Great Teams

Great Teams

The insight shared in this book is sure to enhance any team in its pursuit of excellence.

Author: Don Yaeger

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780718080570

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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What makes a team great? Not just good and not just functional—but great? Over six years, long-time Sports Illustrated editor Don Yaeger was invited by some of the greatest companies in the world to speak about the habits of high-performing individuals. From Microsoft and Starbucks to the New England Patriots and San Antonio Spurs, what do some organizations do seemingly better than most of their opponents? Don took the challenge. He began building into his travel schedule opportunities to interview our generation’s greatest team builders from the sports and business worlds. During this process, he conducted more than 100 interviews with some of the most successful teams and organizations in the country. From those interviews, Don identified 16 habits that drive these high-performing teams. Building on the stories, examples, and first-hand accounts, each chapter in Great Teams comes with applicable examples on how to apply these characteristics in any organization. Great Teams includes: Life lessons from some of the most notable names in sports and business applied to team-making in any situation Interviews from well-known players from Peyton and Eli Manning to Kevin Durant Skills to allow culture to shape who you recruit, manage dysfunction, friction, and strong personalities Advice on how to win in critical situations, embrace change, build a mentoring culture, and see value others miss Great Teams is the ultimate intersection of the sports and business worlds and a powerful companion for thought leaders, teams, managers, and organizations that seek to perform similarly. The insight shared in this book is sure to enhance any team in its pursuit of excellence.
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From Engineer to Manager Mastering the Transition Second Edition

From Engineer to Manager  Mastering the Transition  Second Edition

15–16. Pritchard and Lysaght, op cit. Garvin, D. A., “How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management,” Harvard Business ... Yaeger, D, Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently, Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2016.

Author: B. Michael Aucoin

Publisher: Artech House

ISBN: 9781630815455

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 360

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Providing clear, expert guidance to help engineers make a smooth transition to the management team, this a newly revised and updated edition of an Artech House bestseller belongs on every engineer’s reference shelf. The author’s 30-plus year perspective indicates that, while most engineers will spend the majority of their careers as managers, most are dissatisfied with the transition. Much of this frustration is the result of lack of preparation and training. This book provides a solid grounding in the critical attitudes and principles needed for success. The greatly expanded Second Edition adds critical new discussions on the development of healthy teams, meeting management, delegating, decision making, and personal branding. New managers are taught to internalize the attitudes and master the associated skills to excel in, and be satisfied with the transition to management. The book explains how to communicate more effectively and improve relationships with colleagues. Professionals learn how to use their newly acquired skills to solve immediate problems. Moreover, they are shown how to apply six fundamental principles to their on-going work with engineering teams and management. Supplemental material, such as templates, exercises, and worksheets are available at no additional cost at
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Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence

The culture code: The secrets of highly successful groups. New York, NY: Bantam. ... The principles of team building and their applications to sport teams. ... Great teams: 16 things high-performing organizations do differently.

Author: Michael L. Sachs

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538128909

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 267

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Performance Excellence: Stories of Success from the Real World of Sport and Exercise Psychology provides concise and effective lessons on a variety of psychological skills and broader concepts within the domains of exercise, sport, and performance psychology. These skills and concepts include team cohesion, dynamics, and leadership; goal-setting, motivation, and adherence; exercise identity, athletic identity, transitions, and self-awareness; mental training; mindset; and facing and overcoming challenges such as anxiety, burnout, and rehabilitation. Each chapter includes a short educational piece that centers on the select concept and subsequent examples that highlight how the concept works in real life. At the end of each lesson a few takeaways are provided. Over 60 stories of real-world examples provide poignant and compelling lessons and make the material come alive. These stories show the reader in an accessible and engaging way how to apply the sport and exercise psychology concepts outside the classroom. Ultimately, Performance Excellence serves as a wonderful resource for students, as well as for sport and exercise practitioners.
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Education and the Thoracic Surgeon An Issue of Thoracic Surgery Clinics

Education and the Thoracic Surgeon  An Issue of Thoracic Surgery Clinics

... Lencioni (2016): The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues Don Yaeger (2016): Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently Emotional Intelligence Goldman D (1995).

Author: Edward D. Verrier

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323682985

Category: Medical


View: 197

This issue of Thoracic Surgery Clinics of North America, guest edited by Dr. Edward D. Verrier, is devoted to Education and the Thoracic Surgeon. Dr. Verrier has assembled expert authors to review the following topics: The Master surgeon as educator; How does the adult surgeon learn?; How to obtain meaningful assessment in thoracic surgery education; How to give effective formative feedback in thoracic surgery education; Bias: How to minimize the hidden impact on thoracic surgical education; The educational challenges of the operating room; Effective classroom teaching and the impact of e-learning in thoracic surgery education; The alternative surgical curriculum; Deliberate practice and the emerging roles of simulation in thoracic surgery; Teaching, mentorship, and coaching in thoracic surgical education; Faculty development: using education for career advancement; The potential of virtual or augmented reality to enhance thoracic surgical education; How will artificial intelligence impact (cognitive) decision making in thoracic surgery; and more!
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Nick Saban

Nick Saban

Reading. Books. Saban, Nick, and Brian Curtis. How Good Do You Want to Be? New York, NY: Ballantine Books, 2005. Yaeger, Don. Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2016.

