Water Governance

Water Governance

27. concesión de obra pública, gestión de servicios públicos, suministros, servicios y de colaboración entre el sector público y el sector privado). Different Water centers were created, such as trading centers in the River Basin Júcar, ...

Author: Asanga Gunawansa

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781781006429

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ÔEnsuring that everybody has access to drinking water, sanitation and enough nutritious food, which depends on water to grow it, are prerequisites for a healthy life. Water management is not just about the technical aspects of water supply and sanitation. It is equally about our water governance systems, including policies, regulation and societal perception of water rights. This book presents many helpful examples of how different societies are dealing with these issues and of the performance of public and private sector players in this important arena.Õ Ð Colin Chartres, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Colombo, Sri Lanka ÔI congratulate the Institute of Water Policy, the two editors and the contributors for a very thoughtful book on urban water governance. Our objective is to deliver sustainable water and sanitation services to our people. This book contains useful lessons on how to achieve that objective.Õ Ð Tommy Koh, Chairman, Governing Council, Asia-Pacific Water Forum This insightful book explores urban water governance challenges in different parts of the world and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of publicly run, privatized, and publicÐprivate partnership managed water facilities. The contributors expertly discuss various types of public and private water governance architectures as well as identifying the trends, challenges, opportunities and the shifts in perceptions with regard to the provision of water supply services. Many chapters are dedicated to analyzing the urban water supply scenarios in selected countries, with specific focus on legal, policy and institutional frameworks. The study reveals that while private sector participation has been largely promoted by multilateral institutions as part of institutional and financial reforms, ultimately governments bear the major responsibility for provision of water supply services either as Ôservice providerÕ or as Ôregulator and policy-makerÕ. Containing a detailed overview and analysis of the global urban water supply sector, this timely compendium will strongly appeal to academics, researchers and university students following water-related courses. Water sector professionals, water regulators and public officers as well as managers and researchers employed by private sector water operators will also find plenty of invaluable information in this important book.
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Genossenschaften im Fokus einer neuen Wirtschaftspolitik

Genossenschaften im Fokus einer neuen Wirtschaftspolitik

SANTIAGO IGLESIAS (2010): Las Sociedades de Economía Mixta como forma de gestión de los servicios públicos locales, Madrid, Iustel. SOSA WAGNER, F (2008): La gestión de los servicios públicos locales, Madrid, Civitas.

Author: Johann Brazda

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643505156

Category: Cooperative societies

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Sociedades Legislacion Pesquera E Instituciones Maritimas en El Mediterraneo Occidental

Sociedades  Legislacion Pesquera E Instituciones Maritimas en El Mediterraneo Occidental

Por ello , tales grupos corporativos pueden prestar servicios colectivos , como los de gestión de infraestructura ... no se establece claramente ninguna función de prestación de servicios colectivos o de gestión de servicios públicos .

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9253046961

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En esta publicacion se examinan algunas politicas de ordenacion pesquera en el Mediterraneo a la luz de los nuevos objetivos de la sostenibilidad y el buen gobierno. Se hace hincapie en la descentralizacion de la accion publica y la reforma de los mecanismos institucionales."
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Public and Social Services in Europe

Public and Social Services in Europe

Administración social: servicios de bienestar social. ... Los Servicios públicos locales: concepto, configuración y análisis aplicado. ... Provisión de servicios públicos en el contexto de la administración local de España.

Author: Hellmut Wollmann

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137574992

Category: Political Science

Page: 342

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This book presents comparative analyses and accounts of the institutional changes that have occurred to the local level delivery of public utilities and personal social services in countries across Europe. Guided by a common conceptual frame and written by leading country experts, the book pursues a “developmental” approach to consider how the public/municipal sector-centred institutionalization of service delivery (climaxing in the 1970s) developed through its New Public Management-inspired and European Union market liberalization-driven restructuring of the 1980s and early 1990s. The book also discusses the most recent phase since the late 1990s, which has been marked by further marketization and privatization of service delivery on the one hand, and some return to public sector provision (“remunicipalization”) on the other. By comprising some 20 European countries, including Central East European “transformation” countries as well as the “sovereign debt”-stricken countries of Southern Europe, the chapters of this volume cover a much broader cross section of countries than other recent publications on the same subject.
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The Study of Public Management in Europe and the US

The Study of Public Management in Europe and the US

Mendoza, X. (1993) 'Management público e indicadores de gestión: una perspectiva estratégica', Ekonomia, 26:44–65. ... Sancho, D. (1999) Gestión de servicios públicos: estrategias de marketing y calidad, Madrid: Tecnos.

