God s Gardeners

God s Gardeners

God's Gardenersis like a microcosm of Creation. Just when you think that this book is about the theology of Creation, you then discover that it's also about giant fruit bats being durian pollinators. Then as you're getting your head ...

Author: Melissa Ong

Publisher: Graceworks

ISBN: 9789811436635

Category: Nature


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This collection of stories marks Singapore’s first book on creation care. Each story captures how ordinary Christians from different walks of life have humbly put their faith into radical action, and integrated the biblical ethos of creation care into the everyday. The writers reflect on creation care as an organic part of the path of discipleship and missional living, rather than an imposed or burdensome duty. The book presents a refreshing local perspective on the distinctiveness of Christian environmental ethics, seeks to encourage fellow Christians on this creation care journey, and inspire those who have yet to begin. Ultimately, it is an invitation to followers of Christ to care for God’s marvellous creation as an act of worship and love.
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God s Naked Gardener

God   s Naked Gardener

This book tries to show Gods plan and desire for humanity in contrast to what we continually do in order to get back into the garden. The essence of the text is Gods love towards us, and that is what we need to reflect to the world.

Author: Andreas Rydland

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512706468

Category: Religion

Page: 112

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This book was written with the idea of taking a nonconfrontational approach to challenge what I perceive as a dogmatic status quo in many churches today. My wish is that my efforts can serve as a launch pad for a discussion that will question why we do the things we do and move us towards a Christ-centric community of faith. Allegorical language is used to bring out the point that some traditions we hold dear have become, at best, counterproductive and accomplish nothing in reaching out to a lost and dying world. This book tries to show God’s plan and desire for humanity in contrast to what we continually do in order to get back into the garden. The essence of the text is God’s love towards us, and that is what we need to reflect to the world.
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Niv God s Word for Gardeners Bible

Niv God s Word for Gardeners Bible

The NIV God s Word for Gardeners Bible is a hardcover devotional Bible designed to highlight the many ways God speaks to his people using the language of seeds, cultivation, growth and gardens.

Author: Shelley Cramm


ISBN: 0310441137

Category: Bibles

Page: 1514

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The NIV God s Word for Gardeners Bible is a hardcover devotional Bible designed to highlight the many ways God speaks to his people using the language of seeds, cultivation, growth and gardens. Put down your roots and let the Ultimate Gardener tend to your soul."
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Science Fiction Ethics and the Human Condition

Science Fiction  Ethics and the Human Condition

The Gardeners thus try to redeem what was originally created by God, but which has fallen; namely the “[a] nimal life in all it's simplicity” ... It is, we suspect, easy for many of Atwood's readers to sympathise with God's Gardeners.

Author: Christian Baron

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319565774

Category: Philosophy

Page: 246

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This book explores what science fiction can tell us about the human condition in a technological world, with the ethical dilemmas and consequences that this entails. This book is the result of the joint efforts of scholars and scientists from various disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach sets an example for those who, like us, have been busy assessing the ways in which fictional attempts to fathom the possibilities of science and technology speak to central concerns about what it means to be human in a contemporary world of technology and which ethical dilemmas it brings along. One of the aims of this book is to demonstrate what can be achieved in approaching science fiction as a kind of imaginary laboratory for experimentation, where visions of human (or even post-human) life under various scientific, technological or natural conditions that differ from our own situation can be thought through and commented upon. Although a scholarly work, this book is also designed to be accessible to a general audience that has an interest in science fiction, as well as to a broader academic audience interested in ethical questions.
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Gods Men and Ghosts

Gods  Men and Ghosts

Gods. ZYNI MOE, the small snake, saw the cool river gleaming before him afar off and set out over the burning sand ... man is as a garden, and that his thoughts are as the flowers, and the prophets of a man's city are as many gardeners ...

