General Lee s College

General Lee s College

The Rise and Growth of Washington and Lee University Ollinger Crenshaw ... 127 BOOK TWO The Lee Era and the University , 1865 - 1930 Chapter XIII General Lee Revitalizes Washington College : 145 Chapter XIV General Lee ' s “ Practical ...

Author: Ollinger Crenshaw


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General Lee s Army

General Lee s Army

Davis assured his friend that “The General [Lee] is fully alive to the advantage of the present opportunity and will I am sure cordially sustain and boldly execute my wishes to the fullest extent of his power.

Author: Joseph Glatthaar

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A history of the Confederate troops under Robert E. Lee presents portraits of soldiers from all walks of life, offers insight into how the Confederacy conducted key operations, and reveals how closely the South came to winning the war.
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General Lee Man and Soldier

General Lee  Man and Soldier

Thomas Nelson Page. - - - - - - G E N E R A L L E E.

Author: Thomas Nelson Page


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General Lee s Photographer

General Lee   s Photographer

One can easily imagine with what excitement and anticipation the young photographer invited Robert E. Lee to come for a sitting in the studio. Lee not only came once; he came often. He seemed impressed with the shy, sincere, ...

Author: Dr. Marshall Fishwick

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 9781789120479

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As award-winning popular culture author, scholar, and fellow Virginia native Dr. Marshall Fishwick himself states in his introductory pages, “This book is about a Southerner of the Reconstruction period whose work has been almost completely ignored to date. His name was Michael Miley, and his field was photography. The record of his life and of his work indicates that he deserves a distinctive place for both his scientific contributions and his aesthetic achievements in this field.” Michael Miley (1841-1918) was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, and while still young moved south onto a farm in Rockbridge County. Following his service in General Thomas J. Jackson’s “Stonewall Brigade” during the war, he began his photographic career. Portraiture would go on to comprise the majority of Michael Miley’s work, with his famous images of Robert E. Lee as popular then as they are now.
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General Lee s Immortals

General Lee s Immortals

7 The full title of Pollard's work is Lee and His Lieutenants: Comprising the Early Life, Public Services, and Campaigns of General Robert E. Lee and his Companions in Arms, With a Record of Their Campaigns and Heroic Deeds (New York: ...

Author: Michael C. Hardy

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

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Two decades after the end of the Civil War, former Confederate officer Riddick Gatlin bewailed the lack of a history of the famous Branch-Lane Brigade, within which he had served. Who has ever written a line to tell of the sacrifices, the suffering and the ending of these more than immortal men? he said. Why has the history of that brigade not been written? With the publication of General Lees Immortals: The Battles and Campaigns of the Branch-Lane Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865, Gatlins long wait is finally over.This storied brigade, first led by Lawrence Branch until his death at Sharpsburg, and then James H. Lane, served with Lees Army of Northern Virginia during its entire existence. The names emblazoned on its battle flag read like a history of that army, beginning with the Seven Days Battles and ending with the final roll call at Appomattox. Originally part of A.P. Hills famous Light Division, the Branch-Lane Brigade earned spectacular plaudits for its disciplined defense, hard-hitting attacks, and incredible marching abilities. Its constant position at the front, however, resulted in devastating losses, so that its roll call of casualties by the end of the war far exceeded its number of survivors.In this deeply researched work we witness the experiences of North Carolinas Branch-Lane Brigade in nearly every major battle fought in the east, including that infamous day at Chancellorsville when its members mistakenly shot Stonewall Jackson. Two months later they were in Picketts Charge at Gettysburg, and thereafter throughout the titanic battles of 1864. In the meantime we learn of the camp-life and the hard winters of Lees army. Yet when Lee finally surrendered at Appomattox it was the Branch-Lane Brigade still with him, no longer victors but yet unbowed.Michael Hardys General Lees Immortals is the first comprehensive history of the Branch-Lane Brigade, and fully meets Captain Gatlins challenge by setting forth the complete story of these more than immortal men. His study is based on many years of study and grounded on a vast foundation of sources that relate every aspect of the career of this remarkable fighting command. Once finished, every reader will come to think he has met, marched with, fought beside, and bled with these North Carolinians.
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General Lee His Campaigns in Virginia 1861 1865

General Lee  His Campaigns in Virginia  1861 1865

Soon after this , General Babcock of General Grant's staff , accompanied by a Confederate staff - officer , rode to where General Lee was , dismounted , saluted , and announced that he was sent by General Grant to escort General Lee to ...

Author: Walter Herron Taylor

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803294255

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The crucial Civil War battles in the East?from First Manassas to Antietam to Gettysburg?are described from the point of view of General Robert E. Lee?s staff officer, Walter Taylor. Originally published in 1906, General Lee: His Campaigns in Virginia, 1861?1865 is rich in reminiscences. Working closely with Lee, Taylor prepared reports, delivered messages, and saw the general every day. As postwar controversies swirled, he was often called on to set the record straight. This book is important not only for Taylor?s military knowledge but also for his perception of the character of Lee. Others shown under the stress of fire are Stonewall Jackson, James Longstreet, Jeb Stuart, and A. P. Hill. But the true heroes are the Confederate soldiers who fought doggedly, though outnumbered and often poorly provisioned. Well documented and carrying valuable maps of major battlefields, Taylor?s book reveals how participants in the Lost Cause chose to remember it.
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Four Years with General Lee

Four Years with General Lee

General Longstreet came up late in the evening; he had been led by his guide out of his proper route. ... McOlellan's army as a “change of base” which that commander had purposed to make for some time previous to General Lee's attack.

Author: W.H. Taylor

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General Lee A Biography of Robert E Lee

General Lee  A Biography of Robert E  Lee

Fitzhugh Lee. GENERAL LEE A. E. O. G E A E H Y O = R O E E R N E L E E General Lee General Lee A Biography of Robert E. Lee. Front Cover.

Author: Fitzhugh Lee


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At General Howe s Side 1776 1778

At General Howe s Side  1776 1778

The balance of the army has been spread along the river by corps.36 The support lines behind us become more and more unsafe because of General Lee, who is very audacious. He has captured several patrols and individual dragoons with ...

Author: Friedrich Ernst von Muenchhausen

Publisher: Phillip Freneau Press

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Publication Fund Series

Publication Fund Series

LIEUTENANT - COLONEL RHEA being sworn : Q. Did you carry any message from General Wayne to General Lee the 28th of June ? A. I carried one . Q. What was it ? A. General Wayne ordered me to go to General Lee and to inform him the enemy's ...



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