Clinical Outline of Oral Pathology

Clinical Outline of Oral Pathology

Other diffuse erythemas that may mimic geographic tongue include moniliasis and erosive lichen planus , both of which manifest lesions in ex- traglossal mucosa . Geographic tongue may ac- company other dermatologic conditions ; there- ...

Author: Lewis R. Eversole

Publisher: PMPH-USA

ISBN: 1550092081

Category: Medical

Page: 490

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Clinical Outline of Oral Pathology, Third Edition integrates the precepts of basic oral pathology, oral radiology, and oral medicine. It assists in constructing a differential diagnosis, arriving at a definitive diagnosis, and providing appropriate management and treatment. Diseases of the oral cavity have been categorized according to ......
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Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck Second Edition

Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck  Second Edition

Benign Migratory Glossitis ( Geographic Tongue ) 1. Neville BW , Damm DD , Allen CM , Bouquot JE . Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology . Philadelphia : WB Saunders , 1995 : 569-571 . 2. Kleinman DV , Swango PA , Niessen LC .

Author: Leon Barnes

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420002783

Category: Medical

Page: 852

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Updated, reorganized, and revised throughout, this highly lauded three-volume reference provides an interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of head and neck diseases, including the incidence, etiology, clinical presentation, pathology, differential diagnosis, and prognosis for each disorder-promoting clear communication between pathologists and surgeons. Written by more than 30 internationally distinguished physicians, Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck, Second Edition now contains: over 1045 photographs, micrographs, drawings, and tables-nearly 200 more illustrations than the first edition five new chapters on molecular biology, fine-needle aspiration, vesiculobullous diseases, neck dissections, and radiation a cumulative and expanded index in each volume Unparalleled in scope and content by any other book available on the subject, Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck, Second Edition is a must-have resource for oral, surgical, and general pathologists; otolaryngologists; oral, maxillofacial, plastic and reconstructive, general, head and neck, and orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons; oncologists; hematologists; ophthalmologists; radiologists; endocrinologists; dermatologists; dentists; and residents and fellows in these disciplines.
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Textbook of Oral Medicine Oral Diagnosis and Oral Radiology E Book

Textbook of Oral Medicine  Oral Diagnosis and Oral Radiology   E Book

Fissured Tongue Described on page 13. Geographic Tongue Geographic tongue has also been referred to as benign migratory glossitis, wandering rash of the tongue, annulus migrans, stomatitis areata migrans and erythema areata migrans.

Author: Ravikiran Ongole

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9788131237991

Category: Medical

Page: 924

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Targeted mainly at UG students of Dentistry, this book is a comprehensive text on oral medicine, diagnosis and radiological aspects of various orofacial diseases and oral manifestations of systemic disorders. It would also cater to the needs of PG students and dental practitioners as a useful reference book. Only book available in market providing oral medicine, oral diagnosis and oral radiology in one volume along with updated references. A multi-authored book with more than 60 authors from various dental colleges all over India and from countries like USA, England, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Nigeria Includes chapters on specialized imaging techniques, Implant imaging and CBCT Includes companion website containing 5 additional chs and updated references for additional study Basics of Radiation Physics Radiation Biology Radiographic Films and Accessories Radiographic Techniques Latent Image Formation Processing of Radiographic Films Radiographic Faults Intraoral Radiographic Anatomical Landmarks Extraoral Radiographic Landmarks Site Selection, Evaluation and Imaging for Dental Implants
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Burket s Oral Medicine 12th Edition

Burket s Oral Medicine  12th Edition

Geographic tongue is an annular lesion affecting the dorsum and margin of the tongue. The lesion is also known as erythema migrans. The typical clinical presentation comprises a white, yellow, or gray slightly elevated peripheral zone ...

