three genders . 24.

Author: Quintilian


ISBN: STANFORD:36105012168089

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