Transnational Crime and Global Security 2 volumes

Transnational Crime and Global Security  2 volumes

vulnerable, but transnational crime clearly affects security everywhere. This two-volume set considers the global security and justice problems created by the variety of dangerous and unsettling transnational crimes that are growing in ...

Author: Philip L. Reichel

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440843181

Category: Political Science

Page: 701

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This two-volume work offers a comprehensive examination of the distressing topics of transnational crime and the implications for global security. • Represents global collaboration among contributors including scholars from respected universities in Europe, North America, and Australia; professionals at public policy research institutes; and researchers at several United Nations entities • Provides perspectives from contributors of geographic diversity and varied backgrounds that combine to form a global panorama of crime and security topics • Provides readers a single work to learn about both specific transnational crimes (Volume 1) and efforts to prevent and combat those crimes (Volume 2) • Prefaces each chapter with an introduction that contextualizes content for closer reading
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Global Crime An Encyclopedia of Cyber Theft Weapons Sales and Other Illegal Activities 2 volumes

Global Crime  An Encyclopedia of Cyber Theft  Weapons Sales  and Other Illegal Activities  2 volumes

The second way that global crime as a concept can be used is through its link with globalization. ... that violate the criminal law of at least one country, and whose resolution requires the cooperation of two or more countries.

Author: Philip L. Reichel

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440860157

Category: Social Science

Page: 805

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A definitive resource for understanding such far-reaching and often interconnected crimes as cyber theft, drug trafficking, human smuggling, identity theft, wildlife poaching, and sex tourism. • Includes primary source documents such as international treaties and conventions related to global crime • Provides quick access to key terms, events, individuals, and organizations playing a key role in combating global crime • Includes suggested sources for additional information in each entry to aid readers who want to examine the topic in more detail • Features scholars and practitioners from more than 10 countries who have specific knowledge of, and experience with, many of the global crimes covered in the work
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Battleground Criminal Justice 2 volumes

Battleground  Criminal Justice  2 volumes

By early 2006, two cases have been rejected by the Court: the coalition war on and occupation of Iraq and crimes ... Rome Statute Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the International Court (APIC) Signatures: 139 Signatures: 62 ...

Author: Gregg Barak

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313088032

Category: Social Science

Page: 872

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There are many controversial aspects of our criminal justice system, and this encyclopedia examines the most significant controversies throughout American history with emphasis on current debates, trends, and issues. Arranged alphabetically, approximately 100 entries cover background, explanations, notable cases and events, various sides of an issue, and what to expect in the future. Entries are objective and factual, allowing readers to formulate their own conclusions. Sidebars and case examples help to illustrate each entry, and sources for further reading point readers to other important materials. Given the prevalance of controversial criminal justice topics in the news, this timely reference is an important resource for anyone interested in crime and justice. Entries include: Boot Camps, Corporal Punishment, DNA Evidence, Domestic Violence, Expert Testimony, Eye Witness Identifications, Gun Control, Homeland Security, International Criminal Court, Legalization of Marijuana, Mental Health and Insanity, Police Brutality, Prison Violence, Racial Profiling, School Violence, Sex Offender Laws, Stalking Laws, Supermax Prisons, Three Strikes, Treating Juveniles as Adults, War on Drugs, and more.
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International Criminal Law Volume 2 Multilateral and Bilateral Enforcement Mechanisms

International Criminal Law  Volume 2 Multilateral and Bilateral Enforcement Mechanisms

Conclusion The historical evolution of jus cogens international crimes from their recognition as being offensive to certain values to their universal condemnation and finally to their universal proscription developed in different ways.