Author: Walter Kickert

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134067244

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 286

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This book presents an overview of the scientific study of public management, gathering together some of the most authoritative experts in this area of study in Europe and the United States, writing specifically about their respective countries. These essays seek to present the national distinctiveness of the study of public management, in the context of specific state administration. This book goes further than some previous books concerning public management by highlighting the underlying differences between Europe and the United States and amongst European countries, in relation to their particular political-administrative circumstances. The aim of this book is to establish a dialogue between Anglo-American and European approaches to public management, to encourage readers to see their own national ideas and practises in contrast to others and foster leaning by asking repeatedly ‘compared to what?’
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55. Fueyo Bros, Manuel: Esquemas de la Ley de Contratos del sector público (tras la Ley ... Sánchez Méndez, julio: Revisión de precios y contrato de gestión de servicios públicos y concesional de obra pública. 205.


Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110278712

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Particularly in the humanities and social sciences, festschrifts are a popular forum for discussion. The IJBF provides quick and easy general access to these important resources for scholars and students. The festschrifts are located in state and regional libraries and their bibliographic details are recorded. Since 1983, more than 659,000 articles from more than 30,500 festschrifts, published between 1977 and 2011, have been catalogued.
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NGO News on Human Settlements

NGO News on Human Settlements

The courses include study tours to a Dutch province and two other countries in Europe. They are: Financial Planning at the Local Level, 15 March to 10 May 1983 and Gestion de Servicios Publicos al Nivel Local, ...



ISBN: MINN:31951D017011194

Category: Community development

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Comunicaci n de instituciones p blicas

Comunicaci  n de instituciones p  blicas

Salvador, E. (ed.) (1999). Catalunya davant la societat de la informació: nous actors i noves polítiques. Barcelona: Editorial Mediterrània, p. 8. Sancho, D. (1999). Gestión de servicios públicos: estrategias de marketing y calidad.

Author: Núria Escalona

Publisher: Editorial UOC

ISBN: 9788490647332

Category: Political Science

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La concreción del título de este libro se encuentra en cada una de sus páginas, pero para empezar, un matiz importante: comunicación de instituciones públicas, no comunicación institucional. A lo específico, traje a medida para quienes se dedican a la comunicación de gobiernos locales, autónomos y más allá. No hablamos de comunicación de clubs deportivos o de grandes empresas que se han convertido en instituciones de referencia. En este libro se desgrana y se ayuda a entender y a practicar una comunicación en multimedia protagonista en las instituciones de todos. Cómo comunicar estratégicamente, con rumbo definido, las instituciones públicas. Con qué perfiles profesionales para conformar equipos. Identidad, imagen y reputación. Y, en definitiva, cómo conectar con los ciudadanos, el gran objetivo y justificación de la existencia de una institución pública. Para lo cual, cada día más, el frente digital y las redes sociales en Internet deben ser un aliado en la conexión con las nuevas generaciones.
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Sports Management as an Emerging Economic Activity

Sports Management as an Emerging Economic Activity

El marketing social al servicio de la gestión de calidad: El caso de los servicios públicos náuticos de la Generalitat Valenciana. Apunts: Educación Física y Deportes, 57, 77–83. Mundina, J., Quintanilla, I., Sampedro, J., Calabuig, F., ...

Author: Marta Peris-Ortiz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319639079

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 350

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This book examines the sports industry as a broad business and economic sector with an enormous influence on regional economic development. Covering topics such as sports economics, financing sports organizations, sustainability management in sports, sports tourism and doping among athletes, this book provides a timely collection of research and best practices in the areas of sports management and policy. Sports activity is a rapidly growing and evolving industry, offering numerous business opportunities--from the manufacturing of sporting equipment and activity at gyms and sports centers to revenue from sporting events and sport tourism. In order for the varied businesses across the sport industry, whether public or private, to be successful, proper management strategies and policies must be in place. This includes the knowledge of the industry, strategic planning, sector analysis, quality management and sustainable (economic and environmental) use of resources. Featuring case examples from several countries, including Spain, Turkey, Uruguay, Portugal, and Italy, this volume provides international perspectives on a wide spectrum of managerial issues across this dynamic industry.
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Construyendo la Democracia Desde Las Bases

Construyendo la Democracia Desde Las Bases

En el proceso aparecieron actores públicos que podían convertirse en protagonistas privilegiados en la administración ... la economía debe hablar de la inversión concurrente , que la gestión de servicios públicos tiene una masa crítica ...

Author: Organization of American States. General Secretariat


ISBN: MINN:31951D02177466H

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