Generational Emotional Mapping

Generational Emotional Mapping

This is a self-help book about using essential oils to shift the subconscious generational programming that is at the root of many illnesses.

Author: Joyce Turkington


ISBN: 0999317806


Page: 154

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This is a self-help book about using essential oils to shift the subconscious generational programming that is at the root of many illnesses. Essential oils help reprogram incorrect perceptions that have been passed on through generations. The emotions that trigger symptoms of disharmony in the mental, emotional, and physical body seldom, if ever, originate with us; rather, they have a familial origin. Essential oils have aromatic properties that can assist the body in releasing the emotions of old traumas. The olfactory system is anatomically connected to the limbic system of the brain, contributing to the function of long-term memory, emotions, the autonomic nervous system, hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, and attention. Emotions are triggered by smell or aroma. This manual is designed to allow you to quickly find the essential oil that will deal with the emotion(s) at the root of the symptoms being expressed. You will learn of the author's journey in self-help healing and about the benefits of essential oils in dealing with stress. You will also find the following useful information: Single oils and blend oils in alphabetic order with their healing affirmations A list of the top four emotions addressed with each oil Complementary oils and oils that will blend with them Classification of essential oils for making personal blends. You will learn two ways to use essential oils to relieve symptoms that may have a generational origin: how to use the oils to reprogram generational emotions that are at the root of the symptoms being expressed, and how to make a personal blend that will support the reprogramming. The information in this book isn't to replace any medical treatments, but to assist the body in letting go of stress that underlies many illnesses and stressors today.

A History of the Twentieth Century in 100 Maps

A History of the Twentieth Century in 100 Maps

It provides an important insight into how a map may not only facilitate a practical
and emotional navigation of a place, ... this map became a crystallised version of
the site's former reality, available for excavation by later generations curious to ...

Author: Tim Bryars

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226202471

Category: History

Page: 224

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The twentieth century was a golden age of mapmaking, an era of cartographic boom. Maps proliferated and permeated almost every aspect of daily life, not only chronicling geography and history but also charting and conveying myriad political and social agendas. Here Tim Bryars and Tom Harper select one hundred maps from the millions printed, drawn, or otherwise constructed during the twentieth century and recount through them a narrative of the century’s key events and developments. As Bryars and Harper reveal, maps make ideal narrators, and the maps in this book tell the story of the 1900s—which saw two world wars, the Great Depression, the Swinging Sixties, the Cold War, feminism, leisure, and the Internet. Several of the maps have already gained recognition for their historical significance—for example, Harry Beck’s iconic London Underground map—but the majority of maps on these pages have rarely, if ever, been seen in print since they first appeared. There are maps that were printed on handkerchiefs and on the endpapers of books; maps that were used in advertising or propaganda; maps that were strictly official and those that were entirely commercial; maps that were printed by the thousand, and highly specialist maps issued in editions of just a few dozen; maps that were envisaged as permanent keepsakes of major events, and maps that were relevant for a matter of hours or days. As much a pleasure to view as it is to read, A History of the Twentieth Century in 100 Maps celebrates the visual variety of twentieth century maps and the hilarious, shocking, or poignant narratives of the individuals and institutions caught up in their production and use.
Categories: History

Mapping the Social Landscape

Mapping the Social Landscape

In effect , a certain aspect of generational property has become much more
prominent , while other aspects decline . Emotional rights over children ' s
affection has become central as the old economic and lineage concerns have
declined .

Author: Susan J. Ferguson


ISBN: UOM:39015037785204

Category: Equality

Page: 616

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Drawing from a wide selection of classic and contemporary works, this best-selling reader includes 56 readings that represent a plurality of voices and views within sociology.
Categories: Equality

Emotionally Intelligent Design

Emotionally Intelligent Design

She argues that past generations probably didn't experience emotions in the
same way that we do . ... why we are drawn to these collections of untranslatable
words for emotions and maps of uncharted emotional territories (Figure 2-5) .

Author: Pamela Pavliscak

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

ISBN: 9781491953112

Category: Computers

Page: 286

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As technology becomes deeply integrated into every aspect of our lives, we’ve begun to expect more emotionally intelligent interactions. But smartphones don’t know if we’re having a bad day, and cars couldn’t care less about compassion. Technology is developing more IQ, but it still lacks EQ. In this book, Pamela Pavliscak—design researcher and advisor to Fortune 500 companies—explores new research about emotion, new technology that engages emotion, and new emotional design practices. Drawing on her own research and the latest thinking in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, Pamela shows you how design can help promote emotional well-being. You’ll learn: How design has transformed emotion and how tech is transforming it again New principles for merging emotional intelligence and design thinking How to use a relationship model for framing product interactions and personality Methods for blending well-being interventions with design patterns How emotional resonance can guide designers toward ethical futures Implications of emotionally intelligent technology as it scales from micro- to mega-emotional spheres
Categories: Computers

Mapping Medieval Identities in Occitanian Crusade Song

Mapping Medieval Identities in Occitanian Crusade Song

... Responses to the Crusading Movements, 1137–1336 (Woodbridge, UK: D. S.
Brewer, 2018), 107 and 290. 85 See the discussion of Gaucelm's emotional
expression in Barbara H. Rosenwein, Generations of Feeling: A History of
Emotions, ...