Author: John Fredric Evans

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9780766098053

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 112

View: 584

What's Nick Saban's secret? How did a football coach some derided as a liar, quitter, and mercenary tie the college record for most national championships in the history of the sport? This book details Saban's journey from his humble beginnings in West Virginia and abortive stint in the NFL to the pinnacle of success at Alabama. Students will learn exactly how Saban keeps his recruiting classes atop the rankings and the Crimson Tide in title contention, year after year. The sensitivity beneath Saban's stoic exterior may be surprising, but a closer look at his life reveals that it is a critical part of his psychological makeup. Embedded in his experiences are lessons of leadership useful in all walks of life, from helping very different personalities reach their fullest potential to moving on from both achievements and setbacks with the focus of a perennial winner.
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Software Quality Model Based Approaches for Advanced Software and Systems Engineering

Software Quality  Model Based Approaches for Advanced Software and Systems Engineering

Different teams may have different performance targets even within same larger organizations [11]. ... High-performing product teams strive for developing the right things (products/ services providing optimal value), and getting them ...

Author: Dietmar Winkler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319036021

Category: Computers

Page: 245

View: 680

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th Software Quality Days Conference (SWQD) held in Vienna, Austria, in January 2014. This professional symposium and conference offers a range of comprehensive and valuable opportunities for advanced professional training, new ideas and networking with a series of keynote speeches, professional lectures, exhibits and tutorials. The four scientific full papers accepted for SWQD were each peer reviewed by three or more reviewers and selected out of 24 high-quality submissions. Further, one keynote and ten short papers on promising research directions were also presented and included in order to spark discussions between researchers and practitioners. The papers are organized into topical sections on software process improvement and measurement, requirements management, value-based software engineering, software and systems testing, automation-supported testing and quality assurance and collaboration.
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Human Factors in Project Management

Human Factors in Project Management

High-performing teams always show two strong intellectual traits—clear vision and an ability to solve problems and two ... Each personality type brings different leadership styles to an organization, and each can make good team leaders.

Author: Zachary Wong

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780787996291

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

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In Human Factors in Project Management, author Zachary Wong—a noted trainer and acclaimed leader of more than 250 project teams—provides a summary of "people-based" management skills and techniques that can be applied when working in a team environment. This comprehensive resource brings together in one book new and current models in team motivation and integrates the most significant concepts in team motivation and behaviors into a single set of principles called "Human Factors." Wong shows how these factors can be applied to the most challenging issues facing project managers today including Motivating a diverse workforce Facilitating team decisions Resolving interpersonal conflicts Managing difficult people Strengthening team accountability Communications Leadership
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Delivering High Performance

Delivering High Performance

For one international organisation with which I worked, the Vision into Action process led to a realisation of the ... spectacularly successful as the executives found they really did have to work as a fully interdependent team in order ...

Author: Douglas G. Long

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317153344

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 182

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Douglas Long is the author of Third Generation Leadership and the Locus of Control which focused on the new understanding of what influences individuals’ values, world views and the behaviours needed to facilitate leadership fit for the future. Here, in Delivering High Performance, he concentrates on individual, unit and organisational performance when an organisation is using a Third Generation Leadership approach. Leaders constantly seek high performance and high levels of staff engagement; but achieving either depends on the competence and commitment of individuals or groups. The relationships between these factors are complex. Many people are competent to do things - they have the ability - but are not prepared to do them. They lack the willingness, confidence or motivation and the readiness to perform. You can even have the most committed and capable people in the world, yet still miss performance targets if there are issues with other factors impacting on performance. This book is a response to enquiries from those excited by the prospect of a Third Generation Leadership approach but who still have to grapple with performance issues - people who want to obtain and maintain high performing organisations. In that sense it builds on the new knowledge imparted in Third Generation Leadership and the Locus of Control. It is a ’How to ...’ book that gives the reader practical tools that can be immediately applied and activities that can be undertaken in order to develop and maintain the required or even the desired level of performance.
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Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming

Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming

Main structure of the Instrument HIGH PERFORMING TEAM SURVEY Performance 1. How do you score your team in general? {7 items} 2. How do you appraise the following team outcomes and impacts? {8} 3. How important are the following for your ...

Author: Claes Wohlin

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642303500

Category: Computers

Page: 202

View: 647

This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Agile Software Development, XP 2012, held in Malmö, Sweden, in May 2012. In the last decade, we have seen agile and lean software development strongly influence the way software is developed. Agile and lean software development has moved from being a way of working for a number of pioneers to becoming, more or less, the expected way of developing software in industry. The topics covered by the selected full papers include general aspects of agility, agile teams, studies related to the release and maintenance of software, and research on specific practices in agile and lean software development. They are complemented by four short papers capturing additional aspects of agile and lean projects.
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Managing Information Services

Managing Information Services

138 Managing Information Services the information service and its parent organization . ... As members of groups , individuals play different roles . ... Chapter 14 explores mechanisms to build high - performing teams .

Author: Jo Bryson

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754646343

Category: Computers

Page: 366

View: 712

This new edition of Managing Information Services has been significantly revised and restructured to reflect the need for libraries and information services to manage the transformation necessary to become more relevant to the knowledge age's dynamic, customer-centred environment. It reflects the move from managing physical assets to exploiting knowledge, technology and innovation; new models of learning; global, mobile communication and new delivery mechanisms with a focus on relationships. Introductory sections on management and strategic influences emphasise the importance of knowledge management skills, teamworking, corporate responsibility and customer satisfaction as a driver for change. A new section on corporate governance has been added that includes managing different forms of capital, and there is expanded coverage of investment, security, risk management and business continuity. Maintaining a competitive advantage through service quality and multiple delivery channels is another theme found throughout the book. comprehensive and yet sufficiently detailed reference on the key management subjects for information service managers.
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