Google Chromebit A Guide for Beginners

Google Chromebit  A Guide for Beginners

To correctly connect the Chromebit, first remove the cap at the end of the device.
The user should then locate the HDMI port of the computer or television and plug
the Chromebit in. The user must then use the power cable supplied with the ...

Author: Scott Casterson

Publisher: Conceptual Kings



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The Chromebit was launched through collaboration between the Google and Asus companies. The 5-inch device is relatively small in size; modeled to duplicate the look of a USB flash drive. The convenience that comes with having a model computer that fits safely in a pocket has seen the Chromebit receiving rave reviews and accolades. The low cost device was designed to offer users the ability to take their PC everywhere and simply plug in to transform and display into a desktop.

Smart Machines and the Internet of Things

Smart Machines and the Internet of Things

The Chromebit is similar to Google's Chromecast, which was released in 2013.
Chromecast creates a secure subnet of a wireless network that allows connected
smart devices to stream media such as television shows and movies to screens ...

Author: Ryan Nagelhout

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781499437805

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The interconnectivity of appliances, everyday objects, and people to the Web is called the “Internet of Things.” Electric cars are being made smart and fast with software updates that are pushed to them wirelessly. Electrical outlets can be tuned off from anywhere in the world, and people can even track the amount of energy the plugs are using by looking at a cell phone. This insightful volume describes some of these intriguing state-of-the-art devices, including tracking devices to monitor endangered animals or help find lost pets and sensors in water treatment facilities that can help control a city’s water supply.
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