Author: Rachel May Golden

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190948610

Category: Music

Page: 308

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"In his song, Lanqan li jorn, the early-twelfth-century troubadour Jaufre Rudel expresses a sense of wonder and uncertainty about the future, one that he maps onto his perception of geography as complex, interwoven, and often unknowable. The song proclaims Jaufre's intention to travel eastward to the Crusade front as a Christian pilgrim, and to unite there with his beloved Lady (generally understood as the Countess of Tripoli), the object of his amor de loing [love from afar]. Jaufre expresses both ambivalence and a sense of possibility as he prepares to depart outremar. In Jaufre's ideology, distance suggests the multivalent difficulties inherent in this effort--the challenges of geographical travels and unknown roads; the emotional separation between lovers and uncertain pathways; and the subjective distances between the ideals of French courtliness, Christian values, and his imagining of the land of Saracens. Because the pathways that lie before him--the ports and roads--are so many and so unfathomable, Jaufre cannot prophesy the outcome of this journey. As Jaufre contemplated the unknown East, he could not have predicted the impact of the Crusade efforts or the song-making traditions in which he participated. According to his vida, or biographical sketch (although these were often fictionalized), Jaufre would die in the East while on the Crusade venture; having often imagined the Countess of Tripoli, he would become ill on the journey, arriving in the Syrian county only just in time to be embraced his beloved and die in her arms. Jaufre was one of many creators of the Crusade period to contemplate a new world, one marked by Crusading, through song. In doing so, he employed geographical rhetoric in ways that engaged his belief systems about love, politics, religion, and space. In this book, I locate ideologies of early Crusade culture as expressed in the Occitanian song (in the south of modern-day France), particularly in Latin devotional song and troubadour lyric. Such songs engage their Crusading context through text and melody, through metaphors of travel, distance, and geography. I argue that these songs reflect Crusade perspectives, articulate regional beliefs and local identities, and demonstrate the rhetorical and expressive possibilities of music and poetry in combination. Today, in keeping with the concepts of mouvance and re-invention, as articulated by Paul Zumthor and Amelia Van Vleck among others, we understand troubadour song as a site of re-creation rather than fixity. Troubadour songs circulated abundantly in oral transmission, long before they were committed to writing; each performance of a given song was subject to change and reinvention, with performance acting not as repetition, but as an act of re-composition, improvisation, or variation, aided, but not dictated, by memory. Troubadour songs may exist in multiple variant copies across multiple manuscripts, or they may survive today without any written record of their melodies at all, perhaps once so well known that their notation was not needed. Zumthor thus explained, "the 'work' floats, offering not a fixed shape of firm boundaries but a constantly shifting nimbus . . . Although the production of an individual, it [a song] is characterized by the sense of potential incompleteness is caries within itself." As he looked forward uncertainly into his own travels and his future, Jaufre understood his songs as fluid, as templates for further composition, and as sites of communal, rather than individual, creation. Indeed, among the troubadours, Jaufre can be considered an "extremist" (in the words of Amelia Van Vleck) with regard to transmission and re-composition, as he was particularly explicit about inviting others to change and improve upon his song, placing the singer on par with the composer as a creative agent, and rejecting the idea of single or original author with respect to his work. For Jaufre, the audience too played a role in defining the song; the experience of reception essentially contributed to the process of re-creation. Thus Rupert Pickens wrote, regarding his edition of Jaufre's poems: "It soon became apparent . . . that not only can 'authentic' texts not be discovered, much less 'established' . . . but that, given the condition of the manuscripts and the esthetic principles involving textual integrity affirmed by Jaufre himself . . . the question of 'authenticity' . . . was largely irrelevant.""--
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Generational Encounters with Higher Education

Generational Encounters with Higher Education

Chapter 5 thus maps a framework for understanding the rise of mental health
disorders in the undergraduate population, ... of knowledge itself comes to be
considered potentially damaging to students' mental health and emotional

Author: Bristow, Jennie

Publisher: Bristol University Press

ISBN: 9781529209778

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 198

The twenty-first century has witnessed significant changes to the structures and policies framing Higher Education. But how do these changes in the norms, values and extent shape the generation now coming of age? Employing a generational analysis, this book offers an original approach to the study of education. It explores the qualitative dimensions of the relationship between academics and students and examines wider issues of culture and socialisation, from tuition fees and student mental health to social mobility and employment. This is a timely contribution to current debates about the University and an invaluable resource for those interested in education, youth, and intergenerational relations.
Categories: Social Science

Canadian Writers and Their Works

Canadian Writers and Their Works

... past merges with reality , sometimes events in two separate generations run
together in the same sentence , and all of ... tenderness , violence , love , in the
way he convinces us of the emotional mapping which one generation imposes
126 ...