Author: Michael Glick

Publisher: PMPH USA

ISBN: 9781607951889

Category: Medical

Page: 732

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Inherently interdisciplinary, the field of oral medicine continues to incorporate and apply new knowledge and techniques to the care of patients. For nearly 70 years, Burket’s Oral Medicine has been the principal text for all major aspects of oral medicine, from the basic science to clinical practice. This 12th edition continuous to serve as the authoritative source of information for students, residents, and clinicians interested in the field of oral medicine. Through the addition of new chapters and substantial new material, the 12th edition of the book significantly advances the understanding of today’s practice of oral medicine. Research findings are produced at a rapid pace and are readily accessible from a variety of sources. A chapter on clinical research has been added to the book to help readers interpret how scientific findings reported in the literature impact their practice. Awareness of the unique aspects of oral health needs for the elderly, infants, and young children prompted the inclusion of two new chapters introducing the fields of geriatric and pediatric oral medicine. Two other original chapters on radiologic interpretations and complications of nonsurgical cancer therapy complement in more detail other broader topics addressed in the book. The 12th edition of Burket’s Oral Medicine continues the tradition of this text in providing students, residents, and experienced practitioners with access to the expertise and experience of an international group of clinical scholars who are recognized experts in the increasingly complex field of diagnosis and medical management of maxillofacial disease and dental treatment of medically complex patients.
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Geographic Tongue

Geographic Tongue

Gomez writes, “You don't have to speak to speak truth,” and this lucid assertion is borne out in the collection as a whole. In its art, and in its silence, the poems of Geographic Tongue are undeniably and indelibly authentic.

Author: Rodney Gomez

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 9780807173985

Category: Poetry

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In Geographic Tongue, an important addition to the Pleiades Press Visual Poetry Series, Rodney Gomez weaves together themes of loss, identity, ethnicity, heritage, and the mechanics of contemporary life to create a collection as lyrically arresting as it is aesthetically stunning. These visual poems, crafted with both restraint and vitality, are visceral in their depiction of cruelty and grief at the United States–Mexico border. And yet, this charged landscape also gives rise to moments of tenderness, stillness, and wry humor. Gomez’s visual design is at once vivid and haunting, drawing together collage, diagrams, and abstract imagery into a bright, geometrically precise collection. His text casts such a powerful spell that in its absence, silence is heard as clearly as any phrase. Gomez writes, “You don't have to speak to speak truth,” and this lucid assertion is borne out in the collection as a whole. In its art, and in its silence, the poems of Geographic Tongue are undeniably and indelibly authentic.
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Human Malformations and Related Anomalies

Human Malformations and Related Anomalies

In FTS, geographic and fissured tongue are believed to be different manifestations ofthe same condition and to have autosomal dominant inheritance with variable penetrance. The tongue may become fissured and/or lobulated in patients ...

Author: Roger E. Stevenson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199748082

Category: Medical

Page: 1520

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This widely acclaimed reference work gives a comprehensive survey of all significant human malformations and related anomalies from the perspective of the clinician. The anomalies are organized by anatomical system and presented in a consistent manner, including details of the clinical presentation, epidemiology, embryology, treatment and prevention for each anomaly. When known, the molecular or other pathogenetic basis for the malformation is given. Most anomalies are illustrated by photographs or drawings. Specific malformations are linked to syndromes through the extensive use of differential diagnosis tables. Over a decade has passed since the first edition of this book was published, and the revised edition fully incorporates the advances made in the field during the intervening years.. It reflects new understanding of human developmental biology that has emerged from molecular, cytogenetic, and biochemical studies; new observations by clinicians as well as enhanced diagnostic and prevention capacities; and more accurate and comprehensive epidemiology. By condensing much of the information presented in the first volume of the previous edition, and exercising rigorous editorial control, Drs. Stevenson and Hall and their contributors have managed to update the book while reducing its size to that of a single volume. All clinicians and scientists interested in birth defects, including pediatricians, geneticists, genetic counselors, obstetricians, and pediatric pathologists, will find this book to be an invaluable source of information.
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General and Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist

General and Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist

Name : Geographic tongue ( GT ) ( benign migratory glossitis , erythema migrans ) Etiology : Unknown Method of Transmission : Not applicable Epidemiology : Geographic tongue is a relatively common mucosal disorder affecting as many as ...

Author: Leslie DeLong

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 0781755468

Category: Medical

Page: 600

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This text teaches dental hygiene students the essential information they need to visually examine and recognize oral disease in practice. The General Pathology section covers the major determinants of disease and the body systems as they are covered when taking a patient's medical history. The Oral Pathology section is organized according to characteristics of lesions, so students learn to recognize lesions by appearance and differentiate between similar lesions. More than 400 detailed photographs and illustrations help students identify lesions. Clinical examples and case studies are included. Distinctive clinical features of lesions are accompanied by lists of associated diseases.
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Atlas of Oral Diseases

Atlas of Oral Diseases

4.8 Fissured tongue geographic tongue. Fissured tongue may be part of Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, the other features being granulomatous cheilitis and transient facial nerve paralysis; this triad is not necessarily present at the ...