Author: Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Baron Dunsany

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486228082

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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The world of the supernatural is explored in this anthology of tales about the bizarre and occult
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By the Grace of the Gods Volume 10

By the Grace of the Gods  Volume 10

“My family's been the royal gardeners for generations. All that stuff was drilled into me when I was a kid.” That explained his expertise, but if his family were always the royal gardeners, whom I assumed were tasked with maintaining ...

Author: Roy

Publisher: J-Novel Club

ISBN: 9781718369160

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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Ryoma returns to Gimul after his successful business retreat, having discovered and evolved new slimes and found uses for them along the way. Unfortunately, crime has skyrocketed in Gimul during his absence, to the point where even the familiar Morgan Company has suffered an arson attack. Ryoma attends a meeting of small business owners in the city to address the rapid increase in crime, but when the host of the conference appears untrustworthy, Ryoma decides to take a stand against the supposed crime stoppers to protect his shop, employees, and Gimul itself. Another new volume of slow life in a fantasy world for Ryoma, with all-new slimes and all-new magic at his disposal!
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Fruitful Leaders

Fruitful Leaders

'I don't think this particular leadership role is the one God wants for me,' he confessed. ... is conducive. You can play a vital part as one of God's gardeners. It might take a while to see the results – after all, flowers don't reveal ...

Author: Marcus Honeysett

Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press

ISBN: 9781844747078

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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God loves local churches. He wants to see them built up and flourishing. He provides spiritual gifts of leadership to help them grow. Churches are God's teams for fulfilling his great purposes in the world, ensuring that his greatness and glory, and the good news of his grace, are received and rejoiced in everywhere. God wants to raise up leaders in your local church in all kinds of spheres and activities. But this book is for everyone, not just for leaders or potential leaders. In fact, the whole congregation should be asking how they can release those gifted by God to lead, to the fullest extent of their ability. This book is ideal for anyone asking whether God could use them as a leader in a home group, youth group, or indeed any other church activity. It will also offer fresh vision to existing leaders, and inspire those who are cultivating a fresh crop of new leaders.
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God s Gardeners

God s Gardeners

Author: David Kenneth Larsen


ISBN: OCLC:49950697

Category: Environmentalism


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Categories: Environmentalism

The Sunday school World

The Sunday school World

They should be taught early to trust in God ; to have confidence in him at all times . The child who said , “ It is ... Teachers of the Bible are God's gardeners ; plant well , and he will give the increase . Have confidence in God and ...



ISBN: UOM:39015073329180

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Between God and Green

Between God and Green

Larsen, “God's Gardeners,” 190. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, ed., Tending the Garden: Essays on the Gospel of the Earth (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1987). “An Open Letter to the Religious Community,” January 1990, http://nrpe.org/ ...

Author: Katharine K. Wilkinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199895885

Category: Nature

Page: 234

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Despite three decades of scientists' warnings and environmentalists' best efforts, the political will and public engagement necessary to fuel robust action on global climate change remain in short supply. Katharine K. Wilkinson shows that, contrary to popular expectations, faith-based efforts are emerging and strengthening to address this problem. In the US, perhaps none is more significant than evangelical climate care. Drawing on extensive focus group and textual research and interviews, Between God and Green explores the phenomenon of climate care, from its historical roots and theological grounding to its visionary leaders and advocacy initiatives. Wilkinson examines the movement's reception within the broader evangelical community, from pew to pulpit. She shows that by engaging with climate change as a matter of private faith and public life, leaders of the movement challenge traditional boundaries of the evangelical agenda, partisan politics, and established alliances and hostilities. These leaders view sea-level rise as a moral calamity, lobby for legislation written on both sides of the aisle, and partner with atheist scientists. Wilkinson reveals how evangelical environmentalists are reshaping not only the landscape of American climate action, but the contours of their own religious community. Though the movement faces complex challenges, climate care leaders continue to leverage evangelicalism's size, dominance, cultural position, ethical resources, and mechanisms of communication to further their cause to bridge God and green.
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