Author: M. Cherif Bassiouni

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047431442

Category: Law

Page: 642

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Volume 2 addresses jurisdiction and the various mechanisms and modalities of international cooperation in penal matters, which for all practical purposes, apply to both the direct and indirect enforcement methods of ICL. These mechanisms and modalities of international cooperation are used not only in bilateral interstate cooperation in penal matters but they are also employed by international tribunals, including the ICC, in their relations with states. This volume is divided into 5 chapters which are titled as: Chapter 1: Policies and Modalities (Modalities of International Cooperation in Penal Matters; The Duty to Prosecute and/or Extradite: Aut Dedere Aut Judicare; Globalization of International Enforcement Mechanisms: The Problem of Legitimacy; Globalization of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Gathering and Sharing); Chapter 2: Jurisdiction (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction; Universal Jurisdiction; Competing and Overlapping Jurisdictions; Immunities and Exceptions; The European Union and the Schengen Agreement); Chapter 3: Extradition (Law and Practice in the United States; The European Approach; Commentary on the United Nations Draft Model Law on Extradition); Chapter 4:Judicial Assistance and Mutual Cooperation in Penal Matters (United States Treaties on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters; Commentary on the United Nations Draft Model Law on Mutual Legal Assistance; Inter-State Cooperation in Penal Matters in the Commonwealth; The Council of Europe and the European Union; European Perspective on International Cooperation in Matters of Terrorism; Freezing and Seizing of Assets: Controlling Money Laundering); Chapter 5: Recognition of Foreign Penal Judgments, Transfer of Criminal Proceedings, and Execution of Foreign Penal Sentences (Introduction to Recognition of Foreign Penal Judgments; Introduction to Transfer of Criminal Proceedings; Transfer of Criminal Proceedings: The European System; The Lockerbie Model of Transfer of Proceedings; International Perspective on Transfer of Prisoners and Execution of Foreign Penal Judgments; United States Policies and Practices on the Execution of Foreign Penal Sentences).
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Chinese Criminal Entrepreneurs in Canada Volume II

Chinese Criminal Entrepreneurs in Canada  Volume II

Global Crime, 11(2), 145–163. Ruggiero, V., & Khan, K. (2006). British South Asian Communities and Drug Supply Networks in the UK: A Qualitative Study. The International Journal of Drug Policy, 17, 473–483. Schumpeter, J. A. (1934).

Author: Alex Chung

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030051358

Category: Social Science

Page: 341

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This book explores how the ‘new’ Asian criminal entrepreneurs in Canada, known as The Big Circle Boys (BCB), competitively dominated the Canadian heroin market in the 1990s without a formal organisation or explicit hierarchical structure. Drawing on the market resilience framework, it examines how the BCB smuggled drugs by using social capital, shared resources, and trust effectively through their ethnicity. How did they counter external security challenges and promote internal competitive cooperation? Were they able to resolve disputes peacefully by managing internal relations? These questions are answered through an analysis of their networking processes and illustrated in the structural properties and dynamics of their mono-ethnic criminal network. For the first time, the BCB players that contributed to the 2001 Canadian and Australian heroin droughts are revealed through intercepted telephone calls and court testimonies. It shows how the BCB collectively switched from heroin to ecstasy since the year 2000. The operation logistics of drug importation and local trafficking are scrutinised. This book speaks to those interested in how a collective of ethnic-Chinese career criminals succeeded and failed in the international drugs trade, particularly for scholars and students of social sciences disciplines.
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Global Power Europe Vol 2

Global Power Europe   Vol  2

II). Hence, this two-volume project provides a multi-sectoral perspective on the EU's external projections from traditional as well as critical theoretical and ... and energy security to international crime to children's rights norms.

Author: Astrid Boening

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642324161

Category: Political Science

Page: 344

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This two-volume project provides a multi-sectoral perspective over the EU's external projections from traditional as well as critical theoretical and institutional perspectives, and is supported by numerous case studies covering the whole extent of the EU’s external relations. The aim is to strive to present new approaches as well as detailed background studies in analyzing the EU as a global actor. Volume 1: The first volume “Theoretical and Institutional Approaches to the EU’s External Relations” addresses the EU's overall external post-Lisbon Treaty presence both globally and regionally (e.g. in its "neighborhood"), with a special emphasis on the EU’s institutional framework. It also offers fresh and innovative theoretical approaches to understanding the EU’s international position. - With a preface by Alvaro de Vasoncelos (former Director European Union Institute for Security Studies) Volume 2: The second volume “Policies, Actions and Influence of the EU’s External Relations”, examines in both quantitative and qualitative contributions the EU's international efficacy from a political, economic and social perspective based on a plethora of its engagements.
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The Earth and Its Peoples A Global History Volume II Since 1500

The Earth and Its Peoples  A Global History  Volume II  Since 1500

1 His friend Gabriele d'Annunzio added: “If it is a crime to incite citizens to violence, I shall boast ofthis crime.”2 Poets are sometimes more prescient than they imagine. In the nineteenth century the governments of the great powers ...