Author: Isaäc van der Waal

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783662481226

Category: Medical

Page: 183

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This atlas is designed to assist all who are involved in diagnosing and treating oral diseases. Individual chapters focus on lesions and disorders of the oral mucosa, soft tissues (including the minor salivary glands), lips, tongue, gingiva, palate, and jaw bones (odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions). In addition to the more common diseases, less frequent disorders are also covered, some of which have been recognized only in recent years. Throughout, the approach is practice oriented, with concise text and an abundance of high-quality clinical, radiographic, and, where appropriate, histopathologic images. The combined training of the author in oral surgery and oral pathology means that he has exceptional expertise in both the diagnosis and the treatment of oral diseases. His detailed knowledge and experience are fully reflected in the Atlas of Oral Diseases, which will be very helpful for dental and medical professionals in their daily practice.
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Pediatric Dermatology E Book

Pediatric Dermatology E Book

Figure 9.11 Geographic tongue (courtesy of Dr A. Torrelo). a prevalence of only 1.08%.99 No significant race or sexual predominance is recognized. About 20% develop superimposed geographic tongue (Fig. 9.11).98 Lingua plicata is ...

Author: Lawrence A. Schachner

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780723436652

Category: Medical

Page: 1912

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The latest edition of Pediatric Dermatology, edited by Lawrence A. Schachner, MD and Ronald C. Hansen, MD brings you the detailed guidance you need to effectively diagnose and treat pediatric skin conditions. Review topics from keratinization to stem cell therapy, and gain expert guidance from international contributors. Now in a comprehensive format with 40% all new clinical photos, this resource is ideal for clinical practice. Refer to full-color photographs that accurately capture the appearance of a wide range of skin disorders. Access many new tables and therapeutic algorithms for at-a-glance guidance. Recognize distinguishing factors in skin lesions with 40% new and improved clinical photographs. Find extended coverage of topics like genodermatoses and disorders of keratinization, review excellent information on skin neoplasms in children, new systemic therapies, and viral disorders, and explore new concepts in autoinflammatory disorders and Kawasaki’s disease. Read up on best practices and stay at the forefront of your profession with new perspectives from a host of international contributors like new Associate Editor Antonio Torrello, who co-edits the Pediatric Dermatology journal.
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SPEC Treatment of Skin Disease 6th Edition 12 Month Access eBook

SPEC     Treatment of Skin Disease  6th Edition  12 Month Access  eBook

Geographic. tongue. gentle brushing of the tongue; avoidance of harsh antibacterial mouthwashes, chewing gum, and breath mints; and soothing rinses with saline solutions. Occasionally, the topical application of fluorinated ...

Author: Mark G. Lebwohl

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780702082115

Category: Medical

Page: 912

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Covering nearly 260 of the most common dermatologic conditions from A to Z, Treatment of Skin Disease, 6th Edition, by Drs. Mark G. Lebwohl, Warren R. Heymann, Ian Coulson, and Dedee Murrell, is your go-to resource for authoritative, evidence-based treatment strategies in your daily practice. This award-winning text provides guidance on the fast-moving dermatological therapy options for virtually any skin disease you’re likely to encounter, including third-line and unusual therapies when initial options have not been successful. Summaries of each treatment strategy are accompanied by detailed discussions of treatment choices, with ratings on a consistent scale ranging from clinical studies to anecdotal reports. Puts every possible therapeutic option at your disposal – including management strategies, first- to third-line therapies, and off-label uses – for a truly complete guide to the vast array of dermatologic treatment options. Features 4 all-new chapters on COVID-19 dermatoses, including the associated pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome; DRESS syndrome; keratosis lichenoides chronica; and tinea corporis and tinea cruris. Presents information in a consistent, tabular format, with checklists of diagnostic and investigative pearls and color-coded boxes for quick reference. Provides more than 260 full-color clinical images of skin diseases, most of which are new to this edition. Offers the combined knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading authorities in dermatology.
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