Author: Robert Lecker


ISBN: 0920763790

Category: Authors, Canadian

Page: 373

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Categories: Authors, Canadian

Matt Cohen and His Works

Matt Cohen and His Works

... past merges with reality , sometimes events in two separate generations run
together in the same sentence , and all of it ... violence , love , in the way he
convinces us of the emotional mapping which one generation imposes MATT

Author: George Woodcock

Publisher: Canadian Author Studies

ISBN: IND:30000042056626

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 60

View: 359

These studies of Canadian authors fulfill a real need in the study of Canadian literature. Each monograph is a separately bound study of about 55 pages. Each contains a biography of the author, a description of the tradition and milieu that influenced the author, a survey of the criticism on the author, a comprehensive essay on all the author's key works, and a detailed bibliography of primary and secondary works.
Categories: Literary Criticism

The Woman Blessed by All Generations Or Mary the Object of Veneration Confidence and Imitation to All Christians

The Woman Blessed by All Generations  Or  Mary  the Object of Veneration  Confidence and Imitation to All Christians

New The Emotions and the Will , by the Edition , revised and extended . Crown
8vo . same Author . ... With 6 Maps . Fcp . 7s . 6d . Telescopes . By T . W . WEBB ,
M . A . F . R . A . S . Revised Edition , with Illustrations . The States of the River ...

Author: Raphael Melia


ISBN: BML:37001101169725


Page: 454

View: 205


Learning in context

Learning in context

... replaced by or translated into the new sets of values , codes of behaviour and
new " cognitive and emotional maps " . ... the breakdowns in “ generational
chains ” have not only affected the emotional , affective and meaningful bond one
may ...

Author: Girma Berhanu

Publisher: Goteborgs Universitet Acta Univ

ISBN: STANFORD:36105111012386

Category: Education

Page: 298

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Categories: Education

The Portrait in Photography

The Portrait in Photography

mood ' ) evinces both social meaning and an inner emotional map of feeling .
Look , for example , at Three Generations of a Farming Family - a definitive group
portrait of Sander ' s rural ideal in which the hands of the five subjects are central

Author: Graham Clarke

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: UOM:39015050057515

Category: Photography

Page: 228

View: 729

The photographic portrait is discussed in a wide context, from general subjects such as the family photograph album and American portrait photography to the work of individual artists like Sander and Stieglitz.
Categories: Photography

Mapping the Mind

Mapping the Mind

Several generations of psychologists accepted this failure as clear evidence that
the psyche could not be mapped until much ... AN EARLY ATTEMPT TO MAP
THE EMOTIONS Only a few psychologists worked against this current of opinion
by ...

Author: Hunter B. Shirley

Publisher: Burnham Incorporated Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015010331190

Category: Psychology

Page: 361

View: 119

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Categories: Psychology

Intergenerational Relationships

Intergenerational Relationships

International Symposium on Intergenerational Relationships (1983, Berlin, West)
Vjenka Garms-Homolová, Erika M. Hoerning, Doris Schaeffer ... and mapping of
all aspects of sexuality , which paradoxically begins at the same time as the
puritanical repression of actual sexuality . ... the language of the young
generation today seems almost empty of any emotional content except
aggressive ones .

Author: International Symposium on Intergenerational Relationships (1983, Berlin, West)

Publisher: Lewiston, N.Y. ; Toronto : C.J. Hogrefe

ISBN: UVA:X000871521

Category: Adulthood

Page: 262

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Categories: Adulthood

Basic Counseling Techniques

Basic Counseling Techniques

One technique not mentioned so far in this text is emotional mapping. As already
indicated, one of ... For example, one page may reference the abuser's family of
origin, while another page may show cross generational emotional connections.