Author: Richard Bulliet

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285983035

Category: History

Page: 576

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Featuring a beautiful new design, THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLES, Sixth Edition, presents world history in a balanced, global framework, shifting the focus away from political centers of power. This truly global text for the world history survey course employs fundamental themes of “environment and technology” and “diversity and dominance” to explore patterns of humans' interactions with their surroundings and with each other. The authors' approach reveals how humanity continues to shape and be shaped by the environment and how dominant structures and traditions are balanced and challenged by alternate beliefs. Special emphasis is given to technological development and how it underlies all human activity. Highly acclaimed in their fields of study, the authors bring a wide array of expertise to the program. A combination of strong scholarship and detailed pedagogy gives the book its reputation for rigor and student accessibility. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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International Criminal Law Volume 1 Sources Subjects and Contents

International Criminal Law  Volume 1 Sources  Subjects and Contents

great deal of confusion in the writings of scholars as to what constitutes an international crime, and how these crimes should ... in particular, if it constitutes a threat to international peace and security; (2) the prohibited conduct ...

Author: M. Cherif Bassiouni

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047431435

Category: Law

Page: 1126

View: 727

Volume 1 deals with international crimes. It contains several significant contributions on the theoretical and doctrinal aspects of ICL which precede the five chapters addressing some of the major categories of international crimes. The first two chapters address: the sources and subjects of ICL and its substantive contents. The other five chapters address: Chapter 3: The Crime Against Peace and Aggression (The Crime Against Peace and Aggression: From its Origins to the ICC; The Crime of Aggression and the International Criminal Court); Chapter 4: War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide (Introduction to International Humanitarian Law; Penal Aspects of International Humanitarian Law; Non-International Armed Conflict and Guerilla Warfare; Mercenarism and Contracted Military Services; Customary International Law and Weapons Control; Genocide; Crimes Against Humanity; Overlaps, Gaps, and Ambiguities in Contemporary International Humanitarian Law, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity); Chapter 5: Crimes Against Fundamental Human Rights (Slavery, Slave-Related Practices, and Trafficking in Persons; Apartheid; International Prohibition of Torture; The Practice of Torture in the United States: September 11, 2001 to Present); Chapter 6: Crimes of Terror-Violence (International Terrorism; Kidnapping and Hostage Taking; Terrorism Financing; Piracy; International Maritime Navigation and Installations on the High Seas; International Civil Aviation); Chapter 7: Crimes Against Social Interest (International Control of Drugs; Challenges in the Development of International Criminal Law: The Negotiations of the United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption; Transnational Organized Crime; Corruption of Foreign Public Officials; International Criminal Protection of Cultural Property; Criminalization of Environmental Protection).
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Arms Control History Theory and Policy 2 volumes

Arms Control  History  Theory  and Policy  2 volumes

With human security the objective, there must be a stronger and more integrated response from communities and states around the globe” (2). A global response is also necessitated by the rise in violence caused by transnational crime and ...

Author: Robert E. Williams Jr.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780275998219

Category: Political Science

Page: 784

View: 403

Set against a backdrop of terrorism, rogue states, non-conventional warfare, and deteriorating diplomacy, this encyclopedia offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, up-to-date reference on the recent history and contemporary practice of arms control and nonproliferation. • 30 illustrations and photos • Sidebars including brief biographical profiles and quotations • Charts and graphs • Primary documents • Timelines • Glossary and list of acronyms
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Battleground Immigration 2 volumes

Battleground  Immigration  2 volumes

They base their belief almost entirely on how well organized a human trafficking scheme needs to be in order to ship humans across the world. This organization, according to such scholars, has been a characteristic of establish criminal ...

Author: Judith Ann Warner

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313344145

Category: Political Science

Page: 1032

View: 442

Among the most tumultuous conflicts of modern America is the war over legal and undocumented immigrants currently residing within U.S. borders. Since the passing of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, America has witnessed an unprecedented flow of immigrants onto its shores, with increased diversity of race and culture. Battleground: Immigration examines the most critical issues surrounding immigration today, including effects on the economy, education, and employment, as well as the viability of the foreign-born in American society. All sides of the immigration debate are explored in this comprehensive 2-volume set, with special weight given to the very specific issues that have arisen in post-9/11 America: homeland security and border control, 9/11's impact on legislation and civil liberties; the Department of Homeland security and its role in border control; transnational organized crime, human smuggling and trafficking; and post 9/11 border control and security impact on immigration. With direct ties to the curriculum, this set is a valuable resource for students of sociology, current events, American history, political science, ethnic studies, and public policy.
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