Author: C. Wayne Perry

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 140338326X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 998

Yes, but what do I do with that client?" That is a question Dr. Wayne Perry often hears as he works with beginning counselors or therapists. It is the question Basic Counseling Techniques seeks to answer. Born out of Dr. Perrys more than twenty-years experience training marriage and family therapists and pastoral counselors, this book skips the theory and goes right for the practical application. Students in counseling or therapy training programs will find Basic Counseling Techniques an essential part of their studies. This textbook gives the basic steps to actually applying nine different sets of clinical tools, and guidelines for selecting the appropriate tool for the appropriate clinical situation. That makes this textbook unique in the field. Another unique feature is this textbooks practical suggestions for setting up the therapy room, using audio-visual recording equipment, and making covert interactions overt. Each of the fifteen chapters concludes with a "Living Into the Lesson" section to give the reader experiential exercises to apply that chapters skills. Training program directors will find this book invaluable for students who will soon begin their practicum. Beginning therapists, both interns and recent graduates, will find it irreplaceable in building their own professional "toolkit."
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... specific forms of transportation for specific trips that meet their physical and
emotional needs for specific situations . ... helpful drivers and information
specialists ; provide easy - to - read and understandable timetables , maps , and
other ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105115064912

Category: Aging


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Categories: Aging

Culture Body and Language

Culture  Body  and Language

Author: Farzad Sharifian

Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

ISBN: UOM:39015082719710

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 431

View: 415

One of the central themes in cognitive linguistics is the uniquely human development of some higher potential called the "mind" and, more particularly, the intertwining of body and mind, which has come to be known as embodiment. Several books and volumes have explored this theme in length. However, the interaction between culture, body and language has not received the due attention that it deserves. Naturally, any serious exploration of the interface between body, language and culture would require an analytical tool that would capture the ways in which different cultural groups conceptualize their feelings, thinking, and other experiences in relation to body and language. A well-established notion that appears to be promising in this direction is that of cultural models, constituting the building blocks of a group's cultural cognition. The volume results from an attempt to bring together a group of scholars from various language backgrounds to make a collective attempt to explore the relationship between body, language and culture by focusing on conceptualizations of the heart and other internal body organs across a number of languages. The general aim of this venture is to explore (a) the ways in which internal body organs have been employed in different languages to conceptualize human experiences such as emotions and/or workings of the mind, and (b) the cultural models that appear to account for the observed similarities as well as differences of the various conceptualizations of internal body organs. The volume as a whole engages not only with linguistic analyses of terms that refer to internal body organs across different languages but also with the origin of the cultural models that are associated with internal body organs in different cultural systems, such as ethnomedical and religious traditions. Some contributions also discuss their findings in relations to some philosophical doctrines that have addressed the relationship between mind, body, and language, such as that of Descartes.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Coming Out Straight

Coming Out Straight

... 204 correlation between degree of and desire for homosexual relations , 53
generational , 112 homosexual condition a ... 214 emotional healing , 118
emotional incest syndrome , 34 emotional makeup work , 162 emotional map ,
140 – 141 ...

Author: Richard A. Cohen

Publisher: OakHill Press

ISBN: UOM:49015002599612

Category: Medical

Page: 292

View: 251

Psychoterapist Cohen presents his plan for transitioning from gay to straight.
Categories: Medical

Generations of Feeling

Generations of Feeling

Generations of Feeling is the first book to provide a comprehensive history of emotions in pre- and early modern Western Europe.

Author: Barbara H. Rosenwein

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316432341

Category: History


View: 293

Generations of Feeling is the first book to provide a comprehensive history of emotions in pre- and early modern Western Europe. Charting the varieties, transformations and constants of human sentiments over the course of eleven centuries, Barbara H. Rosenwein explores the feelings expressed in a wide range of 'emotional communities' as well as the theories that served to inform and reflect their times. Focusing specifically on groups within England and France, chapters address communities as diverse as the monastery of Rievaulx in twelfth-century England and the ducal court of fifteenth-century Burgundy, assessing the ways in which emotional norms and modes of expression respond to, and in turn create, their social, religious, ideological, and cultural environments. Contemplating emotions experienced 'on the ground' as well as those theorized in the treatises of Alcuin, Thomas Aquinas, Jean Gerson and Thomas Hobbes, this insightful study offers a profound new narrative of emotional life in the West.
Categories: History

Mapping Memory

Mapping Memory

... photography show in the hallway of the school " managed to communicate
feelings , circumstances and emotions on a level that would have been hard to
achieve without the images and the testimonies of these generations " ( Brodsky
58 ) .

Author: Angela May Carlson-Lombardi


ISBN: MINN:31951P00801820G


Page: 420

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

These include a psychodynamic model based on object - relations theory (
Framo , 1970 ) , the intergenerational model that admixes ... the fundamentals of
a multigenerational conceptual framework , and since it has an associated
schema for mapping generational history . ... Depending on their levels of
maturity , they will have varying degrees of emotional difficulty ( “ fusion systems ”
) , which they will ...

Author: Ronald F. Levant

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 0133028852

Category: Family psychotherapy

Page: 308

View: 956

Categories: Family psychotherapy